The Honeymoon Hiccup

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By Largo Scuro (


Warning: This story contains scat, if this fetish offends you then do not read this story.


I lurched over the toilet and began to vomit. My bride’s excrement tasted just as horrible coming back up as it did going down. Standing behind me, my new wife Sindi and her new lover, Clyde, were locked in a passionate embrace. I was certain they were utterly oblivious to me. I was about to stand corrected.

“Tom is throwing up my last bowel movement,” Sindi said softly to her black stud-meat, in that little girl voice, “And I’ve got a belly full of your sperm. I never thought a man could have such power over one person, let alone two.”

I could almost hear her squeezing Clyde’s biceps. “I know what people need,” Clyde responded. “And I know how give it to them. You needed this big black dick — your husband, the taste of regurgitated shit.”

My body convulsed as I wharfed up the next round of brown puke. “Mm-hmmffffff!!” More of my lovely Sindi’s turds flew out of my helpless mouth and nose, splattering into the bowl. This had to be the single worst night of my life, hands down, no contest.

I was almost done now. I looked briefly at the toilet’s contents. Sniffed its sickening stench. It was like I had a bout of diarrhea from the wrong end. Tiny chunks of stool mixed with some undigested portions of my reception dinner swam on a surface of a murky, tinted water. I was quivering. Never had I felt so completely humiliated, so emotionally devastated.

My abdomen gave my stomach a final violent squeeze, unleashing one last spurt of shit/vomit. Bile burned the back of my throat and nostrils as it came rushing out. Then — I was done. I sighed a little. Or was it Sindi sighing at the sight of Clyde’s growing cock again — oh, who the hell knows?

I hung onto the cool toilet rim, spitting absently into that dirty water, dizzy. When I was finally as composed as someone in my shape can be, I flushed and looked up at the mirrored wall behind the toilet. Through the dried streaks of Clyde’s smeared piss and cum I could see myself. One eye was nearly swollen shut. Blood stained everything from my left nostril down to my tuxedo shirt, and further down onto my pants I gazed beyond myself — at Sindi — who kissing Clyde deeply, accepting his tongue.

My bride may not have had her panties on anymore, but she was still wearing her white stockings and her white “Honeymoon Shelf Bra”, which cupped the bottoms of her bountiful breasts, yet exposed her big pink nipples and-irony of ironies-her white wedding veil! Clyde was still in his black turtleneck, though he’d been out of his pants within moments of his arrival.

How long had it been anyway? It seemed like days I’d been trapped in this bathroom watching Sindi give her supple body to this horse-cocked bastard like some trailer trash whore. I looked at my watch. 11 o’clock! Jeez, it had only been three hours since Clyde knocked on our door, precipitating the end of a marriage that had barely begun…


The day couldn’t have been more perfect. The church. The reception. Sindi. Me. Everything went so smoothly, so wonderfully. It was like a fantasy come true. Sindi and I had a very long engagement, almost two years. So we were able to get very meticulous about how our wedding day would unfold.

We hired a band instead of a DJ but made sure to record a tape of our favorite songs, which would be piped in while the band was on break. We put a couple of little bride-and-groom trolls on top of the wedding cake. We’re big fans of line dancing, so we handed out cowboy hats to all our guests and line danced to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” These little touches made our wedding day so memorable.

The wedding night would be even more memorable but for touches (both big and little) that I’d rather forget.

We left the banquet hall while the reception was still in full-swing and snuck a drink in the hotel bar, accepting myriad congratulatory handshakes and hugs from the bar’s patrons. The bartender even took care of our drinks. Every guy in the place was staring at Sindi. That wedding dress was very classy and elegant but nothing ever designed could restrain the curves of my wife’s voluptuous body.

I was sitting on top of the world. I was the guy who was going to get some of what these men were all lusting after. At this point I hadn’t noticed the handsome black man sitting in a booth behind us, though I would learn later Clyde had been back there, eye planted firmly on my bountiful young bride.

After we finished our drinks we went up to the room, kissing each other the whole ride up on the elevator. I carried her across the threshold into our beautiful eleventh story honeymoon suite. I plopped her down on the bed, got on top of her kissed her some more.

“That has been the best day of my life,” I told her.

“It’s only going to get better, baby,” she cooed, “Wait till you see what I’ve got under this dress –”

Oh I’d see what she was wearing eventually. But that’s all I’d be able to do. Is look.

I started patiently unhooking the back of her dress. She reached down and felt the tiny bump in my pants. Yep, I was hard and yep, I’m so poorly endowed that tiny is as big as I get. A good three and a half inches as a matter of fact. But that didn’t matter right now. It would later on, but for now I was giddy with the anticipation of making love to my wife. Mrs. Me! It was truly intoxicating.

Then the moment was lost. Forever. When — Sindi started hiccupping. The first time she did it made us laugh. Then she hiccupped again. We both paused now and waited. Sure enough she hiccupped a third time. “Maybe some (hic!) water’d do the (hic!) trick, dear (hic!),” she said shyly.

Dutiful new husband I was I jumped up and raced to the wet bar where I found some bottled water in the fridge. I cracked the seal and handed it to my bride. She sat up in bed drinking. I sat beside her, stroking her back. She’d be done with the water in a minute and we’d get back to business. For now she was drinking from the water bottle, lipsticked mouth wrapped around its tip, dainty hand holding the cylindrical container. My teeny weenie was doing cartwheels in my pants. Her eyes rolled toward me and smiled as she drank. She knew what was on my mind. She stopped drinking and waited, then HICCUP!

