The Sissification of Whizzie 1

By Kink Bug.

Whizzie huffed lightly, his breath forming a little puff of steam in the cold night air. He tugged his thin coat around him and shivered, glancing over at the stragglers that dotted the station. He had let down his hair to warm his ears, but the long golden curls weren’t doing a very good job of it. Whizzie regretted not taking a beanie from the house.

So far, the first leg of his journey of self-discovery wasn’t going very well. The last bus to Los Angeles from Idyllwild had just left, and Whizzie had missed it. He didn’t fancy returning to his foster father’s house and explaining where he had gone at night. Nick didn’t understand that Whizzie needed to find his way in life, especially since Whizzie’s dreams never fit into what Nick thought of as ‘proper male behavior.’

See, Whizzie was a sissy. He had renounced his birth name immediately after high school, opting to be called Whizzie instead. He disliked all things masculine, like contact sports, preferring to dress up in soft pastels and engage in feminine hobbies like fashion, mani-pedis, make-up, and hair styling. Fortunately for Whizzie, he had garnered the sympathetic ear of his classmate, who managed to get Whizzie a steady supply of estrogen pills that suppressed most of his puberty changes.

So it was with great pride that at 18, Whizzie was only 5 feet 5 and had a 4-inch cock. His breasts were only tiny mounds of fat, and he had hips wider than all of the boys in class and the prettiest perkiest butt.

Of course, as a steadfast sissy, Whizzie wasn’t content with this. He dreamed of being fully feminized, of having a dick that shrunk to nothing more than a nub, living in a cock cage around the clock to remind him of his place in life, bigger and fuller breasts with slutty protruding nipples. He dreamed of kneeling in front of big fat cocks, whimpering as tall and handsome men railed his ass, turning it into a dedicated cum receptacle and dominating him completely.

Well, none of that would ever happen if Whizzie stayed in Idyllwild. No hate for the little town. It was beautiful and picturesque, and Whizzie had been fortunate enough to escape most of the high school bullying despite his non-traditional outlook. But there weren’t a lot of options for sissies like Whizzie.

No. If he wanted to become a full-fledged cock-sucking cum-guzzling limp-dicked tiny-balled sissy, he had to do it in a big city. A city like Los Angeles.

Which brought him back to his current problem.

He didn’t want to go home, but he couldn’t leave either. The next bus was at 10 in the morning. By then, Nick would have found Whizzie’s letter and come searching for him. And then Nick would ask Whizzie to come home to ‘talk things out,’ but Whizzie didn’t want to talk. He wanted to be fucked!

Whizzie looked around at the people who were milling around. It wasn’t likely that any of them could help him.

He hoisted his backpack higher and sighed.

“Well, if it isn’t Whizzie Bee!” a voice came from behind Whizzie.

He turned in surprise.

“What are you doing here?” he exclaimed, eyes wide as he took in the figure approaching him.

It was Daxton Foley, one of the few adults around town who took Whizzie seriously when Whizzie said he wanted to become a true sissy. The man was over 6 feet tall and had decades of experience driving trucks around the USA. He had a head of greying, wavy hair and a solid frame from loading and unloading various types of cargo throughout the years. His skin was a healthy tan, and he wore a fleece-lined jean jacket over his plaid flannel shirt.

His light brown eyes sparkled with curiosity as he walked towards Whizzie.

“Whatcha doing out here so late at night?” Daxton asked, his tone gruff.

Whizzie shuffled on the spot.

“Was trying to get to LA,” the teen finally admitted.

Daxton shrugged off his thick jean jacket and draped it over Whizzie’s shoulders as Whizzie replied.

Whizzie shivered when Daxton’s calloused fingers brushed across the nape of his neck.

“I’m guessing you ain’t tell that foster father of yours,” Daxton said.

Whizzie flushed pink from embarrassment.

Daxton sighed and shook his head.

