The Minute Man

By gonedick.

Late on a Friday evening, my girlfriend invited me over to her neighbor’s garage for a drink. It was only about a block away, so I walked over. Jane, my girlfriend is a thin brunette of average height with very small breasts and a super tight ass. Her neighbor, Terry is a short and chubby blonde with very pale skin and enormous breasts.

As I walked on the balmy summer night, I reminisced about how I bumbled into some of the best sex of my life. And the blowjobs! My god this woman has an insatiable thirst for my cum. She must have drank a gallon of jizz in the last few months..

It all started when I noticed a man in a parked car a few houses away from Jane’s house pointing a camera with a huge telephoto lense in the general direction of her house. She and her husband had recently separated, so I texted her a heads up about the potential private detective.

She replied that she wanted me to park my car on the street to block his view of her house so we could see what he did. On a perverted whim, I texted her back that I would do it if she sent me a picture of her tits. She did! And they were magnificent–barely there mounds with small brown areolae, but with huge nipples about an inch long and half an inch thick.

Needless to say, I complied. After about 10 minutes, the guy drove away and I never saw him again. However, the photo changed the nature of our friendship. We still hung out most nights to drink and smoke on her back deck or mine, but now there was a sexual tension.

One night she asked to see a picture of my dick. I was pretty intimidated because she had previously told me that her husband had a twelve and a quarter inch penis. I tried to call her out on it, but she insisted that she measured it herself and that it was true.

The other problem was that when flaccid, I am usually fully inverted. Occasionally I present as a button penis and sometimes as a mushroom cap sans stalk.

I tried to demur, but she argued that she sent me a picture of her tits and it’s only fair that I reciprocate. All she was asking was for me to take a pic and show it to her from my phone. In the end I relented, pulled my waistband out and took the photo. She grabbed my phone before I could even look to see how ashamed I should feel.

The look on her face morphed from glee to puzzled and she said “I only see your ballsack, where’s your dick?”

“He’s shy..” I muttered. “He’s an innie most of the time.”

“Well that’s bullshit,” Jane snapped. “You owe me a dick pic. Pull him out or I will.”

I had never seen this side of her before. I was intimidated, so I immediately got to work. I lifted my waistband with one hand while I started fiddling with my junk with the other. I was pretty good at it since I have to pull him from his hole every time I had to pee.

I took another pic and this time was allowed to look at it before handing the phone over. It was a mushroom cap and I sighed with relief.

“Oh my god, he’s so cute!” Jane exclaimed. “Now I have to know how big he gets. Let’s go inside.”

“Ok, let’s see the lil fella stand tall,” she said. I dropped my shorts, but I was back to my dickless look. Jane pulled her shirt up, showing off those beautiful erect nipples.

I started feeling things expanding down below and before long, I was at maximum length and rock hard.

“Wow, how long is he?” Jane asked with obvious fascination as she lowered her shirt.

“About four inches,” I lied softly.

“Dang, that’s only a third of Steve’s,” she said slowly. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

She came back holding a tailor’s tape measure, grabbed my erection and gave it a few strokes. Once it was back to its maximum size, she dropped to her knees to measure. “Two and seven eighths,” she declared. “You trying to sneak in an extra inch?”

I started to protest, but realized the futility and copped to embellishing. She nodded with satisfaction and wrapped the tape measure around my shaft. “Five inches exactly,” she said. “At least you’ve got some girth, mister!”

Then she took me into her mouth, balls deep as it were. “Wow, I can actually deepthroat you!” she exclaimed as she released me from her warm mouth. “I could never get much of Steve’s footlong into my mouth. This is so much more fun!”

What followed felt amazing. She was able to take my entirety with ease and never a gag reflex. She experimented with tonguing my balls while I was balls deep. She only had about 20 seconds to play before I started to shudder in ecstasy.

She obviously felt that I was about to explode since she backed off my balls and started licking the underside of my cock while keeping my cock head in her mouth. This lasted what seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds. I was right at the dividing line between pleasure and pain for so long, I feared I might never get release.

And then it finally happened. I came harder than ever before in my life. It went on and on and Jane eagerly swallowed each spurt without losing a drop. In fact, she started milking my cock with her lips and tongue, making sure to get every last drop.

