Returning Home

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by fantaseeboy

Before arriving home from my first year at college, my mom called and told me I wouldn’t have luck finding a summer job. The gold mine that once kept the small town going had closed down, and the wives of miners took all the summertime jobs the younger people usually took. Once I got home, I found myself without a thing to do. The first day I was home, my mom took the car to work, so I walked around our smallish town to see my old high school, the places I’d worked at in the past, and other places that I had memories tied to.

On my way back home, a very familiar, older model, huge banana boat of a car pull up beside me and slowed to match my pace. Samantha was driving and Chloe was in the passenger’s seat. Those two had driven that same car all through high school. It was old then and looked even worse now. Those two girls helped make my high school years hell! They were both taller and stronger than I was then, and I’m betting they still were now! They had teased and ridiculed me for years. They were the ones who pulled down my shorts every day in gym class. They were the ones to pulled my underwear halfway up my back while I stood by my locker in the hall. They were both there the first time I got drunk and never let me live down that I tried to make out with Samantha!

Chloe casually leaned out the window flaunting her enormous cleavage without even thinking about it, “Home from college, huh? When did you get back?”

I told her I got back the night before and yes, I was back for the summer.

They told me that they didn’t think anyone else from our small class would be coming back to town this summer. It was just the three of us. As I walked along, they asked if I found a job. I told them no, and asked if they had jobs. They didn’t either.

Samantha got tired of trying to match my walking pace. She stopped the huge vehicle and told me to hop in. That shocked me. I’d known these two girls all through my school years, and they had never once showed me the slightest bit of kindness. I think my mouth fell open and I stopped dead in my tracks.

Samantha slowed the big boat of car down and stopped just in front of me. Chloe swung open the massive door, slid out and leaned the seat forward so I could get in, I found she was indeed still taller than me. Wearing skin-tight cut off, jeans shorts and a tshirt that left her midriff bare, I couldn’t help but stare at the way that shirt stretched across her boobs. I couldn’t count the number of times I’d masturbated while thinking about her while in high school.

I ducked down and basically fell into the back seat, it was a huge car. After Chloe got back in, Samantha took off and we began to drive up and down the main street in our town. They asked me questions about what college was like. And I asked them what they had been up to during the school year. It was really strange talking to these two. I had never had a real conversation with either of them before. And surprisingly enough, they were talking to me as if they really cared what I had to say!

Eventually Samantha grew bored of cruising and drove us out of town toward the, now closed down, mine. This is what my friends and I did while we were driving around in high school, so it wasn’t unusual. But driving along that dirt road in that car with those two girls, I began to get a little nervous. Was she planning on driving way out here and then kicking me out and making me walk home? Why were they being so nice to me? The very worst part of the situation was that I really needed to go pee!

Just when Samantha slowed to turn around at the empty lot for the mine, I told her I had to go. She asked if I could wait, and I told her I couldn’t. She drove toward town a little ways and then pulled off the side of the road. After Chloe leaned the seat forward and scooted out, I wiggled my way out of the backseat and almost bumped into her chest with my face. After apologizing a few dozen times like an idiot, I ran off into the trees to go to the bathroom. When I came back out, they were still there and I breathed a sigh of relief.

As I approached the door, Chloe smiled at me from inside the car and I heard the door lock. I reached out and tried the door, it was indeed locked. Great. She rolled her window down a little bit, and asked if I felt better. They both laughed before I even answered. Samantha called me over to the other side of the car saying she’d let me in. She said she knew Chloe could be a bitch. She opened the door and even got out. I didn’t want to look like an even bigger idiot, so I held back from running and walked around. By the time I got to the driver’s door, Samantha was back inside, door locked and the window cracked open. Looking through the window down upon Samantha, she looked a lot stronger than I remembered her. Samantha informed me that I was in quite a pickle. As if I didn’t already know that! She told me all I had to do was pass her one of my shoes and she’d let me back in.

I shouldn’t have believed her. I didn’t believe her. But I didn’t see any other choice. I really didn’t want to walk back from the mine. It was a LONG ways! So I slid one of my shoes off and watched as Samantha rolled down her window just enough for the shoe to fit through. As soon as I let go, the car took off. I tried to run to catch it, but there was no way. The rough gravel on the road bit in to my foot and kept me from moving faster than a quick hop.