“He’s going to kill me for this, but if you did promise me you’ll call and tell him you’re okay when you get where you wanna go, I’ll give you a lift. I’m headed that way, too,” Daxton said, squinting at Whizzie.

“Really?” Whizzie exclaimed in excitement, “Ooo, thank you, thank you!”

“Don’t go thanking me yet, little sissy! You’re also gonna have to do me a little favor!”

Daxton’s gaze went from caring to lecherous in a split second, and he eyed Whizzie up and down.

Whizzie felt his body warm all over.

“I want a taste of your boicunt before you let the rest of LA fuck it wide open,” the older man said crudely.

Whizzie didn’t care at all. He didn’t care that he would lose his virginity tonight to a trucker old enough to be his father. He liked older men anyway, and Daxton respected him enough to use his sissy name and believe in his sissy dreams.

“Of course, Mr Foley!” Whizzie said in excitement.

“Alright then, come along. My truck’s right outside and I’ve got a delivery of pine to make!”

Whizzie trailed behind Daxton out into the cold winter night. He spotted the flatbed truck immediately and noticed the stack of evergreens piled on top and strapped down.

“After you,” Daxton said, opening the passenger door for Whizzie. The truck was taller than most cars, and Whizzie needed a boost from Daxton to haul himself in. The teen yelped when he felt Daxton’s hands squeeze his pert buttocks and grope his thighs.

The trucker got in at the driver’s side and turned to look at Whizzie with a serious look on his handsome face. His light brown eyes seemed to bore right into Whizzie’s core.

“Here’s the deal. Driving late at night, winter’s a mess, and I need someone to keep me awake. You think you can manage that with your mouth on my dick?”

Whizzie looked down at Daxton’s crotch, mouth already beginning to water at the thought of cock.

“Yes sir!” the teen squeaked promptly, nodding eagerly.

“I don’t wanna make any pit stops to go piss. You think you can handle being my portapotty?”

Whizzie’s face flushed. He had thought about drinking the piss of a dominant male before, being used as a urinal, a toilet. It made every part of him tingle, especially his stubby little cocklette.

“Y-yes, sir!” he squeaked at an even higher pitch.

“And at the end of the trip, I’m gonna be horny and grumpy. You think you can handle having your virgin boicunt busted wide open by a thick cock at the tree lot later?”

“Sir, yes, sir!” Whizzie’s face was flaming hot. His cocklette was twitching and stiffening, aroused by the lecherous and depraved words the older man used.

“Good! Now open that sissy whore mouth of yours and get to sucking. It’s time you start learning what being a sissy means!”

Whizzie’s heart thumped with excitement. Daxton somehow had understood Whizzie’s unspoken need to be a bladder and ball drainage bag. It was so rare for such a person to exist in this small town!

Daxton unzipped his trousers and shoved them down halfway, exposing a half-hard cock that was beginning to curve up to his belly. It was thick like the rest of him, and even in the dim light of the parking lot, Whizzie could see it was flushed a dark red color, the head just beginning to poke out from behind the foreskin.

The teenage boy put his backpack down by his feet and quickly leaned over. Without hesitation, Whizzie opened his mouth and sucked the tip of Daxton’s thick cock into his mouth.

Whizzie had sucked off a couple of the closeted boys from school after graduation, but this was his first experience with a real man’s cock. It was larger than his schoolmates, thicker by far, and felt right at home on Whizzie’s tongue.

Salty and slightly bitter, combined with the musk of a working man doing hard labor all-day, the fuckpole tasted amazing. Whizzie’s eyes fluttered shut as he sank his head and sucked lightly. He imagined that he could feel it pulsing in his mouth.

“Fuck yeaaaah, I knew you would be a good whore,” Daxton murmured, more to himself than to Whizzie. One of his large, calloused hands grabbed Whizzie’s head and pushed him down slightly.

The teen boy was a little uncomfortable, having his head wedged between the wheel and Daxton’s large frame. Still, the thought of spending an entire trip warming the older man’s cock was too irresistible.