She finally released me from her lips and looked up at me with deep satisfaction. “We should do this more often,” she said with a Mona Lisa smile.

The days and weeks that followed were pretty magical. She was insatiable. She said my jism tasted amazing and that my pre-cum tasted like candy. She always swallowed every drop. She loved that my dick was little and that she could make me cum in less than a minute. How crazy lucky am I?

One night she told me she was ready to try having sex. She said she might not feel anything since she’s used to huge and he’s so small. She had me lie on my back on the floor in my house and she lowered herself onto my diminutive cock. It went in so quick and easy.

She started moving up and down, and he fell out. After the fourth time, she changed tactics and started moving forward and back rather than up and down. “Oh god, that feels good,” Jane gasped. “How can such a little guy feel SO good??”

She started to cum, which of course triggered me to cum also.

While lying together on the floor after, we speculated that he might just be the perfect size to hit her g-spot. She also expressed regret that she didn’t get to swallow that load. “From now on, let me know when you’re about to cum so I can drink you,” she ordered.

We quickly fell into a daily pattern. As soon as I got home, Jane would have me drop my pants and sit on the couch, so she could milk my cock for the nectar she craved. Actually, I’m not sure whether she liked the act of deepthroating more or drinking the cum that resulted from it. The only thing I’m certain of is that she wants it even more than I do.

The blowjobs were always first so that I could last longer than a minute when we fucked. About an hour later, we would fuck, always with her on top. My dick just wasn’t long enough for doggie style and she liked to be able to control the angle to hit her g-spot. She always started cumming within 60 seconds and would ride me until I told her I was about to cum. At that point, she would jump off and take me in her mouth to receive her mana from the heavens.

Usually she would catch the jism in her mouth so she could taste it. Occasionally she likes to have my entire length in her mouth and allow me to cum directly on the back of her tongue and into her throat. She likes the feeling of the jizz hitting her uvula.

She could never get enough. I can’t count the number of times she gave me road head or went down on me in a parking lot or mostly empty theater.

That brings me back to the present. I walked into her neighbor Terry’s open garage. Jane, Terry and two women I didn’t recognize were sitting on folding chairs in a half circle, obviously drunk.

“There he is!” cried Terry. “Jane has been bragging about you,” she slurred.

Jane poured some bourbon into a red solo cup and handed it to me, sloshing it slightly. Terry pushed the button mounted on the wall and the garage door loudly and slowly closed. “Let’s see it!” Terry said.

“Drop your pants,” Jane said flatly. Like a deer in headlights, I froze. “Come on, everyone here knows you’re not packing much.”

I looked around to four expectant faces. It was clear I couldn’t get out of this, so I took a large gulp of bourbon and set the cup down. Jane pulled me over to the half circle of chairs and then sat down herself.

I slowly lowered my shorts and underwear to my ankles and stepped out of them. There were three gasps and a smug look on Jane’s face. “Did I lie?” she asked the room.

“He’s got no dick,” Terry said hushed with disbelief.

“Oh, where are my manners?” Jane said. “Justin, this is Stephanie and Samantha. You already know Terry. Ladies, this is Justin.”

“Most of this time he has what I call a ‘gone dick’. Sometimes it’s a button penis and other times it looks like a mushroom, but the top only. It never has a shaft when it’s not hard.”

Stephanie, an extremely hot blonde with cute little pigtails and C cup breasts stood up and came over to get a better look. “It just looks like the top of his sac is a little puckered. No sign of a penis at all,” she said, astounded.

Samantha, a slightly short brunette with small breasts and hips for days joined her inspecting my dickless groin. “Can you pull it out for us?” she asked.

“Uh, sure,” I muttered as I fished it out for the ladies’ viewing pleasure. Three expectant faces and one self-satisfied smirk greeted me as I moved my hands out of the way to unveil a mushroom cap.

Samantha and Stephanie giggled, but Terry guffawed drunkenly. As they watched, my penis retracted slowly into a button penis. Just a moment later it retracted back into a gone dick.

After a few seconds of silence, Jane said, “In addition to having the smallest micropenis I’ve ever seen or heard of, he’s a premature ejaculator. I bet I can make him cum in less than 60 seconds.”

“No way!” shouted Terry with general agreement from the other two ladies.

