The Hunt

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by Steam Train

“Caitlin…” said Cassidy, “… the look on Kyle’s face when he finally realised you were going to be seeing him naked was priceless.”

“Yes, how awesome was it. Pretty clear it was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to him,” I replied.

Cassidy and I were having another lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxing in my bedroom. The exact location where the hunt had first been thought up. We had spent the best part of the last hour merrily going over the events of the last few weeks, and the fun we were both having babysitting Kyle Quinton and Aaron Cabane.

“I wish Caitlin that those naked in school stories, or those nudie-juvie stories where the boys have to be naked at all times were true,” Cassidy lamented.

“Keep dreaming Cassidy, I think we might have trouble getting that wish a reality. But yeah, wouldn’t it be cool if it were true? Could you imagine making all the guys in our class come to school naked?”

“Oh yeah, I can imagine it,” Cassidy replied with a huge smile. “It would be so cool, as all the guys are still fifteen or younger and in most of the stories I have read, that’s the age under which nudity is compulsory. But actually Caitlin, there are some guys in our grade who I have no real desire to see naked, except to see them put in their place and humiliated.”

“True but then there are the hotties like Travis Haussler and Mike Cesare, who I would love to babysit” I replied.

“Yeah, well, when you do, make sure I’m around!” Cassidy giggled.

“Oh I will, I will’ I giggled as if momentarily it was really going to happen. “Sadly there is no way I will be babysitting either of them. I was lucky with Kyle, his mum had pressing reasons for needing a babysitter, and because Kyle is a shrimp she treated him like the little boy he proved to be.”

“Yeah, but Travis and Mike are also in our grade, maybe they need babysitting too” Cassidy replied.

“In your dreams Cassidy, as I said, Kyle is short and his mum had special reasons. Have you looked closely at Travis or Mike lately?”

“Yes, in fact, I have Caitlin. Only last week I was watching Travis shooting ball with his friends down at the court. After a while he stripped down to just his shorts He’s grown to about your height of five foot six now, and let me tell you, he’s no little boy. He obviously works out, as his chest is firm and it’s tanned a nice bronzed colour. He has pit hair, a hint of a happy trail and his legs which are also deeply tanned have visible dark hairs on them around his ankles and even a few scattered brown hairs growing up to his knees.”

“Oh stop it Cassidy, you’re making me drool” I giggled. “Anyway Mike Cesare is even taller than Travis”

“Taller does not mean much by itself, if the latest rumours that are circulating school about Mike are true,” Cassidy said.

“Yeah I heard them too, all the girls and a lot of the guys are gossiping about it.”

“We need to check him out Caitlin” Cassidy informed me with a smile.

“I would love to check him out but it’s not going to happen” I disappointedly replied.

Mike Cesare was one of the taller guys in our ninth grade, being already around five feet ten inches tall. He had blonde, tailored hair and amazing cobalt blue eyes, which made him stand out from all the other guys in our grade. A few months back near the end of eighth grade, just before the summer holidays, Cassidy and I had admired Mike’s body one day when he stripped down to just his shorts, exposing his tanned hairless skin and rippled stomach, whilst shooting ball on the court down at the local park..

Academically, he had been an honour roll student since the sixth grade and in eighth grade he was the President of the Student Council of our middle school. Mike had been a person who was always the first to volunteer to do things.

However as soon as we started our freshman year at our new high school rumours about Mike started to circulate and he quickly became quite and withdrawn. He also became very modest never venturing out in shorts anymore, and only wearing them when he had too, like during physical education classes.

If the rumours were true it seems Mike had a ‘little’ problem!

A little problem, which through middle school he had been able to keep hidden, however once he began high school and had to start changing for physical education classes and then showering at their conclusion with all the other guys, his ‘little’ secret had been exposed!

It seems that last years middle school student council president, Mike Cesare, has a very small cock!

Stripped naked in the showers, Mike reluctantly had been forced to expose that he was still totally underdeveloped in the genital department. Rumour had it that he was much smaller down there where it really mattered than other undeveloped boys like Kyle Quinton who was so much smaller in stature than Mike. It was said Mike was also as ‘bald as a baby’ in his pubic area, nothing, not even a trace of peach fuzz, framed his tiny cocklet and balls.

