The Naked Nerd (Excerpt)

By Max Swan.

The work Christmas party has been as awful as it was last year.  Kenny Lee’s coworkers mostly ignored him, he’s the office nerd, and he couldn’t leave because his boss Colin insisted they all stay to the bitter drunken end.  Well, Kenny isn’t too drunk.  He tried to keep it cool so he could maybe chat up Sasha Radcliffe, the front receptionist.  A woman, the nerdy, ninety-pound weakling had dated once, and then she lost interest.  He thinks about that fateful date as he watches the other staff mingling and chatting.


It was just over a month ago; Sasha invited him around to her place for dinner.  The Asian man accepted because she’s an attractive blonde-haired woman with big breasts, and he didn’t think she’d do much on the first date.  How wrong he turned out to be as, after dinner, Sasha snuggled into the skinny nerd on the couch and started kissing him.  She pulled his clothes off, and Kenny had to admit he felt stunned and just let her do it. Before he knew it, Sasha had his dick in her mouth, sucking on it with all her might. Usually, the IT professional is a bit circumspect in these situations as the young man’s very under-endowed in the dick department.  This contributes to his shyness around women as he had had a few bad experiences where they got nasty about it.

One girl in high school told all her friends, and before long, it was around the school, and they called Kenny ‘Wonton’ as a result.  Sasha was sucking him off, and his dick was hard in no time flat.  She then leans back and inspects it.

A grin came over her face, and she asked, “Can I measure it?”

Like a dummy, Kenny just said, “Um, err, I guess.”

The blonde-haired woman had a ruler in her hand in no time, which surprised him, to be honest.  She’d had it under the couch the whole time, and just reached under and grabbed it.

“Hmm, let’s see…” Sasha said as she sized Kenny up, “three inches long.”

The man blushed, but the way she said it wasn’t mean, it sounded as if she were just talking about the weather, which made it bearable.

“You’ve got the smallest dick I’ve seen,” Sasha said with a slight smirk.  “I always thought it was just a stereotype about Asian men.”

Kenny feels his cheeks burn.  “I’m sorry, I’ll go…”

The man began to pull his pants up.  She stopped him, and asked, “Why are you sorry?  You can’t help the way you’re born, I suppose.”  Sasha pushed him back into the couch.  “I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to suck a tiny Asian dick. Let me do it.”

Her face suddenly buried in his crotch, and Kenny felt her tongue working his cock as she sucked.  It felt amazing. Her head isn’t bobbing up down on his dick as you see in the porn movies as he doesn’t have that kind of a cock. Sasha just stayed in place with her head buried in his genitals, sucking him off.  The woman even managed to get his balls in her mouth, too, which is something Kenny hadn’t experienced before.

With his hands on her head, it wasn’t long before the skinny Asian shot four massive spurts of semen into her mouth, and like a greedy pig, she gobbled it all down.  When Sasha had licked every drop from him, she found it still hard, so kept sucking.  Kenny lasted a bit longer the second time, but then again shot several spurts of sperm into her mouth.  That’s all he’s good for by now as his dick started to go soft.  Sasha sat up again, wiping her mouth, and smiling at him.

“Your jizz tastes nice, Kenny, it’s kinda sweet like candy,” she said, moving closer and kissing him on the cheek.

“Can we have sex?” Kenny asked, thinking this is his luckiest night ever.

Sasha suddenly pulled away and grimaced, her face blushing red for a moment.

“Sorry, but a dick that tiny won’t satisfy me.  Besides, it’s getting late, and we have to work tomorrow, right?”

Kenny’s face dropped, and his heart broke, yet he got the hint and pulled his pants up.  Then Sasha escorted him to the door and kissed his cheek, saying goodbye.  That’s the only date Kenny’s ever had with Sasha.  Thankfully, Sasha didn’t embarrass or humiliate Kenny at work about his dick size, so he breathed a sigh of relief and just put it aside.

At least I got a blowjob,’ he often told himself.

Yet the encounter only cemented the crush he had on Sasha, and deep down, he wanted so much more than a blowjob.  He even told himself that maybe tonight in a more social atmosphere, he can ask her out on a date again.  However, when the diminutive, big-breasted blonde-haired receptionist arrived tonight with a strapping black man on her arm, and a bulge in his pants that would frighten small children, Kenny’s heart broke again.


He feels that familiar disappointment again.  Kenny isn’t very confident around women when it comes to dating generally.  As the nerd stares across the room at Sasha’s dates bulge, it just highlights his shortcomings and failures.