“I bet you $20 I can,” Jane stated flatly.

All three ladies took her up on the bet and Terry got her phone set to be a stopwatch. Jane directed me to sit in her chair and dropped to her knees. She looked over her shoulder at Terry expectantly.

“Go!” Terry exclaimed as she started the stopwatch.

Jane slowly pulled her shirt off and I saw that her nipples were fully erect. She never wears a bra as she obviously doesn’t need any support. She doesn’t care that people often stare at her nipping out through whatever shirt she might be wearing.

Once topless, she bent over and started tongue fucking my penis-hole. It only took a few seconds for him to expand to his full towering 2-7/8 inches. She leaned back so everyone could catch a glimpse and they got down to business. She made my entire length disappear into her mouth easily in one go.

Jane bobbed her head up and down, slurping loudly to show off. She then began to work the sensitive spot on the underside with her tongue and in no time I erupted into her warm, wet mouth. She caught all of the jizz in her mouth without swallowing. Once I was done, she turned and opened wide to show the ladies her mouthful of cum. She then looked back at me, winked and swallowed it all with an audible gulp.

“27 seconds,” Terry announced with awe.

The ladies all paid up and Stephanie handed me my forgotten drink from earlier. Since it was a warm summer night, Jane stayed topless and I stayed bottomless as we drank.

After about a half hour, I started feeling a pretty good buzz. The ladies had progressed in their drunken states as well. Terry asked Jane if they could see my baby dick again. The other two ladies heartily agreed.

Jane winked at me and said, “Only if you all get naked.”

Terry immediately started disrobing. When she took her bra off, her massive mammaries jiggled nicely, almost like a perpetual motion machine. They were alabaster white with huge, pale pink areolae that were at least six inches across. I could clearly see bright blue veins just underneath the almost translucent skin of her enormous breasts which had to weigh 10 pounds each!

“What size bra do you wear?” asked Jane.

“38DD. What’s yours?” Terry asked.

“I never had a bra size. I got a training bra as a teenager, but never saw the point and quit wearing them,” Jane said sadly.

“Well I think they’re beautiful. I’m super jealous,” Terry replied slurring her words.

“Hey!” Terry shouted. “Take off your clothes!” she yelled at the other two women.

Stephanie hesitantly started taking her clothes off. She uncovered large perky breasts with pink nipples and a neatly trimmed blonde bush. The drapes in fact, matched the carpet.

Samantha felt the peer pressure and undressed slowly. Her big round ass wobbled as she dropped her panties. It was not possible to determine whether the carpet matched because like Jane, she was sporting a freshly shaved pussy, her pink lips slightly parted.

My penis gradually came out of its burrow and extended to its maximum length.

Stephanie came over to look at my erection up-close and asked, “How big is it?”

“It’s about two and a half inches,” Jane said, shorting me almost half an inch.

“Wow, that puts him in the zero percentile,” said Samantha looking at her phone. Then she sported a mischievous grin as she started snapping pictures. “For the spank bank,” she said with a wink.

“Ooh, send me copies,” Terry said.

“Jane, can I try deepthroating it?” Stephanie asked hopefully.

My heart raced as we all looked to Jane. “Yeah, I’m sure he’ll love that.”

As supermodel caliber Stephanie dropped to her knees in front of me, Jane continued “but don’t swallow! Catch every drop of his cum and then give it to me.”

Stephanie shrugged her shoulders and focused on my erection. “It’s like a penis, only smaller,” she said with a serious expression. Terry and Jane laughed out loud while Samantha tittered and smiled.

Stephanie took my miniature cock with her index finger and thumb and delicately licked some pre-cum from the tip. “Oh my god, it really does taste like candy!” she proclaimed. Then she took me right down to my balls in one quick motion. She pulled back off and excitedly said, “I didn’t feel it in my mouth at all! Look, it’s not even damp except for around the base where I put my lips!”

Then she went to work with abandon. She started out sucking my dick like she was mad at it. Then she gave it a gentle mouth hug. Following that, she bobbed her head while teasing the frenulum with her tongue.

There I was, receiving a world class blowjob from a very beautiful naked woman, being watched by three other fully nude attractive women. As you might imagine, the circumstances did not improve my staying power. It was probably less than a minute despite being one hour removed from spackling Jane’s talented mouth and throat.