“You know what (hic!) might help,” Sindi said huskily, leaning forward on the bed, rubbing her upper chest, “If I breathed (hic!) into a paper bag (hic!).”

“Paper bag, paper bag…” I said to myself as I began to think. Nope, they don’t usually stock hotel rooms with a supply of paper bags in case someone gets the hiccups. “Shit, I might have to go get one at the gift shop…”

“Fiddlesticks,” Sindi chuckled, hiccupped, then took a big gulp out of the bottle, swallowing deeply, “Call room service. This (hic!) water’ll do me fine till they (hic!) get here.”

Whatever suited my beautiful new wife. No sooner had I picked up the phone than there was a knock at the door.

“Ooo, honey,” Sindi waved, “That’s (hic!) probably somebody who (hic!) works here, go tell them (hic!).”

I hung up the phone and ran over to the door. I quickly looked through the peephole, seeing a young African-American man in a black turtleneck through the fish eye glass. I cautiously opened the door, making sure to be ready to close it quickly just in case. I mean, you watch enough news programs on stuff like this happening, you get wary of strangers knocking on hotel doors.

Clyde was a strapping young man. Big shouldered, tiny-waisted, long-legged.

And blacker than black. He smiled courteously at me and shuffled a little. “Sorry to interrupt things”, he said with a wink. Off my intentionally blank expression, he continued, “You were down in the bar a few minutes ago, right? Happy couple, just married?”

“Yes,” I said, skepticism brewing, arm poised to slam the door in his face.

“I think the bride dropped this,” he said and held up in one of his large meaty hands a tiny silver ring, just like the one I gave Sindi on her birthday back in our courting days. I looked closely at it. It bore a piece of amethyst, Sindi’s birthstone.

“You don’t work here,” I said firmly, “How did you get our room number?”

“Oh, hey, it’s cool,” he said, taken aback, “I just overheard you guys, everybody down at the bar heard there was gonna be a ‘fireworks show up in 1106′, remember?”

I nodded, trying to hide my embarrassment. I was the one who yelled that “fireworks” line mere moments ago.

“Who is it (hic!) dear?” came Sindi’s voice from behind me.

I could see Clyde crane his neck, straining to get a glimpse of her. He wouldn’t yet as she was on the bed. It was around the corner from the bathroom, which blocked the view. Ahh yes, the bathroom. Where the last shreds of decency I possessed would be ripped away from me faster than my wife’s wedding gown. But I digress.

“Sin, are you wearing your birthday ring?” I asked.

Pause. “(hic!) Hey!” was Sindi’s confused reply.

She came around the corner now, hiccupping, looking at her right hand. Clyde drank in her body. Sindi stopped when she saw Clyde over my shoulder.

“Oh hi –” she said eyes cascading up and down Clyde’s physique. That turtleneck was a little snug. I started realizing Clyde could be considered what women call “a specimen.” Without looking at me Sindi said, “Oh! There it is –” She smiled at the sight of the ring, then looked up at Clyde’s handsome face. That was the end of her hiccups.

“Here you go,” Clyde said handing it past me to her. “It was under one of the bar stools downstairs.”

“Thank you,” Sindi said, absently putting it back on, “I deliberately lost a few pounds for the big day. I guess some came off my fingers!”

“There are worse places for a woman like yourself to lose weight from,” Clyde quipped, eyes dropping to the rest of her body then back up to her blushing face. She’d taken this lascivious compliment like a box of candy! “I’m Clyde by the way.”

“Sindi,” my new bride said in a faraway voice.

“Thanks a lot, Clyde, nice meeting ya,” I remarked, then slammed the door in Clyde’s face. I was about to get back to business with Sindi but noticed she had undergone some kind of metamorphosis in the last thirty seconds.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” the blushing bride said shouldering past me, throwing the door open again, “Could you be any ruder, Tom?” she snapped in a voice that was more customary for a wife of seven years than seven hours. Clyde was still on the other side of the threshold, amused at Sindi’s behavior.

“What?” I said utterly puzzled.

“This gentleman returns your birthday present to me, which could have been lost forever, and you slam the door in his face?” Giving me a searing look, she turned to Clyde, features softening. “Would you like something? A drink, something to eat? We’ll call room service.”

Clyde looked a little unsure, “Oh I don’t know, that sounds like an awful imposition on your wedding night.”

“Oh it’s no imposition at all, here,” Sindi pushed me aside, begging the young man entry into our honeymoon suite.

“Dear…” I said, stopping when she glared at me.

“If you insist,” Clyde said and walked right into our honeymoon suite like he owned the place. Sindi watched him walk by, eyes planted in his firm butt.

Clyde whistled loudly. “Nice.”

Keeping her eyes on him Sindi muttered so he couldn’t hear, “You can say that again.” She then followed him into the room where he plopped that “nice” ass down in a seat at the table.

“What can we get for you, Clyde?” Sindi said leaning on the table so her large breasts were right at Clyde’s eye level.

“Mmm,” Clyde mused loudly, practically yanking that wedding dress off with his eyes, “Tanqueray and tonic!” he said, clapping his hands together, licking his lips.

Sindi smiled at him a second then looked up at me angrily. Hell, I was still standing at the open door to the hotel room. Tell the truth I felt like walking right out and going back down to the bar for another drink. Though I’d have a tough time explaining to all those people who’d just congratulated us exactly why I returned. Especially after the young black man just left the bar to return one of the bride’s lost trinkets to her.