I watched as the car drove around the next corner of the windy road and was gone. I hobbled along down the middle of the road, hopping when my foot hurt and was really glad when the car appeared in front of me and slowly approached. They were both in there laughing their asses off. When the car was right next to me, still facing back toward the mine, Samantha said she had a deal for me. Give her both socks and my other shoe or, I could give her my shirt and she’d let me in.

I got mad and kept hobbling down the road. They turned the car around and pulled up beside me again. This time Samantha’s window was all the way down. She told me not to get mad, they were just having fun. I reached for the door and Samantha held it shut. Did I mention she was also bigger and stronger than me? She was just as tall as Chloe, her chest wasn’t as big, but she was a lot stronger. The muscles in her arms and shoulders were very well defined. She had a really pretty face, big blue eyes, perfect teeth and long, wavy, light brown hair. She could have been a model.

She told me I still had to give her something to get back in. And now that I tried to force my way into her car, the stakes went up. She said now she’d need everything I was wearing except my underwear. Chloe burst out laughing, but Samantha kept a straight face. Samantha told me she could just get out and take all my clothes from off of me, or I could give it to her willingly. That was my choice now.

Knowing she could easily overpower me, I gave up. Completely defeated, I slowly slid the other shoe off with both socks and handed them to her. As I took my shirt off, Chloe leaned over to get a better view. I’ve always had an issue with body hair, I can’t hardly grow it. So my chest is hairless and the strip of hair from my belly button on down is almost non-existent. Both girls smiled as I handed it in to Samantha and went to undo my pants. I felt like crying but held back and pleaded with them not to make me do this. Samantha revved the engine and laid her hand on the shifter. I undid my pants and slid them down quickly, stepping out of them and passing them in to Chloe. I stood there in just my baby blue underwear. Holding my hands over myself.

They both clapped and cheered when they took possession of my pants. When they finally settled down, Samantha told me to move my hands and leaned out the window. Staring right into my eyes, “Looks like you haven’t grown much in the past year.”

I blushed. They had de-pants’ed me so many times in high school it wasn’t a surprise that she knew I wasn’t very well hung, but it still hurt to hear her say it out loud. When she saw my reaction, she smiled and said, “Don’t feel bad, I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘little guys’. Now pass over those underpants and we’ll be on our way.”

I begged her not to make me. But she just smiled and held out her hand. I know tears rolled down my cheeks and I sobbed when I turned my back and slid them down and off. Holding one hand over my surprisingly stiff penis, I offered my underpants to her. She grinned and told me to hang them on the antenna. In bare feet, I hobbled around the car to the passenger’s side and while still hiding my penis, I reached up and let my underpants fall to the car hood with the antenna poking up through one leg hole. Totally naked, in the middle of nowhere in the woods. I kept my hand over my penis as I awkwardly tried to reach for Chloe’s door.

Chloe and Samantha smiled and then broke out laughing as the car roared to life. Chloe waved at me from behind her closed window and Samantha punched the gas, the car leaped away from me. I even got hit by a few rocks that the tires threw! I hunched over and through teary eyes I watched that car drive away once again. I stood there crying for a time, no idea how long. But eventually I pulled myself together and began tiptoeing down the road. Every step I took bit into my bare feet savagely. I was soon holding my arms out to my sides as I balanced on smoother spots on the road. I walked down the road and around a corner before I accepted I’d be walking all the way home without a stitch of clothing on. I was trying to prepare myself for the walk across town when I heard a vehicle approaching. As swiftly as my feet could handle I moved to the side of the road. Just as I was about to jump into a bush, I saw Samantha’s car coming around a corner.

One minute I was completely mad at Chloe and Samantha. But when their car appeared, I’d never been happier to see them. I even forgot to cover myself up. I was waving my arms around, as if they might miss me standing there naked on the road. I know, it’s silly, but the pair of them was the lesser of two evils. I was really dreading walking all the way back to town, and then all the way across town to my house with nothing on. At least now I had the possibility of getting back in the car with them.

Samantha sped the car passed me, turned it around and then stopped up along beside me. As the car slid to a stop, Chloe was already leaning out the window. Her full breasts threatening to burst free of that thin tshirt at any moment. I stood there stupidly, staring at her inside the car waiting for either of them to say something.

After Chloe had looked me up and down a few times, she said “Excuse me, what are you doing walking around out here naked with that little hardon?”

I looked down and saw that I was very erect. I hadn’t realized it until she said it. I quickly tried to cover myself with my hands as I blushed. Samantha leaned over and scolded me as if I were a child, she told me I shouldn’t dare cover up or she really would leave me out there.

