The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine Honey: Part 12

Micky D.

In the dimming light of early evening I stood staring at the magnificent old homestead; it was set in a picture-perfect garden on 20 acres of pristine Australian bushland. The air carried a fragrant, fresh rural tang, and I glanced up into the trees encircling the house; birds perched in the upper branches lamented the approach of night, twittering and squawking. Somewhere in the distance a magpie warbled its long, distinctly beautiful call, a uniquely Australian sound.

I lowered my gaze back to the house in front of me, my hands on my hips. The house was located just over an hour’s drive from our place on the trendy and rather exclusive east side of the Mornington peninsula. The homestead was one of many in the locality that has been turned into a really good money-spinner – to wit, as a sumptuous and well-equipped weekender rental property. It had been, so the owner had informed me, built in the 1930’s by a businessman for use as a rural holiday retreat for himself and his family. The house was clad in weatherboard, and the exterior was painted in the typical cream and Brunswick green that typified the period in which it was constructed. The inside of the house, however, was totally contemporary; the interior sported all the mod cons, including a six-seater spa, a 60-inch television with matching surround sound system, fully equipped kitchen, and a solid wood four-poster bed in the master bedroom.

I cast my eye around the place appreciatively once again. It was indeed a charming abode, and I grudgingly admitted that the cost of renting the place for three days was indeed worth the hefty dent it had made in my credit card account. Angela had, in fact, found the place after a search on the Internet; there isn’t much that cannot be Googled these days, so it seemed. She had informed me that she had chosen this house because it was very secluded, yet conveniently near to several major towns – which suited her purposes extremely well, as you will see.

It was currently early Thursday evening, and Angela, Jason and I had arrived at the house about fifteen minutes ago. Angela had previously informed family and friends via email that she and I would be going away for the long weekend, but she had left the details hazy. She had also chosen this locality because she was aware that nobody we knew frequented this particular area; as always, she made sure to take care of the small details.

So – as you may already have guessed, my wife’s devious little plan was for us to spend three days in this tranquil little haven. I knew, however, that for me at least the next 72 hours would be far from tranquil; Angela’s plan called for what was for all intents and purposes a role swap between Jason and myself – Jason would ostensibly become Angela’s ‘partner’, whilst I would simply be the ‘friend’ who was tagging along. The fact that we were extremely unlikely to run into anyone we knew would allow Angela to play this game publicly.

It had crossed my mind that this was perhaps the ultimate way for Angela to ratify my status as a cuckold; I would have to sit idly by and watch my wife and her lover openly displaying their affection in public, and displaying their lust in private. Angela had hinted that exhibiting their lust in public wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility, either.

The sudden appearance of Angela strolling out onto the wide patio engaged my attention. My stomach fluttered. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans, and a white tennis shirt. The swell of her breasts caused my gaze to flicker southward for a second or two. She saw me, and approached.

“Where’s Jason?” I asked with as much nonchalance as I could.

Angela tossed her head sideward. “He’s just unpacked his overnight bag, and now he’s gone to take a quick shower – so we have a few minutes alone, honey.” My wife’s eyes scanned my face, and she smiled. “You still one hundred percent sure you want this, lover?”

I cleared my throat. “Yes.”

Angela placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned closer. “You know I’m gonna tease you so wickedly this weekend, don’t you? You know that I’m gonna be a teasing little bitch, right?”

“I sure do.” My mouth was suddenly dry.

My wife kissed me softly, and my cock twitched inside my jeans. “And you realise,” she continued, breaking the kiss, “That you’re probably gonna hear him fuck me every night for the next three nights, hmmm?”

I simply nodded. A waft of her perfume drifted across to me – a scent that I had long since learned to associate with sexual excitement.

“Annnnd,” my wife slowly drawled. “You do know that I’m going to openly kiss him all weekend. And that I’ll probably wear that slinky little bathrobe during the evenings – when I’m sat with Jason on the couch. You remember how thin it is, don’t you? And how easily it slides off my skin? All I’d have to do as I’m sat next to him would be to undo the tie – and it’d slither apart, letting him see my bare tits… is that ok too, honey?”

My cock felt like someone had just attached a transistor battery to it. I uttered a soft moan, and my wife giggled.

“Aww, I’m sorry, honey!” she said. “I can’t resist teasing you!” She kissed me again, making it a full open-mouthed kiss. I could feel the soft press of her nipples through her tee shirt against my chest, and again the mesmerizing aroma of her perfume wafted over me. She broke our kiss with almost seeming reluctance.

“Mmmm… Very nice, Michael,” she said softly. “You’re still a great kisser. But I have to tell you that’s gonna be the last time that we’ll kiss until Sunday. You sure you’re ready for that?”

I nodded again. “Yes. And I know it’s gonna drive me out of my mind.”