I could’ve been her boyfriend if only I had a big cock,’ he thought glumly.

The partygoers, seemingly sensing his melancholy mood, now blatantly avoided Kenny and he ended sitting in the corner with his head buried in his phone, playing games.  The time passes slowly; his boss said no one who leaves before one am would get his or her Christmas bonus this year.  Kenny’s boss is not the kind of man to shirk on such a promise, so grimly, he stuck it out.  As the guests get drunker, and the room gets louder as people dance to a hired DJ playing classic rock and pop songs.  Kenny sighs, wishing he were dead.  Then after a while, and a few too many more drinks, Sasha and her black boyfriend find themselves bumping into Kenny near the bar.

“Oh, hey, Kenny,” Sasha said with a tipsy wobble.  “I wondered if you were here.  Did you just arrive?”

I’ve been here all fucking night, bitch,’ Kenny thought bitterly.  “Something like that,” he said flatly.

“Oh, meet my new boyfriend, Malcolm,” she said, pulling on the black man’s arm.  The big man turns and gazes at the blonde-haired receptionist with a raised eyebrow.  “Malcolm, meet Kenny, our IT wizard here.”

The big man’s eyes fall heavily on the ninety-pound Asian weakling making Kenny shiver.  A smile that’s more like a smirk crosses the man’s face.

“This is the Kenny you told me about,” Malcolm said in a low voice meant only for Sasha, but Kenny heard it too.  Sasha nods. Then to Kenny, Malcolm said, “Hey, how’s it hanging, Dawg?”

Sasha and Malcolm burst out laughing simultaneously.  Kenny blushes, he knows they’re laughing at him, suspects it’s about his small dick, but he just can’t be sure.

“How long you been dating?” Kenny forces himself to ask.

“A month,” Sasha said, rolling her eyes.  “I’m glad he came along because for a while there all I dated were losers.”

Malcolm’s eyes narrow, his smirk widens.  “You dated her, right, Kenny?”

Kenny shrugs.  “I had dinner with Sasha once, but I don’t think I was ever in the running to become her boyfriend.”

Sasha laughs, nearly spilling her rum and coke.  “You can say that again,” she slurs.  Then she wiggles her pinky finger and laughs.

Malcolm laughs too, and all of a sudden, after spending the whole night stewing about Sasha and her new boyfriend, something snapped in Kenny’s mind.

“I never took you for being a nigger lover, Sasha?” he shouted at his crush with a sneer.  “What’s wrong?  Can’t your cunt get any satisfaction unless a tree stump shoves up there?  What a fucking slut.  Maybe you should get a Vaginoplasty, to reduce the echo in there.”

Sasha and Malcolm gasp then before Kenny can take a breath; a big black hand is around his throat, squeezing hard.  He wants this, Kenny wants the man to beat him, give him a reason to leave this horrible party and these phony people.  Maybe even get fired, so Kenny never has to see them ever again.  A fist smacks into his cheek and Kenny goes down, there’s pain, but he also feels relief.  The nerd’s body hits the floor, and for a moment passes out, when he opens his eyes, the music had stopped, and people are standing around him, staring wide-eyed chattering to each other.

Suddenly, two men are lifting him off the floor and dragging him across the room and into the foyer.  They sit him down roughly on a chair, Kenny’s mind is spinning, and he feels sick.  Then standing before him, hands on hips with a deep frown is his boss Colin.  The portly, fifty-something man is shaking his head slowly.

“Sasha told me what you said, Kenny?” Colin said, coldly.  “I think you got what you deserved.  We don’t say the n-word here.”

Kenny sits quietly, not really looking at his boss in the eye.  He rubs his right cheek, and it stings.

“Are you OK?” Colin asks.  “Do we need to call an ambulance?”

Kenny finally glances up at Colin.  “I’m OK, I just wanna go home.”

“Maybe we should call him an Uber?” Colin’s wife, Mary, suggests.

“Nah, I haven’t had that much to drink…”

Colin said, “But you could have a concussion.  Malcolm clocked you very hard.”

Kenny stands abruptly, and the room spins a little.  “I’m fine,” he shouts.  “I’m going home.”

He turns toward the door and starts walking.

Colin shouts, “I expect to see you in my office first thing Monday morning, Kenny.  We need to talk about this.”

Kenny waves his hand above his shoulder while still going to the door, saying, “Yeah, yeah…”


This is an excerpt from ‘The Naked Nerd’  Buy the eBook to read how this amazing tale ends. Warning this book has strong gay sex scenes after this point.


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