The Loyals

By AlexBird22029

I turned the key and switched off the engine. The engine ticked as it cooled in the unforgiving winter air and we both stared nervously at the squat, unappealing building in front of us. My heart thumped in my chest as I turned around to look at Sarah, the seedy neon lights from the building reflected in her eyes. I could see the same nervous energy in them which was pumping through me.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” She asked quietly.

I tried to gauge her reactions, suddenly afraid she was having second doubts. If she said she didn’t want to do it, I wasn’t going to force her. I would start the car and drive us back to our quiet, decent suburban life, resigned to watching our sex life dwindle further.

That winter was our eleventh year as a couple. For over a decade we had spent almost every day together, growing up from shy 15-year olds and sharing every experience. Our sexual explorations had been fumbling and uncertain, nervous fingers and shaky breaths until we grew comfortable together. We’d experimented with positions and even a few toys but over time we had regressed into an almost military drill, not lacking passion but uncomfortably familiar.

I waited a few seconds to give the impression I was thinking it over. “Yeah, what about you?”

To my surprise, Sarah nodded without hesitation and I felt my heart surge.

“Let’s go then.”

The cold rushed to clutch at me as soon as the door opened. It had pushed to double-figure below freezing, more brutal than any English winter I could remember. Sarah gave a quiet mock-scream as she got out, rushing around the side of the car to wrap her arm around mine, stuffing her hands deep inside her pockets.

The road was cracked and neglected, my feet struggling to find balance over the icy and uneven surface. Despite already being desperate for the warm interior, we walked slowly, taking in the unpleasant building apprehensively. The green neon lights burned against the dark, overcast sky. I could hear the rumbling of cars hurtling down the bypass just beyond the thicket of bald trees.

We’d planned to get to the store at 22:20, ten minutes before closing time. Although we were happy to do it together, to make it part of our experience, I definitely preferred not to be seen by anyone. Horror at the idea of meeting someone I knew in there tugged at me again but, as Sarah had said, they would be there for exactly the same reason we were.

There was a rush of relief as I pushed open the door and the warm air of the store welcomed us. It was completely empty, not counting the sound of rummaging coming from the doorway behind the counter. The entire store seemed to be ours for the taking.

I looked around at Sarah, seeing her face flushed from a combination of the cold air and the endless variety of sex toys, magazines, and DVD cases lining every inch of the walls. Every shelf and stand seemed to be crammed with every imaginable device, some of which obviously built for pleasure and others which looked nothing less than torturous.

Our sex life had never felt so vanilla than that moment as my eyes flicked over impossibly proportioned dildos hanging from hooks, chains, and clamps. I wondered briefly how many couples were being supplied from this shop to warrant so much stock.

I’d only noticed the store a few days ago. Stuck in traffic on the bypass and daydreaming about a few days off just a few weeks away, I caught a glimpse of the green light through the thick branches of trees lining the road. The idea of suggesting that Sarah and I might watch porn together came striding into my head, fully formed and it proved impossible to resist. I was surprised by the relatively small amount of persuasion it took to bring Sarah around to the idea. Although we were fairly vanilla, when I think back now, she was definitely the more open-minded of the two of us.

We shuffled awkwardly down one of the narrow aisles occasionally stifling laughs as we pointed at some of the more bizarre-looking wares. I picked up a long chain, spinning it around my hand and looking Sarah up and down with an evil grin. We’d planned to get in and out as quickly as possible but once we were in, everything seemed incredibly funny.

She laughed out and pulled me towards the back corner, where there were ceiling-high shelves filled with DVDs. Waist-high baskets were filled to the brim of DVDs thrown in haphazardly and handmade signs proclaiming “Sale! Sale! Sale!”.

There seemed to be no order to the films. My eyes drifted along the covers, lingering for a long moment on one with a redheaded woman on the cover. A muscular torso stood behind her with his dark arm wrapped around her waist. I’d always had a thing for redheads and always casually talked Sarah out of it when she considered dying her hair a different color. I gestured further down the aisle, away from the cover. I knew about the rumors surrounding black guys and their packages. I didn’t feel quite ready for Sarah to see it in action on widescreen.

The colors and variety of models suddenly had my mouth dry. I looked around at Sarah and saw she looked just as lost as I did. We had agreed on the type of film we wanted to try it with: a gentle couple going all the way from foreplay to sex. Passionate, but not seedy.

Sarah reached out, pulling a case with a beautiful couple on the front. His strong abs and her slender frame looked perfect and before I could do more than nod agreement, Sarah was pushing me towards the counter. She hid behind one of the shelves and I could hear a very quiet but definite snort of laughter.

