The Orange Door: Part 2 (Gay SPH)

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By Wifetheif

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Part 2…

I can’t say that I was happy with my condition in life, but I did begin to see my Master in a new light. After my brief reunion with Amber he seemed to become gentle with me and more patient. He was less likely to have my collar choke me as the first means to get me to obey. He also did not manhandle me as much. I was still very much his toy, but he seemed kinder. My desire for death was transitory. I had to hold onto the hope that Amber would get me out of here and back to earth somehow.

I realised that I had to make the most of my situation. Kissing and sucking off my master became less and less of a chore. They were never entirely pleasurable, but both were preferable to death. When I relaxed, being ploughed up the ass was often quite enjoyable. I began more adept, if not necessarily enthusiastic, at returning my Master’s affections, which really pleased him. As I became competent in the language we conversed more and more. I realised that he was really infatuated with me, beyond infatuated really. My Master was crazy about me. He loved my short stature and handsome features. He loved to sit me on his lap and snuggle me. Gradually I came to totally relax under his touch. I tried to imagine that he was Amber or that I was Gulliver and he was Brobdingnagian giantess. After a while, that is what he became to me.

I found that my position as my Master’s favourite possession granted me a high status in the mansion. Most of the maids deferred to me and treated me with respect. Only the highest ranking maids and Arthi, my Master’s huge manservant treated me with something verging on contempt. I realised that so many of these maids hoped that I would put a good word in for them with the Master. Sometimes I did and I was rewarded in turn with goodies, maybe a bottle of sweet wine, or small tasty food stuffs. I never got tired of the purple pears, called gremalis in the language, and the yellow bread always made me happy.

The highlight however was an especially cute maid named Nella. She asked me very sweetly to see if I could get the Master to move her from floor polishing duty to to the linen room. Understandably, she preferred mending fabric, to being on her knees all day. I gently worked her name into a conversation with my Master to that effect. My Master thought that I had a good instinct about the help, and a short time later Nella moved upstairs into the linen room. Nella really knew that she would fit in there. Her mother had taught her to be a seamstress before Nella had become a slave. The subsequent good words about Nella from the linen chief had the effect of making me look like a genius. My Master showered me with kisses and presented me with two nifty platinum bracelets. I didn’t even mind the sex he expected in return for the baubles.

To my utter delight a few days later when I went to report for my morning bath, the usual maid, Dejan was not there. Nella had bribed her so that SHE could give me my bath. This bath was the most enjoyable of my captivity. Nella liberated my penis from its cage. My small size did not faze her in the least. She gave me a very brief but heavenly session of fellatio and then jerked me off. My hard on barely filled half of her soft palm. I have had my first ejaculation since coming to this world. It felt so good I thought I would pass out. Just as soon as this delight had transpired, I was once again in my chastity device and Nella had me swear to keep this episode secret forever. After that day, whenever we passed in the halls, which was seldom, we exchanged subtle nods and smiles.

Life settled into a routine. Sex with my Master, was simply a fact of life at this point. Responding to My Master’s overtures, embraces and sweet talk were second nature to me now. I realised that he was at heart a very nice and loving man. The fact that he was gay was certainly not my problem. I coped as best as I could and studied him from up close. I saw much about him that I liked. He treated his slaves excellently and was a fine host when he held parties or banquets. For these events I was dressed in a green, silver trimmed, tailored suit. It had an open jacket and pants that stopped above my knees, but it was a delightful change from my usual outfit which was just one step above nudity. I would sit on a low stool at my Master’s right hand. Usually he would have me perfumed my skin oiled. I could tell that the scheduled event was important when he performed these tasks himself.

I realised something was up when the Master prepared me for one of these events, yet gave me an unusually stern admonition before we left his quarters for his banquet hall. “Delem, my sweet, I expect you to be on your very best behaviour tonight. If you are not I promise you that I will discipline you thoroughly and most severely.”