Angela giggled. “Oooh, you’re absolutely right, my little, little Cuckie – I’ll make sure of it!” Her eyes flashed at me. “Oh! I hope you paid attention to what I just said – ‘We’ won’t be kissing, but you can be sure that ‘I’ will!”

I uttered a croak, and Angela giggled that sexy little giggle.

“Come on, honey,” she said. “Ready to live out your most wild fantasy?”

I gulped and nodded softly.

My wife smiled. “Let’s go, then.”

She turned, and I followed her inside the house.


Can any man really write a definitive and accurate description of his innermost feelings as he watches his wife – the woman at the center of his world – openly kissing, petting and fondling another man? Can he truly describe the heady whirlwind of lust, desire, envy and sheer angst that sweeps through him as he listens to her gasps and moans of pleasure drifting through 80-year-old walls as another man’s hard cock is eagerly exploring her warm, moist cunt? Is there a way to convey the sensation of being the most turned-on that you have ever been in your whole life – but not have the means to slake one’s own lust? Even worse, what can one do in this situation when one’s wife is determined to tease as much as possible, and to push the boundaries even further than one’s wildest dreams?

Rhetorical questions, of course – but I am simply trying to convey to you, the reader, just how intense, lascivious and deliciously evil the weekend turned out to be. Angela must have been mulling this weekend for a long time – because the wickedly carnal events that unfolded did not seem like random thoughts; the things Angela did and said were the result of some very intense erotic machinations

In order to shorten my tale, I will chronicle the events of the next three days in the simplest form that I can.


The night had passed slowly. It was now 11pm, and although I was fully aware that I was going to witness my wife and her young lover showing open affection for eachother, I was still shocked when Angela slid herself down onto Jason’s lap as he sat on the couch, wrapped her slender arms around his neck, and kissed him. I stood there practically gaping as I watched Jason’s arms slide around her hips and return her kisses with not even a hint of shyness or reservation. A tingle rippled through my flaccid cock as the kiss deepened; I knew well the soft, wet rasp of Angela’s tongue against mine, and the lustful feelings that this intimate contact aroused in me. I wondered if Jason’s cock was hardening as Angela’s nimble tongue slithered into his mouth, licking and exploring; that teasing touch that sent ripples of arousal through me. I watched like a man entranced – which I was.

My question was answered a few minutes later; the pair exchanged a few soft words, and arose from the couch. Angela turned her head and gazed at me, and her face twisted into a soft smile as she took Jason’s hand and led him towards the master bedroom. My last vision of her was of her sending me a lewd, suggesting wink before the pair disappeared into the bedroom, and the door closed with a resounding thud.

Several minutes later I heard Jason utter a moan of pleasure that seemed to trickle through the walls. A sudden vision assailed me; my wife sat on the bed, her full, pouty lips sliding sensuously up and down her lover’s large, twitching cock, taking his hardness into her mouth, her eyes half closed in rapture. I sat myself down in a daze; my head cocked (pun intended) and my heart pounded as I strained to listen. A few minutes later a rhythmic thumping resounded – a sound that I actually felt more than heard; the wickedly lewd intonation of a bed being subjected to the intense exertions of two people making hard, passionate love upon it. I pictured my wife naked on the bed, her long, smooth legs jerking and bucking as her young lover drove his hard, hungry cock into her. I stifled a moan as I wondered if he was whispering teasing endearments in her ear – such as how I was probably panting as I listened to their lovemaking, or asking her if she was excited to know that her husband – the man who’s place he was taking – was outside listening in vain, his own cock limp and defeated, as he took her. In my imagination, Angela giggled in lecherous excitement, and told him that the thought made her soooo fucking wet…

My own cock remained defiantly flaccid – the medication working its frustrating magic. It did, however, twitch and quiver – almost as if it was delighted at my wife’s faint gasps and moans. The steady knock, knock, knock issuing from the master bedroom was almost hypnotic, and with not inconsiderable shock I realised that I was literally adding unspoken encouragement to my wife’s lover – thoughts of urging him to fuck her, to drive his hard, thick cock into her, and to take her in ways that I never had, and never would, and make her climax over and over again danced through my mind, adding to the overload of carnality.

When Jason’s long, earthy groan announced his climax, I silently hoped that Angela had those long, sexy legs of hers locked around his hips, and that her creamy cunt clutched his throbbing cock, and that his cum was so abundant that it overflowed her moist crevice and slithered down into the crack of her ass. In my minds eye, I watched it trickle with deliberate slowness, covering her anus in a slippery, pearly stream… I had a sharp thought about licking it from her as she cooed encouragement, her beautiful face alive with excitement, her hand gliding through my hair, guiding me, giggling and telling me to lick her clean. In my imagination her soft voice was laden with teasing excitement: “Lick my ass clean… Lick! Lick it!… tongue-fuck me… lick all of his cum from my asshole… Licckkk ittttttt… Cuck-ieeeeee”

With a start I shook myself from my self-induced daze. My cock twitched again – seeming to mock me. I went to bed soon after – the echoes of my wife’s squeals of pleasure dancing through my mind.