This is where I noted that had Sindi never gotten the hiccups, we would have been so deep in the heat of passion Clyde’s knock would have gone unanswered.
Tomorrow, on the plane to Hawaii, she would have noticed the ring was gone and I would have promised to replace. Instead this was happening.

“Wake up, Tom!” Sindi barked, “The man wants a Tanqueray and tonic.”

Sindi slid her butt up on the table and crossed her legs. Her foot bounced impatiently as I shut the door, walked to wet bar and made the slowest Tanqueray and tonic I could muster. I’m talking one ice-cube at a time. But my passive-aggressive move was not met with the proper response. Instead of getting more pissed off that the drink wasn’t coming fast enough, Sindi turned to Clyde and the two began to hit it off.

By the time I was done mixing the drink, Sindi’d already told her our whole life story, how we met, how I proposed to her, the reception. And Clyde in turn had told her about he had just gotten fired as a wedding limo chauffeur. The reason? “I guess I dicked one bride too many,” he confessed with a rich laugh. Sindi busted into an embarrassed giggle at what I was to find out was no joke.

I handed Clyde his beverage and sat on the bed across from them. He slumped in his chair a little and planted his feet apart. He was wearing white pants and no underwear from what I could gather. And I gathered quite a bit let me tell you. There was a massive bulge on the left side of his inseam. It was plain to see his length and thickness.

Hell, I could even tell he’d been circumcised! And the kicker? His penis was still flaccid! This man was fucking equipped. Panicking, I quickly looked up at Sindi. Her eyes were deadlocked on that thick piece of black pipe, jaw agape.

Clyde’s eyes narrowed at Sindi, “Well, somebody’s checking out the merchandise,” he said in a disgusted tone.

Sindi gasped and immediately looked away, blushing again, getting all flustered, “Oh, I’m so sorry – I just couldn’t help – Please take it as a compliment!”

Then Clyde turned to me, “I wasn’t talking about you.”

This prompted Sindi to look up at me in pity. “You have to be kidding me, Tom.”

My face flushed and my mouth went bone dry. Nonetheless I did manage to get out a good “W-what?”

“You were scoping out Clyde’s package?” she sneered.

“Hmmm,” Clyde said in a mocking tone winding up for another witticism, “Maybe Tom’s short for Tomasina? He may dress, talk and act like a man but let’s face it, even the butchest of lezzies don’t have a big dick. She got to look out of sheer curiosity.”

I was fuming, but what came next hit me between the eyes.

“You’re half right, Clyde,” Sindi said, snickering.

“About the lesbian part?” Clyde smiled, stirring the drink I had fucking made for him, wishing now I’d spiked it with arsenic.

“About the not-having-a-big-dick part,” Sindi finished.

No, no, no, this couldn’t be! How could my wife have told this strange man something as intimate as that? She was breaking vows left and right here. “Now wait a minute,” I said, trying to sound like Dirty Harry (which prompted me to wonder if lack of manhood was the reason that he carried that .357 Magnum around). “We haven’t even seen Clyde’s dick.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sindi said, looking at me as if I had three heads.

I puffed myself up and actually said this: “All we’re looking at is a bulge in his pants. I may not have a dick that big, but I sure as hell have bunched up tube socks that are!”

Tom laughed, feeling no sting at my accusation.

My wife on the other hand looked mortally offended. “Oh!” she bellowed, “You are totally fucking disrespectful sometimes you know that?” SHE was calling ME disrespectful?

“Easy, baby,” Clyde touched Sindi’s shoulder and she relaxed a little, “You just hurt the man’s pride and he’s taking it out on the biggest target.”

Sindi smirked at the pun as Clyde turned to me. “Tom, my man,” he said, in a friendly tone, leaning forward “I never been married but I know how judgmental wives can be. My gramps used to say he never knew he was a lousy lay until he got married. A husband can never perform up to his wife’s standards in or out of the bed. It’s a given. Now I’m sure your dick isn’t as small as she says.”

“Show him, dear,” Sindi said breaking the mood, “Show him little Tom-Tom.”

I pondered if it would be worth going to jail if I killed Sindi for saying that.

But Clyde was good at mediation. “I’ll settle this one in a simple way that isn’t embarrassing for Tom,” Clyde said in that understanding tone. He stood up and walked over to me so that he was between us and his back was to Sindi. “I’ll show you mine. Say yes if you’re as big, say no if you’re not.”

I was a little skeptical at this one but after a moment nodded okay. It seemed like the most logical thing to do, given that my own wife just told this guy, who she didn’t even know, that I had a little dick.

“OH CAN I SEE IT?!” Sindi shouted, jumping off the table.

Clyde put a hand behind him, stopping her, “This is between men, baby,” he called her baby again, jeez! “I’m not ready to show myself to no strange woman.” He was right about that. And Sindi was getting stranger by the moment. Disappointed, Sindi went back and sat on the table behind Clyde.

He stepped toward me, crotch at my face level. “Ready, Tom?” he asked gently.

I just looked up at him and gulped. He unzipped his fly, reached in and — I watched the part of his prick that had been dangling below his inseam, slide upward as — he pulled out the longest thickest organ I had ever seen! He let it drop between his legs and swing like an enormous black pendulum. It was proportionately large, as if I was looking at Clyde’s reflection in a fun house mirror, one in which his crotch was exaggerated.