One report that surfaced had Mike popping a boner in the shower, revealing that when erect his cock, couldn’t have been more than an inch and a half long and flaccid it was said to be nothing more than a little circumcised head poking out like a small knob above an equally small ball sac that was so tightly pulled up against his body that it was hardly visible.

“The guys have given Mike a new nickname you know; ‘MC’ for ‘Micro Cock’, it’s a play on his initials too. The teachers think it is just his initials or maybe a compliment, like MC meaning ‘Master of Ceremonies’ after his stint as Student President in the eighth grade grade last school year, but Mike knows the truth about what MC really stands for. Some of the girls are calling him that too now.”

“Yeah I’ve heard him called MC,” I responded.

“I heard that when a couple of the well developed guys Travis Haussler and David Colby saw ‘Mr. Perfect’, Mike Cesare exposed they started chanting ‘Micro Cock … Micro Cock’ at him as a taunt and it stuck” Cassidy informed me.

“Teenage boys are so immature, and the guys in our grade are sure no exception, even if they are physically well developed like Travis and David” I replied.

“Do you remember Caitlin how last school year I mentored Gail Cesare when she was starting sixth grade at our Middle school as part of my eighth grade Student Council duties?” Cassidy asked.


“Well, the other day I was walking our dog and stopped in to visit Gail. I’ve kept in touch. The rumours about Mike have spread, it’s not just our grade that knows. Gail has heard it at the middle school. She asked me if I had heard it, and said her friends had begun to giggle and whisper among themselves when her brother approached.”

“Hey it’s pretty obvious from the way Mike’s been behaving lately that he knows his secret’s out there! He knows we all know! How humiliating and embarrassing must that be for one of the best looking guys in the ninth grade to know everyone knows he’s a ‘baldy’ and probably has the smallest cock in the whole high school!”

“Gail told me her parents’ know Mike’s secret too,” Cassidy added. “Seems they too had noticed he had become moody, temperamental and sometimes even abusive. He has also become real mean and bullying towards Gail since he started high school.”

“That’s so not on, guys have to learn to treat females with respect!” I asserted.

“Gail said that at first her parents put Mike’s behaviour down to the changes that normally occur in teenagers and had grounded him, telling him that they would not tolerate such attitude.”

“Really, perfect boy Mike Cesare grounded? Wish I could have been there to see that,” I exclaimed.

“According to Gail, when Mike became worse and started to be reluctant about going to school, feigning headaches, stomach aches, and other excuses, Mr. and Mrs. Cesare became really worried that it was more than just teenage angst, and sent him along to Dr. Sutherlands for a complete physical.”

“Did Gail get to sit in on the physical?”

“No” Cassidy replied, “She had to remain in the waiting room with her parents.”

“Really? Only Mike went in to see the doctor?”

“Yeah, from what Gail said… I think so”

“Way too much privacy for a boy, his mum should have at least been there to see it. Guys are so modest when they have no reason to be.”

“Yeah aren’t they just,” Cassidy replied.

“Gail must be close to thirteen years old now, and my mum would say that’s more than a suitable age for Gail to establish that as a girl, she is more mature and thus has a right to observe her older brothers physical.”

“But even though no one went in while Mike was with the doctor, his parents went in afterwards. Later at home Gail did overheard her parents talking. Seems the rumours might be correct, as she overheard her parents discussing how they had wanted Mike to go on a treatment course of testosterone, but apparently the doctor was reluctant to do so until Mike was fifteen and a half, as the doctor felt there was plenty of time still for nature to take its course.”

“Wow…,” I exclaimed, “… that definitely sounds like the rumours about Mike being a ‘baldy’ with a micro cock might be true then. I just gotta see Mike in the flesh, but how Cassidy… how…? Mike’s parents are not going to let a fourteen year old girl babysit their fourteen year old son just like that.”

“Well… ” Cassidy began.

“Well what Cassidy? Come on you’ve got an idea haven’t you?”

“Well maybe… Gail also mentioned that she overheard her parents discussing a behavioural management program that Dr. Sutherland had suggested for her brother. From what Gail heard, the doctor had warned her parents not to allow Mike’s hormonal and developmental issues to be used as an excuse for bad behaviour.”

“What’s a behavioural management program” I asked?

