Busted By My Foot Fetish!

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By Anon.

I was very surprised when a beautiful brunette showed up at my door answering my Craigslist ad, looking for a room mate. She said she had grown up with three brothers and had no problem sharing a place with a guy. She also said the price and location was too good to pass up. She was a freshman at the local college, with a very tight budget. Now Nikki and I have been room mates for about a year now.

Nikki was in class all day, and was out partying all weekend with her girl friends. She had a part time job at night and when she wasn’t working she was in her room studying, so we rarely ran into to each other. On the rare occasion we were hanging out in the house together she would wear next to nothing. It would drive me wild. She never wore shoes in the house and I was in love with her adorable feet, not to mention other parts of her young body.

Needless to say, my masturbation time had doubled once she moved in. I knew an 18 year old girl as hot as Nikki was way out of my league so I fulfilled my urges for her, by taking matters into my own hands. I would often use a worn garment of hers to aid me, while manipulating myself.

Don’t think too badly of me, I never violated her privacy by going into her room and raiding her hamper. Nikki was a slob and left her discarded cloths all over the house. Which didn’t bother me in the least. I felt what ever wasn’t in her room was fair game. Her dirty socks and well worn sneakers were my often my choice to sniff as I jerked off. Occasionally I would get a special treat like a recently discarded pair of hot pants, sometimes she would even leave a basket of dirty close filled with perverted prizes (namely her underwear) near the washer for a few days.

One night Nikki had finished studying early and joined me on the couch to watch some TV. She leaned back on the opposite armrest and laid with her feet just inches from me. I couldn’t help but to glace over at her feet and ruby red painted toes from time to time when I thought her attention was focused on the TV.

Unfortunately I think she was aware of my peeks because out of nowhere Nikki said, “Sorry if my feet are smelly.”

“I don’t smell anything.”

Nikki raised her leg and pulled her foot up to her nose. I watched with awe as she held her foot up to her face and sniffed it thoroughly. My eyes had a hard time deciding if they wanted to watch her smell her own sexy foot or if they wanted to see the outline of her vagina formed by her super tight black hot pants.

“Wow, how can you not smell that.”

“I bet they don’t smell at all.” I said with a hint of challenge in my tone.

“You want to smell them?”

This could be a once in a life time opportunity. I couldn’t help myself. “Okay!!” I replied a little too enthusiastically.

A wicked grin flashed across Nikki’s face as she straightened her leg and raised her foot in front of me. I took hold of it in my hand, leaned in and smelt it. She was right, they were quite smelly. As the musky sent was pulled into my nose my dick began to strain in my pants.

“So, how do they smell?”

Enchanted by the aroma of her sweaty pungent teen foot, I muttered, “They smell good.”

“Ew, gross.” She pulled her foot from my hand and started rubbing it on my face playfully. I was so turned on. Suddenly she stopped and dropped her foot into my lap, causing me to wince as her foot made contact with my balls.

“Sorry, did I hurt you?” She said as she innocently rubbed my crotch with her foot. Her playful expression changed to shock when her foot came in contact with my hard on.

“Is this what I think it is?” She asked as she pushed her foot down on my bulge.

I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say.

“Wow you must really like how they smell your little guy feels like he could cut diamonds.” Nikki said with a giggle. “Go ahead smell them some more.” She teased as she again raised her stinky foot up to my face.

Her other foot rubbed my groin again and she laughed, “Is that is? I mean is that it hard?”

I nodded yes as I sucked her toes.

“God what a pathetic man you are! I always thought their was something weird about you and I guess I found out what it is! You’re a small dick loser!” she laughed at me as I sucked her toes.

I grabbed her foot and held the sole it against my nose. I ran it up to her toes, then down to her heel, and then back up again along her arch.

“If you like how they smell I bet you’ll love how they taste.” Nikki said jokingly.

I wasn’t sure if she was serious, but I took her up on her offer and began to lick the sole of her foot. I didn’t stop there, I stuck out my tongue and used it as a swab to clean in-between her toes.

“Holy fuck.” she exclaimed taken a back by my actions.

I took her little toe into my mouth and sucked it like a nipple.

“Wow, that’s nice.” She moaned softly.

I sucked each toe slowly all the way up to the big one. “Take out your tiny cock so I can see it!” she ordered and I unzipped pulling out my 4 inch throbbing cock it barely poked out of my zipper. She laughed at it and it made me blush! Then her other foot touched the tip of my cock and it was too much for me I blew my load all over her foot.

Her chin dropped as she felt my pants get damp.

“Eww, that’s gross it’s all over my foot. I cant believe how sad that was my foot barely even touched your little thing.” She said with a chuckle.

I sat there in my soggy pants feeling utterly humiliated, but it wasn’t over yet. Nikki raised her soiled foot up to my face and said, “Since you like to clean my feet with that tongue of yours you should have no problem cleaning up this mess you made.”

I stared at her sticky foot as it dangled in front of my face, unable to speak.

“Clean it you little pervert!” Nikki sternly exclaimed.

It was hard to face her but I looked her in the eyes and saw that although she appeared to be having a good time, she wasn’t kidding. I stuck out my tongue and reluctantly began cleaning my cum off of Nikki’s sole.

“No fucking way I cant believe your actually licking your own jizz off of my foot. What a loser.” She said mockingly. “Now that I know you’re a foot sniffing wimp who can’t even control his own little pee pee, and that will do anything that I say, things are going to be different around her from now on.”

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