The smooth round head was the size of a golf club. And to make matters worse, it was a visually pleasing cock. I’ve never desired to look at another man’s sex before but I couldn’t help appreciate the beauty of this man’s thick, black. “Well?” Sindi shouted from behind him, “Yes if you’re as big, no if you’re Not.”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. This cock made me feel like I had nothing at all between my legs. Compared to Clyde I really was a woman, “No,” I said finally, voice quivering, “N-n-nowhere near as big as that.” I quickly dried my eyes and looked away.

Clyde shrugged and stuffed his tremendous manhood back into his pants. He walked back over to his seat and sat down. I noticed Sindi looking at me, one eyebrow cocked, like she had something over on me and there was nothing I could do about it. She looked at Clyde and smiled. He took a sip of his drink. “Good Tanqueray and tonic, my man.” This was the last nice thing Clyde said to me.

“So when do I get to see it?” Sindi asked.

“Sindi, God!” I said, “Can we just…”

“I don’t like showing my beef to some woman I just met but…” he rubbed his chin and looked at me, Heaven knows why. Then he looked back at Sindi, “I’ll make an exception if you show me something first.”

I thought of Popeye. That’s all I can stand, I can’t stand no more!! I stood up, “You can’t talk to her like that!” I yelled at him, walking up to his chair. “This is a married woman, I’m her husband and I won’t allow it!” I grabbed Clyde’s shoulder. Big mistake.

I barely saw Clyde’s fist leave the armrest it flew so fast, slamming into my stomach like a torpedo. I fell to my knees, the wind knocked out of me. For a moment I was seeing stars. Then the stars were gone but I was now bathed in cold sweat.

Clyde’s sledgehammer fist pounded me again, this time in the face. I sailed backward, landing on the corner of the bed. A piercing pain shot through me back as I slumped over. I could feel the side of my face begin to swell. Blood started drizzling out of my nose and onto my shirt. I pinched my upper lip and raised my head to halt the flow.

Clyde was now standing above me, “You try any physical intimidation with me again,” Clyde said quietly with a withering look, “I’ll throw you out the mutherfucking window.”

I was too scared to do or say anything. Clyde may not have been the tallest or the widest, but he could sure pack a wallop. Whatever concern Sindi had for my well-being seemed to be overridden by awe at Clyde’s brute strength. “You should listen to him, dear,” she said, looking at Clyde. “I think he means it.”

Clyde turned to Sindi and in an apologetic tone said, “Look I think I’m just gonna go, if that’s all right with you. I’m sure it’s all right with him.”

“No,” Sindi ordered to my utter dismay, “You sit right back down in that chair. You didn’t just beat the hell out of my husband for nothing.”

“What?” Clyde said, echoing my thoughts.

“I want to show you something,” she said, licking her lips.

Clyde gave me an amused look, then sat back down in his chair.

Sindi couldn’t get started fast enough. Facing Clyde, she reached behind her and slowly began undoing in the hooks in her wedding dress, one by one. I noted that I had unhooked just enough so that she didn’t even need any help with the first few. Pretty soon she had the last undone. She slid her dress down, wiggling her curvaceous body as she did so. From my angle, which was pretty much the floor behind them, I noticed Sindi was wearing a bra.

As the dress came down below her waist I could see she was wearing a white thong. This was the first time I’d ever see her wearing one of those and boy did it look good. The cheeks of her bubble but stood out like side-by-side hot air balloons, and not a tan line in sight. Her wedding gown cascaded down those long, perfect legs sheathed in white hose and finally, dropped to her dainty feet, encased in a pair of white heels.

Clyde looked her over with distant approval. She could show him more.

Sindi unclipped the cups of her special bra, giving Clyde a view of her nipples. Two buttons fastened her thong, one at each hip. With a quick “Snap! Snap!”, a tug and a toss, she was suddenly pantiless. She stood before him, shoulders back, arms at her hips. “Well?” she asked, “Have I earned the right to see what you’ve got down there? Am I worthy?”

“Yeah, baby,” Clyde nodded, standing up, “I just got to take a leak first.”

Clyde walked past Sindi over me without even looking down. For a split second I was afraid he was going to step on my crotch. He didn’t.

“I can’t wait anymore!” Sindi protested, twirling after him. I looked up at her in all her naked glory, pouting like a spoiled kid.

“What the fuck, you can watch,” Clyde said matter-of-factly.

Sindi DID step on my crotch as she walked over me, chasing him to the bathroom.

Holding my aching canastas, I could see Sindi run up to the bathroom door and stop. She looked in and smiled shyly, blinking her big blue eyes theatrically, clasping her hands at her bush so her huge half-bare tits squeezed together. “Can Sindi hold it for daddy?” she said in that sexy little girl voice of hers. Giggling, she hurried in. I scrambled to my feet and ran up to the door. The sight before me made my stomach churn.

Clyde was facing the toilet, which was all the way in the big bathroom, on the wall to my left. His hands were on his hips. Sindi was slightly in front of him and to his left, her back to me. I couldn’t see her face and she was blocking my view of the below-the-belt action but the soundtrack told the story well enough.


Sindi: “Oh WOW!”


Sindi: “Oh! Jesus, how do you get dressed? I’ve never seen a cock so…”

“Just shut up and aim,” Clyde said impatiently.

Sindi suddenly flinched, just before the unmistakable WIZZZZZZ of Clyde’s urine flowing into the bowl began.