“From what I can gather, Dr. Sutherland has apparently proposed a program, designed to remove Mike’s overly modest attitude to his ‘private parts’ by making them less ‘private’ thus easing his anxiety and moodiness,” Cassidy said.

“Like… how do you do that?”

“That’s what Gail was so excited about, seems it involves gradual controlled public nakedness, allowing regulated humiliation and embarrassment as a therapy to overcome Mike’s excessive modesty. Apparently it can also be used occasionally as a punishment method as well.”

“Really the doctor wants Mike naked and exposed in public? That sounds like something my mum would come up with, not a doctor. I can hear mum saying now, ‘This program is a very effective tool in training boys with attitude and behavioural problems, and in correcting delinquent boys who do not feel they even have a problem’.”

Cassidy giggled at my comment then responded, “As of the other day however, Mike’s parents had not made up their mind about this new behavioural management program. According to Gail they apparently haven’t been able to come up with a satisfactory means of implementing it.”

“Really? So they actually intend to make Mike naked in public,” I said feeling impressed.

“I think the public bit is only within their house, nothing more radical” Cassidy responded. “But naked in the house is all the opportunity we need. So I was thinking that if we both visited the Cesare household this afternoon whilst taking the dog for another walk, maybe we could get the parents into a discussion like you did with Kyle’s mum,” Cassidy suggested.

“Like convince Mike’s parents that we can teach their son proper respect and behaviour if we baby sat him? Why would they want to pay for a baby sitter when to my knowledge they have never used one before?”

“No, not babysit him, Caitlin. Just offer our expertise in controlling boys’ behaviour. After all we can convince them that it works, we have Mrs. Quinton and Mrs. Cabane as references. You and I are the answer to their problem. We provide the means for Mike’s parents to implement the doctor’s behavioural management program.”

“Oh my god Cassidy, that might just work! Yes… yes, we don’t have to babysit. We can just come over and supervise some naked house time for Mike. Of course that would include bathing and punishment if he’s been naughty. It will fit neatly into Dr. Sutherland’s program of controlled public exposure, and allow the humiliation and embarrassment to be regulated” I excitedly replied.

“Exactly,” said Cassidy “… and to add to Mike’s humiliation and embarrassment lets try to get permission for us to teach Gail about how to handle boys by observing how we do it with Mike.”

“Oh Cassidy you’re so mean… and I love it!” I excitedly responded.


Before we left on our walk to the Cesare residence, Cassidy and I made sure we were neat and tidy, thus ensuring that we looked as mature and grown up as was possible. Like me, Cassidy was fourteen and a ninth grade freshman. Even though we were the same age, I was much taller at around five foot six whereas Cassidy was around five foot three. Even without makeup we both looked older than fourteen. I had started puberty when I was ten and I seem to remember that Cassidy was not that far behind me. Certainly we both had noticeable breasts and curvaceous bodies by the time we entered Middle school and the sixth grade. With our mature looks and inside knowledge from Gail, I was convinced I could make Cassidy’s idea come to fruition with Mr. and Mrs. Cesare, even though I had never met them.

Gail was excited to see us visit, especially Cassidy who she had had a lot to do with and admired. Mike on the other hand was less than impressed when we were invited in to the Cesare residence by Mrs. Cesare.

I confess I deliberately tried to get a reaction out of him by greeting him as MC.

It worked. He blushed then stormed out of the living room in a huff.

“Mike you come back here and apologise for your rudeness” Mr. Cesare ordered.

Mike however ignored his orders.

“I’m so sorry girls, it’s a phase he’s going through at the moment” Mrs. Cesare apologised.

“I’m going in to ground him for another week. He knows such an attitude is not acceptable” Mr. Cesare informed his wife.

I took the opportunity and replied, “Yes Mrs. Cesare you’re right, boys Mike’s age do seem to always be rude and mouthing off to their parents and stuff. They are so much more immature than girls at the same age.”

“Yes they certainly are” Mrs. Cesare acknowledged.

“Did you know Cassidy and I babysit quite a few older boys, even one in our grade? Do you know Kyle Quinton in our grade Mrs. Cesare?” I asked.

“Ummm no I don’t know him, but I think I may have met his mum at a middle school parents meeting once, but I really don’t know her either.”