The trucker put his truck into gear and pulled out onto the road. The casual ease with which Daxton did it led Whizzie to believe that this wasn’t his first suck-and-drive. Of course, since the teen sissy’s mouth was now occupied with a lovely dick that would soon fuck him, he couldn’t ask the question.

Whizzie lapped and sucked at a lazy pace. Daxton made tiny approving sounds from time to time. Once they hit the freeway, Daxton rested one hand on Whizzie’s head, occasionally giving verbal or physical directions. It didn’t take long for Whizzie to sink into an almost meditative state of oral servitude. His neck was getting sore, and his muscles were starting to cramp from being hunched over, but those things didn’t seem as important. They faded away, secondary to the feel of a stiff rod in his mouth and the masculine male scent in his nose.

Daxton grunted suddenly, and Whizzie’s mouth began to fill with warm liquid.

Whizzie jerked in alarm, but the hand on his head kept him down, and he soon relaxed, realizing that Daxton was relieving himself.

The older man didn’t even have to warn Whizzie. The teen swallowed reflexively and without complaint, a true indicator of a person’s slutty and sissy nature. After all, no sane man would willingly gulp down mouthfuls of piss. No, only sissies welcomed this sort of humiliation and disgusting act because, deep down, they knew they were not true men. They could never be true women, so they should be grateful for every gift from a cock.

The first swallow of the strong putrid urine made Whizzie’s cocklette jump eagerly. He reached into his pants and gripped the tiny stiff stub, squeezing and rolling it between his fingers. It was leaking pre-cum, a sign of how much his body craved the humiliation of being a portapotty. The terrible taste should have disgusted a sane, normal person or recoil in horror. Still, Whizzie sealed his lips tighter and kept swallowing.

Daxton groaned in appreciation as he emptied his bladder into Whizzie’s waiting mouth, then began to thrust upwards roughly.

Whizzie, still inexperienced at sucking cock, couldn’t do anything but submit to the face-fucking. He felt deliciously submissive, and his cocklette throbbed in arousal.

Moments later, Daxton growled and blasted a load down Whizzie’s throat.

The teen swallowed eagerly, knowing that he should never let a man’s cum go to waste.

“Fuck, you’re such a sissy whore,” Daxton said in an appreciative tone. He stroked Whizzie’s hair as he continued to drive.

Whizzie made to pull off when he felt Daxton’s cock soften completely, but Daxton clamped a hand on his neck.

“Nuh-uh, sissy, stay down. Your mouth is meant for cock. Since this is the only true cock around here, you better keep it nice and warm until I wanna piss or fuck again!”

Whizzie shivered all over, those derogatory, humiliating words making his heart flutter and his tiny dicklette ooze even more pre-cum!

Unable to resist the dominant advances of an experienced trucker, Whizzie relaxed under Daxton’s hold and shifted slightly to get more comfortable. He went back to lightly sucking and licking at the soft penis in his mouth, secure in the knowledge that it would soon perk back up and use him again.

Daxton pissed a couple more times, but he didn’t bother to get off, instead letting his erection chub up and flag naturally during the journey. He was kind enough to let Whizzie straighten up and stretch for about 10 minutes, but the teen’s mouth had been placed solely on that thick fuckpole for the rest of the journey. It should have taken under 2 hours to get from Idyllwild to Los Angeles, but Daxton drove slowly on the mountain and seemed to be taking his time.

Whizzie’s bladder was beginning to protest when Daxton finally let him up and declared they were arriving at the tree lot.

The teen sat up, wincing as his muscles and his jaw protested. Spending a couple hours as a cock-warming portapotty slash cum-dump had made his mouth sore. Despite that, his cocklette was still stiff, and his body was warm from arousal.

Whizzie stretched out his arms and smacked his lips, savoring the bitter taste of piss and cum on the back of his tongue. Daxton had gone off to talk to the tree lot owner about unloading the trees, so Whizzie took the chance to look around.