“This is fuckin’ great!” Sindi cheered looking Clyde’s cock drain itself.

Clyde finally saw me at the doorway, “I think hubby wants to watch –” he said with disdain.

Sindi didn’t look back, just yelled, “Ooh Tom honey! Come over here you’ve got to see this thing in action. It’s like a fuckin’ fire hose!”

Feeling wanted again, I slowly walked into the bathroom. Another big mistake. I walked up behind Sindi and looked over her shoulder. She had that monster cock in her hand, directing the stream with little movements of her wrist. She’s a lefty, so that diamond engagement ring winked back at me every few seconds. Clyde’s piss was shooting out at an incredible volume and rate. This was one guy who really could piss like a racehorse.

“Get a better look,” she said making room for me. “I’m writing my name, see,” I scootched in further. I saw her make an opposing crescent motion, “S” she said continuing to write in the toilet water, “I-N-D –” then suddenly turned the dick upward, squirting me right in the eye with Clyde’s piss!! I immediately turned and ran back to the other end of the bathroom.

“EYE!!” she said, laughing like a she was on ether or something, letting the stream flay this way and that, hitting the mirror, the sink the floor, before re-aiming it at the bowl again.

Clyde was laughing now, “You’re one piece of work, bitch!” he said.

It was here that I first caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, which was basically the entire wall of the bathroom the toilet was on. I was wet with Clyde’s piss. The spot on my face where his fist connected was swollen pretty bad. My nosebleed had stopped, but there was blood all over the lower half of my face and my shirt, which by the way I would have to pay the tuxedo place for.

Clyde’s stream of piss ended. Little rivulets of his piss streaked down the mirror, remnants of Sindi’s little prick waving venture. In the reflection I had a clear view of Sindi’s face and Clyde’s massive cock, gripped in her little white hand.

“Okay now shake it,” Clyde ordered. Sindi did and few more drops of urine dribbled into the toilet. “Shake it some more,” Clyde said and Sindi obeyed, shaking it again. “Some more –” Clyde said a little softer. Sindi shook it again. This time it was noticeably thicker, and growing by the second.

“Holy shit –” Sindi said, amazement in her voice. That dick was already a third bigger than when I first laid eyes on it!

“Some more,” Clyde said.

Sindi shook the stiffening member again. It had now increased its length by seventy-five percent and showed no signs of slowing down.

“Keep shaking it, don’t stop,” came Clyde’s next command.

Sindi complied, shaking his magnificent penis. It flopped and flopped in her hand until it could no longer flop. At what I estimate was at least twelve inches, Clyde’s cock was now a gigantic rigid tool that merely bobbed up and down like a diving board. Sindi knew what that big dick wanted next and instinctively started stroking it in her left hand, diamond engagement ring and wedding band glistening on her ring finger. The thick sounds of her palm against his dick-meat came in a steady rhythm. Thuck — thuck — thuck — thuck.

Every once in a while she’d cup the head of his prick, squeeze, then go back to caressing the shaft.

“Take out my balls,” he ordered.

As Sindi stroked with her left hand, she got behind him and reached around his waist with her right. She went into his fly and came out with a pair of lime-
sized balls encased in a nutsack that looked like it was made of black velvet. Peeping at his prick from inside the crook of his underarm, she cradled, caressed and rolled the balls with her right hand as she spanked him with her left, picking up momentum. Thuck, thuck, thuck, thuck —

I didn’t know how long this went on for. I was in a state of partial hypnosis. I was out of my body. Here was a beautiful woman loving this massive genitalia with her small mothering hands. It was really quite erotic. Clyde’s voice finally took me out of my trance.

“Faster, bitch,” he commanded. My wife complied, stroking faster.

Thuck-thuck-thuck-thuck –“Okay get ready,” he said.

“Yeah –” Sindi whispered, eyes aglow and fastened on that gargantuan tool.

I could see him tense up. “Unnngggghhh.” He moaned and out that gargantuan love muscle shot a wad of thick come. It splattered on the mirror just about the toilet tank with a loud SPLATCH! Both Sindi and I gasped at Clyde’s volume and trajectory. Sindi spanked harder and faster as another big spurt blasted out of that huge penis, joining the first shot, which was now running down the mirror. The third ejaculation hit a small slender bottle of conditioner, knocking it over.

I couldn’t believe it. Neither could Sindi. She stared at the cock in her hand as if it were some supercharged weapon from the future. THUCK-THUCK-THUCK-THUCK! A fourth shot joined the gathering mess on the mirror. Then a fifth, a sixth, a seventh. Finally, Clyde relaxed and smiled at her. Sindi slowed down and stopped slapping that now-softening member, out of breath from the adrenaline she was apparently experiencing. She shook her aching wrist.

“Now, be a good girl and clean up”, he said paternally. Sindi grinned, turned to the sink and gingerly scooped up a Kleenex with her clean hand. Clyde took it from her and tossed it in the trash, “You won’t be needing that”, he said. “Now clean up.” Sindi understood. First she crouched down and licked his cock and balls clean of his sperm. Then she stood before him and licked her left hand, wedding ring and all. She looked like a cat cleaning herself.

Of course this was another humiliation for me. Sindi had always absolutely grossed out by my sperm. Never even wanted to see it. Either I came in her when she was on the pill, or in a condom. Once she licked her hand clean of his cream, she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, attempting to kiss him. He backed off and pulled her arms away. “You didn’t finish cleaning up,” he said impatiently. He looked at the mess on the mirror just above the toilet tank.

