The Late Bloomer

By IAmAllThatIsMan.

Part 1: Mom’s POV.

“Do I need to wear underwear with these?” I asked myself, looking down at my first pair of yoga pants. “Nah.” I shook my head, stripping off my panties and tossing them aside.

I was late to the Lululemon basic bitch crowd. A few weeks ago, I’d been invited to a girls’ night out party, which of course, was a thinly veiled bait-and-switch for the host’s newest multi-level marketing scheme. Buy my overpriced wares, or I’ll write mean texts about you in the elite group chat you’re not included on. Suburban cunts.

Three glasses of red wine, several bites of unidentifiable charcuterie — that I was assured were exotic and very expensive — and $160 later, I was the proud owner of my first pair of yoga pants. Don’t get me wrong. I worked out frequently. But, my husband had always been a bit, well, a bit overprotective. He didn’t like when I wore anything revealing. Nagging me incessantly about what others must be thinking. And after pulling these on and examining myself in the mirror? I get it.

They were practically painted onto the curves of my body. For 39, my thighs looked great without the help. Toned. No cellulite. Honest. But in these, I was a goddess. And they were the type that crawled up your ass crack, displaying each butt cheek individually, leaving little to the imagination on my hourglass hips. I twisted back and forth, admiring myself in the mirror. Not worth 160 bucks, but it beat the heck out of old, baggy sweatpants.

I pulled on a sports bra and squished my large tits inside, leaving a couple of inches of cleavage visible at the top. I thought about throwing a shirt over it, but it wouldn’t have made sense with the pants. Plus, I enjoyed exposing the sleeve of tattoos that ran up my right arm — especially when I worked out. An endeavor I’d started in my early thirties and added to occasionally over the years. A reminder that somewhere inside this middle-class, almost middle-aged woman with a son nearly off to college was a wild heart. The embers of a restless creature who’d never gotten the chance to let loose.

I’d be exercising alone anyway in the corner of a drab basement. You don’t need to worry about modesty.

I pulled my hair back. Long, short, punky, preppy. I could never quite make up my mind. Right now, it fell just above my shoulders. Enough for a small ponytail, with long bangs swept to the side of my face. Next month it will be different.

Walking downstairs, I felt a tingling between my legs, and my face flushed. Maybe underwear would have been a good idea. Ah, fuck it, a little friction might do me some good. I was ovulating, horny as fuck, and if I did it right, maybe I’d get a bonus with my workout. God knows I needed it. Although it had never been said, my husband, Greg, had made it implicitly clear years ago that if I wanted to get off, it was now my responsibility.

I was lost in a daydream when I rounded the corner to the laundry room slash gym and, “Oh, Jason!” I said, startled.

He looked up at me as he curled a bar, which appeared to have every plate and improvised weight in the house added to it, and gave a slight upward nod.

“I didn’t realize you were home… I just…” I stammered. “I can come back later.”

“It’s OK. I was finishing up anyway.” Jason must have noticed my lingering confusion and continued. “Tommy was sick today, so I came home after school.”

“Oh. OK. Yeah. I didn’t hear you down here when I got in.” Proceeding with caution. “It’s always great having you here. I mean, now that you’re a senior, I never see you anymore.”

Somehow we’d become strangers over the past year. Living in the same house but only ever seeing one another in passing. No more heart-to-heart conversations or even impromptu chats. That was natural at this age. I just missed the close connection we used to have. I didn’t want him to think I was guilt-tripping him about it, though. It wasn’t his fault. Right the ship.

“I mean… It’s good. It’s great that you’re so… independent.”

For some reason, I was a bit nervous. Maybe even intimidated?

Jason looked over mid-set and nodded, letting me off the hook. I tentatively waded past the threshold of the doorway.

“Wow. It smells so… Manly in here.”

“Sorry,” Jason shrugged.

“That’s not a bad thing.”

I rushed to cover. It wasn’t. The smell was strong, almost making me light-headed, but in a charged masculine way. The air practically cackled with it.

“I mean… I just… What I was trying to say is…” Where was I going with this? “I’m proud of how much you’ve been working out lately.” And then timidly. “I mean. You’ve been consistent these past six months, and I can tell how much your frame has changed… And… What? You’ve grown like 4 inches in the last year?”

And then cautiously tossing out, “You’ve become such a strapping young man. And just in time, right? You’ll be off at college before you know it. Surrounded by young co-eds and parties…” Shifting right into babbling. “I guess it’s not like you haven’t reaped some of the benefits already.” Looking for recognition on his face, seeing none. “I mean… you’re always out with friends these days, and I’ve seen the lock screen on your phone. There’s always a notification for a text from some new girl…”

Let’s go ahead and get things back on track here.

“I just… Wondered who you were going to take after is all.” Jason’s ears perked up there. “I mean… I was a late bloomer, too.”

Jason cocked his head and looked at me intently as he finished his set. I pushed on, “Really? It wasn’t until the senior year that I… Matured into my adult body.”

A slight look of disbelief on Jason’s face.

