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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader thought he would be a big man in Korea…

When I visited South Korea, I felt rather proud of myself. At 5′ 11″ and 220 pounds, I felt I was larger than 98% of the little black-haired men I saw in the streets of Pusan. I enjoyed walking against a crowd of them and having them split apart like an icebreaker barrelling through the Arctic flows. I started to feel pretty confident about myself based on my relative size.

In the states, I knew that I was considered an overweight, under-endowed male. But I always heard that Asian guys had very small packages. I also heard that they had to have much smaller sized condoms to keep them on, so I really thought if there was ever a chance for me to be the big man on campus, here it was! The tourist hotel at which I was staying had a sauna on the third floor, and since I was pretty sure that I was probably the only American in residence at the time, I decided to risk something I’d never do in the USA – exposing myself in public!

It was around 6:00 PM when I sauntered down the hallway towards the sauna. I could hear the echoing talk of the denizens within. The deferential attendant gave me a key for a locker in the anteroom before the sauna’s entrance. I smiled as he kept his eyes and head bowed before me.

I removed my clothes and slipped the fluffy towel inside the locker around my waist. I then strode manfully into the sauna. I made sure to linger at the doorway and cleared my throat. The reaction of the 15 or so Asian guys made me feel even more confident. A hush went over the room and several of them hurriedly covered their privates with either their hands or their towels. Some turned away and walked to the corners of the room so I didn’t get a clear view of any of their cocks, but I thought, These guys must be really tiny! Good!

I walked to a bench, let the towel slip, and crossed by arms over my head leaning back against the warm wall. I also closed my eyes and spread my legs out in front of me exposing my ‘superior’ white genitals to the awed little Asian men.

About 5 minutes later, my reverie began to fade as I heard some hissing comments and what seemed to be suppressed giggles or laughter. Some uncommonly little fellow must’ve walked in while I was dozing, I thought to myself. The funny thing was, the voices of the Korean men seemed to be getting closer to me. I was surprised at the temerity of them to approach the big, bad American stud.

I cocked one eyelid open, and saw two naked guys talking to each other about three feet away from me. When one saw me looking he whispered to the other (who had his back turned to me) and laughed in a low manner. The other gentleman turned slowly around. I couldn’t help but let my eye wonder down his chest and abdomen in curiosity. When it picked up his pubic region I noticed that it covered in very dark, but wispy hair. I then opened my other eye and lowered my gaze further. I saw his rather thick cock dangling down over his scrotum! It made me start, because I’ve always had a cock that kind of juts out over my balls (at around an inch and a half when soft, and it doesn’t have enough length to dangle. Here was this Asian guy packing what looked like four-inches of soft cock meat.

His friend came out from behind him and placed his hands on his hips, just daring me to look at his crotch. I admit, I had too. I was hoping that he was at least more in my league. I was sadly disappointed, because he also had a dangler (not as large as his friend’s but still a good two-inches longer than mine. I thought to myself, Strike 2. I was sure that there had to be some smaller Asian cocks in the room. Besides, these two guys were uncut and I was sure some of the size was just excess skin (or hoped).

I decided to nonchalantly scan the room from my seated position. I also decided to pull my legs together as I did so. The next couple of guys I saw were standing parallel to the end of the bench, so I saw their profiles. They were about a foot apart, but both of their cocks hung, and they seemed to jiggle a bit as they spoke to each other. I saw one guy a few feet away with the smallest cock yet, but even his was at least an inch longer than mone, and seemed so thick in comparison. I looked down at myself, and noticed that my balls had drawn up like the sauna was cold. Even more mortifying, my cock seemed to be shrivelling as my shame made it retract back even more into my pubic hair. It probably seemed like a tiny berry laying in a nest of grass to everyone else in the room.

One paunchy Korean guy decided to sit down right next to me. He sat with his legs apart and his cock dangled down even further than the first I saw. He made a big show of scratching his balls and making it flip back and forth over his hand. I decided then that it was time for me to cover my manhood with the towel under my ass. I timidly pulled the loose ends over my thighs and put them over my rapidly shrinking genitals. Like high school gym class all over again, I thought to myself.

