The Prank

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Asian Dick by jm6379 (edited version)

My name is Mark Wong, and I’m Chinese. Asian men are always accused of having small cocks, and honestly I was always afraid of being on the small side. I’m a competitive swimmer, and I know what the other boys had because I would see them in the locker-room all the time.

The thing is, I’m a grower, not a shower. After a swimming session my soft penis usually shrinks to a little slug under two-inches long. It usually hangs at two to three-inches soft, but the cold water always makes it go smaller. It is also thin like a double A battery. I always felt my dick looked disgusting, because of this I was always mindful to shower with my back to the other boys.

My swimming habit followed me through all of my university days and I was lucky to be able to go to America and study at Cal tech. I should also mention that I have fairly big balls, which gave me a decent looking bulge. I also have no qualms wearing speedos. Having worn them most of my life, I knew nothing else. In fact, I had six of them, one for each day of the week that I used to train.


I often went swimming with my roommate, a white guy called Manny, and this was where my problem began.

Bathing in the pool locker room was a shocker the first time. I had never seen cocks larger than eight-inches before coming to America. Here, I was seeing guys almost as large as my full size, while they were still soft. I didn’t know then that ‘showers’ didn’t get much larger when hard. In fact, I didn’t know there were growers and showers at all. I just thought everybody was like me, so it was intimidating seeing all these large penises swinging around in the locker-room.

My friend Manny was a prankster of sorts. This is the guy who would substitute the whipped cream with toothpaste, and microwave raw eggs so they would explode, if you catch my drift. Unknown to me, Manny observed me intently over a few visits to the pool, and no doubt had seen my small slug of a dick. I didn’t know at the time, but it was because of this that he decided to expose my dick in front of our two other housemates – two girls – just for a joke.

Where I come from it is stinking hot all year round. So when the first winter came I did not have proper pajama pants to wear in the evenings. I ended up buying some thick cotton boxers to wear under my thin pajama pants to build up the thickness. For some strange reason, this combination gave me a big looking bulge. Not that I minded.

One evening after dinner, I fell asleep on the floor in front of the telly. I was woken suddenly when I felt a large weight on my chest. Looking up, I could see Tanya sitting on my chest, her back to my face. Tanya and Annabel were in on Manny’s prank, so they’re gonna pull my pants down for a laugh. Tanya was an outgoing girl. She brought home a different boy every other weekend from the uni bar, and had definitely seen a few cocks. Annabel was a little more conservative, but she too wanted to see an Asian cock.

None of them had seen one till then.

“Manny tells us you have a tiny cock, and you’re probably stuffing your boxers to get that bulge,” Tanya said, as I struggled under her weight.

I mumbled something incoherent. My brain was unable to handle the combination of being woken up suddenly, and being put in a spot.

“Is it true Asians have small cocks?” asked Annabel.

I tried to kick out with my legs but they wouldn’t move. I looked past Tanya and saw Annabel sitting on my shins. Squatting in the middle was Manny, looking intently at my groin. A wicked smile slashed across his face as he was enjoying his moment of triumph over me.

“I-I think I’m average. I don’t know.” I blurted.

Tanya quickly turned into the ring leader.

“I’ll be the judge of that. Let me see. I’ll measure you” she said, holding out a ruler.

“Not fair! How would I know what is really average or not?” I said.

“Ok then, to be fair, we’ll compare you with Manny after this. Alright Manny?” Tanya said, looking up at Manny.

Manny probably had some anxiety on hearing this, but I couldn’t see his face. I heard him clear his throat. “One-hundred dollars he’s a pin dick,” chimed Manny.

“How would you know?” I asked.

“I’ve seen you at the pool, you idiot. There’s no way you can hide a decent sized pecker in your little speedos,” answered Manny, looking cocksure of himself.

With that, my pajama pants and boxers were pulled down to my knees. My cock had shrunken to a tiny nub due to the cold.

“I’m cold!” I shouted, desperate.

“Aw… it’s so cute,” Annabel said in a put-on baby voice.