There was just enough pre-dawn light to see the numerous Christmas trees in the lot. A shack at one corner had ‘Vernie’s Christmas Trees’ painted on the side.

“Hey, Whizzie!”

The teen turned around and headed straight for the voice.

Daxton was waiting by tall trees, chatting to another tall, burly man.

“There she is, the little slut,” Daxton said affectionately when he saw Whizzie.

The blond teen froze in place, cheeks lighting on fire immediately.

Whizzie had imagined being open about his sissy status. He didn’t think he could hide it even if he tried, but to have his nature stated so openly to a stranger filled his stomach with butterflies of humiliation and shame.

“Don’t go getting shy on me now, Whizzie-bee,” Daxton grumped, “I just told Perez here how you warmed my cock for 3 hours without complaint!”

Perez was just a little taller than Daxton, but he looked like the kind of person who had spent years in the woods with nothing but an ax and a hunting knife. His carrot red hair was tied into one of those hipster man buns, and his piercing green eyes seemed to nail Whizzie to the spot.

“Yea, Whizzie, Daxton said you wanna become a sissy?”

Whizzie could only nod, transfixed by the two alpha men whose presence drew the teen in steadily.

“Not just any sissy, right, Whizzie? Tell him what you really want to be,” Daxton prompted, pulling Whizzie close. He tipped the teen’s chin and forced him to look at Perez.

“I-I wanna be a—” he hesitated.

“Go on, tell him,” Daxton growled, all dominant and cruel.

It was as if his voice ripped away all of Whizzie’s inhibitions. The words spilled from his mouth immediately.

“I want to become a full-fledged cock-sucking piss-drinking cum-guzzling limp-dicked tiny-balled sissy!” Whizzie blurted out.

There was a beat of silence before the two men burst out laughing.

Whizzie blushed in embarrassment, a little hurt that they were laughing at him.

“You’re so adorable, Whizzie,” said Daxton, “Now I said I was going to bust open your boicunt, but why don’t you go ahead and give Mr Perez here a demonstration of how much you love cock?”

Here? Out in the trees? Where could anyone walk in and see them? Where could anyone find out that Whizzie was a slutty teen sissy who lived to serve cock?

He dropped to his knees immediately, opening his mouth wide as both men unbuckled their jeans.

“Fuuuck, I always wanted to use a sissy!” Perez groaned when Whizzie took his dick into his mouth. Whizzie was still inexperienced, but the man didn’t seem to care. He fucked into Whizzie’s face eagerly, then released him so that Daxton could have a turn.

“Get my cock wet, you slut. It’s the only lube you’re gonna get cause sissies don’t get to complain!”

Whizzie shivered in fear and anticipation. He slobbered over Daxton’s cock as best as he could, moaning at the memory of that same dick pissing in his mouth earlier.

“Ass up, I wanna fuck your boicunt!”

“Yes, sir!”

Whizzie felt his pants being yanked down to his knees, and immediately, his buttcheeks felt the chill of the winter air.


Daxton slapped his ass roughly, warming them up in seconds. Whizzie panted and squeaked, but he didn’t try to escape because he knew Daxton only had his best interests in mind. Why else would the man help Whizzie on his sissification journey?

A large finger pushed into Whizzie’s dry cunt, making him whine in pain.

“Hey, go easy on him, Foley!” Perez murmured.

“A real sissy won’t let such a small thing like a sore hole get in the way of taking cock!” Daxton laughed as he shoved in another finger and pulled at Whizzie’s rim, stretching the teen’s virgin boicunt out.

Well, it was true!

If Whizzie wanted to be a full-fledged cock-sucking cum-guzzling limp-dicked tiny-balled sissy, painal was part and parcel of that life. His asspussy was only a tube to please cock and receive cum or piss. His comfort was secondary to those of cock owners. Men didn’t have to think about the comfort of a fucktoy. Since sissies were essentially just walking and breathing fucktoys, real men should never have to take a sissy’s comfort into consideration!