It was like someone had assaulted the area with a super soaker filled with egg whites. Sindi turned to him again. He nodded. Obedient slave she’d become, Sindi turned bent over and began to lick. The sperm. Off. The mirror.

Her ass was sticking straight up now. Both Clyde and I could see how wet she was. I didn’t understand how any of what had transpired could constitute foreplay. But then I didn’t even understand how any of what had transpired had transpired.

Clyde pulled his pants off and kicked them aside. His legs and his butt were smooth and muscular, still nowhere near in proportion to that spectacular third leg but quite impressive just the same. As Sindi kept licking the mirror, Clyde reached over to the sink, grabbing a bottle of body oil. He lubed up his soft dick with its contents then bellied up to her ass.

He pulled his big slick cock-up by its massive tip, and let it drop at the top of her crack, making a light slapping noise. He did this several times. Each time, Sindi moaned, as if it excited her. To my shock it was exciting him too. He was getting hard again! “Hmm,” he said to no one in particular, “Which hole should I fuck first? The warm wet pussy? Or the tight little asshole?”

“Sindi told me she will never take it in the ass as long as she lives,” I whimpered.

“Well, thanks Tom,” Clyde grinned, shlong harder than a rock once again, “You just made the choice for me!”

He grabbed his slippery staff by its length, reared back, took aim — then pushed it in as fast as he could go.

Sindi pulled in a deep panicked breath at being violated. Just call my name Sin, I thought, just call my name and I’ll bash this sonofabitch’s head in with the toilet tank lid. It never happened not even after that final, painful inch went in. “Ahh-AHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!” Sindi finally got out and shuddered, biting her jizz-moistened lips. Tom had shoved twelve plus inches up her virgin ass in about a second and a half. Then he started pumping that white rump for all it was worth.

“Heh-heh, your ass is all that, bitch,” he said, pumping harder and faster, like a piston. I marveled at his stamina. I could not believe a guy could come one minute and the next be hard again and fucking with such force and depth. She was moaning in utter content. For the next eternity, I sat helplessly on the edge of the tub and watched Clyde master my wife’s ass with his giant dick.

Still bent over and cleaning the come-stained mirror with her tongue, Sindi began playing with herself. Clyde pulled her hand away. “Just stick to the business at hand, ho,” he said with no respect whatsoever. And who could blame him? Sindi went back to lapping his semen off the mirror like a good dog. But as if the insult wasn’t enough, Clyde hauled back and gave her left butt cheek a smack for the ages.

Sindi bucked at the pain and after a few seconds, a big red handprint appeared. I contemplated how that particular part of her ass-skin was hotter than the pink part. Clyde reached forward and squeezed her extra-large jugs in his big hands, tweaking her nipples, eliciting more cries of pain-filled pleasure from her.

At long last, Clyde’s butt-cheeks clenched and he shoved his dick up her ass one last time, impaling her on it. “Unnnggghhhh –” he moaned and I knew he was unloading deep inside her. After a few moments he relaxed then promptly yanked his cock from Sindi’s anus almost as swiftly as he’d put it in.

“OH!” Sindi shouted in pain, knees buckling slightly. I got a glimpse of her freshly fucked ass and was repulsed. Her sphincter must have been dilated about forty centimeters! And already a rivulet of sperm dribbled forth.

“Oh shit,” Clyde said, “Now who the fuck is gonna clean THIS mess up?”

Sindi looked back at me, sperm eating grin on her face.

I slowly stood and made for the door. I got three steps when I felt Clyde’s massive hand on my shoulder, yanking me backward with such strength I fell backward hitting my head on the floor. He grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled me back toward the toilet. “Ah! Please, don’t do this to me!” Clyde swiveled my legs so that my head was between Sindi’s feet. Already I could feel little droplets of warm, brown goo hitting my forehead.

“Sit on his face, ho,” Clyde commanded. Sindi obeyed immediately and knelt on the floor. Before I knew it her thighs were bracketing my head and her quarter-sized asshole was pressed against my mouth, leaking the remnants of its violation onto my tongue. I could not see what was going on above me, just Sindi’s hairy bush and some of the bottom of the toilet bowl. This much I could tell:

With Sindi directly in front of the toilet now, Clyde sat on it. “I want you to suck on this now. Suck it right and I’ll fuck you the way most women only dream of getting fucked.”

“Uh-huh –” Sindi said insistently.

“Now put your mouth on it and suck it up,” he told her.

I heard her make noises I’d never heard when she sucked me. Gulping, gagging, choking and most bizarre: humming. She abruptly stopped.

“Bitch, what the fuck are you doing?” Clyde asked, irritated, “I didn’t say you could stop.”

“I’m sorry Clyde”, Sindi said, “It’s just — your dick had some kind of laxative effect on me. I have to take a huge dump and I have to take it now!”

“So take it,” Clyde barked back, “You’re sitting on your own damn Port-A-Potty, now put my cock back in your mouth.”

Huh? I thought. No — no — he didn’t just say that — Her own Port-A-Potty?! I had just finished swallowing the brownulated sperm from her butt and now this?!

“Tom,” Clyde yelled down to me, “You move while she’s doing her business and I’ll punch a hole through your chest.”

What could I do?

“Shit away,” Clyde continued.

