The Minuteman!

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by newmember7

My name is David Graham. I am forty-four year old man, I got married the late age of thirty nine. This is a little late to get married I know, but I was, and am still, good looking and in better shape then most men in their 20s. Did I forget to tell you that I am pretty well off financially too. I wont tell you what I do, it has set me up for life.

With every thing I have going for me there is one problem that drastically lowers the quality of my life. My penis is very small. It proudly stands erect at just under two inches, about two thirds the length of the pinky finger and a little bit thinner. Flaccid, it’s smaller than an inch and frequently looks downright miniscule as it withdraws inside my body as if ashamed and afraid of the world.

With my thick pubic hair, you’ll need glasses to find it. A Doctor my mom took me to see told me I had a condition called micropenis and even though I took some hormones during the early years of puberty they did nothing to make my micro cock grow.

But when I reached puberty and started jerking my wood or nub to be more precise, I discovered the joys of orgasm. I jerked off a lot to be honest just like any teen boy. The only thing that frustrated me about jerking off was that I’d always cum way too quickly. Later on (as an adult) I discovered that I suffered from an extremely extreme case of premature ejaculation.

I was very active and successful in sports in high school and while I had respect from everyone as a result, in the school in the locker room I got a lot of teasing from the other guys about my tiny penis. The guys gave me the nickname “Piwi” because of it, and eventually it got around along with the reason why. Obviously I didn’t have any girlfriends in school as a result.

These two circumstances kept me from pursuing women until I found Ashley.


Nine years ago (when she was only eighteen) I swept her off her feet and in three years we were engaged and another year married. I loved Ashley for her beauty and innocence. Ashley and I were both virgins and knew very little about sex when we got together. Even though she was a knock-out she had very few serious relationships until she met me. That was because she was brought up with strict religious morals and so sex before marriage was out. That suited me to be honest as I was nervous about losing her because of my sexual failures.

Ashley was also seventeen years my junior and I was old enough to be her father if you really wanted to get down to it. I lived in hope that Ashley’s sexual inexperience would work in my favour once we were married. After all she wouldn’t miss what she didn’t know.

Our wedding night was a disaster.

I was nervous but had faith that Ashley had never seen a penis before so I hoped she wouldn’t question my size. What was more worrisome was my inability to last more than a minute. I had been walking around all day with a raging hard on which I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing, and I knew that when it came time to consummate the marriage it wouldn’t take long.

We got settled in the hotel room and my wife put on the lingerie she bought for the night. I got undressed. I was relieved. She said nothing about my cock. In fact, she didn’t even seem to notice it. But I noticed everything about her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen but I had to hurry up. I felt the feeling of impending release and I had to get inside her. I began moving in between her legs and then I saw her pussy.

Oh that beautiful virginal pussy.

She had shaved her bush and it was so beautiful. I let loose my load, in reality it was just a few drops of semen but compared to my usual cum it was a load, right then and there never even touching her. The drops of my seed fell on the bed sheets and my dick disappeared inside my pubes.

I didn’t penetrate her, I couldn’t have penetrated her.

Since then I have been thinking, “What kind of husband isn’t man enough to consummate his marriage?”

Me obviously.

When she found out that I had cum and the wedding night was over she did seem disappointed yet she let me know that she married me for me and not for the sex. Yes, everything I wanted in a wife. The next night was somewhat better. I took her virginity. It only took me a few seconds but I took hers and lost mine.

Really I had nothing to brag about.

I came no sooner then I had penetrated and didn’t even thrust. The thing that embarrassed me the most, was that when I rolled off of my wife, she was surprised because she hadn’t even felt my dick in her pussy. She thought that their had been a repeat of the night before until I assured her that I had made love to her.

After a month of marriage, practice did not increase my skills. In fact it seemed to be making them worse. Before marriage I had orgasms everyday but intercourse really tired me out and it takes about a day or two for me to be able to do it again.

Ashley’s frustration grew.

To my humiliation she talked to various family members and friends to get their advice. Her parents, sisters, brothers, and girlfriends all know about my premature ejaculation problems. In an effort to find a solution her father and brothers convinced me to show them my penis. Why that would help I had no clue.

In the end all that happened was that I stood in the living room of my in-law’s house with my pants pulled down while four grown men laughed and made fun of my penis, just so happened I had shrinkage that day so it was even harder to see through my pubes. As I began to pull up my pants one of the brothers yelled out “My five year old is more of a man than you are!” and another said “It looks like a large mole!”

From then on I was known affectionately by her and her family as “Mole”. About the same time one day I overheard Ashley tell a friend she didn’t know I was outside the room that she felt like she was still a virgin. Her sister told her that I should eat her out. I refused to do that as I think licking pussy is beneath self-respecting men.

Her brothers for a birthday present gave her a vibrator. At first I told her not to use it but after five months of dissatisfaction she didn’t listen to me anymore.

Her first time was on a night where I couldn’t hold out long enough to get inside her pussy. I came and a drop of cum fell onto her thigh. She got pissed at me. For the first time in our marriage she said something denigrating to me. “You’re useless!” she yelled and reached under the bed for the virgin vibrator.

That is the night she really lost her virginity. It caused her some pain and she bled but as she got use to working the vibrator she had her first orgasm. Today, five years later, we are still together and our marriage is great. We don’t have much intercourse anymore but then again I guess we never really had any.

Ashley’s vibrators and dildos keep her happy and as long as she gives my cock a stroke twice a month I’m good. Having us to completely stop what we were doing every other day just so I could stick my wee-wee in her pussy for a few seconds just didn’t seem practical. To this day I still suffer from stamina issues and have seen no increase in my ability to last longer. But at least I’m married to a woman that loves me for who I am.

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