“Really. I was so mousy before that. Just a twig with big glasses and a bad haircut that my Mom’s friend used to give me.” Jason smiled, so I continued. “But senior year, somehow, I had all the boys’ attention. But…” I scoffed, “I was practically married to your Father then. I mean… We had been together for three years, which felt like forever back then, and now…”

Still trying to figure out where I was going with this. Jason set the bar down and went about stripping it.

I continued, “Well. You know, your Father. He’s… He just kind of… Well, he’s always been small.”

Jason looked up and back at me.

“Well, he’s got a bit of a potbelly now, but he’s just… scrawny. His arms, his legs… They’re stringy at best. And he never got any taller.”

Jason grinned, so I kept on.

“Seriously, five foot eight his Freshman year, and if anything, he’s shorter now.”

Jason chuckled.

“Plus, he still has his baby face. Now that he’s balding, he doesn’t look like a….” I squinched up my face and tried to bring it back around. “Nothing like you. You’ve just developed so nicely… So, yeah, I just wondered who you would take after. Anyway…”

Jason had finished and was clearing some space for me. I grabbed a pair of dumbbells, which looked tiny next to the plates he was putting away, and started warming up with some squats.

I felt eyes on me tracking my butt from when it stuck out at the bottom of my rep up to the top and in between. My pussy tingled, and my face began to heat up. Was Jason checking me out? What if he was? That was mostly harmless, and it shouldn’t affect me like this. But I could feel that it wasn’t just a casual glance; he was savoring the view and making me weak in the knees. As soon as I turned my head to confirm, I started losing my balance and fell.

There was a blur of movement out of the corner of my eye. Then a strong, rough pair of hands, under my armpits, wrapped around my rib cage. Gently pressing my heavy tits together. Maybe more than was strictly necessary.

“Oh!” I yelled out too late. “Oh my God, Jason. You caught me.”

I could feel him lifting me back up as if I weighed nothing.

When I returned to my feet, I took a deep breath and turned around. I had to tilt my head back to look up at him. His strong jawline filled my view. He seemed to tower over me now. A year ago, we would have been practically eye to eye.

“Thank you. My God, I’m so klutzy. I can’t believe….”

“No worries,” he grunted.

“I guess I’m just lucky I have such a big, strong Son to catch me.” I smiled and winked. I gave Jason’s arm a little squeeze for effect. And then I let out an involuntary little, “Hoo!”.

It was massive, carved from stone, hot to the touch, and gave me that familiar tingle.

And then, “Jason? Does your shirt… Is that a tear?!” I twisted his arm gently. “Jason! Your arm has torn through your sleeve! My God, your muscles… I mean… They ripped right through your shirt!”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “No biggie. It’s an old shirt. Just the seam. It’s happened before.”

“No, no, no. Here. Could you take that off? I’ll see if I can sew it up, and then next time I’m out shopping, I’ll find some bigger ones.”

“Ehn…” he started to protest half-heartedly.

“Come on now. You’re done working out, so you needed to change anyway.”

Jason relented and lifted his shirt. As he did, I let out another involuntary noise.

This one was more of a “Haaah.” Breathy and low. “Jesus, Jason. It’s not just your biceps.” I said, reaching my hand out. “Look at you! You’re jacked! I mean it. You’re like a swole beast!”

He smirked and wrinkled his eyebrows.

“What? Your Mom is cool. I didn’t realize what you were hiding under those baggy hoodies. You’re huge. And so well-defined and just… Shredded. It is impressive.”

His face softened into a full-on smile.

“And your shoulders… They’re like cannonballs.” I said, squeezing them as I admired what was hidden beneath his shirt. “And your pecs. They’re just bulging!” I ran my hands over them without consciously thinking about it. “And they’re so even and smooth.”

Jason flexed them. First one, then the other. I shouldn’t have been impressed, but I was and let out a little squeal. My fingers kept moving down his body.

“My goodness! That’s not even a six-pack. That’s like an eight-pack!”

I looked back up at Jason, my neck craning backward as he loomed above me. When had we gotten so close? A content grin on his face.

“Washboard isn’t enough. These things are rock hard, and each abdominal is huge!” As my hands moved down his waistline, I said, “And you’ve even got these muscles on the side here… The ones that make the divot… Like an underwear model. What do they call them?” I wondered out loud to myself.

“Cum gutters,” Jason said.

“Not cum gutters,” I giggled and gave my Son’s chest a playful slap.

“What? That’s what they call them,” Jason retorted.

“The muscles… Obliques. You’ve got obliques! Although I guess those would catch…” I trailed off before getting myself into trouble.

Unconsciously, I’d shifted around to examine Jason’s other side. “Holy shit! Pardon my language, but I didn’t even know there were this many muscles in the back!”

I ran my fingers gently over every striation beneath his smooth skin.

“And every one of them is rippling! And my God, your triceps! Not that I expected anything else, but they look like a mountain range.”

I proceeded to caress his body more vigorously, sliding my hands down his sides. “I just can’t believe how wide your shoulders are and how trim your waist is. It’s a perfect V. Where did you get this physique from?!”