In the throes of ecstasy, I placed my hands on the sides of Stephanie’s head and unleashed a slightly less powerful geyser than the previous time. Stephanie took it like a champ and massaged the underside of my cock head with her tongue to ease every last bit of jism out and into her accommodating mouth. I slowly lowered my hands from the top of her head down to the nape of her neck and toyed with her adorable two inch pigtails.

Jane crouched next to Stephanie to receive my baby batter. I watched as Stephanie kissed Jane and passed the cum to her without losing a drop. Jane swallowed it happily before leaning over to catch a drip that was ready to fall from my steadily shrinking penis with her tongue.

That’s when I noticed that Samantha was taking a video with her phone and Terry was providing additional lighting with hers.

“Can I get a copy of that?” Jane asked. “That was so hot!”

We all sat back in our chairs while Stephanie gushed about being able to deepthroat. She had never been able to get more than half of a penis into her mouth and it always made her feel like a failure.

“That’s why I love giving him head so much,” said Jane. “I couldn’t quite figure out why, but now it makes so much sense. All those years of feeling like a failure..” All the other ladies nodded in agreement.

“Although, we should clarify that it’s still not technically deepthroating. Would you say you had a cock deep in your throat?” Jane said looking at Stephanie, who shook her head.

“You’ll all have to try his little guy in your pussies sometime,” Jane said. “Automatic orgasm in less than 60 seconds.”

“So he’s a Minute Man!” laughed Terry.

“In more ways than one,” said Jane as she raised her glass. “To the Minute Man!” Everyone raised their glasses and repeated it, including myself.

“Is he any good with his tongue?” Samantha asked tentatively.

“I don’t actually know, I’ve never needed it. Why don’t you find out right now and tell the rest of the class,” Jane chuckled.

Samantha spread her legs and I immediately dove in face first. I held her thick thighs and started gently flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. As I transitioned into lightly licking, her pussy was ambrosia to my eager mouth. Being the best cunt I had ever tasted, I had no problem making love to it with my tongue and lips. With no hair to contend with, I was able to apply myself with wonder and whimsy.

For her part, Samantha started off with low moans and worked her way up the scale one octave at a time. After a few minutes, she started orgasming, increasing in volume as wave after wave crashed over her. I could feel her drenched box spasming against my tongue while she gripped my head with her thighs and rode my face to Pleasure Town. Always in tune with the ladies’ pleasure, I felt my erection appear and stand at attention once more.

Samantha finally seized up for several seconds before collapsing back into her chair, sweaty and exhausted. I slowly stood and returned to my chair, my aching jaw and numbed tongue starting to tingle like a limb that had fallen asleep. I savored her flavor and slumped back into my chair with a satisfied grin.

I closed my eyes for a moment to appreciate and internalize all that had happened this amazing night. My eyes popped open when I felt a warm, wet and eager mouth envelope my fun size member. Terry was giving enthusiastic head with her hands clasped on her breasts trying to keep them from flailing about too much. Her hungry mouth expertly worked my short staff with a milking motion, applying varying degrees of suction as she short stroked my shaft.

After a few minutes slobbering on my mini-dong, she released me from her mouth and attempted to titty fuck me. While a beautiful sight to behold, her breasts were far too big for my little guy. She was unable to grab something so small with her mammoth melons. She then laid my manhood across an areola with the base at the outer edge and the head not quite reaching the nipple at the center. After hearing the chuckles from the peanut gallery, Terry gave it up for a lost cause and directed me to lay on the floor.

She lowered herself onto my tiny member and I immediately appreciated actually feeling the walls of her vagina. Her pussy was by no means tight, but it wasn’t cavernous like Jane’s. Not to be uncharitable, but perhaps there is some truth to her claims about her husband’s massive trouser monster.

As it turned out, Terry had elite command of her vagina–pussy control as it were. It felt like a fist gripped my petite phallus as she experimented with different angles and motions. She instinctively knew to keep the strokes short to prevent losing me.

As she was finding her groove, I was mesmerized by the colossal globes swaying in front of my face. I reached out to play with them, but found that I couldn’t alter the direction they swung easily due to their sheer mass. I concentrated on directing one to smash into the other with both hands.