Then I heard a couple of loud talking guys approaching me from my left side. They both decided to take towels they had around their waists and sling them over their shoulders. Again, I couldn’t help myself as my eyes travelled down their bellies towards their nether regions. I wished I had never yielded to the temptation to look because these guys had some SERIOUS meat slapping their thighs as they walked in front of me. They both saw the colour drain from my face and laughed out loud at my shame. These guys could’ve given white or black porn stars a run for their money and they hesitated as they passed in front of me so that I could see the entire, veiny surface of their thick tubes of man-meat.

It was too much for me. I let out a bit of a sob, and tears welled in my eyes as I stood up to run from this sauna! Why did I put myself in this situation? Why didn’t I keep myself away from this terrible place, just like I do at home in the USA? I hadn’t been in a public shower in over ten years and when I use a restroom, I won’t use a urinal if someone else is there. I got to my locker and just put on my underwear and ran to the elevator in front of the astonished attendant. I heard several catcalls made behind me, and I was sure that the tiny American must’ve been the topic of a lot of stories in the hotel after that.

It was a crushing blow to my confidence, and I regretted that I didn’t at least buy one of those smaller Asian condoms first, before going to the sauna. When I tried it on, it had several inches of unused length, and felt about as loose as the Trojans I get here in the USA. It would’ve probably saved me a lot of grief if I had experienced this before attempting to be the cock of the walk.


A female reader informs us…

In all honesty, I would give anything to have sex with a man who cared if I had an orgasm. Size is irrelevant. I have been with a guy with a 9 inch penis, as well as a guy with a 3.5 inch penis, and both sucked because not one of them actually cared if I was satisfied by the experience. Seriously, I would rather be with someone who cared about my pleasure as much as I cared about his, regardless of his size.


One reader remembers seeing a small dick model in art class…

I took an art class in college. It was a drawing class and most of us thought we were going to be drawing objects and fruit and such. But the first day the instructor – a portly man in his mid fifties, introduced us to a young man who was to be our model for the class. The class had about 20 women in it and I was only one of 5 guys. The model got on a pedestal in the centre of the class and did a few poses fully clothed while we were drawing him. About an hour into the class he got nude.

I was so embarrassed for this guy. He was about 22 years old, lean, about 5 ft 6 inches tall, and he had a dark bush of hair that his tiny little dick head was peeking out of. After about 5 minutes his tiny weiner was sticking out as hard as could be. It looked about 3- 3.5 inches erect, and was about the thickness of a grown man’s thumb. This guy had nowhere to hide, and most of the women were quite amused by this, even the instructor was enjoying it. After about 10 minutes of being naked, he turned to his next pose and his dick pointed straight at me.

As I began to sketch him in this pose, I could see he was starting to cum. Three big wads of juice dripped from his tiny dick, and made a little puddle right in front of him. I could see most of the women were in shock, and the instructor just came over and wiped the mess while we continued drawing. I had so many mixed emotions about it. After the class, most of the women stuck around and we giggled at how small the model was, and the mess he made.

For the rest of that semester, before every art class, I saw our model in the men’s room, and I guess he was jerking off before the class, because he never shot his load again. But he would go hard, and soft, throughout the entire class. I always marvelled his bravery for standing up there like that. I’m an average size guy with a 6 inch hard dick, and I’d never do it. I always felt embarrassed for the guy, but had to admire his courage. He was more of a man than me for getting up there every week.


One read found his ex-girlfriend was keeping score…

I had an experience years ago, and I still fantasize about it today. She was very beautiful, and a monster flirt. Men were always hitting on her, and she loved it. We were living together at the time. She worked in a bar, so I was usually asleep, when and if she got home. I always suspected she cheated on me, but she always denied it when I confronted her. So I started snooping around, and found a list she was keeping hidden in the closest. It was a list of all the men she had sex with. Their names, penis size (in length and width), pubic hair colour and amount, and a rating of them as lovers.

My name was on the list, too. Very low on the list.

Nearly all of the other guys had larger penises than me. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. I wondered why she was with me if she liked big dick so much. But rather than be hurt, I felt turned on by thinking of her with these guys. I used to jack-off to the list often. Later, I confronted her about the list, which she did not deny. She seemed to sense I was aroused by the list, and as things developed over time. She would describe each partner to me in great detail, comparing them with me. It was a great turn on for me, and despite us eventually going our separate ways, I still jack-off about it today.