“Ha! I knew it,” said Manny. I suddenly felt him rifling through my boxers for some reason. “That’s weird, he’s not stuffing his pants. I was sure he was stuffing a sock down there.”

“What the fuck were you thinking?” I shouted at him.

Tanya; who was more experienced with men and their penises than all of us, knew you couldn’t really judge the size until it was hard. “We’ll be fair to you Mark, let’s see how big you are hard,” Tanya said.

She measured my soft dick. “You’re Two inches soft,” she declared loudly. With that she took my little nub and started to stroke it. Naturally it started to grow in her fingers.

And grow. And grow.

“Wow… It’s beautiful!” Annabel gasped as she looked at my penis at its full size.

“I-I don’t believe it…” Manny also gasped, his smile now vanished. His face pale and sweaty looking.

I felt the ruler against my cock again.

“Six and a half inches, and it’s rock hard. Not bad at all. I declare Mark doesn’t have a small dick,” Tanya announced like there was a huge audience watching.

“It c-can’t be…” Manny stammered but Tanya cut him off.

“Ok now, Manny, drop your pants. It’s your turn,” she said with authority.

“Uh… can we do it later? I just remembered I have somewhere I gotta be,” he replied.

“C’mon, a deal is a deal. You agreed to it,” Annabel said.

“Don’t be a chicken,” I said.

Manny knew he had played himself into a corner. Even if he could get away, he knew the girls would eventually get him. Still, he continued to hesitate and play for time which really surprised me. Nearly all of the white guys I had seen nude in America seemed to all be packing large cocks. So I couldn’t understand why he was being so difficult about it. He most likely was packing an eight-inch monster in his pants.

Suddenly Annabel lunged over and grabbed his legs around the thigh. This caused him to lose balance and fall. Tanya quickly got up from on top of me, and jumped on him so he was pinned to the floor. My hands automatically shot down to my knees and pulled my pants back up. I looked over to Manny. He was lying prone on the floor with his arms behind his back. Tanya was sitting on his back while Annabel was over his calves.

Manny was a pretty tall guy, about six-feet. Tanya was tall for a girl. She was around my height, five-feet eight-inches. Annabel was no pushover either at about five-feet five-inches. The combined weight of the two girls on top of him meant he couldn’t get away, just like myself moments ago.

“Quickly Mark, pull his pants down,” Tanya ordered me.

I did not need to be asked twice. I wanted to get my revenge on this guy for embarrassing me in front of these girls. Luckily, he was only wearing sweatpants so they slipped off easily. Somehow we managed to flip him around without him wiggling out.

Tanya grabbed his soft circumcised penis and held it out to measure it. “Two-inches,” Tanya announced.

It was a tie, but I thought he looked thicker than mine. Tanya proceeded to stroke Manny to get him hard.

“Four and three-quarter-inches,” rang out Tanya.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Oh my god Manny, you’re smaller than Mark!” Annabel gasped, eyes wide and mouth open.

I looked down. Manny’s cock was pointing straight up. I looked over at him. He couldn’t say anything. Tears were running down his face, and he was beet red with anger, or humiliation, or both.

“Are you sure he’s fully hard?” I asked Tanya.

“He’s really hard now, Mark. Touch it,” said Tanya.

Up to that time I had never touched another man’s cock in my life. I was hesitant. I reached out slowly. Then it happened. I touched another man’s cock for the first time!

“Uh, I don’t think he’s fully up. I’m harder than that,” I told Tanya.

“No Mark, you were very hard true, but he is about normal,” Tanya said.

I was shocked.

For the rest of that year, and until we finished Uni, all the girls made that sign with their thumb and index fingers held close together a lot. However, it was never meant for me, it was always directed at Manny. We stopped being friends after this incident, because I came to realise he set me up for the sole purpose of inflating his own ego. He thought I had a smaller dick than him, basing it purely on what my soft dick looked like after swimming. He learnt a lesson the hard way, that you can never judge a dick by what it looks like soft.

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