As quickly as my arms would move, I lowered them to my sides, exposing my arousal to these two former classmates. After looking at it for a good long time, Samantha moved back behind the wheel of the huge car and left Chloe leaning out the window staring at me.

With a flirty lilt in her voice, Chloe told me she regretted not stripping me naked earlier. She told me she thought I looked better naked than with clothes. I had no idea how to answer that. On the one hand, I would have loved dating Chloe, but I never thought she was the least bit interested in me. But what she was talking about wasn’t really dating, but honestly, I would have done almost anything to be with her.

When we all heard another vehicle approaching, Chloe threw open the door and slid out fluidly while tossing forward the back seat. I jumped in quickly and cowered on the seat below the window level. Chloe hopped back in and slammed the door. Samantha revved the motor and we sped off back toward town.

After hearing the other car pass by, I rose up a little and looked up in the front seat. Chloe was turned back toward me and Samantha had adjusted the mirror so she could see me clearly. In what I’m sure was a timid voice, I asked them where my clothes were. Chloe giggled and told me they had locked them in the trunk. Samantha joined in and told me I’d get them back when they were ready to give them back. There was nothing I could cover up with in the back seat. It looked like the car had just been cleaned, there was nothing at all except for me back there.

The two of them talked back and forth for a minute, Chloe was going to hop in the back with me, but Samantha told her to wait. Apparently Samantha’s mom was out of town for the day, and we were all going to her house to ‘get to know each other better’. I really didn’t like the sound of that, but I sat there silently, not covering myself, knowing I’d me reprimanded if I did. Glancing down, I was still rock hard and drips of my boy juices were leaking down its modest shaft. I was embarrassed, turned on, ashamed and felt so naughty sitting back there.

As we entered the town limits, I kept myself scooted down in the seat so I could just peek out the window. There wasn’t a ton of traffic, but there were several dozen cars and trucks on Main Street. We pulled up to a stop sign and a mid-sized truck pulled up beside us. I cowered down in the seat even lower and covered my penis with both hands. Samantha looked back and shouted, “Move your fucking hands! Do it again and I’ll take you back to the mine and kick your ass out! And sit up straight while you’re at it!”

I jumped when she started shouting and quickly sat up straight when she told me to. I was even more embarrassed. And then I saw the older man in the truck beside us looked down at me too. Chloe and the man both had their windows rolled down. That man had heard every word Samantha said and he was looking at me in the backseat naked! Just as we were pulling away from the stop sign. Chloe shouted out to the man, “If the price is right, we might rent him to you!” I didn’t hear him say anything in return, but as Chloe kept herself turned around in her seat, she let us all know that he was following us.

I was kind of upset that she thought I was gay, and I tried to tell her I wasn’t. Samantha looked at me in the rearview mirror and asked if I’d ever tried it. I told her I hadn’t. She then began this whole lecture about how would I know I didn’t like until I’d tried it. And how she always thought I’d look cute with a big fat cock in my mouth. Chloe smiled before telling me she thought I’d enjoy having a nice fat cock in my butt too. And once I got used to the feeling, she knew I’d love it.

The car turned one last corner before coming to a stop in front of Samantha’s house. Samantha hopped out and slammed her door shut before walking to the door and entering her house. Chloe opened her door and leaned the seat up, inviting me come on out. I looked out the windows and saw a few cars and several people walking through the tourist shops. I begged her to get me something to cover up with. I think she really felt bad, but she told me she couldn’t because it would make Samantha really mad. So she looked around too, waiting for the right moment for me to jump out, run around the car and make the dash for Samantha’s front door. When the moment finally arrived, I jumped out, Chloe shut the door and that same truck from earlier turned the corner right in front of us. The man behind the wheel slowed to a stop and his eyes were wide open and staring at my body. I tried to hide behind Chloe, but she kept moving around and letting the man see me.

Leaning his head out the window, he said, “Excuse me Miss, did you mention something about a possible rental arrangement with your adorable friend there?”

I blushed deeply and kept trying to hide behind Chloe as she approached the door to his truck. I looked back and saw Samantha standing in the doorway with her phone held up and recording this whole nightmare. When she saw me looking back at her, Samantha told me to go introduce myself to the nice man. She then gave me a look far sterner looking than any I’d ever received from my mother. The man was asking Chloe in a vague kind of way, if there were any stipulations to the rental agreement, any lines that should not be crossed.