Although the situation was perfectly apparent, nobody discussed it openly. Jason was still the personable young man, and Angela treated me with all dignity. But we all knew that the status quo had been altered. Angela made sure to lavish a little more attention on Jason than usual, and she often held my gaze – and it said: He is my Lover… He is the one fucking me… He is the one who’s going to take me to bed tonight, and enjoy your pussy, the pussy that’s supposed to be yours – and I am going to enjoy every single second while you and your soft, useless little dick cant do anything to change it…

Friday passed rapidly. The three of us spent the day shopping and visiting some of the quaint little places offered by the locality. We drove to Mornington, and Angela made it a point to hold Jason’s hand as they strolled along the main street; this sight was uncannily erotic for me, and my cock twitched as a walked behind the pair. After we got back to the house late in the afternoon, Angela called a local restaurant and made a reservation for three people.

Whilst Jason was using the bathroom, my wife strode over to me; she smiled softly. “Are you okay with everything, Cuckie?” she asked. I noted that she used the word Cuckie instead of Michael.

I nodded. “Yeah. Jesus, Angie… it’s driving me wild!”

Angela giggled. “I know it is. Did you hear us fucking last night?”


“He’s gonna fuck me again tonight. You know that, right?”

I drew a sharp breath and simply nodded.

My wife grinned and decided to give the erotic knife a twist. “He’s such a good fuck, Cuckie. His cock is soooo much better than yours – and bigger, too – even when you can get that lil’ knob of yours hard.” She leaned close to me. “I love him fucking me, Cuckie. Did you hear how he made me scream for him?”

I swallowed and simply nodded again. The soft buzz trilled through me.

“I climaxed three times last night just from him fucking me,” my wife softly announced. “And it was so hot to think of you out here, climbing the walls as you listened to me getting fucked! Did you know how creamy it made me, Cuckie?”

“N-No,” I stammered. “I didnt know!”

My wife’s face was split by another sexy grin. “Well – just know that it made me soooo hot to know that you were out here listening to everything… listening to me getting fucked! It made me giggle… Jason giggled about it too!” Her tinkering laugh simply added to the erotic furnace.

“J-Jason giggled about it?” I asked.

“He did! He told me that it was so wild to know that you – my husband – were out here as he fucked me – and that he knew you couldn’t even get that weeny little dick of yours hard, even if you wanted to! He loves my ‘married’ pussy!”

I uttered a soft moan. My wife giggled.

“But don’t worry, Cuckie,” she told me as she reached for her cigarettes. “You wont be taking your medicine tonight, and so by late Saturday or Sunday you can get that lil’ dicklet of yours hard enough to fuck me.” She lit her cigarette and smiled sweetly at me. “In the meantime? You’ll sit here and watch as my hot, hard lover does all the things that you want to do to me!”

I was attempting to answer her when Jason returned to the room. Angela winked at me, and that was that.

We departed for the restaurant just before 7:00pm. Angela ‘suggested’ that I drive, and so I did – with my wife and her lover in the rear seat. I could hear them whispering and giggling as I drove. The meal was delicious, but not as delicious as watching my wife flirt with her young lover. My cock trilled in flaccid excitement as I watched them flirt and tease eachother – and tease me into the bargain. At one point Angela fixed her long, sexy gaze on me and smiled. Her expression begged something, and – looking closely – I could see her right shoulder rising and falling slightly. Then it occurred to me – she was caressing Jason’s cock through his pants right there at the table. My wife’s soft grin became wider when my expression announced that I realised what she was doing. Jason also glanced at me with a soft grin, and it was clear that he was enjoying the situation.

We returned to the house at about 10:00pm. I tried my best to be nonchalant, but Angela made sure to let me know who would be in her bed tonight. The pair sank into the soft confines of the couch, and petted and kissed. I tried to make myself inconspicuous on the other chair – but my gaze was constantly drawn to my wife and her lover. They spoke in soft whispers that I couldn’t hear – and at one point Angela darted her gaze at me and smiled.

A few minutes later, Angela leaned back. Jason also leaned back into the couch, cleared his throat, and glanced at me.

“So,” Jason began. “You like being a cuckold, Michael?”

My heart hammered. My eyes slid over to Angela, and her expression was placid and cool – but her eyes sparkled in poorly concealed excitement; she clearly knew that something was going to happen, and I had a good idea that she had instigated it

I looked back to Jason. “Yes.” I replied. Inwardly, I was panting.

Jason smiled, showing his boyish grin. “Angie tells me that you love knowing I’m fucking her. That you get off knowing that I have a bigger cock, and that I can fuck her until she screams… is that right?”