Terry started whimpering and shaking, her pussy clamping down convulsively on my puny member. She froze up with the notable exception of her quivering gash. Just when I started to worry, she exhaled forcefully and collapsed on top of me. Her pussy released its death grip on my dick, which popped out, continuing to stand tall.

“My turn!” exclaimed Stephanie followed immediately by her crawling between Terry and my legs. She meticulously licked the juices from my cock and balls with admirable thoroughness. I appreciated the attention to detail, enjoying the tongue bath.

“Get off him!” Stephanie cried as she playfully smacked Terry’s ass, which jiggled to and fro. Terry sighed and rolled off of me to lie on her back next to me. Stephanie eagerly positioned her beautiful snatch above my glistening tool and slowly lowered herself onto it. She was surprisingly tight and had to work me in gradually, but it didn’t take long to get my short length all the way in.

“He feels pretty good for only two inches!” Stephanie announced, shorting me another half inch. She started rocking forward and back, keeping my entire length inside her. She came immediately, paused briefly and then resumed grinding only to pause again for a second orgasm. This cycle of pleasure repeated so many times that I lost count after ten. I was pretty proud of the lil fella’s stamina despite it being mostly owed to having cum twice in the last hour or two.

I found myself wondering if I was dreaming. Above me was a perfect blonde angel with her tiny pigtails and angelic face, eyes closed in euphoric bliss. I couldn’t decide which I preferred, squeezing her ass while she rode me, or caressing her flawless breasts with bubble gum pink nipples. I loved the feel of nipples tickling my palms.

Stephanie finally had enough and rolled off me to the side not occupied by Terry.

“Justin, front and center,” said Jane. She and Samantha were on their knees waiting.

“We’re going to take care of your little problem,” Samantha teased.

“Ha! I see what you did there,” said Jane with a twinkle in her eye.

I stood carefully and walked over to the two modest breasted women waiting patiently on their knees.

“Whoever makes him cum gets to swallow the load,” Jane said as she grabbed my dick and pulled me toward her. I noticed for the umpteenth time that her small hand completely hid my hard-on. She directed me into her greedy mouth and started sucking fervently. After a few moments, she pulled it out and said “damn girl, you taste hella good!” She then went back to work like she was on a mission.

She massaged my balls with her left hand while trying to use her right hand to stroke while she sucked. Since there wasn’t enough dick to use her hand and mouth simultaneously, she had to settle for making a circle with her index finger and thumb to follow her lips up and down my short length. Still, it felt pretty amazing. For the first time since nutting earlier, I felt like I might be able to cum a third time after all.

“My turn,” Samantha whined. When Jane didn’t immediately turn over the cock, Samantha started rubbing my girlfriend’s clit to distract her. Jane finally relented and turned me over to her friend.

Samantha looked deeply into my eyes and said with a sultry voice, “I’m so thirsty, baby.” God, that was so hot. She took me into her mouth and made sweet love to my meager member. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was French kissing her soulmate. I placed my hands on the back of her head gently, not trying to direct her, but simply to feel closer to her and more involved.

After a good long look down at Samantha’s pretty face, I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure she was giving me. In no time at all, I felt the familiar sensation that I was about to erupt. She excitedly increased her pace and suction and I finally let loose. Samantha backed off a bit and kept only my cock head in her mouth to catch my love juice. She gently swished it around, savoring it like a fine wine. She then swallowed it and smiled like the cat that got the cream.

“That is truly delicious!” Samantha turned to Jane. “Do you feed him only pineapples?”

Just then, Samantha’s phone rang. It was her husband on his way to pick up her and Stephanie.

“Time to get dressed!” Terry said when Samantha ended the call. Once we were all decent, she hit the button to open the garage door.

A minivan pulled up and Samantha walked out to it unsteadily. She stuck her head in through the driver’s window and gave her husband a big sloppy kiss. “Y’all been drinking piña coladas?” he asked.

We all laughed and Jane called out, “yeah, you want some?” Luckily, he did not. We said our goodbyes and I headed back home on foot.

I reflected on the events of the evening as I walked and realized how incredibly lucky I am. I am a premature ejaculator with a micropenis and for the first time in my life, I wouldn’t change a thing.


The End.


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