A third finger made Whizzie whimper and gasp. Still, he gamely fucked his asspussy back onto them, hoping to convey to both men that his boicunt was meant to be destroyed right there and then in a Christmas tree lot!

“See? Whizzie knows his place, and it certainly ain’t as a virgin girl that I gotta open up before I make sweet love to all her holes!”

“Fuck, you’re right! Here goes!”

Hot piss streamed into Whizzie’s mouth while Daxton rammed his cock into Whizzie’s exposed asspussy.

“MMMMNGH!” Whizzie’s wail was muffled by the cock in his mouth. He went cross-eyed from the agony of having his virgin hole split wide open by a thick fuckpole! Some of the piss in his mouth spurted out as he squealed and teared up immediately.

Unfortunately for him, the two men didn’t give a shit about his comfort or whether he was in pain. There wasn’t any need for it because Whizzie was a sissy, a subhuman male that needed constant pain and humiliation to feel good.

“Mmnngh mnnngh mnngh,” the teen moaned as his hole was split and his mouth was filled. He was being stuffed at both ends, and his little useless dick was getting hard!

The two men carelessly rammed their dicks into the petite body before them, savoring the delicious whimpering and moaning from the brutalized teen.

Whizzie was in heaven and in hell. He had fantasized about being taken roughly by a dominant man, a real man who knew how to use his sturdy cock and fuck Whizzie open. It had been one of the constants in the teen’s life – the need and urge to serve manlier cocks. But now that it was happening, his hole was on fire, and his throat was bruised! His body was being abused by two adult men intent on putting Whizzie back in his sissy place, and Whizzie was helpless to stop it!

It wasn’t long before they were shooting their loads in Whizzie’s ass and mouth with twin roars of dominance.

Whizzie, unable to hold his bladder anymore, pissed himself. His tiny little cocklette was standing upright, and the little urine stream hit his belly and chest, soaking into his thin shirt and making him shiver.

When the two older men were finally done, they pulled out of Whizzie’s sore body and let him sink to the cold ground.

Whizzie looked up at them in a daze, his clothes soaked with his own piss, holes sore from abuse, and his cocklette still rock hard despite it all. He pinched the pathetic little nubbin between two fingers and started tugging on it frantically.

There was a chortle from Daxton.

“Aw, look at the sissy trying to jerk off like a man,” he taunted. Perez laughed as well, and the two men sneered at Whizzie’s miserable little excuse of a penis.

Whizzie’s face heated, and he whimpered. He knew very well that boys weren’t supposed to have tiny 4-inch cocks, and they definitely didn’t get off on being fucked by two cocks simultaneously! The mocking laughter of the two adult men made Whizzie’s heart pound faster, and his cock twitch harder.

“I’m … I’m cumming!” Whizzie whimpered as a little rope of jizz spurted from the tip of his peenie. It was nothing like the load that Daxton had pumped into his ass or the one that Perez had shot down his throat. Whizzie’s cum was barely a thimbleful of juice, a testament to how unmanly he was.

“What a whore,” Perez said with a grin, “If you ever need a man to show you your place again, you can come back here.”

“Thank you, mister,” Whizzie said with a little smile as he tried to catch his breath. He looked over at Daxton, who had zipped himself back up and was now checking his phone.

“Alright, I gotta jet, kid.” The trucker reached out to ruffle Whizzie’s blond hair affectionately. “C’mon, I’ll drop you off with some friends of mine. They’ve agreed to put you up for a couple of weeks until you can find a proper man to fuck you.”

Whizzie tiredly got to his feet and pulled his own pants up.

He was exhausted, sore, and utterly used, but his heart sang happily. He trudged after Daxton, throwing a wave over his shoulder at Perez.

It had started, and he couldn’t help but think, with a secret smile, his journey to becoming a properly feminized sissy had begun.

Whizzie couldn’t wait!


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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