During that time, I lost track of anyone else who might be looking in our direction. Who knows how many cars, trucks and pedestrians slowed down to see the naked boy in the street. I could have wound up in some tourist’s photo album of their vacation for all I knew!

Chloe told the man she wasn’t sure about my limitations, she’d have to get back with him on that one. She went on to inform him that I had a previous engagement that afternoon, but if he would give her his number, she’d call him back after reviewing my schedule.

Samantha shouted at me from the doorway and once again, told me go introduce myself. Not wanting to upset her anymore, I had no idea what she was capable of, I slipped out from behind Chloe and stood between her and the truck. She placed her hands on hips and held me in place. Looking up into the grinning face of the man who wanted to ‘rent’ me, he asked, “What’s your name Sweetie?”

Samantha answered for me and told him ‘Sweetie’ would be fine. He held out his hand like he wanted to shake, so I slipped my small, shivering hand into his. As smooth as silk, he turned my hand over, and kissed the back of it. A shiver shot up my spine and my poor penis jumped around like crazy. He then took my first finger and middle finger in his mouth and sucked on them. I can honestly say I’d never felt naughtier. He slid my fingers from his mouth and whispered, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Sweetie.”

I moaned softly and whimpered “Thank you.”

While I stood there, the man and I kept staring into each other’s eyes. He was much older than I originally thought, I would guess he was in his late 50’s or early 60’s. He had some stubble on his face and was well tanned from working under the sun. His hands were rough with callouses and the muscles in his arms were prominent. I’d never been attracted to a man before that moment. But he had me totally mesmerized.

While all of this was going on, Samantha had popped the trunk to her car and retrieved my phone from my pants pocket. She walked up behind Chloe and handed the man my phone, asking him to add his contact info. As soon as he’d accomplished that, he handed the phone back to Samantha. She fumbled around and eventually found the number to my phone. She asked if the man was ready before giving him my number. As soon as it was all done, she told the man the number he had was mine and he should feel free to call me anytime he’d like. But the rentals would be arranged by either herself or Chloe. They’d get his number from my phone. Before driving away, he smiled broadly, told me goodbye, and even blew me a kiss.

I watched as his truck drove away. Not even noticing the traffic or people around me. Chloe whispered in my ear, “Good things happen to naked boys.” I didn’t respond. I didn’t need to. I’m sure both of them knew I was attracted to that man.

With her hands still on my hips she turned me to face Samantha’s house. She was backing into house while still holding up her phone recording me. In a happy sounding voice, Samantha told me to pose for her. I was actually feeling really good. My thoughts still on the man who found me so desirable. Right there on the sidewalk in front of her house, I raised my arms above my head and cocked my hip out to the side. Samantha smiled and caught it on her phone.

Chloe walked out from behind me and together we walked up the walk to the doorway. My penis so stiff and pointing the way. As soon as we stepped through the door, Chloe shut it behind us. This was new too, I’d never once stepped foot in Samantha’s home. It was sort of like my house, but a little brighter inside and the decorations were much more feminine. Not at all what I was expecting.

Chloe and Samantha sat down the couch leaving me standing in the middle of the room, naked, stiff and oozing my excitement. Samantha was the first to speak, she said, “I don’t know why Chloe and I didn’t hook up with you years ago. You really are cute and apparently you don’t have an issue being naked around us. And I’ve always wanted a reason to buy a strap on dildo, and you ‘Sweetie’ have just given me a reason. I can’t wait to fuck your skinny little ass with it.”

I’m pretty sure I moaned a little when she said that. I couldn’t believe how horny I was. It was crazy! It wasn’t a situation I could have ever imagined being super horny in! And up until that afternoon, I had considered myself a normal heterosexual guy. But that afternoon completely changed how I thought of myself.

Chloe sat there smiling, in her sweetest voice she asked, “Are you a virgin?”

Sounding totally stupid, I’m sure, I asked, “What do you mean?”

She told me I knew what she meant. After beating around the bush for a little bit, I finally looked down at my feet and told them I was a virgin, in every sense of the word. I’d never been with anyone, female or male.

Chloe giggled and told Samantha that she knew it. Samantha responded by asking her, “Do you think that man in the street would pay a premium for his virginity?” The two of them chatted back and forth about how they should handle my first encounter with a man.