Feeling my face burn I walked up to the counter and put the case down. I felt fidgety and nervous as I waited for the shopkeeper to come out of the storeroom and notice me. I imagined a little bald man, pallid and weedy looking to suit the seedy exterior of the building.

I cleared my throat loudly, ignoring Sarah’s gasp of a laugh from somewhere behind me. The noise stopped and the shopkeeper came through the doorway.

“Ahh, didn’t hear you come in.” He boomed.

He was gigantic, well over six and a half feet. His muscles stretched against a tight tank top, his ebony skin glittered with a thin layer of sweat. He smiled down at me, bright white teeth against his dark skin and for a moment I couldn’t think of anything to say.

The shopkeeper raised his eyebrows. “Silent type huh?” He grinned again, swiping up the DVD case and scanning it quickly.

I recovered myself. “Yeah, sorry. My throat caught on me there.”

“No problem.” His voice was deep and seemed to reverberate through the air. “£11.99.”

He took the note from my outstretched hand and froze suddenly as he went to open the till.

“Have I seen you before?” He asked me. I could see a small silver name tag on his massive chest which told me his name was David.

“No, I’ve never been here before,” I muttered, wishing he would just give me my change so I could run from the store.

“You sure?” David’s eyebrows furrowed further and I shook my head.

His dark eyes shot up as another stifled laugh came from behind the bookshelf. “Do you need help with something?” He said loudly.

There was a quiet moment and I heard Sarah come out from behind the shelves. There was no mistaking the way his eyes narrowed and swept up the length of her. Her gorgeously slim frame was hard to miss, even with the bulky winter coat. Her deep blue eyes met his for a moment before casting downwards, her cheeks flushing as red as I imagined mine were. I was well aware of the attention she got from other men but I always tried to ignore it, rather than driving myself mad with jealousy.

David seemed to stay motionless for a long moment, as though he had forgotten me completely and focused entirely on checking out my girlfriend in front of me.

“Hey,” he said suddenly turning back to me and fixing me with an intense stare. “I just realized I never ID’d you.”

I felt more heat rise to my face, I wished the ground would just swallow me up right there.

“Is that necessary?” I mumbled. “I’m 26.”

“Yeah, sorry man.” He pointed up at the camera behind him. “I gotta show I’m keeping it out of kids hands.”

I fumbled my driver’s license out of my wallet and handed it to him. His eyes scanned across it and I saw his lips move as he read something out to himself. When he handed it back to me with a small nod, his eyes were firmly fixed on Sarah’s figure once more.

David busied himself at the till and handed me my change without another glance.

“I’ll just get your disc.” He rumbled, almost to himself, and disappeared through the doorway again.

I turned to look at Sarah, rolling my eyes dramatically. She smiled silently and I could see how flushed she was. I felt a bit sorry for her then, realising how embarrassed she must feel as her blue eyes kept glancing back to the doorway.

David reappeared and handed the DVD case back to me. I reached out but he didn’t let go, we stood like that for a moment as his eyes scanned Sarah again, before he smiled broadly.

“This is a good place to start.” He said, turning back to me. “When you want something more, you just come on back here. I always look after my loyal’s.”

I felt another rush of heat to my face as I nodded and pulled Sarah away and out into the cold air.


The ride back home was a whirlwind of breathless laughing and excited glances at each other. The DVD had been unceremoniously shoved in the glove box and my hands were sweaty. The roads were empty, littered with the glittering salt already failing to keep the worst of the ice away.

It was past eleven when we got home and I was worried that Sarah would just want to go to sleep but as I closed the door behind me, she turned and grinned nervously at me.

“You get it ready, I’ll just get changed.” She said, turning and jogging up the stairs.

I pushed off my coat and clicked the TV on, my cold fingers fumbling with the case as I waited impatiently for the DVD drawer to open. She was just coming back down as it swallowed the disc and noisily whirred as it spans up.

I turned back around and gave my girlfriend an appreciation all over. She was wearing a tight pink t-shirt and a pair of the girl boxers which she knew drove me mad. The top clung to the sexy thin curve of her waist and her perfectly shaped ass was framed impeccably.

She gave me another smile and then tossed a blanket over her, falling back onto the sofa with a laugh.

“Are you going to get undressed then?” She asked coyly.

I hesitated. I wasn’t particularly ashamed of my body but I definitely preferred having sex with her with the lights off and under a blanket. I was fairly thin, with slight muscles but my edges were ever so slightly rounded. I knew I wasn’t especially well endowed either but I usually pushed away the thought before I could linger on it too long.