He kissed me, placed his arm over my shoulder and escorted me to his banquet hall. I was startled by the arraignment of the room. Raised up on a dais was a long table. Seated behind in dead centre was Amber! Seated next to her was a tall and powerful looking young man who looked a great deal like my Master. My blood froze when I realised that this was Amber’s wedding party!

I drank the tableau in. Amber was clad in a form-fitting yellow dress. It had a deep décolletage and a slit up one leg, but it concealed far more than it revealed. Her hair was styled perfectly and fell down her back in lovely ringlets, rarely had I seen her look more beautiful. Still, she wore a collar about her neck marking her as a slave. In that way we were still equal. I took a very long look at her fiancé.

His dark features were staggeringly handsome. On earth he could have been a movie star. His white teeth and his large grey-blue eyes were set above a strong chin. His nose was not as broad as most men on this planet and his hair was dark brown. He wore a sash about his forehead with a red gem resting in the middle of it. I understood enough of the culture and had attended enough banquets and festivals to know that the sash was the outward symbol that the wearer was the main celebrant for the evening. He was clad in a yellow outfit the same shade as Amber’s. It consisted of a sleeveless tunic, which exposed the impressive muscles of his arms and shoulders and yellow pants that fit snugly enough to demonstrate that his manhood was impressive even by the standards of this planet. The world spun and I felt like I was going to vomit.

I nearly stumbled before I settled into my stool. I felt my Master’s hand upon my back. He was not only steadying me he was reminding me of his authority and his threat. As I entered Amber briefly looked my way. A parade of emotions marched across her face before she forced them away with an incandescent smile. Her happiness did not appear forced. I steeled myself. This was not going to be an easy night for me. I realised or, at least I hoped, that it would be a difficult night for Amber as well.

There was the usual din of an assembled mass of people and then my Master strode forward and asked for silence.

“Good people tonight we announce the bonding of my nephew Sirti to the beautiful off-worlder, Demaha. When I spied her for sale I realised that she would be a perfect present for Sirti who is my favourite among my sister’s children. Little did I know just how deeply Sirti would appreciate my gift. Tonight as part of the pair bonding ritual, Demaha will be freed. The bond becomes legal in the eyes of the law at noon on the next equinox, but as of tonight they will be settling into rooms I have set aside for them. Sirti will be trained to run my business affairs and instructed in how to keep this mansion running for when I am old and infirm or have passed away. Only my prize slave Delam holds a firmer hand upon my heart. It is with great joy that I announce that tonight Sitri becomes my sole heir.”

The room broke into loud applause and Sirti leaned over and kissed Amber very deeply. It was very clear to my eyes that my wife was enjoying the kiss and had no problem kissing him back. My stomach was in free fall from orbit as I tried to control my breathing and get a handle on my emotions. On the way back to his seat, my Master embraced me and kissed me. He whispered in my ear,

“I know this is difficult for you. You are behaving admirably. If you continue to behave yourself I will give you a present that I am sure you will enjoy. Something I have never given you before.”

I had no idea what my Master had in store for me, but I DID know that causing a scene would be counterproductive to both myself and Amber/ Demaha. I tried to remove the look of betrayal from my face and replace it with a simple bland smile. Amber did look my way after my Master had finished kissing and embracing me. I saw concern in her eyes and affection. It was at that point that I realised that, at least on some level, Amber’s heart was not entirely reconciled to her fate. The rest of the night, she avoided catching my eye.

A band in the corner began playing. The music of this world is very pretty. To my ears, it sounded a bit like traditional Chinese music with a wicked bass accompaniment. It was really impressive the amount of sound a simple quartet could get out of their instruments. There were traditional songs by a beautiful alto lead singer and a few communal singalongs. After the main course Amber and her fiancé rose from the table and took up positions before a portable altar.

