The Secrets Game!

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by Royal_Prince

With all my continuous personal problems I made up my mind, when I entered college that I would have a plan. This worked to my advantage as I studied hard, I took the classes that I needed, and graduated with a degree in accounting. I also picked up extra courses that I thought would help with my career in the postal service.

After exactly one year working in the odd clerical and supervisory positions within my local post office, I applied for and was accepted for the position of Postmaster in a small rural town in southwest Ohio far away from all the problems my physical limitations had caused me.

I relocated to Grand Mare, Ohio, where I was the postmaster for Grand Mare a town that consisted of exactly 17 people. One small pub was located on Main Street next to a small mom and pop grocery store. Oh and of course the post office, that served several smaller communities that dotted this region of Ohio.

I was amazed to find that they had no local police or fire station serving the town? Hell we didn’t even have a resident doctor and we had to travel 20 miles north to Landing Ohio just for a check up

As part of the job requirements I was forced to move in and involve myself with the community. I bought a small home on Woodland Landing and was immediately amazed at how easy it was to find new friends.

I was due to start my new job on January 2nd just after the holiday’s so I had completely moved in by December 30th and had sat down on my brand new couch when the door bell rang and I was greeted by the most lovely and most sexy Sherrie Cole.

“Hi.” She chirped. “Welcome to our little out of the way town.” She beamed up at me with her large over sized brown eyes. “I would like to invite you to our annual New Year’s Eve Celebration, I live it 419 Sundry on the next road over- see- you can see it from here. You have to be there as practically the whole town will be.”

She was right, I had to be there that was part of my job requirements. Postmasters are expected to identify with and be appropriately involved in the community they serve.

If I knew then what I know now would have I stayed at home? Would I have run for the hills or would I have embraced my destiny. I guess that is a question I will debate for the rest of my life. However, oh the secrets I would learn, oh the dirty little secrets this small town harbors…

I arrived as scheduled at precisely seven p.m. The drinking commenced exactly four minutes later. “Hi Chris, glad you could make it. This is Harold, my boyfriend he is hosting this years celebration.”

Any hopes of getting to know Sherrie on a more personal level had been snuffed out quickly as I shook Harold strong black hand. “Hi Chris, good to know you…” he said as he put my hand in an iron clad vise. His broad smile and pleasant tone contrasted his hulking frame and quickly put me at ease. “Let me introduce you to some of the other guests…You have a drink right, everyone has to drink, its New Years Eve!”

He gripped my shoulder and led me around the room barking off the names of the other guests. “This is Nat and Lisa they are our neighbors, over there is Emma and Jake, I believe they live next door to you, Paul, over there lives on the other side of you.”

There were other names and other people but surprisingly enough even in a small town like this I was having difficulties remembering all their names.

And we drank and continued to drink until the hands of the clock struck midnight, soon after all of my drunken neighbors began to depart. I thought that it was my cue to gather my coat and gloves.

“Not so fast there Chris…” Harold ordered. “Being the new comer you have to stay a bit longer so we can get to know you better.

“I am not so sure this is the best time.” I slurred, the cocktails were certainly having an affect on me.

He laughed and led me to the dinning room table. “That’s the best time to get to know each other. Besides its time for our annual ‘top this contest.”

I have to confess a top this contest certainly sounded like a fantastic party game so I took my place at the dinning room table.

To start the game each of us were given a glass and a bottle of Scotch was placed in the middle of the table.

“If this is a drinking game I think I have already reached my limit.” I said.

Harold chuckled and pulled from his wallet a hand full of cash. “This year its two thousand for the winner…” He slammed down the money next to the bottle of scotch. “Is everyone ready? And of course for those of us that has never played before the rules are simple. You tell us your biggest secret and if it’s the best you take home the money. See its simple, we start at the head of the table with me. We all take a drink and I tell my secret and then the rest of you take a drink.”

Alarm bells should have rung but I was too drunk now to really understand what was happening. I only had one secret and I wasn’t planning on telling anyone here about it.

He continued, “After you tell your secret you do not have to drink anymore and the next person tells their secret. The game is over when we reach you Chris, trust me you have an advantage over the rest of us first you will get to hear all of our secrets and second you will be pretty drunk by the time your turn comes. Most of the time the person that takes his turn last ends up with the money…”

I had to admit, that two thousand was real tempting but down deep I knew I couldn’t divulge personal information to a group of people I hardly knew even so I found myself taking my first shot of scotch. “Okay here goes.” Harold groaned. “I like to dominate other people! I mean in the bedroom I like to be in charge. I don’t think I could even have an orgasm if I didn’t have someone to order around.”

There were a few whispers but I had the feeling most of the people at this table had already heard that secret.

Except for Harold the rest of us took another shot.

