The Small Dick Party (Gay Themes)

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by likesmal

I have a local online “friend’ who knows of my fetish for small dick guys so the other day he alerted me to a party being held in a private home for people with various differing fetishes. There would of course be the usual bondage thing, leather/latex, W/S, etc. But he said this one would be of particular interest to me because there would be an area devoted to small dicks! I thought, wow, how titillating did that sound and what exactly would they be doing? He didn’t know much beyond that, but could get me an entry. But to get the entry and to prevent any unwelcome crossover one must label oneself, which area you were expected to be in. To have to wear a badge that said “small dick” in front of everyone was enough to scare the shit out of me and make me cum all at the same time. So I go with heart pounding also not knowing how much one was allowed to be a voyeur or participate.

Fantastic huge home, secluded, guarded, secure. These people knew what they were doing. Everyone must go through the entryway and declare your “area”. Several guys at the entry taking money and passes. They look at me and wait for my declaration, “Small Dick”. Without so much as a second glance I get my stamp on my hand, “SD” and point down the yellow line. I follow the line through a labyrinth of darkened halls and rooms, music pounding, all kinds of smells and sounds coming from everywhere. I get to what is essentially the basement, which leads to the pool. I see shadows and flickering lights and feel the heat of flood lamps and bodies. I wander over to the first area where a group of about 15 men are gathered watching 3 guys having sex.

One guy is spread eagle laying back on a big bed and the other 2 guys were having their way with him. I try to edge closer to get a better look. The guys around me are watching, some of them jerking off. I noticed that some of the guys watching were not particularly small and thought, ok we’ll see. I finally worked my way to the “show”, the guy receiving was a young, smooth Latin guy, handsome athletic body and to my surprise was indeed small. The other guys were older muscular “daddy” types with some leather gear. When I could get a good comfortable spot and could see clearly several other men came out and joined in like a floor show. All muscular, hairy, masculine looking guys like porn stars.

Like a performance piece, several of the main “grab” and “restrain” one tall blonde guy and he pretends to try to escape but can’t. They begin to pull/rip his clothes off piece by piece. They get him down to tighty-whities and he struggles, but they rip them off to reveal a very small button dick. Now they’ve got my and everyone else’s attention. They begin to kiss and lick and play with him and show his little package to everyone. He is now sporting a nice little 4.5″ stiff cock and is no longer struggling. They then begin a striptease of sorts where all of them are getting naked fairly quickly now. Off comes the leather, the jeans, and I’m amazed along with the other guys that all these guys are indeed built like wrestlers and when they get to the last thong or jock all reveal hot small dicks. A few of the guys were surprisingly small, like maybe not even 3″ hard, some had very small nutsacks as well.

Then they began the sex part of the show where they licked and kissed and sucked and jerked in every imaginable way. When I thought it couldn’t get any better they began to circulate in the crowd. Now everyone is getting a chance to touch and feel and handle these hot guys and their little dicks. Since I had been practically transfixed, I had hardly noticed that a lot of the crowd is marked by now too. In fact, only a few of us were left standing there clothed, looking really out of place. There were actually young boys who would come with a bag and stand there while you stripped and checked all your belongings into a sealed bag. I had been standing next to this man who was about my age, maybe a little younger, handsome in great shape and we both were caught at the same moment on, “oh shit, it’s do or die.” So we both began to undress and check all our things into the coat check. They gave you complimentary flip flops. So now I’m standing there in a crowd of naked men watching a live sex show.

Even thought there was so much going on I wanted to check out my new buddy, but didn’t want him to think I was, son I’m trying to glance but not just blatantly stare. Geez. I look at him, he’s doing the same to me. Fuck it. We’re less than a foot apart. I reach down to put on my flaps and catch a quick glance. He’s handsome, hairy, muscular, and hung like a mouse. His dick was like my pointer finger. And straight up hard. Damn, I’m a happy guy. We kind of move closer and touch, the next thing I know his hand is on my dick and he’s playing with me like we’ve been buddies for a year. I return the favour and really give his package the once over, really stroking and feeling how hard his little shaft is. This guy can’t be 3″ fully hard. The look on his face is priceless, like, “finally, someone is touching my junk and enjoying it and it feels so good”. We had to stop or we were gonna cum so he took me by the hand and we went into the crowd.