“Good genes,” he grunted.

I just smiled and kept exploring. Jason’s butt was next in my vision, and beneath his shorts, it looked as physically impressive as the rest. But, I restrained myself from commenting on or groping it. Crouching down.

“Your calves. They look like they will explode right out of your skin.” And then, unable to help myself, I slid the leg of his shorts up a few inches. “And your thighs look like a comic book superhero’s!”

Down here, the athletic, masculine smell of Jason’s sweat was stronger, and it was starting to get to me now. I couldn’t think clearly. When I repositioned in front of him, I couldn’t help but notice the massive bulge that had formed in his shorts. My eyes locked onto it, and everything stopped.

Then, without really thinking, “Looks like there’s another muscle that’s grown.” I thought I heard Jason let out a quiet, little chuckle. And then, “You’d better take your shorts off, or you’ll rip through those too.”

It was meant to be a joke in my head, but when it came out of my mouth, it sounded more like a request. In one smooth motion, Jason hooked his thumbs into his waistband, yanked it down, and let his shorts and underwear fall to the floor. There in front of me was the biggest fucking cock I had ever seen.

“That’s the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen.” I honestly don’t usually swear this much. “Holy fuck.”

I felt woozy. My legs gave out, and I fell before my Son. Gazing up, his physique was that much more impressive and imposing. He looked down at me with an expression that was hard to read, somewhere between contained fury and pride. I let out a long, shaky sigh.

When I looked back down, inexplicably, my hand was wrapped around his cock. Or as much of it as I could, anyway. It was too thick, and my fingertips couldn’t get within inches of meeting my thumb. I wasn’t stroking it. Just… Holding it. And examining it.

“My God, Jason. It is huge.”

I lifted it and looked at it from root to tip.

Then, forgetting my filter, “You don’t take after your Father here. I mean, you must be twice as big and just so, so, so much thicker.”

He grunted, and I felt his cock throb. I looked up into his eyes and grinned a wicked, little grin. When I looked back at the head of his cock, I noticed a large drop of precum. Involuntarily, I started to lick my lips.

“Suck it,” I heard him say under his breath.

And then I did. I don’t know why, and I knew it was wrong. I did. I knew. But, I had always been a bit submissive, and the way he said it, a switch flipped, and it was all over. I’d gone from zero to fuck-ty in under two seconds.

I forced as much of the fat head of his cock into my mouth as I could. My jaw was struggling to adjust. I pulled back and gave it a big lick instead, swirling my tongue around the fat knob, then resumed. It took a while, but eventually, I developed a rhythm, using both hands and still managing to ram his cock head into the very back of my throat. I heard him moan, and I felt more satisfaction than I had in years.

I pulled off. “You like that?”

“Oh, yeah,” he grunted happily.

This pleased me. “You like it when I suck your cock like this?”

He nodded as he looked down at me from above. I was becoming unhinged.

“You like when Mommy sucks your big cock?”


“You like when Mommy is your good little slut and worships your big fat cock like this?”

I’d never spoken like this in my whole life, but I knew where it was coming from. Something that lay dormant, buried deep within for years. A yearning had finally risen to the surface. He grabbed the back of my head. Forced my mouth back onto his cock. And I felt my pussy gush.

As I tried to shove more and more of his cock down my throat, saliva dripped down my chin and neck, soaking my sports bra. Jason’s large hand grasped at it and pulled it down. My tits bounced out, the bra pressing and holding them together. Jason kneaded them, and I could feel how rough and callused his hands had become from the weightlifting. More tingles. More juices. I felt both of his hands move to the back of my head. Then his hips thrust forward as he began fucking my mouth.

“Gluck, gluck, gluck, gluck, gluck,” was all I could get out.

Until he pulled back, letting me gasp for air. “Oh, that’s right. I love it when a man takes what he wants,” I seethed.

And then I was being lifted. Jason placed one hand behind my thigh and another behind my neck, supporting me as he laid me back down. My butt was on the floor, and my back leaned against the basement’s concrete wall.


In one swift motion, he’d torn the crotch seam of my new yoga pants as if it were nothing. I squealed in delight and nearly came right then and there.

Then, as I saw him lining up his cock, I said, “Jason… We shouldn’t be doing this.”

I didn’t mean it. I wanted it, and Jason knew it. A lie I felt obligated to tell, and he knew to ignore. He grunted and thrust his hips forward. I tried to scream, but it took my breath away. When he entered my sopping wet pussy, I felt pressure, pain, and a pleasure I’d never felt. His giant cock was tearing me wide open. I looked down and saw that most weren’t even inside me yet.

“OH, FUCK!” Once I’d regained my voice. “FUCKING, FUCK!” I kept on. “OH MY, FUCK… YOU BIG COCK… FUCKING…” Still trying to get out the right words. “Oh, you big cock fucking stud, you!”

Jason was still moving slowly. Taking small strokes. Giving me a bit more with each thrust. His body tensed. Muscles were contracting and bulging outward.