I had read as much as I could about the religious beliefs of my captors. I had hoped to find evidence of an abolition movement like those of the nineteenth century on earth. I was really looking for some moral principle I could confront my Master with and demand my freedom. To my disappointment and surprise, there was no such movement. The “god” of these people is an impersonal force called Eshi.

Their deity had called the world into creation and then exiled himself from the world he had made. It was believed that the lot dealt to you by life was neither good nor evil and was not necessarily immutable. Slaves were treated well, sometimes earned or were granted their freedom, there was little poverty, the rich were heavily taxed and content to see that their wealth did the most good. Misers were treated like pariahs.

On the political front there had not been much more than border skirmishes and occasional roving banditry for last several centuries. There were always the bands of slavers, but they usually only took people wandering alone in the countryside or during border raids. Slavery was considered an essential element of life so the slavers were tolerated. Every politician paid lip service to eliminating them. Those very same politicians took the slavers huge bribes and the world continued to rotate as it always had.

Although Eshi took no part in the affairs of men it was believed that some part of his essence was present for certain rituals, birth, adulthood ceremonies, pair bonding, and death. Clergymen busied themselves with these rituals and the occasional public addresses at the death of a high-ranking social or political figures. I saw one such clergyman take a position before Amber and Sitri.

I can’t tell you what emotions coursed through my mind. I was in too much shock to react. As the ceremony began, Amber knelt before Sitri and bent her head low. Sitri then stated how much he loved and respected my wife, he made many promises and then stated that he would gift her freedom out of his devotion to her. With a ceremonial gold-plated key, he unlocked and removed Amber’s collar. Cheers filled the banquet hall as the collar clattered to the floor. Amber then rose and Sitri knelt before her.

Amber’s words were emblazoned on my soul as though burned in with a laser. “I, Demaha, take you Sitri as my bond mate. You are so caring and so handsome. I have come to love you very deeply. I thank you for my freedom and I forswear all others at your discretion and promise you the comfort of my body in any way you wish for as long as you wish. I offer you my heart in the hope that this pair bond is forever.”

There were some more to the ritual, but I ceased listening. I did not hear an ounce of equivocation in Amber’s promise to the man next to her. I began to visualize Sitri’s massive cock pleasuring Amber and I feared that my wife would soon forget all about me and my minuscule equipment. Tears came to my eyes, but I wiped them away before they were observed. Never in my life had I felt lower. Not even the first unwanted encounter with my Master was anywhere near as bad.

A short time later the ceremony was over. Sitri presented Amber with a necklace of radiant gems. I understood this to be the symbol of a free, married woman on this planet. Amber presented Sitri with a titanium ring bearing a large girasol. The symbol of a free, married man. After the exchange the two kissed while the clergyman sealed their bond.

There were loud cheers from everyone in the room save myself and the happy couple. A communal dance broke out and my Master compelled me to participate. There was much merriment and rejoicing. Huge flagons of the very powerful wine on this planet were distributed to all present. I drank heartily hoping to dull the pain. It almost worked.

At last the festivities ended. On the dais came the final ritual of the evening. Amber unbuttoned Sitri’s yellow tunic, exposing his impressive pecs and washboard abs. He bent low to allow her to kiss her way up from his navel to his nipples. Amber really seemed to be enjoying herself. The task finished, with a great deal of ceremony and teasing, Amber tossed the garment into a crowd of single women and female slaves.

I nearly had a heart attack as I watched Sitri’s huge form disappear under Amber’s skirt. A short time later he emerged with Amber’s yellow panties in his teeth! All the men hollered and then the “groom” tossed Amber’s unmentionables into a scrum of single men and male slaves. I actually saw some punches exchanged before one of the men came up with the panties. The winners of the respective garments exchanged their items with each other and rewarded their opposite number with a very deep and erotic kiss.