Another female reader shares her thoughts…

My current guy is a member of the small dick club, 4 inches erect. Sex with him is better than any bigger dick guys I’ve fucked before because he is tender, enthusiastic, and responsive, rather than just a selfish jack-hammer, pounding me until he cums. He cares about giving me pleasure, and makes me feel loved. I think that is what we women want, your dick size is irrelevant. So if any guys out there feel bad about their size just remember what I have said here.


One reader got busted jogging…

I like to run nude when I feel its safe. There are trails through the pines no one ever goes to because you need a truck to get there (yes I know, Little dick guy drives a big truck). I normally strip to just my shoes, hang my clothes on a tree, and run 8-10 miles. I had just rounded the bend to where I’d left my shorts, and there’s a ranger truck. He spotted me too, it wasn’t like I even had a chance to duck. Well I’m about to shit, I’m sure I’m getting arrested. I’m shaking. He asks me the normal questions like what am I doing. I did my best to explain that I just like to run nude. There’s really nowhere to do that, and I really have NEVER seen anyone out this far before.

He still has not given me back my shorts yet. I get a full lecture from him, and asked if I’d ever been in trouble before. I told him no. So he tells me to stay where I am (like I’m going anywhere, he has my pants), and gets in his truck for what seems like forever. When he comes back he tells me he’s letting me go with a warning. Then smirks, and says, “I could arrest you for indecent exposure, but there doesn’t seem to be enough evidence.” He then laughs looking at my dick. Laugh all you want, I thought, I have never been so grateful for my post run micro cock.


One reader got caught at work…

As no one can see my computer screen at work, I often check out this site The Small Dick Club while working (using a proxy site so IT can’t bust me). A few days ago I forgot to close the screen and a female co-worker walked by, saw the screen, looked at it, laughed, and asked, “What the hell is that?”

I told her I’d opened a spam email by accident. The thought of her knowing I have a tiny package was exciting and I got a rock hard little woodie. Not that she noticed it.


One Reader shares his cuckold past…

Ten years of dedicated service to one woman. An extremely beautiful and sexually charged female, who made my life worth living. There she was with his huge cock ramming harder and harder into her stretched pussy, all the while she looked into my eyes. She said, “You could never fill me like his big dick does. It’s awesome!”


One reader tells how his son outed him in the locker rooms…

I took my four-year-old to his swimming lesson one day. At the end of the lesson I had just got him changed out of his wet bathers and into clothes and was about to leave when a guy walks by us toward the shower, completely nude. His dick was bigger soft than I am hard, and looked seven-inches flaccid. It was swinging from thigh to thigh as he walked passed. My son suddenly asked me in a very loud voice, “Why is that man’s pee-pee bigger than yours, daddy?”

The guy heard and burst out laughing, turning and giving me a ‘thumbs-up’ in a mocking way. Naturally I hurried my little brat out of the lockers to find one of the mom’s from our class standing in the hallway, and she gave me a very devilish smile. Talk about ‘out of the mouths of babes’, my wife also laughed when I told her and consequently told all her friends because she thought the story so funny. It sucks being under-endowed, and all I could do was pretend to laugh along.


One comment

  • Peanutbobby

    I have a art glass type of story. When I was in high school. My girlfriend had an older sisters in college. Her major has in art. One day I was at the house and she was doing some drawings of naked man from a book.
    I said to her as a joke next time you want to draw a naked guy let me know. I can model for you. She laughed said I already saw you in a speedo. Saw you almost naked anyway. She asked my girlfriend Judy and she didn’t care as long g she was in the room with us.
    We went up to her room. She said if you want to get undressed in the next room I can give you a robe. I said no. Your going to see me totally naked anyway.i striped down naked. When she looked up and saw my acorn dick (less than an inch) and tiny balls the size of cherries. She and my girlfriend Judy laughed.
    I sat there for over an hour and a half. Full frontal. She looks at me said Bobby. I am going to make your dick bigger in the picture. BC I have to bring this into school. I said I don’t want you to.. I am proud of who ii am and the way I look.she Laugh’s and said I won’t change a thing. She showed her mother all her friends and all of Judy friends to. They all make fun of me. Peanut dick, acorn dick. Tuttle dick,baby carrot dick. Inchy. I love every minute of it


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