“Fuck, that feels so good! Oh God and it looks so good. Oh, I love seeing your big fat cock stretch out my tight little pussy!”

Jason growled.

“Oh yeah! Fuck, your abs are so sexy when you fuck me! When you make me take that big cock of yours!”

Jason clenched his jaw and sped up.

“Oh yes, you big dick muscle stud! That’s right. Fuck me just like that. Fucking fuck, I can’t believe how good your hard, young cock feels.”

Jason stifled a smile, but I saw him puff out his chest.

Egging him on, “Yeah, you jacked stud, like that! You like showing off your hot young body as you fuck your Mother better than she’s ever been fucked?”

He picked up the pace again, and soon he was slamming every inch of his massive cock inside of me with every long stroke.

“Oh God, it’s so deep! So fucking deep!” I moaned.

Jason pushed his cock in and held his pelvis tight against mine. A depraved sneer on his face. I shrieked in pleasure, and he returned to pistoning in and out of me.

“That’s right. Fuck Mommy better than she’s ever had it. Fuck Mommy better than Daddy does. Use that big, fat cock and those giant muscles to power fuck your Mommy!”

More. “Yes! Mommy is your little slut, isn’t she? She’s such a whore for your big fat cock and your huge muscles! She’d do anything to feel your big cock pound her like this! Mommy loves her hunk Son!” Lots more. “Does my baby boy like fucking his Mommy slut? Does he like filling up her pussy with his massive cock? Yeah! Does he like making Mommy his little fuck doll? Yes, he does! He’s so fucking good at making Mommy a little whore for his big, fat cock!”

I felt an orgasm building within me. Something was different but glorious.

“Make Mommy cum, make Mommy cum with that huge cock of yours!”

Jason just kept pounding. I was right at the precipice of my orgasm. It was going to be a big one. My pussy clenched hard, and I let out a shriek. Jason just kept plowing into me. And then, a fullness I’d never felt before. I needed him to pull out. Now! Jason was one step ahead of me and, on his next backstroke, pulled himself out and started to slap his cock against my clit. Every muscle in my body tensed, and I squirted all over him.

I cried out, “OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! That feels so fucking good! FUCK!” Or something like that. I’d completely lost control.

Fuck it. This was too good.

“Jesus! I’ve never cum like that! Ever! I didn’t even know I could come like that. In twenty years, your Father has never done that. Not once. Not even fucking close.”

Jason just smiled proudly and pushed his huge member back into me.

“You cocky, little shit! You’ve been getting more than text messages from those girls, haven’t you? Yeah? Have you been fucking them? Fucking those teenage sluts’ brains out?”

Jason grunted an acknowledgment, but mostly he just kept fucking me.

I snarled. “Not anymore. Now you’re fucking your slut Mommy! What’s better? MILF pussy or teen cheerleader pussy?” I kept it up. “I know which one I prefer. Old, middle-aged male dicklette, or my Son’s jacked body and rock-hard man’s cock? God, I can never return to your Dad’s little tiny dick again! His little four-inch pencil dick.”

I looked into his eyes and smiled.

“You like knowing that you fuck me better than your Father? Yeah, you do, don’t you? Not only do you fuck better than him, God, but you also look so much hotter than he ever did! You’re so fucking ripped, and you look so fucking amazing when you fuck. I can’t believe it.”

“You do. You look so fucking sexy when you fuck me. When you pound your cock into me. Just raw power, slamming that huge dick inside me with your jacked body. I love it! I want to worship it all day! So unbelievably goddamn sexy!”

Jason puffed out his chest, and I grasped at his massive pectorals.

“Oh Jesus, you’re buff!”

My fingers wandered down to his nipples, gently caressing them. And then I gave them a pinch. And then another one. Harder this time. Jason let out a satisfied grunt and slammed his cock into me hard.

“Oh yes, you fucking huge hunk of muscle, just keep railing me like the stud you are!”

I clawed at his arms, his shoulders, his back, and finally, his butt. They were all rock solid and working incredibly hard. Lean, striated muscle fibers tensing and releasing as he powered his enormous cock into me. I grabbed his firm glutes and pulled him in deeper.

Jason reached his hand behind my neck and pulled me toward him. Our heads tilted downward, but our eyes locked on one another’s. He stared deeply into mine. If his cock wouldn’t bore a hole through me, his eyes would. This was no longer my sweet Son, a beast of a man. A berserker, furiously ravaging anything, and everything, he wanted.

I felt so overwhelmed. I needed to look away. Break eye contact. It was just too much to handle. I found myself staring at his broad chest. Slick with sweat and covered in my juices, his ripped body gleamed in high definition.

“Oh fuck, you’re so fucking, goddamn hot, Jason!” And then, a silent wish escaped my lips, “Flex for me.”

Jason obliged. He reared back and curled his free arm up, sending a shockwave down his body. A series of tiny explosions under his skin, from his biceps, into his delts, pecs, and abs. It went through his cock, making every muscle bulge obscenely and right into me.