“Well it doesn’t matter, but Kyle’s the boy we regularly baby sit from our grade. We only started babysitting him a few weeks back when his mum decided she liked our behaviour management methods. Cassidy and I found Kyle to be just like Mike when we started babysitting him, but we quickly modified his behaviour once he became accustomed to our methods.

Mr. Cesare took the bait first.

“You mention behaviour management techniques, now Caitlin that interests me greatly. Maria and I have been thinking lately that Mike’s behaviour needs a more structured discipline program. May I ask what you do to alter the boys’ behaviour?”

“We set clear and reasonable guidelines as to acceptable behaviour, right from the beginning, but if the boy breaches those guidelines, we act quickly and firmly. We will smack a naughty boy on his bare bottom regardless of age, to reinforce to them who is in control. They very quickly learn the painful consequences of disobeying the rules. My mum has always said that all girls should have the opportunity to babysit boys, even boys their own age or older as we are far more mature. She says it’s good for the boys too, as boys mature later than girls and are far too modest. Naked spankings and having the boy naked at appropriate times, like bath time is the key to our success, it reduces the boy’s excessive modesty, and results in a much better behaved boy.”

“Oh my, that’s so interesting, isn’t it Maria?” Mr. Cesare commented in an excited voice.

I could tell already that he saw us as the answer to implementing Dr. Sutherland’s behaviour suggestion.

After quite a bit more talking about our methods, Mr. and Mrs. Cesare told Cassidy and I all about Dr. Sutherland’s behavioural management program. We all agreed that our methods and Dr. Sutherlands suggestions were almost identical. They openly told us how Mike had not reacted well when the doctor had informed Mike and them after the physical about the program and how it worked.

Even after the doctor had explained to Mike that the program used well studied and proven principles in a tailored and controlled framework that would reduce his excessive modesty and also allow him to develop and control himself in a more disciplined manner than he had been recently, Mike still refused point blank to take part in the doctors suggested program, claiming the doctors idea of publicly carried-out humiliation, embarrassment, and punishment was a form of child abuse and torture!

I commented at that point, “Boys at Mike’s age are so overly modest and immature. My mum says God designed boys with their boy parts on view and girls with their parts hidden. So boys should not have private parts, and girls should. She says boys have way too much false modesty.”

His mum agreed saying Mike had especially objected to the doctor about the nude modesty reduction part of the program.

Mr. Cesare added that he was certain Mike would be a very unwilling, uncooperative and difficult participant in what was planned.

Mrs. Cesare agreed with this but told us that they had made up their minds that although some of the components of the program were a little radical, the end goal was to return Mike to his previous less modest self, and with this in mind he would be made to go naked at certain times at home no matter how much he objected.

My heart pounded and my breath nearly stopped when she said this. I’m sure Cassidy’s did too.

To cement our involvement, I gave Mrs. Cesare, Mrs. Quinton’s cell number and they had had a long talk whilst Cassidy and I spent some time with Gail in her room.

After Mrs. Cesare had finished her phone conversation I heard mumbled chatter as she talked with her husband in the living room for a while and then she came to Gail’s room and asked Cassidy and I to come back to the living room for a private chat.

Leaving a disappointed Gail, we both followed Mrs. Cesare back into the living room.

“Mrs. Quinton was glowing in her praise of your methods, so my husband and I would be ever so pleased if you both would take control of Mike’s nude modesty reduction sessions. If you can come over three or four days a week after dinner and bathe Mike that would be wonderful. After you bathe Mike we have decided to follow the doctor’s suggestion and insist that Mike remains naked for a family nude modesty reduction session, until his dad or I give permission to dress or go to bed.”

Mr. Cesare then added, “Of course we will watch to see things don’t get carried too far.

When Cassidy’s raised the suggestion Gail should be trained in dealing with boys, the Cesare’s were at first reluctant to agree.

When Cassidy asked why, Mr. Cesare said that Gail’s attitude of late had not been good.

Lots of discussion then took place about Gail, and it was agreed after I made a very radical suggestion that it would be beneficial for Gail to be trained in dealing with boys, especially older boys by experienced people like Cassidy and I. As girls most certainly were more mature than boys.