Sitri picked up Amber in his big strong arms, she appeared to weigh nothing in his grasp. My Master then grabbed my collar and gathered me to his side. Together we led the way to the rooms set aside for the newly bonded couple. To my considerable relief it was in a different wing of the mansion from the one shared by me and my Master. With great ceremony my Master opened the door to the room and Sitri carried Amber in and the door closed behind them. I caught one last view of Amber, looking impossibly beautiful and smiling broadly before she vanished from my sight. Inside my chastity device, I felt my penis try to break free and fail miserably. The milling crowd offered one final cheer and cleared away so that the band could set up. Through a speaker in the wall, the band would serenade the lovers for the entire night playing soothing, romantic music.

My master waited until the entire crowd, except the band, had departed before he turned to me.

“Delam, you did very well tonight. I hope that you like your surprise.”

He wrapped his arm about me as we returned to our quarters.

“While I’m feeling very romantic, Delam, I know that your mood would not be receptive to me tonight. I must say if I were you, I would probably feel the same way.”

We entered into my Master’s room and he guided me into the small room off his where I sometimes slept or had to enter to make myself scarce when my Master was discussing business or other private matters. We were not alone.

Awaiting us was a very pretty and very young slave. She was beautiful if a bit short by the standards of this world. Still, she towered over me. She curtsied for my Master and smiled sweetly at me.

My master took out the key to my chastity device and handed it to the young slave.

“Woman, you will obey Delam as though he were me tonight and give him ANYTHING that he asks for. Behave as a woman who WANTS to please him and not as one compelled. If I receive a good report on you from Delam I will assign you to any job that you want in this mansion.”

Her eyes lit up when she heard the Master’s promise. She reached for the key with an expression that positively delighted me.

Before leaving my Master turned to face me. He stroked my hair and ran his fingers down my chest to the belt of my shorts.

“Delam, this is an exceptionally rare gift which I’m presenting to you. If you push away the last of your resistance, love me with all of your heart, and are always enthusiastic when we make love, I MAY from time to time repeat this gift. But you must be a very good and a supremely willing young man from this point on. Do you understand me?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative repeatedly and then I threw my arms about him and received his kiss. I tried kissing him back with the most enthusiasm I could muster. My master seemed genuinely taken with my kiss. He smiled and opined.

“If I get lots of THAT from now on, Delem. Perhaps you’ll not have to wait very long for another such gift.”

With that my Master exited the room and pulled the door closed behind himself. I heard the deadbolt slide into place. I turned and gazed upwards to face the young slave.

“What is your name, beautiful?” I asked her.

“My name is Betrah (which means moonrise) and I am yours to command. What would you have me do, Master?” Betrah asked.

I had her undress me and free my manhood. Betrah greeted my minuscule erect cock with a wan smile. I was so pleased that she did not laugh, otherwise the night would have been off to a difficult start. I took a very long time in undressing her. I wanted to savour and commit every moment to memory. Who knew when or, if ever, I would get this opportunity again?

First, I removed the green cropped top. I had to marvel at the design. It supported the breasts, but made them enticing to the eye. I revelled in unclasping my first alien brassier. Betrah’s tits were fantastic. She was of modest cup size, but her breasts were perfect mounds of beauty. Each dark breast was surmounted by a lighter areola and broad nipple. Unlike on earth women, here the areolas were irregular but vaguely heart-shaped. I had her sit down on the bed and then I began to nibble on Betrah’s succulent flesh.

Betrah really seemed to enjoy my endeavours. I heard her breath become more rapid. I worked my way down to her short skirt. Like the top it opened in the back. I gently rolled her to her side and unfastened the skirt. It fell open, leaving her in just her scanty green panties. These tied with laces on the right hip. I unfastened these ties with my teeth and tongue and beheld her feminine glory. I expected it to be hairless as slaves are required to be depilated by law. I did not expect it to be so beautiful. It was one of the finest snatches I have ever seen in real life or in pornographic movies. I could see the first beads of her female juices in the soft light of the room. Tentatively, I began to explore her sex with my tongue. She tasted like honey laced with cinnamon.