I came again. Or maybe it was the first time that I ever had in my entire life. It was that different from anything I’d ever felt before. I pushed him out, screamed, squirmed uncontrollably, and squirted for the second time. This one made the first look minuscule by comparison. A fountain erupted from me, and an electric current flowed through my body. Even when I came back down, my legs refused to stop shaking, and I couldn’t form words. Trapped in perpetual orgasm, I lay there quivering, making one continuous, low, undulating moan.

Jason just kept fucking me. For two minutes or twenty? I couldn’t say. I was a wave in the middle of the ocean. Always peaking, never crashing. Eventually, I sensed Jason picking up speed. He was leaning more and more of his immense mass into me and pounding my little pussy harder than he had been. I knew he was getting ready to cum.

“You have to pull out,” I whispered hoarsely. “I’m ovulating right now. I’m… I’m so fertile. So, so fertile. You’d surely knock me up with your hot, young seed.”

Jason looked surprised, maybe even a little disappointed, but he did. He pulled his mammoth cock out of me and began jacking it off.

“Oh God, yes, cum for me! Cum all over your slutty Mommy! Cover me in it,” I goaded him.

And then he covered me. I’ve never seen, or even imagined, so much cum. Half a dozen thick ropes of jizz shot out of his giant cockhead. It ran from the bottom of my neck, over my tits, and down to the waistband of my torn leggings. More came, but with less force, until it finally oozed out onto my pussy, which seemed to have been set on fire.

Then reality set in. Panic.

“Oh my God, Jason. What have we done? I’m your Mother… I shouldn’t… My God… What… We’re not supposed to–”

He leaned in and kissed me. An outpouring of passion, lust, and love. They all filled me up, pushing out any worry or anxiety. No, this had been right. As right as anything else I’d ever felt. As right as it felt in the moment, it felt that way now.

“Oh, Jason, I love you.”

He smiled back at me, completely at peace with it all.

I felt the warmth of his cum on my body, and an urge overwhelmed me. I raised a tit to my mouth and began to suck his seed off of it.

“Oh Jason, your cum tastes so good! My Son’s cum tastes so fucking good.” I managed to get out before hungrily lapping up the rest like some cum crazed maniac. “Mommy loves being your little cumslut.”

Jason grunted approval, and his deflating cock bounced up, threatening to return to life.

“Oh, young cock! I forgot how quickly you virile young men can get hard again.” We kissed, and then I remembered. “Shit! Your Father’s going to be home soon. Quick, we have to get cleaned up.”

Jason groaned, but I was already on my feet. Trying to keep my balance on weak legs, I walked unevenly toward the door.

Jason caught up to me and gave my ass a quick slap. I turned around and waved him off, chastising him.


But when I did it, I giggled like a schoolgirl.

And then I whispered a promise, “Later.”


Part 2: Son’s POV.

I woke up to the feeling of my dick being sucked.

Groggily, I picked my head up. “Mom?”

“Shh. You’ll wake your Father.”

“Jesus, Mom! What are you doing?” I tried to whisper.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” she retorted before putting my cock back into her mouth.

I let out a long exhale. Fuck, Mom was good at this. “Yeah, but Dad—”

“He’s asleep. Plus… What? Do you want me to stop?”

I didn’t. Mom took my silence as a sign to keep going.

“After today… In the basement… There was no way I was going to make it until tomorrow before getting some more of this amazing cock.”

She continued to stroke me as she talked. Her warm breath on my shaft made it throb.

“So after your Father fell asleep, I snuck in here… And what did I find? You are already ready for me. I didn’t realize my Son slept naked. And you were so hard. Was my big boy having a dream about his cumslut Mommy?”

She slapped my cock against her face a few times before shoving it back down her throat. I groaned.

“Mommy’s such a good, little, obedient slut for her big, strong boy, right?” Fondling my balls. “Yeah, Mommy just needs this cock all the time now. Mommy can’t resist her jacked, stud Son’s big, fat cock.”

I wasn’t half-asleep anymore. I was fully alert. But something primal inside of me had woken too. Mom was trying to get me worked up. Trying to let the beast out. She recklessly threw her head back onto my cock.

“Gluck, gluck, gluck, gluck, gluck!”

Saliva poured down onto my balls. It was working, and I wouldn’t last long at this rate.

“Bring your pussy up here,” I commanded in a low rumble.

I thought she might straddle my face, but instead, she inverted herself. Rotating her body. Walking her legs around to sixty-nine with me. My cock buried halfway to her stomach the entire time. This whore couldn’t bear to give up my cock. She’d already removed her panties. She never intended for this to end with a blowjob. Greedy. Little. Slut.

I started with a simple kiss, but when I noticed how fucking soaked her hot, little pussy was, I dove right in. Licking two fingers, thrusting them inside her, pulling back on her clit with my thumb, and going to town with my tongue. She paused what she was doing and held my cock deep in her throat. Then she moaned like a bitch in heat. After what she said earlier today, right before I came, I guess she was. It felt fantastic on my cock, and I involuntarily thrust my hips upward. This seemed to drive Mom crazier, so I kept it up as my onslaught on her pussy continued.