By this time it was fever pitch, the “hired” guys were working the crowd, allowing all participants to grope, feel and stroke their cocks and asses and nips. Also, by this time it virtually impossible to tell the performers from the attendees. The crowd had grown to about 40-50 guys in that basement, all sweating and writhing and playing with each other. As we made our way through the crowd, I was happy to see that the vast majority of men there were 6′” and under and the few that were bigger and the ones that were huge were certainly enjoying the array of small dicks. I was pleasantly surprised at how many really small guys there were and that they were hot, attractive men with beautiful little dicks. The feeling of all of us there in front of each other showing and sharing our little cocks was indescribable. But it would get better.

I knew it could happen. In the middle of this revelry and horny nakedness, I run squarely face first into 2 guys I knew. One guy from my gym, who I always suspected. He never showered at the gym. The other was a waiter at a restaurant I go to all the time. And there we are standing, drenched in sweat, completely naked with nowhere to hide, with hard ones at a little dick party. The combinations of embarrassment and the thrill was almost more than I could stand. The blank mouth open gaping stare at the face, then down at the dick, then back at the face, then down at the dick. Almost funny if it wasn’t so hot. Then the smile and “just work through it, man”. My gym friend was a wide body guy, very muscular, but about 5’7″.

His little guy was just like him, thick and stubby. He had nice low hanger balls. My waiter buddy was a Cuban guy who was slim built, but shredded, zero body fat and hairless. His brown little babydick was about 5″ but very thin, his foreskin pulled back revealing a wet glistening little head, all on top of virtually non-existent balls. Like me, when he’s excited his nuts go inside to party. And there they fully checked me out, my 4 inches standing erect and quivering with excitement. Can’t run can’t hide, here we are boys. It’s our “little” secret we all share now.

The performers had built the crowd into a frenzy, several of whom had already blown their loads unable to contain it. They gathered in the middle again and everyone began the group stroke, all trying to get that simultaneous nut. Hands all over cocks, asses, nips, jerking each other, trying to feel as many of these magnificent little specimens as they could. Finally, the performers all began to shoot their loads one by one, the moaning and yelling, the sounds of male ecstasy bouncing off the walls as forty odd guys began to shoot. I still had my buddy with me and out of the corner of my eye I see my gym buddy and the waiter and we are all feverishly pumping our little shafts or someone is doing it for us. The looks on the faces of sheer pleasure are worth the trip alone.

It takes about 15 minutes for everyone who was going to unload to do so. As we all stood around in a daze, heaving gasps of air, the “boys’ are already coming in to clean up the area which was prepped in such a way that it was like peeling a rubber off the room. It was spotless in 10 minutes. Then they opened the giant glass door to the pool and the cool night air gushed in. We were all invited to swim as long as we wanted. Drinks were served. Hot small dicked men swam, dived, frolicked, laughed and played into the night completely free in their nakedness and unashamed of their shortcomings. If we were small before, now we saw how really tiny some of us could get after cumming and then swimming in a cool pool. Particularly my buddy from earlier who by now was just an acorn.

If someone saw you covering up they would come by and shove you back and open your legs just so everyone could see. They made a point of making sure everyone revealed themselves. This happened to my buddy when we had just come from the pool. He was hiding a bit so 2 of the performers came over and in front of about 10 of us, pulled him back on the deck chair and spread his legs and played with his tiny baby dick. He was mortified and excited beyond belief. One of the guys went down on him in front of all of us until he was hard again, then paraded him around the pool showing him off. It was crazy! They did this to several of the guys. Amazing. Then we all had to line up to do a dive from the diving board with the rest of the crowd watching and applauding.

So EVERYONE had to stand wet, naked and shrivelled at our tiniest little nubs in front of the crowd. Of course, everyone was applauded, everyone was cheered. But we all got to get a good look at each other in our most defenceless vulnerable state and it was the most unbelievable male bonding moment I’ve ever had in my life. Some continued to have sex in various spots in the area and we watched and played for several hours before calling it a night. I got about a dozen phone numbers and a teaser invitation for the next event. I can’t freaking wait.

The End.

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