I really got into servicing Betrah. She began panting and shouted my name which delighted me. I watched an orgasm course through her body and then I mounted her with my stubby rod. I had fears that Betrah would not even notice that my manhood was inside her, but she became even more passionate. For the first time in longer than I could determine I came inside a woman. My first sexual encounter in longer than I could remember, pushed me into heaven. Betrah wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight. It felt wonderful. It scarcely mattered that she was a head taller than myself. Tears of delight came to my eyes.

I made love to Betrah three more times that night. Fellatio with her was almost comical. I was so small, she looked like an earth baby tugging at a pacifier. Still, it felt marvellous. After many long hours we collapsed into each other’s arms and blissfully entered dreamland. I had only a darting thought of Amber off in her room in this same mansion. I forced the thought away and concentrated on the wonder of Betrah in my bed.

I awoke to my Master gently shaking me awake. I did not even pause a moment before I planted a sincere kiss on his lips. That caused him to smile. We spoke very quietly so as not to wake Betrah, who was still wrapped about me, a blissful smile on her lips.

Carefully, I untangled myself and took my Master’s hand. I followed him back to his room. I knew exactly what he wanted and I gave it to him unhesitatingly and as passionately as I could possibly muster. With the promise of perhaps more nights like the one I just spent tantalizingly in the future, I suppressed my every innate distaste and performed like a champ. The smile on my Master’s face once I was finished was as luminous as Betrah’s had been the night before. Later we showered together and were seated at breakfast when Betrah sheepishly exited from my room into the Master’s chambers.

Her hair was a bit dishevelled and she had trouble at first meeting the eye of myself and my Master. He took the lead, “Good morning, Betrah. You have done very well. I trust you might be amenable to a repeat performance sometime in the future?”

Betrah looked at me then at my Master and then nodded.

“Well then, girl, where would you like to serve?”

“Master, I’m very partial to animals. May I work in your stables? I would love to tend to the bachtrains.”

Bachtrains were animals that vaguely resembled a sheep or a goat. They were used to mow the lawns of the manor. Apparently they were fairly inoffensive beasts who were used for little else since they tasted terrible. A very tasty cheese was made from their milk however.

My Master thought for a moment, and said, “While that’s ordinarily a male slave’s work, I suppose I could allow you to do the task. I’ll give you a probationary period. If you do a satisfactory job for a month, the task becomes yours permanently. Now you’ve earned yourself a day off. Return to the slave dormitory and report to the stables tomorrow morning at first light.”

Betrah curtsied and gave my Master a grateful thanks and left the room as though she were walking on air.

My Master watched her leave and then turned to me. “Delam, once we are finished eating, you’ll be returned to your chastity device. Much as I would like to trust you, I have no doubt that left to your own devices I would soon catch you screwing the maids or even jerking off without my permission. I own you, Delam, EVERY part of you belongs to me. I decide when and how every part of you is used. Your wants don’t matter. You’re to serve me entirely, is that clear?”

I slid to the floor and prostrated myself before my Master. It was a slave’s symbol of complete submission and agreement with a master.

“Very good. Now come here and kiss me, then we are going to take in some exercise. I so enjoy watching you swim.”

It had felt so good to be free my chastity device. I would treasure and nurse the memory. At the pool both the master and I swam. He was nude. He liked me to keep fit and attractive for him. Once I realised that everything was out of my control relaxing and let him do what he wanted became increasingly easy. He loved to coat me with oil and have me brown under the triple suns as we shared a large chaise lounge and I sucked him off. For the next span of time my life consisted of keeping fit, pleasing my Master and revelling in the wonderful food and wine we shared. I was as content as possible.

Sometimes I would pass Amber. She was always wearing very fine, form-fitting dresses. The dresses were longer and much more modest than the slave attire she once wore, but they still exposed a great deal of her shapely legs. Amber was now in charge of the female slaves. She seemed to have a good rapport as she had once been one of them. Every time I passed her, I grew wistful. To my utter dejection, Amber often looked right at me without seeming to see me. I hoped that this was because of fear of Sirti or fear of my Master.