My radical suggestion was that Gail should also have some nude behaviour reduction sessions. Mr. Cesare was very enthusiastic about my suggestion. Mrs. Cesare eventually agreed as well after emphasising that girls should be modest, and thus Gail needed more privacy than Mike.

The compromise that was agreed upon was that we would bath Gail in private until her attitude showed a period of continued improvement.

Mr. Cesare in particular was pleased with this outcome, as it gave him the opportunity of saying that both his children were having naked time when Mike objected to his session, as he knew he surly would do.

I confess I made the suggestion because I was becoming fascinated with Gail. She was twelve years old nearly thirteen and I was intrigued to find out if the late development trait ran in the family, or Mike was the exception. Gail appeared to be showing some signs of breast development but her body shape was still girlish!

By the end of our visit all was organised!

Gail could hardly contain her excitement when her mother told her she would be able to watch her brother stripped and bathed by us and maybe even get to wash his naked body! That excitement soon faded however when Mrs. Cesare informed her daughter that due to her recent sassy attitude, Cassidy and I would be bathing her before her brother’s bath.”

Gail, showing more common sense than boys her age would ever have, protested briefly but then accepted her mum’s decision when it was pointed out that at the moment her nude time was only in the bathroom in front of Cassidy and I, but that it could be extended to include participation in her brother’s very public family nude modesty reduction session.

Mike of course knew nothing of any of these developments or the plan that Cassidy and I would return after dinner that very Sunday night, to implement the first stage of his modesty reduction and behaviour modification program and Gail’s first naked behaviour punishment session!

With his defiant attitude to the program, that evening’s first stripping of Mike naked was shaping up to be very challenging!

At home my mum, being the strong feminist that she is, was very understanding when I could hardly eat any of my dinner that night; such was my nervous excitement and anticipation. I knew Cassidy would be feeling the same.

Mike was nowhere near as understanding when Cassidy and I turned up at his house again after dinner. His displeasure turned to outright anger when Mr. Cesare informed him of why we were there.

“No one’s going to make me get naked,” Mike asserted, besides Gail isn’t, so it’s not fair.”

Some of the defiance was momentarily knocked out of Mike when Mr. Cesare informed him Gail was also having a naked session.

“No way,” Mike gasped.

“Yes Mike, you’re both to get naked,” Mrs. Cesare responded. “You, just as Dr. Sutherland’s program suggested to reduce your excessive modesty, and Gail will also be naked. But only in front of Cassidy and Caitlin as girls should be modest, so her naked time will be more private than yours unless she misbehaves.

“I’m not doing this,” Mike asserted again.

“That’s what you think,” countered his dad, “Your mum and I make the rules in this house and you kids obey.”

“If we tell you to get naked, you get naked,” said Mrs. Cesare.

“No way, it’s child abuse!” Mike again asserted.

Despite Mike’s protests, Mr. and Mrs. Cesare then explained the rules they had established for Cassidy and myself to work with, including after bath nudity for Mike to reduce his excessive modesty.

“Cassidy and Caitlin can’t be allowed to see me naked,” protested Mike, “Dr. Sutherland said my naked time would be in private.”

“We’re at home, and that’s a private place,” Mrs. Cesare replied.

“But… ”

“No ‘buts’ son,” Mr. Cesare interrupted, “The girls will now take Gail to bath her, and while they’re doing that you can strip down right here to your boxers.”

Gail had been stoic in her silence, and so it came as somewhat of a surprise when Gail made a last half hearted protest in an effort to avoid her own naked fate.

“Can’t I bathe myself, do I have to let the girls do it?”

“Of course you have to let them,” Mrs. Cesare replied, joining her husband in the toughness game, “You heard the rules. Now unless you want to be naked for long periods in the privacy of this house, go with Caitlin and Cassidy right now.”

“Yes, mom,” Gail meekly replied.

“Good girl,” Mr. Cesare replied. “If you behave yourself, and your attitude shows a steady improvement you probably won’t have to do this for too long!”

“Mike, what’s the problem? Start undressing!” I heard Mr. Cesare demanded as Cassidy and I escorted Gail to the bathroom.

Even with the bathroom door closed I could hear Mike arguing still with his father and mother.

I heard Mr. Cesare’s raised voice threaten, “You’ll get extra punishment if you don’t strip down to your boxers immediately. The punishments will only get worse the longer you take.”