I was kind of looking forward to what little secret Sherrie was going to share and I smiled as she blushed. “Well I guess that means I can’t confess that I can be submissive with the right person right?” She stammered before continuing. “Okay, okay I got one…I can easily take a nine and a half inch cock in my ass and I fucking love it! I love a big cock fucking my ass until it bleeds!”

The rest of the table gasped and then applauded. I wasn’t sure but I think no one heard that secret before or at the very least hadn’t heard it put that blatantly. I new right away Sherrie had my vote.

We took our third shot and now it was Paul’s turn. Paul was a cute sort of feminine 18 year old youth who had inherited a large sum of money when his father had passed away. As he placed his shot glass back down on the table he blurted out his secret. “I like to wear women’s clothes from lingerie to clothes to make up!”

His face turned as red as a cherry and he never made eye contact with any of the rest of the party.

By this time I was feeling quite ill and really wanted to give up on the game and go on home. I tried to stand but my legs wouldn’t support my body anymore it seemed and I collapsed back into my chair and they poured me another shot of scotch.

I believe I might have lost consciousness because by the time I regained my train of thought I had missed hearing Lisa’s secret and it was her brother Nat’s turn.

“My sister’s secret is pretty good but my secret is better and even though she told you that she fucked a guy in a booth at the pub, what she failed to mention was that the guy she fucked was me!”

The confession got a round of applause whistles from the table and it appeared that Lisa was a little disturbed at her brothers confession but no one took time to discuss the newly disclosed secret and each of us poured another shot.

Including my own there were only three more secrets to disclose. My neighbor Emma was next. “My husband I discussed this before the party and we decided to do ours together so if it is alright with Harold everyone should take another shot.”

“Oh this has got to be good.” Harold sneered. “Sure go ahead, another drink everybody.”

After I swallowed my drink I came to the realization that I would soon be ill so I knew that I had to get this over with quickly.

Emma’s husband Jake stood, “We like waters sports.”

“I love being pissed on and drinking Jakes urine right from his cock. I have become his personal toilet!” Emma gushed.

Everyone at the table briefly glanced at each other until Harold stood and challenged them. “Prove it.”

They didn’t hesitate as Emma moved away from the table and then knelt waiting for her husband. Jake moved to were his wife had knelt, unzipped his pants and pulled his large eight inch cock from his pants. “Everyone ready for this, does everyone have a good view?”

We all nodded in unison just before he let flow his golden river of pee directly into his wife’s mouth.

I was dumbfounded as I watched her swallow mouthful after mouthful of his piss.

Up until that moment I really hadn’t planned on telling them my secret but with all the strange and outlandish confessions I had heard I knew mine was nothing and there was no doubt that the booze compounded my desire to just blab my heart out.

We downed our final shot.

“It’s your turn Chris, what’s your secret?”

“It’s nothing compared to all of yours, I mean for me its bad but I mean, incest, golden showers….”

“Then let’s hear it.” Harold ordered. The tone of his voice seemed threatening. It was like his sexual dominance was bleeding over into the party.

“I have a smaller than average cock.”

Harold smiled. “How small…?”

Totally humiliated I lowered my eyes to the table. “Three inches hard.”

Two or three of the party goers yelled out in unison, “Prove it.” And if I remember correctly it was mostly the women that were calling me to show off my underdeveloped equipment.

I guess it was the scotch but I didn’t hesitate in unbuckling, unzipping and removing my penis from my boxers. I had never willingly showed anyone my cock before but there I was completely exposed to everyone at the table.

“Damn man, where is it?” Harold laughed

His girlfriend Sherrie chuckled with him, “And it doesn’t have any hair”

And through my humiliation I felt obligated to explain. I looked Harold right in the eyes and explained that it wasn’t hard so it had retracted back into my ball sack and then I looked at Sherry and explained “I keep it shaved so it doesn’t get covered by hair the last time I let my hair grow out it looked like I had a pussy.

Everyone took turns examining my penis and each had a long laugh at my expense until I finally covered up my shame.

At that point I was praying that I wouldn’t win the two thousand dollars but that prayer was in vein. They all nodded, clapped and laughed as Harold handed me the money. “Dude that was just plain pathetic I think you need this money more anybody else.”

Sick, embarrassed and humiliated I took the money from Harold and then gathered my composure. “Thanks.” I meekly responded.

“Don’t worry Chris what is said at the table, stays at the table or they have to deal with me.” Harold said.

And then something strange happened. Everyone started to reassure me that no one would ever find out my secret but at the same time they were still giggling about what they had just seen. I felt like a kid but at the same time I felt protected and that caused my little dick to get hard.

No one said anything at the time but I knew everyone saw it. I walked away wondering why in the hell would I get hard after I got laughed at for ten minutes, nothing like that had ever happened before and after that New Years Eve party I hoped it would never happen again.

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