My heart gave a sudden double thump. I could feel my face flushing – but the sheer surreal carnality of the situation bore me like a twig tossed into a rushing torrent. I was drawn into the moment.

“Yes,” I repeated.

Jason chuckled. “Well, you know that I’ve been fucking her for a while, right? You realise that I’ve fucked her while you were at work… come over to your house, fucked your hot, sexy wife in your bed?”

I nodded. My heart pounded.

“Do you like me fucking your wife?” Jason asked.

“Yes.” I felt like I was miles away – but I wasn’t… this man was fucking my wife – and I did like it.

“And you know that I am going to fuck her again tonight, don’t you?” Jason continued in a conversational tone. “That soon, I’m going to get up from this couch, and me and her are going to go into the bedroom, and your wife is going to suck me – then fuck me. How does that make you feel?”

Time stood still. “It makes me hot,” I replied in a voice that sounded far away.

Jason uttered a soft laugh. “Yeah – I’m sure it does. You can’t get a hard-on, can you? No, don’t raise your eyebrows – Angie’s told me all about the medication you use. Your cock’s gonna be soft for another day or so yet. Deal with it…” He laughed again and changed tack. “Did you hear me fucking your wife last night?”

I nodded. The surreal feel of the situation flooded over me again.

“Did it excite you? Did you like hearing me bang your horny wife?” Jason asked.

“Yes.” My words were virtually drawn out of my by the carnality of the situation, and I was now powerless to stop them.

Jason grinned. “So – you liked hearing your hot little wife screaming as I fucked her?”

“Jesus, Yes!” I panted

“How much?” Jason slid his hand towards Angela and cupped her right breast as he asked this question.

“Very much… I wanted you to cum in her!” I blurted.

Jason smiled. “Did you? Well – I did; I blew my load deep inside your wife’s hot, wet, hungry little pussy. Didn’t I, babe?” he turned to Angela

Angela grinned. “Yes – you did… I loved it!” Angela’s soft, tittering giggle nearly made me cum right then. My heart felt like it was going to explode.

“So,” continued Jason, turning his gaze back to me. “I shot my cream in her. I creamed this delicious little lady – I fuckin’ drove my cock deep in her, and blew my load. And you know what, Michael?”


“I’m gonna fuck her again tonight, too. And I’m gonna cum inside her again. But – you are gonna ask me.”

“Ask you?” I was slightly confused – but I kind of knew what was coming. My pulse throbbed in my ears.

Jason smiled. “You are going to formally and officially ask me to fuck your wife. And ask me to cream her – to shoot my load deep inside her hungry, hot, wet, tight little cunt,”

I could feel my chest heaving. I glanced over to Angela. Her pretty face was tilted, and her eyes sparkled.

“Ask him,” Angela said sweetly. Her pretty face transformed into a bitchy leer. “Now! Ask him! If you wanna cum this weekend, you ask him!”

I swallowed. “Please fuck my wife, Jason… Please cum in her!”

Jason chuckled. “My pleasure… Cuckie…” I must have raised my eyebrows as this word slipped from his lips, because Jason quickly raised a palm towards me and added: “’Cuckie’ – that’s what Angie calls you, isn’t it? Very apt, I think – ‘cause that’s what you are, aren’t you?… a cuckold. A man who lets his wife fuck other men… and that’s what you do – you let me fuck this hot little lady… Cuck… Cuckie… Chucky…. I think Angela and me should call you ‘Chucky’ from now on… not quite perfect, but near enough.” He turned to my wife. “Waddaya think, babe? ‘Chucky’ the Cuckie a good name for Mr. Cuckold over there?”

Angela giggled. “Perfect!” She giggled again and looked at me. “Chuck the Cuck! When we are out in town, Chuck or Chucky will be a wonderful name for him…”

My hands began shaking. This conversation was so surreal. I gulped – but I realised I was loving this. My flaccid cock quivered.

Jason turn back to me and laughed. He then sang, using the Rickie Lee Jones tune of the famous song. “‘Chucky’s innn lovveeee!’ Well, Chucky – me and your hot little lady are gonna go hit the hay – but the only thing hit will be your wife’s creamy lil’ cervix! It’ll be covered in my cum a lot…” He smiled at his own joke. “But – you’ve asked me to fuck this delicious babe – and who am I to deny you?” He glanced at Angela. “Wanna go fuck, baby?”

My wife smiled and licked her lips. “Ooohhh yeah – you know I do!”

Jason laughed softly and rose to his feet. “Ok.” He glanced down at me. “Well, Chuck? Your hot, sexy wife and me are goin’ to bed. I hope you listen real good this time – we’re gonna fuck a lot longer than last night…”

And so they did. I sat there listening to their lovemaking for an hour.


The End.


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