The voices died down after that so I presumed Mike had finally capitulated.

Meanwhile, Cassidy had not been idle and had removed all the outer clothing off Gail, leaving her standing in just her bra and panties and, like her brother only a few minutes ago, a deep blush of humiliation covered her face and upper body.

Gail’s tiny training bra left little for the imagination, highlighting what appeared to be small, freshly formed breasts which were small for a girl who was soon to become a teen.

Just as I was beginning to think Mike was the odd one out in the development stakes, Cassidy unhooked Gail’s bra and two wads of tissues fell to the floor in front of her.

Gail sent out a wail of misery as this humiliation happened.

Cassidy quickly whisked Gail’s bra away, exposing her naked chest to view. Late development did run in the Cesare family it seemed. Gail had an almost totally flat chest with little girl brown nipples that showed no sign of any budding.

Before she could recover from her child like breasts being exposed, Cassidy lowered Gail’s panties. Gail tried desperately to hide herself from view with her fingers, but Cassidy slapped her hands away exposing what lay between her thighs. The now totally naked Gail revealed a slightly bulging vulva, nothing more! There was no hair to hide any part of her genital cleft from view.

For a seventh grade girl who was nearly thirteen, Gail could have passed easily as an undeveloped fourth grade student!

I couldn’t resist commenting, “Oh Gail, you’re so flat and hairless, I’ve had hair since I was ten and my little sister Tanya who’s only in the sixth grade, has lots of hair and tits! Why you’re still just a little girl?”

Cassidy joined in commenting, “Just as well guys are designed with their boy parts on view, and girls with their parts hidden which is why boys should be seen naked and girls should not. It would be so embarrassing for all us girls if your secret was exposed.”

“Right into the bath you get Gail,” I ordered.

“But I use the shower, and wash myself,” Gail objected.

“Not whilst you are being punished,” Cassidy asserted.

“Hurry up into the bath Gail or I’ll be smacking your bottom. Have you ever been spanked?” I asked.

“No,” Gail miserably replied.

“Well a mature girl doesn’t need to be spanked! The important thing is your mental maturity? Obviously you lack physical maturity, but I hope you will prove you have mental maturity, by improving your attitude to your parents, and also ensure you cooperate fully with us, understand?”

“Yes,” Gail embarrassingly replied.

I thought to myself, I hope you do. If you end up naked in front of your family because you misbehave, all my arguments about girls being more mature than boys at the same age will be proven wrong.

Gail stepped reluctantly into the bath, and when the water level was sufficient, Cassidy began washing her body.

Soon Gail’s first naked session was over, and she exited the bathroom accompanied by Cassidy and I dressed in her pajamas.

When Mr. Cesare saw us emerge he commanded, “Mike, boxers off, now!”

The blushing Mike stood frozen in place, looking very sexy and very vulnerable in just his boxers.

Exasperated when Mike made no effort to move, Mr. Cesare ordered, “Gail, go take off your brother’s boxers.”

That got Mike moving!

“No, no, stay away from me,” Mike screamed out as he quickly backed away from his advancing sister.

Just as quickly, Mr. Cesare grabbed his retreating son, pinning Mike’s struggling arms behind his back. Cassidy and I moved in to help and steadied his kicking legs, allowing Gail to safely approach her now immobilised big brother.

Gail wasted no time once she got close in reaching out and quickly pulling Mike’s boxers down and off.

Mike’s cock was tiny and hairless!

I was surprised that he actually had a full boner. His cock being so small, there had not been the slightest tenting his boxers.

As the rumours had correctly reported, it appeared to be no more than one and a half inches in length; pencil thin and there was not even a trace of peach fuzz, let alone pubic hair anywhere surrounding it and his equally tiny ball sack.

Gail burst out giggling, which brought a look of reproach from Mr. Cesare.

Even though I had heard all the rumours I confess I was taken by surprise at how small Mike was where it really mattered!”

Mrs. Cesare must have been equally as surprised because she exclaimed before she could stop herself, “Oh my, you really are just a little boy, aren’t you Mike. I know the doctor said you were undeveloped but I didn’t expect this … it’s so … so … so tiny!”