Sometimes she’d lift her mouth off my cock for brief bouts of hushed encouragement. “Oh yes. Eat Mommy’s cunt! Lick that pussy so good, baby! Oh, that feels so goddamn nice! God, you’re so fucking amazing at this. I’m going to fucking cum soon. I’m going to cum on my Son’s face! Oh, fuck.”

Sometimes she just moaned around my cock. It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar feeling. I pulled my fingers out, leaned my head to the side, and avoided getting drenched by my Mom’s massive orgasm. Luckily her shriek seemed to be silenced by the tube of flesh stuffed down her throat.

“Oh fuck!” She gasped breathlessly when she finished. She rolled over, looking spent.

“Get on your knees,” rolled out my mouth like gravel.

“Oh, yes. I love it when you tell me just what to do.”

She climbed onto all fours, and there it was. That ass. Lit by the soft night sky streaming in through my window. The ass that had teased me for as long as I could remember. Bending over to get an item from the kitchen cupboard. Tightly cradled in a pair of jeans. Swaying gently from side to side as she left a room. I’d lusted after that ass for years, and now it was mine. I grabbed two handfuls, plunged my cock deep inside her, and heard her gasp. A grunt escaped her lips before she caught herself.

She turned around and mouthed to me, “Oh, my fucking God.”

I pulled back and pushed in further. Another moan, but this one was quieter.

“Oh God, you go so deep.”

I wasn’t stopping. I kneaded Mom’s butt cheeks and slid in and out of her.

“Oh my, Jesus! My stud Son is fucking me, and my useless little dick husband is in the next room. Fuck that’s so hot!” She talked to herself in a high-pitched whisper. Almost a squeak.

I picked up speed and was relieved that my bed stayed mostly quiet. Wish I could have said the same for Mom.

“Fuck me hard, you big cock stud.”

I did.

“Pound that pussy. Show me how good you fuck your Mommy.”

I did. Mom was getting louder by the minute.

“Oh yes! Use those strong arms to slam me back onto your thick cock!”

Happy to oblige.

“Do it! Make me a little whore for that huge cock!”


She was getting too loud now. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her back toward me. “Shhh.”

Even louder. “God, you know what to do to me! You’re so fucking perfect!”.

She needed to be quiet. I wrapped my other hand around her throat.

“Yes! Take charge of me,” she shouted.

I squeezed gently to remind her but, of course, it had the opposite effect.

“Oh, you’re gonna make me cum! Yes! Fuck my dirty little cunt so hard!”

She was yelling.


She screamed. I pulled out, and she squirted all over my legs. I winced. How could my Dad not have heard that? I mean, the neighbors must have. Not sure that changed anything, I shoved my cock back into her warm, wet pussy. Just as the lights went on.

I froze. Mom turned her head slowly as if this was what she’d expected. My Dad stood in the doorway. His lips were moving, but nothing was coming out. Unable to physically make the words.

“What do you want, baby dick?” Mom finally blurted out. And then she turned back to me. “Keep going, Son.”

I just shrugged and resumed fucking her. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but her pussy just felt too good. Plus, I had a massive load I needed to release.

“What the fuck? This is insane! You’re having sex with our Son?” Dad finally managed.

“Yes, and oh my lord, does he fuck me so good!” Mom oozed.

My Dad threw his arms up into the air. “You can’t… This isn’t… I’m not going to….”

“WHAT?” My Mom snapped at him. “You’re not going to what exactly?” She glared at him, and he seemed to shrink back down. “As if you could do anything about it anyway! Look at him! Look at his cock! It makes your little baby dick look so pathetic and weak. He could hold you down like a little bitch and still fuck me better than you ever have!”

This made me fuck her even harder.

“Oh, fuck, yes, stud! Fuck me just like that! Nice and hard!”

Dad was back to speechless.

“Admit it! You couldn’t do anything about this even if you wanted to!”

Dad scoffed but didn’t deny it. There was a bit of fake outrage on his face that he wasn’t pulling off.

“In fact, why don’t you sit and watch? Maybe you could learn a thing or two!” Mom spat toward him.

Dad just stared at her. Lost. His brain is still trying to connect the pieces. Find a logical next step. Or some rationale for why this was all, just some big misunderstanding.


Slowly, he walked over to a chair in the corner of my room. His shoulders were hunched over, and he looked small. Smaller than I’d ever seen him. He was wearing pin-stripe pajamas. The kind with matching pants and a shirt that has lapels. Who sleeps with a shirt that has buttons on it? Fucking weird, dude.

“Sit down, you weak, little dick bitch!”

And then he just sat down, and I have no clue why, like he was some zombie. He didn’t look away. He didn’t look mad. He looked like a man who realized he was watching the inevitable. As if an asteroid was barrelling down on top of him. He was just this small little speck in the universe, and here was this enormous thing about to land on his fucking head. What could he do? So, he just sat there and watched.