I heard the click of the DVD player behind me and dashed under the blanket. Sarah laughed as I clumsily stripped down to my boxers under the covers and popped my head out in time to see the TV screen flicker into life with an empty bedroom.

I felt her fingers wrap around my arm and squeeze slightly. I gave her another grin, feeling elation at how exciting it was to be doing something like this; something ordinary couples didn’t do, or so I had believed.

There were the loud sound of footsteps and a long, thin set of legs appeared on the screen, slowly sauntering over to the wide bed and giving me the chance to look her over completely. My mouth fell open when she came completely into view.

She was the spitting image of Sarah. There were a few differences sure, the nose just a little smaller, the smile too American but apart from that they could have been related.

She stood tall, with a long set of high heels on, her curled deep red hair trailed far down her back and her light blue eyes sparkled at the camera as she grinned.

I turned to Sarah who gave me a smile as she turned around.

“She looks just like you!” I exclaimed.

Sarah’s brow furrowed. “Hmm, I don’t see it. She doesn’t look anything like the woman on the case either though.”

I nodded. The girl on the front of the DVD case had been a mousey blond with a homely, slightly curvy look to her. After a moment, I placed her as the redheaded woman my eyes had hovered over in the store. Although I couldn’t remember her being so much like my girlfriend then.

“Hi”, a deep voice growled from behind the camera.

The woman smiled wide. “Hi”, she answered innocently.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Rachel.” She smiled again and laughed.

“You’re so gorgeous.” The deep voice said to her, getting another giggle and a twirl for the camera. I practically heard Sarah roll her eyes at its corniness.

I felt Sarah prod at me. “Take your pants off.”

I shuffled under the covers and pulled out my semi-hard cock. I felt so horny I didn’t know how long I was going to last, probably not the whole way through the movie. We might need an intermission, I thought to myself.

I felt Sarah’s hand snake across my stomach when I relaxed back again, feeling her run her fingers through the fine hair of my snail trail. As my cock stiffened, I responded by trailing my fingers lightly over her smooth thigh, hearing her intake of breath as I made patterns trailing closer to her heat.

My attention turned back to Rachel on the screen. She really was amazing, tall and milk-white skin with a dark patterned bra and matching suspenders. She was slim, just like Sarah, the faintest traces of the muscle underneath her mouth-watering figure.

“So, what do you into?”

Rachel smiled innocently and looked upwards as she considered her answer. I wasn’t prepared for her response.

“Black guys.” She said simply, bursting out in a mock embarrassed laugh.

Sarah laughed out too. “Err”, she said, throwing a confused look my way. “Are you sure this is the right one?”

The voice gave a short bark of a laugh. “What do you like about black guys so much?”

Rachel wrinkled her nose and flashed her smile again. “I like the color of their skin, and how confident they are. Aaaaand…”

“And what?”

“Their big dicks.”

Sarah reached over to the case and turned it over in my hand while my heart gave a quick flutter. The blanket pulled tight over us and I self-consciously pulled it over my rock-hard cock. I was suddenly afraid of watching the film with Sarah; I knew I wasn’t well-endowed but we had managed to get this far into the relationship without referencing it openly. I knew the rumors about black guys though, and I also knew that Sarah probably did too.

“I think he’s given us the wrong disc,” Sarah said with a laugh. “It’s supposed to be the people on the front of it.”

“You want to turn it off?” I asked tentatively. Part of my brain was telling me to stop the movie before it went too far but it was beaten by a stronger, more unfamiliar voice saying otherwise.

She paused for a moment. There were more footsteps and a tall, incredible-toned black man walked onto the screen. He walked over to the redheaded woman and kissed her deeply, their tongues lashing together passionately.

“No,” Sarah said, sounding ever so slightly out of breath. “No, we’ve got it now so let’s just watch this one. Have you ever watched anything…like this?”

“No.” I lied, turning away and still trying to decide how I felt. My penis was hard and pressing against the blanket, I don’t think I could have turned it off if I really wanted to.

My girlfriend snuggled back down next to me and her hand trailed down slowly to my cock. I almost let out a moan of relief as I felt her hand wrap around it.

“You’re so hard already!” Sarah whispered to me. I kissed her without replying, feeling her tongue seeking out mine as we listened to the couple on the screen do the same. She slowly stroked me and I ran my hand over her thigh as we watched on, I fought to keep myself under control as I received my slow handjob and as Rachel’s clothes were removed one by one and discarded out of view.

Then she dropped down to her knees and pulled down the black guy’s loose tracksuit. My initial thought was that it had to be fake, as she pulled the jogging bottoms down lower and lower and still more of the thick cock appeared until finally, it came completely free.