“Maria!” Mr. Cesare admonished and Mrs. Cesare blushed, but not as much as Mike who had a red rash across his face and down his chest.

Soon Cassidy and I, with Gail intently watching our every move, had the totally naked Mike Cesare in the bath and had begun soaping his body, paying special attention to his nips and arse before soaping up his tiny silky smooth cock and balls. A few strokes with my hand over his cock and balls and Mike was groaning so much that I had to cover his mouth with my other hand, in case his parents heard. His little cock and balls were trigger happy and soon Mike reached a dry climax, his body going into spasms before he seemed to momentarily pass out, causing me to grab him.

It was obviously a totally overwhelming experience for him, having what I think was his first orgasm in front of his sister, Cassidy and me.

I don’t think Mike yet realised just how much of an overwhelming experience the next couple of weeks were going to be for him.

After Mike’s bath I deliberately sat next to him as Cassidy and Gail took other seats. He was still totally naked and blushing profusely as he began his modesty reduction program in the privacy of his house but in front of his whole family, Cassidy and I.

When I placed my right hand on the upper part of his left leg and started to gently rub towards his exposed groin, Mike gasped and tensed up even more if that was possible.

Cassidy looked surprised at my brazen move.

Gail giggled again! I tell you that girl is destined to end up naked like her brother, she is I have decided, so immature in body and mind for a seventh grader. How embarrassing for us females is that going to be if it happens!

I had planned this bold move and before Mr. or Mrs. Cesare could question my actions, I said out loud, “Mike, remember your nakedness is not a punishment! It is designed to get you over your excessive modesty.”

“Modesty… modesty… have you seen what I haven’t got between my legs? That’s not modesty that’s humiliation and embarrassment!” Mike replied with passion.

“It’s only humiliation and embarrassment because you let it be,” I replied.

‘Yeah sure… and when the guys, especially Travis Haussler and David Colby continue to tease me in the change room, what then?”

“They continue to tease you Mike because they get a reaction, they are bullies, you’re above their behaviour Mike, we were all so proud of you last year as our student president, you’re so much more mature in attitude and behaviour than just about all the guys in our grade and the grades above us. Does your penis rule your brain – like most guys, Mike? … I don’t think so! Truth is I think you’re cute the way you are, big hairy guys can be a bit of a turn off in some ways you know.”

Mr. Cesare blushed at this last comment and his wife was smiling.

Coinciding with my comment about his penis my fingers reached his balls and then his tiny, but raging erection.

Again Mike gasped and I noticed Mr. Cesare move positions in an obvious attempt to hide his own boner!

“Thanks,” was all Mike could mutter, his mind distracted by my exploring fingers.

“While we work on getting your self confidence back, Mike, I have decided that Cassidy and I will also work on a way to get back at Travis Haussler and David Colby, if those two are the main ones bullying you?”

“Yes … yes they are, but what can you do to help?”

“Honestly, I don’t know at this point in time, but we will think of something, I promise.”

“Oh son why didn’t you tell us you were being teased and bullied, we would have gone to the school about it, I’ll make an appointment tomorrow,” Mrs. Cesare said with concern.

“Mrs. Cesare, please don’t do that,” I stated, which caused both Mike’s parents to look questioningly towards me and Mike to look at me with an expression that clearly signified thanks!

“High school guys like to fight their own battles wherever possible. Let Cassidy and I work on this with Mike. I think both Travis Haussler and David Colby would benefit greatly from doing some naked behavioural management time by the sounds of it”

“Travis Haussler naked now that would be a sight’ Cassidy blurted out!

Gail giggled yet again!

“Cassidy,” I admonished. Here I was being so mature and she comes out with a statement like that!

“Not as much a sight as you might think,” Mike interrupted, a smile crossing his face for the first time, “… he’s hairy but if he didn’t have all that body hair, from what I’ve seen, his boy parts aren’t that big.”

I was getting the taste for stripping guys naked and my mind was already thinking of how I could accomplish this with Travis Haussler and David Colby? It would take some time I suspected but I was determined to get both boys naked and by the sounds of it hairless as well, I just had to come up with the means of doing so!

For now though I was satisfied, the hunt for Mike’s cock was accomplished, and thanks to my help Mike had made a start in overcoming his modesty and gaining back his self esteem.

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