“Fuck, you go so deep, Jason! Oh, I’ve never had a cock go as deep as yours. Your Dad’s little baby dick is such a joke compared to yours. Look at how deep he goes, Greg! Look how fucking DEEP! Don’t you wish you could go this deep?”

His mouth shrunk, almost imperceptibly, into a little pout.

“God, you’re stretching out my pussy so good! I’ll never be the same after taking your massive cock. Tiny dicks won’t work anymore. Only big, thick cocks like yours will be able to please me. God, your cock is just so fucking big, Jason!”

As she talked, she alternated her focus between Dad and me. Putting on a show for both of us. God, my Mom’s ass looked hot. I stepped one foot to the outside of her leg for leverage and started to dig in.

“Fuck! Fucking fuck, me! Yes! Show your Father how a real man fucks!”

I wrapped my hands around her shoulders and pulled her back onto my cock. Only to slam into her repeatedly, pushing her forward with my momentum.

“Pound that pussy! Pound YOUR pussy, Jason! That’s right. That pussy is yours now. Not your Father’s. Not that useless piece of beta shit!”.

Not a peep from Dad.

“Slap my ass, Jason! Show your Father what a submissive little slut I’ve become for my big, stud Son!”

I spanked her. Then I did it again. Each time she squealed with delight.

“Oh, yes. I’m your slut, Jason. Just your little piece of fuck meat. You’re such a jacked stud. I’m so lucky to be fucked by you and your huge muscles and your big cock. Use me however you want. Treat me like your stupid, little cum dumpster. Because that’s all I am. I’m just a cumslut for my boy. I’ll do anything for you. Anything you want. Any time you want it. Just keep giving me that big fucking cock!”

Her eyes were locked onto my Dad’s the entire time now.

I spanked her again. Harder and harder. Her ass was turning pink and would be sore in the morning. She loved it.

“Oh, God! You’re going to make me cum again, Jason! You’re going to make me cum a third time tonight! That’s three more times than that little dick bitch over there ever has.”

And man, he just kept taking the verbal abuse. Not even looking away.

“ARE YOU HARD?” I heard my Mom ask. Astonished. “YOU ARE! You little fucking pervert! You’re watching your wife get taken by your Son, and you get turned on?” One part disgust, one part mockery.

It was the first time the emotion on my Dad’s face changed from borderline catatonic to something else. It was subtle. Difficult to read. Maybe embarrassment? A little bit shame. Oddly, maybe a little excitement.

“Take it out,” Mom said. Dad hesitated. “NOW!”

Dad complied.

He awkwardly lifted his butt out of the chair, pulled down his pants, lifted his shirt, and sat back down.

“HA! Look at that, Jason! Look at that tiny, little dicklette! Look at that utter joke of a penis!”

I mostly focused on fucking her, but she was right. It was pathetic. It was thin and barely four inches.

“And that’s harder than it’s been in… Years! Maybe ever!”

Dad grimaced and breathed out through his nose.

“Why is your baby dick so hard, Greg?” Not waiting for an answer. “Did you finally take one of those pills? No. No. Do you like watching your wife get fucked like this? Is that it? Do you like watching her pussy get stretched by a real cock? Watch her take a cock deeper than you could ever dream of going? Watch her submit to a superior man?”

He nodded.

“That’s right! Show him, Jason. Show him how a real man fucks!”

I did.

“YES! YES! YES! This! This is what a real man looks like! Not a little dick, beta bitch. A real man. Look at how full of muscles he is. Look at his ripped body. Look at his taught stomach. Look at how he uses those muscles to slam his big, beefy cock into my tight, little cunt! LOOK!”

Dad fidgeted in his chair a bit.

“Touch it!”

He stalled.


Dad put his tiny nub between his thumb and two fingers and rubbed up and down. It was sad. He didn’t even wrap his hand around it. Maybe he couldn’t? No friction? He didn’t even have enough to stroke. Just pulling the skin back and forth half an inch at a time with a couple of fingers.

“That’s right. Stroke that little bit of nothing for me!”

Mom hadn’t looked away from him since she had locked on some time ago. Refusing to break eye contact. Every few seconds, he’d meekly look down, unable to handle her intensity, but he always came back. He couldn’t ignore the sight in front of him. I grabbed Mom’s arms, pulling them back behind her like wings as I rode her, and held her up from falling on her face. She looked glorious. Ready to take flight. Her tits are on display. Her entire body uncontrollably quaked as I thundered into her.

“Oh fuck yes! Take what’s yours, stud! Fuck me like the dirty little bitch I am!”

Dad was rubbing his small penis faster now.

“Yes, I love it! Watch, Greg! Watch as your Son uses your wife however the fuck he wants! Watch as he takes what was once yours! Watch him own me like you never would! Watch him make me do what you only wish you could!”

His rapid little strokes were shaking the chair.

“Fuck yes! Shit, that’s so fucking good! I’m gonna fucking cum! I’m gonna cum all over your massive cock, you big stud!”