To my horror, Sindi’s thighs loosened… and the first wave of shit fell into my mouth. It was warm, wet, and tasted just the way shit smells. I knew I had to do Clyde’s bidding, so I decided to swallow as fast as I could and get it over with. I gulped down log after log of Sindi’s poop, praying she didn’t have a lot to eat at the reception. But her ass wasn’t letting up. It was if Clyde’s humongous cock had given her a high-colonic.

I kept swallowing, trying not to taste it but every once in a while its pungency would hit me and I gagged, causing a backlog of shit-logs in my mouth. At one point I was overflowing but diligently swallowed till I was even with the flow. Sindi did not shit forever. But it sure felt like she had. Eventually and thankfully it came to an end.

“Make sure you lick all the shit off her asshole, son”, Clyde shouted from above. “I don’t want one trace of it left.”

So basically I wiped my wife’s ass with my tongue, which wasn’t that bad. The worst of it was over. I did a good job if I do say so myself. There wasn’t one dingle-berry left when I was done.

Of course Sindi’s cock-sucking had been going on this whole time. She was still humming away, when she wasn’t gagging or gulping.

“Unnngghhh,” came the familiar moan from above. Sindi’s thighs clenched my head and a second later, I could tell she was choking. On his cock as he pressed her head down on it. “Swallow everything, you little ho!” He said. “Ahhh, that’s it!” Clyde slumped on the toilet, finished. For now.

For a second there was silence. Then I could hear the POP of his dick coming out of Sindi’s mouth. She stood up as did Clyde and stood at the sink, facing each other. I slowly rolled over and stood up.

“You were a good girl, Sindi,” Clyde said, touching his forehead to hers.

“You shit in my mouth!” I protested.

Sindi gave me a look that made me feel lower than the lowest form of scum on the planet. I was not longer a man to her. I was no longer a human being. I was a second-class citizen. That’s when my stomach began to reject what I had just put into it. A searing pain hit my and just as I gagged — I lurched over the toilet and began to puke Sindi’s feces back up.

Which brings me full circle. Here I am done with my last wretch. Sindi and Clyde are making out, pants-free, just above me, getting ready to fuck again, this time the way nature had intended. I’d seen enough. I just wanted to leave. I stood up. I started making for the door, when Clyde grabbed my arm and literally threw me back on the toilet so that I was sitting down on it.

“Your breath stinks,” Clyde said. “Tie a towel around your face, bandit-style.”

I did not know what was going on but had no choice. I grabbed a hand towel folded it into a triangle and tied the two furthest ends around the back of my head, letting the rest of it hang over my nose and mouth. Bandit-style. While this probably was best for my company here in the bathroom, every shitty breath I exhaled was automatically blown straight up my nose. It was very hot and uncomfortable too. My neck began to sweat.

Clyde escorted Sindi up to the toilet and had her sit on my lap. Her butt felt good to me there, but I knew she wasn’t getting the same enjoyment of being close to me. To her I was nothing more than a piece of furniture now. Nonetheless I started to spring an erection. Twas a meager hard-on, but a hard-on nonetheless.

Clyde took her by the ankles and spread her legs apart. Sindi used to be a cheerleader so she could practically get her legs to form a continuous line, toe-to-toe. “Tom, hold her legs open just like that,” Clyde said happy with what he saw.

I complied, putting a hand under each thigh, holding Sindi’s legs open. I had to slump back a little, so she wouldn’t slide off my lap. The feeling of her butt against my cock was making me feel a little horny despite the circumstances.

Clyde put his hand between her legs and did something I couldn’t see as I was once again in the shitty seats. Anyway, Sindi sighed at his touch. “You’re so wet you make water feel like sand.” Clyde said, looking into her eyes, cocksure look on his face.

He grabbed her knees and hoisted that unbelievable cock up to her lips. Teased her with the head. “Unnnhh…” came her soft plea for him to stick it in. He did. “Oooo! Yeaaahh!!” she moaned as he fed her inch by blessed inch. I could feel her thighs tense as her breathing quickened. “Uh, uh, uh,” she muttered. She was sweating know. “Oh God, it’s too big, Clyde!” she cried suddenly. “You’re going to break me in half!”

“Relax that cunt, baby,” Clyde whispered, “I’m almost home.”

“AHHH!!” she cried out, cupping his face in her hands, “I love you.”

Clyde moved up and got cheek to cheek with her. I could smell the gin and tonic on his breath as his face was mere inches from mine. He never looked at me, just past me. I was extremely aroused at this point. Clyde closed his eyes and bit my lovely Sindi’s ear. Her body was starting to glisten with sweat.

Clyde slowly pushed in and out of her. From the light slapping noise I could tell their pubis had met. He had actually gotten that thing all the way in her! The thought of this made me tingle all over for reasons I have yet to comprehend. Clyde made huge pumping motions, which quickened by degrees. I could indirectly feel his pumping as Clyde’s massive thrusts pushed Sindi’s body against mine.

Sindi began to quake like I’d never seen before. Clyde planted each hand on the toilet tank lid for better leverage and pumped her even harder. I thought she was going to explode the way she was quaking. “Yeah, bitch”, Clyde said through gritted teeth, “Come for me like a dirty white whore.”

That did it. “Oh, OHHHH!!” she cried suddenly, “NNGODDDAMMM!!!” She started thrashing like a hooked bass as Clyde kept pumping like a mad dog, sending her into the stratosphere of orgasmic delight. “You-are-fucking-INCREDIBLE!!” she screamed at Clyde, begging him over and over, “DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!” Sindi relaxed again, winded and soaked in sweat, though her body kept pushing against me through Clyde’s rhythmic pussy pounding. After a minute, she began to shake again, “Oh here I go AGAIN!” Clyde guided her through so many of these massive orgasms I lost count.