Although Sarah made no sound, I felt her stop stroking me and go completely still. She watched, neither of us moving as the redhead exclaimed and fondled the massive cock. It looked longer than any cock I had ever seen, her white fingers unable to close around the thickness of it.

Rachel raised it to her mouth and tried to put it in her mouth, only succeeding in getting a little further past the head before gagging and retreating. I was lost in the thrill of seeing Sarah witness what I assumed to be her first vision of a massive black cock: and what a starting point! A long vein trailed up the length of it, and it looked nothing short of powerful.

I felt Sarah squeeze my cock and begin slowly stroking it. I risked a glance at her and she met my gaze, a little smile playing on her lips.

“This black cock good enough for you?” The man on the TV asked Rachel, his booming voice echoing around the room.

Rachel nodded, popping the massive tool out of the mouth long enough to answer.

“Oh yes, It’s so much bigger than my boyfriends.” She said enthusiastically, before correcting herself. “Well, ex-boyfriend.”

I felt another surge of arousal in my groin and struggled to keep myself under control. I felt Sarah’s head lay against my shoulder as she watched.

“Yeah, where does he come up?”

Rachel considered the mammoth cock for a moment before pointing to a place about a third along with it.

“He comes up about here.” She answered. “It’s not his fault though, he’s white.”

They laughed together and my mind briefly tried to urge me to stop the film there, before Sarah heard any more but I couldn’t bring myself to move. In truth, I found the words more arousing than anything I had ever heard and the fact my sweet, innocent girlfriend was listening along made it all the more exciting.

Sarah kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine as Rachel continued stroking on the screen. The camera was moving around now, getting a breathtaking top-down view of her sucking him, which showed off the gargantuan length of the cock. I moved my hand between Sarah’s legs, surprised to feel how wet she was, my fingers slid easily into her tight pussy and she moaned loudly, her orgasm already seeming to be close.

She would keep snatching glances at the screen, the low taunts coming from the porn star’s mouth, mocking her white boyfriend’s small penis making my heart skip beats. The words were being taken in by Sarah too, I knew, and I lost myself in my arousal.

Suddenly Sarah turned her attention entirely on me. Her hand started rotating as she stroked me a little faster as she did sometimes when she was getting tired. I was going to suggest switching around when she raised her leg and rested it on one of mine, half straddling and half leaning into me. My fingers slid a little deeper into me and she moaned into my mouth as we listened to the sound of the big black cock being swallowed deeper now.

My heart gave a little jerk as I felt the coverslip a little from me, I moved to pull it back up but I felt Sarah release my cock and pull my hand away down by my side again. She would sometimes show the tiniest sign of wanting to restrain me and I left it down obediently.

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She reached back for my cock, I felt her squeeze it a little again before beginning to stroke it insistently. Her hand moved faster and she definitely was moving my cock in a small arc with every stroke. My testosterone-filled mind slowly caught on and I realized that with every stroke, she was pulling the cover down a little bit more.

Her tongue found mine again and I could do nothing but lean back, feeling the edge of the blanket just against the base of my cock now. I realized that I had never let her see my cock plainly before and I wondered whether she was doing this purposefully or just getting lost in the moment. I played with her faster, she seemed to get even wetter, the heat was gorgeous along my two fingers, dipping in and out of her sex.

She adjusted her leg and I definitely felt her move the blanket that time. I could now see the edge of her hand as she stroked me under the cover. I kept seeing her eyes open and look downwards, trying to see my cock and probably trying to see if it was true what the sex-crazed porn star kept whispering seductively. It was just a little further now, one more pull and it would be out completely. My below-average cock would finally be hers to see clearly, confirming what she thought she knew and looking even smaller with the mammoth cock on the screen.

I made my mind up to let her do it a split second before she did. She stopped stroking, no longer bothering to pretend, pulling my cock in a semi-circle and I felt cooler air rush over it. She stopped kissing me, looking me dead in the eyes with her own. She leaned down to kiss me on the neck again and I tilted my head back against the sofa, feeling the brush of her hair as she turned her head and gained a close view of my small penis.

I looked down too, her long white fingers wrapped easily all the way around my own. The small head only just peaked over the edge of her hand and I felt my orgasm race out of control. She watched as my tiny cock shot jet after jet of thick cum over my stomach, before I had even finished she turned back to me with the slightest trace of a smile and kissed me deeply, letting me complete my first humiliating orgasm.

Having just discovered my new strange pleasure, I had no idea how many more there would be before the end.

The End.


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