I shivered at the thought of them being paid for him to fuck me. I was a virgin, but I had the basic idea of what gay men did and I knew what prostitution was. I’d seen videos of girls being anally fucked and it looked like it could be really painful. And the internet was full of blowjob videos. As I stood naked before these two girls and I imagined that man doing those things to me. Things that may hurt at first, but then felt incredibly good. Like how I felt when I masturbated but better, much better! And for some weird reason, the idea of them being paid for my sexual performance even began to sound kinky and exciting.

When I finally slipped back into reality, I realized the two of them had stopped talking and were staring at me. The next thing I realized was that I was masturbating. My first finger was sliding along under my erection and my thumb was following it along the top. As casually as I could, I stopped rubbing myself and let my hand fall away.

In a husky voice, Samantha told me not to stop. She even asked me to lick my precum from my finger and thumb again. Again? I didn’t even realize I’d done it once! Licking my lips, I tasted myself and knew it was true. I only did that when I was alone. That was just one more thing these two knew about me now. I slowly moved my hand back and began to awkwardly masturbate for their enjoyment. It wasn’t as arousing as it was when I was spacing out and thinking about that man, but it still felt good no matter how embarrassing it may have been.

Samantha’s phone began to ring and she answered it. While she was speaking on the phone, I kept touching myself and Chloe dropped her hand to her lap and started to rub herself over her shorts. Seeing that urged me on and I started to really get into it again. I even did that thing with painting my lips with my precum. That made Chloe squirm and Samantha smile widely.

When the call finally ended, quite a while passed before Chloe asked who had called. Samantha told her it was her mom. She was on her way home and would be here any minute. I freaked out. I was naked in her mom’s house in front of her daughter and I was masturbating! I’d met her mom on a few occasions and I was pretty sure she knew my mom! This was way out of control!

I yelled at Samantha to give me my clothes back. She just sat there smiling and told me she was going to, but there was no way it was going to happen after my little hissy fit. I apologized to her and begged her to let me have my clothes. She smiled an evil looking smile and told me there was only one way I would get my clothes back before her mom arrived. And that was if I posed naked for a picture holding a sign that said my name was Sweetie and that I was a naughty boy looking for a strong Daddy to love me.

I threw another hissy fit until I heard a car slowly approaching. As it passed by, I agreed to her deal. Chloe hopped up and found a piece of paper and a pink marker. She wrote out the sign in her curliest, most girly handwriting and handed it to me. Samantha took me to her mom’s room. It was by far the most feminine room in the house. It had soft pink walls, hardwood floors with bright white rugs. The lamp shades were white along with the dresser, bedside tables and the king sized 4-poster bed that dominated the room with it ultra-frilly white canopy.

Samantha had me kneel in the center of her bed, holding up and sign and smiling brightly. It took more than a dozen pictures before she got the one she wanted. Just when I was hopping off the bed, we heard a car pull up and stop outside. Chloe and I panicked. But Samantha told us both to calm down. She took us into her room and began to dig through her closet and drawers. She tossed me a t-shirt from a volleyball camp she attended while in high school and told me to put it on. I pulled it over my head and was glad to see when it covered me clear to my upper thighs. It was the first time I’d been covered since they took my clothes earlier that day!

The front door opened and we heard her mom walking into the bathroom downstairs. I suggested we run out of the house before her mom finished in the bathroom. I was told that sometimes her mom was really fast in the bathroom. I gave up on that idea. Samantha kept digging and finally told me that I was too small, there was no way any of her clothes would fit me. She handed me a pair of ankle socks and told me at least I wouldn’t be barefoot when we left the house.

We headed for the stairs and Samantha followed behind me. When we got to the living room, her mom called out from the bathroom and asked if that was Samantha. Samantha answered that it was and she was going out for a while with Chloe. Her mom told her to wait that she wanted to talk to her about something.

I tried to move toward the door, but the two girls stopped me and held me there in the middle of the living room between them. When I’d given up, and just before I heard a flush, Chloe took hold of the bottom of the shirt I was wearing and lifted it almost up over my head! I almost screamed. But I somehow yanked my shirt away from her and lowered it to cover myself just as her mom entered the room.

Her mom remembered me and after a quick greeting, she asked why I was wearing her daughter’s shirt. Samantha covered for me, telling her mom I’d spilled something on myself and I needed to change before it stained. Thankfully her mom bought it, I think. After a few more questions about how college was and things like that, I felt myself getting excited again. Standing there talking to a woman while I was wearing only a shirt and ankle socks was strangely arousing.