Clyde slowed down and finally stopped. Sindi was just a pile of quivering fucked meat at this point. If it weren’t for me holding her up, she’d have collapsed on the floor. “Clyde, I — I don’t know how much more I can take — You’re fucking the hell out of me –” she said breathlessly.

“You’re gonna take as much as I give you, ho,” Clyde told her, calmly. Doing all this fucking hadn’t even caused him to break a sweat. “You’ll know when I’m finished you feel me blow my load of baby batter into that hot little pussy of yours. Now shut the fuck up and let me do my business.”

“Sorry,” Sindi breathed — Thinking about Clyde’s absolute dominance, Sindi’s utter compliance and my own subservience, it was at this point that I blew my load in my pants. The friction of Sindi’s ass against my crotch (caused mostly by Clyde’s relentless pumping) didn’t hurt either. Anyway there I was holding my wife’s legs apart so this black bull stud could fuck her, and I had just creamed my shorts! I was truly a pathetic excuse for a human being. But I’m not even finished with my story yet.

And Clyde went on, pounding her poor little pussy for at least another five minutes in which she came one last time, shaking so hard I nearly lost my grip on her. Man, would I have paid dearly for that slip up! At the height of her ecstasy, I noticed Clyde’s face begin to tighten and once Sindi’s muscles relaxed again, Clyde clenched his teeth, forcing his huge member all the way inside her, pushing her body against mine to the point where I found it difficult to breathe.

He came louder than ever before, shuddered within her, relaxed slightly then pushed again. He was coming buckets inside her probably, I thought. His nut spent, he rested against us, keeping his dick solidly inside her so its procreative juices could work their magic in that womb of hers.

Sindi slowly put her arms around his neck and kissed him gently. “This has been the best night of my life,” she confessed sweetly.

Clyde smiled more to himself then at her, “You took that big dick well, bitch,” Clyde said, “Your cunt’s a real trooper too. Come’ere –” He put his arms around her and picked her up, his penis still buried within her. Once he got to his feet, Sindi put her head on his shoulder and wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her out of the bathroom like that.

For a moment I didn’t hear anything. Then, the bed started squeaking. A few minutes later came her moans of pleasure. I began to chuckle to myself madly in that towel around my mouth, sending several stinky breaths up my nose.

I must have looked so strange. Black-eyed, bloodied, pissed on and wearing this stupid goddam towel around the lower half of my head. I didn’t have the guts to take it off. Clyde hadn’t told me I could yet. I looked at my watch. It was midnight when Clyde came again. How many times was that? Five, I think. Five times in four hours. I sure wish I could fuck like that!

A moment later, Clyde came in whistling a happy tune, softened dick dangling. He walked up to the sink, hoisted his dick into it. He ran some warm water and unwrapped a bar of soap. I watched as he soaped up his huge cock and giant balls in that sink, getting every square inch of the thing. As he rinsed it off he snickered. “I wanted to wait till the bitch was asleep to tell you this, my man,” he said acknowledging me for the first time since he came back in, “You might recount it to her. But as long as she didn’t hear me it from my lips, she’ll never believe I actually did say it. Especially if you tell her.”

He began putting on his pants, stuffing his sparkly clean sex missile back into their home. “My gramps showed me trick when I was a little boy. Gramps was raised by gypsies, learned a whole mess of ways to jack people’s jewelry out from under their noses. Big one was the slider.” Clyde reached down and took my right hand as if to shake it.

I was afraid he was going to break it, but was afraid to resist, knowing he could do a lot worse. “When you shake hands with a woman, you put your thumb on the ring you want to steal. After you shake, simply give a tug and the ring slides right off as she takes her hand away.” Clyde took his hand away and held up the fraternity ring I was wearing on my middle finger. I hadn’t even noticed the ring coming off.

“Your wife wasn’t even looking at me when I shook her hand, there were so many people around you guys.” Clyde tossed the ring in the air. I tried to catch it, but fumbled with it and it fell between my legs into the toilet.

Clyde chuckled, “I’m sure you’ll have no trouble bobbing for it. You’ve done worse.”

“Why?” I asked, surprising myself with the sound of my own muffled voice.

Clyde gave me a stunned look, “What’re you, high? That bitch is fuckin’ hot.” With that he shook his head and left the bathroom. I heard the hotel room door slam shut a second later. Clyde was gone.

I stood up, damp cum-stain in my pants. I rolled up my right sleeve and dunked my hand in the toilet for my ring. I could see swirls of Clyde’s sperm on the water’s surface. Putting the ring back on my finger, dried my hand and pulled the towel off my mouth.

I went out into the room, finding Sindi sleeping on the bed. She was on her back and her legs were slightly spread. I could see the excess of Clyde’s
jism leaking down onto the sheet. She looked so beautiful. Maybe it was because I had already tasted Clyde’s shit-tinted sperm but I had no trouble
crawling up between her legs. Sindi slowly parted them more, probably thinking I was Clyde. I stopped at her gaping, come filled slit and I began to lick out its creamy contents, eliciting a tiny “Mmmmm…” from my new wife.

I didn’t know what the future held. But as far as I was concerned this was just a speed bump on the road to our happy life together. A hiccup, if you will.


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