As for Sirti, I saw him often. He would discuss things with his uncle over lunch a few times a week. I think he understood that Amber and I had a history, but he seemed nonplussed by it. Clearly he viewed me as no threat to his current relationship. He was civil to me mostly because his uncle treasured me so. I rarely saw Amber and Sirti together, however when I did, they appeared very happy.

How happy they really were I found out first hand. Master and I came to the pool at a time that was off our schedule. I froze at the entrance gate when my Master grabbed my collar. He indicated that I should remain silent and then I understood why. Sitting by the pool were Amber and Sirti stark naked. Amber’s lovely red ringlets caught the sunlight as her head glided up and down as she sucked on her new husband’s cock. I had an unobstructed view. I was stunned by the prodigious size of Sirti’s equipment. As my breath froze, I saw Amber’s incredible perfect ass, rise up as she mounted Sirti’s huge phallus. In no time she was screaming his name and making sweet little animal sounds that she had never made for me! Sirti had quite the endurance, at last he came with a shout and Amber collapsed into his thickly muscled chest. At that moment I wanted the planet to open up and swallow me.

My master waited until the loving couple was composed before he led me through the gate and to the pool side. I am positive that Amber and Sitri had no idea that they had been observed. I tried to hide my emotions, but I frowned massively when Master briefly removed my chastity device so he could coat me with oil over every inch of my skin. Sirti eyed me up and down and gave me the same pathetic, mocking look I had received in locker rooms all my life. I realised that the only reason he did not laugh out loud was because of the presence of his uncle. Amber just appeared to be embarrassed, I seriously doubt that she ever imagined a situation where the cock of her past and the cock of her present would be in the same place at the same time. After an exchange of pleasantries, Amber and Sirti, wrapped themselves in towels and made their departure.

I watched them go. Then I held my Master tight and cried briefly into his shoulder. He seemed to understand my pain, and gently stroked and kissed me. I sucked him off, but he could tell that my heart was not in it.

“Will you be in a better mood tomorrow if I summon Betrah to your quarters this evening?” He asked.

“Master, I would greatly appreciate that and I will give you anything you ask for tomorrow and try to be the most responsive I have ever been for you,” I replied.

My Master looked at me. I could tell that he found my promise dubious at best, but he spoke sincerely to me in response. “Delam, you’ve been very good for quite a long time. I know this situation has made you very upset and that you need something which I cannot supply. Perhaps this’ll help you feel a bit better as well. I have written my will. Sirti and Demaha will inherit this mansion and all of my property, but there is a proviso in the document granting you freedom along with a nice stipend that’ll allow you to live comfortably wherever you choose.

“HOWEVER…” he continued. “That provision can easily be removed and erased. Delam, I don’t want you thinking of that future or contemplating your liberation. You should focus only upon pleasing me always. To be honest, my gesture is a life insurance policy for YOU. Sirti is a very good heir, but upon my death you’ll become surplus, and rather embarrassing property. I doubt that, without my influence, not even his bond mate, Demaha, would prevent him from selling you to the first slave trader he encountered.

“Delam, you’re not fit for hard labour on this planet. Left to his own devices, Sirti wouldn’t sell you as a novelty, you would be shipped off to some quarry or mine with hardened prisoners and slaves deemed of little value. The infirm, the old, and the lame. You wouldn’t last long. Delam, if I were not protecting you from the world, very bad things would happen to you.”

I could tell by the look on my Master’s face and the timbre of his voice that he was deathly serious. I thanked my master profusely, sucked him off a second time with much more enthusiasm and threw myself in supplication before him. He held me close, sodomised me and praised me greatly. After our idyll by the pool, we retired to his chambers and, that evening, he summoned Betrah.

To be Continued…


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