I gently let her arms down and pulled out. She reached down and furiously flicked her clit. Then she came everywhere. Soaking my sheets, pillow, and the lower half of my body. I had to smile. It was fucking amazing. I had no idea what a sex freak had been living next to me all these years.

Apparently, neither did Dad. His eyes went wide. A complete look of shock was all over his face. And then he came in two little dribbles that rolled down his little dick and onto his pin-striped pajamas. His shoulders slumped, and his dick went soft faster than I realized was possible.

“HA HA HA HA HA!” Mom practically cackled. “You pathetic little dick bitch!”

I think I heard him sob. Fuck it, and I wasn’t done yet. I shoved my cock back in, and Mom made a delighted yelp.

“LOOK AT ME!” Mom ordered.

Dad looked up through dead eyes.

“I can’t believe you came while watching your Son fuck YOUR WIFE! You are a joke. You know that. Nothing but a little dick beta cuck bitch!”

Dad gave the slightest of nods.

“That’s right, you wimp! You weak, baby dick, beta bitch! You’ve known all along, haven’t you?! You’ve always known that I was way out of your league and that someday… Some day a real man would take me from you!”

Dad nodded again.

“You just didn’t realize that man would be your own Son! That your own Son would grow up to be a big, jacked, alpha stud, did you? That he was going to be better than you in every way! EVERY SINGLE WAY!”

Vigorous nodding.

“Look at him! He’s so much better looking than you ever were. Better at fucking. Stronger! More stamina! And, my God, a much better cock!”

Dad was nodding at everything now.

“He’s the alpha you wish you were! But you’re just too feeble and weak! Just a little dick cuck beta and that’s all you’ll ever be!”

“Yes,” I heard him whisper.

“And now… Now he’s going to do what alphas do. Alphas take what they want. Alphas claim it as their own. Alphas spread their seed. So that someday there won’t be any more beta bitches like you. Just big, fat, alpha cocks and their willing cock sleeves, like me.”

A look of confusion on his face.

“That’s right. Your Son is going to claim me. He’s going to impregnate me. Spray my fertile eggs with his potent, young cum!”

Dad just gulped.

“He’s going to use his alpha seed to knock me up like the little breeding whore that I am! That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

Dad nodded.

“You want him to show you just what a little dick cuckie bitch you are by knocking up your wife and impregnating her with his superior seed, don’t you?”

“Ye-” was all he could get out before choking on the word. He held back a retch.

“Do it! Do it, Jason! Fill Mommy up with your potent cum and make me pregnant, you jacked beast! Breed me and claim my pussy as yours. Forever! Spray my fertile womb with your seed! Mark me! Mark me as yours! Make me take your huge load, you big dicked, alpha stud!”

So I did. I let loose a massive torrent of jizz, deep into my Mother’s womb. I felt the walls of her pussy clench my cock and milk it for all it was worth. Pushing my semen further and further up her birth canal.

“Oh, Fuck! I can feel it! I can feel you filling up my pussy! So hot in my greedy, little cunt! Oh, Greg, it feels so good. So much better than you. Oh, my God, Jason, your cum is much better than your Father’s!”

I let it all go. Everything. It just flowed out of me. And once I did, I was empty. New. Fresh. Unburdened by anything. A reset button had been pushed, and nothing would be the same again.

“Oh, I fucking love it! I love when your cum fills me up! I love you, Jason. You’re the one.”

I’d done it; I’d claimed her pussy. I’d claimed her. She was mine. Utterly and completely.

Once our orgasms subsided, we looked to find him still sitting there. Mom rolled over, sat up, and opened her legs before him. “You see that?”

A giant glob of my cum oozed out of her well-fucked pussy and onto my bed sheets.

“That’s more nut than you’ve given me our entire marriage! And there’s a lot more than that still up there. Ohh. He must have gotten me pregnant. Oh, Greg, I’m so excited to be knocked up by a real man…”

His face looked completely crestfallen. But his tiny penis was hard again.

“Twice in one night? That’s never happened before. You must have enjoyed watching your wife get fucked. Although, I guess it was the first time since I don’t think anything we ever did together qualifies. Not after that,” Mom teased.

He stood up and pulled his pants up. Then he started to shuffle toward the door.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Mom scoffed.

He stopped dead in his tracks, “To bed,” he said, trailing off.

“No, no, no. That’s the master bedroom. Little dick cuckie babies don’t sleep there. The head of the house, the alpha, sleeps there. You sleep here. In our dirty, fucking sheets.”

Mom turned her attention to me. Joyous. Without a worry in the world. She knew he’d comply. He couldn’t not. Just didn’t have it in him.

“Think you’ve got another round in you? My pussy is a little worn out, but I was hoping to taste your cum again today,” she pleaded as she took my hand and led me to the door.

I just grinned confidently. Mom put her head on my shoulder and squeezed my muscular arm.

“My big, strong man.”

As we left my room, I saw my Dad lay down and curl up into a fetal position on the soiled sheets. The pillow was still soaked with Mom’s squirt. My old room.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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