Samantha told her mom we needed to get going and we quickly left the house. Once we had all piled in the front seat of the car, we all began to laugh. But that moment didn’t last, without even starting the car yet, Samantha demanded I give her back her shirt and socks. Sitting there between these two girls as I pulled off the socks and then slipped the tshirt up and off, I was trying to figure out why it was beginning to feel normal to be naked around them.

Chloe took my clothes and tossed them in the backseat. I can’t be sure, but I think Samantha’s mom saw what was happening to me in her daughter’s car. Samantha started and car and we took off down the street. As soon as we were moving, Chloe moved her hand to my upper thigh. I shivered and looked down at it. As I did, Samantha noticed and placed her hand on my opposite thigh. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d masturbated about these girls for years, since I first started to masturbate! And here I was naked, with their hands on my thighs. I suddenly felt like the luckiest guy alive!

Samantha then told me to finish masturbating. Chloe joined in and told me she wanted to see me cum. I blushed and whined about it for a minute, not really meaning it, before I reached down and started rubbing myself again with my first finger and thumb. Samantha told me not to stop until I squirted or she’d kick me out on Main Street naked and hard.

Samantha pulled us out onto Main Street and began to cruise up and down the street. I sat between them, naked and touching myself, more turned on than I ever thought was possible. Chloe leaned over and whispered in my ear, “That’s it Sweetie, rub it for me. I want to see you squirt. Think about that man cumming in your mouth after you given him the blowjob of his life.”

That was all it took. My whole body began to tremble and twitch. Those odd high pitched squeaky noises I make when I cum slipped through my lips and then perfectly white, pearly drops of my cum erupted from my penis. Chloe giggled and cheered and told me how cute that was. Samantha just smiled and said to no one in particular, the man we met that day would to pay a pretty penny for my virginity.

I sat there gasping for air and trying to recover. Samantha warned me not to let my cum fall onto the seats of her car. So I cupped my hands in the places where it was starting to run down my naked body. I asked for a tissue or a napkin. I was told they didn’t have one. I asked if I could use the shirt I’d worn out of Samantha’s house to clean up with. That didn’t go over well at all. In fact, Samantha suggested I eat it. Chloe loved that idea and urged me to try it, telling me it wasn’t bad. That she’d swallowed lots of cum before. She kept encouraging me until I told her I’d try it.

Chloe even dragged her finger through a little puddle of my cum and raised it to my lips. Hesitantly, I parted my lips and let her slide her finger into my mouth. While I sucked and licked her finger clean, she slid that finger in and out of mouth. It didn’t taste that bad, it wasn’t salty like everyone said, it didn’t taste like anything I can even explain. But it was gooey and stuck to the insides of my mouth. Chloe popped that finger out of my mouth, then dragged two fingers through another puddle, she rolled her fingers in my cum until the little puddle had transferred to her fingers. With a soft moan, I parted my lips again and took those two fingers in my mouth and licked them clean.

Samantha was glancing over at the two of us while Chloe fed me my cum. At the same time, Chloe’s free hand drifted back between her legs. She was rubbing herself while she fed me finger-ful after finger-ful of my orgasm. As she scooped up the last bit of my orgasm, Chloe moaned in my ear and told me that I had made her panties dripping wet. I shivered when I heard her say those words.

With a belly full of warm cum and still naked in the front seat between my two former classmates, Samantha cruised up and down Main Street a few more times before turning toward my house. I whined about being naked and begged her to stop the car so I could get dressed. She drove right passed my house and I saw my mom’s car parked out in front. Samantha pulled the car to a stop several doors down. She got out and went to the truck. She was back there for way too long before coming back with my clothes in one hand and my phone in the other.

While I jumped into the backseat and pulled on my clothes, Samantha took my number and the man’s number from my phone and added it to her phone. I was still pulling up my pants when she tossed my phone back at me. She then revved up the car, dropped it into gear and spun it around and began driving back toward my house. When we came to a stop, I still hadn’t pulled up my pants. I wiggled into them in the backseat and slipped on my shoes, skipping my socks. I then picked up my phone and slipped it in my pocket. Just when I was about to jump out of the car, after Chloe had opened her door and leaned the seat up, Samantha said, “Tomorrow, 9:00am. We’ll be here to pick you up. Wear something that’s easier to get out of tomorrow, you’ll be spending the day naked.”

Before I had time to answer Chloe was back in the car with the door slammed shut and the car was speeding away. I stood there in the street, in awe of all that had happened on my first day home from college.

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