The Hen’s Night

By Anon.

I always knew I was under-endowed, but I was happy to believe my girlfriend when she said that size didn’t matter.

That was before the hen’s night.

My girlfriend Cess’ sister (Julie) was getting married on Sunday, so the girls had a Hens’ Night on Friday. If you permit me a little vanity, I’d like to say that apart from my relatively small genitals, I have a pleasing appearance to the female eye. I work out regularly and stand at 6 feet in the old scale with a muscular frame that was the envy of all of Cess’ friends. For this reason, the girls asked me to act as a drinks waiter for the evening. The fact that I wore nothing but an apron certainly didn’t discourage me – showing off my body in front of a room full of women just fed my vanity while I still had any.

The night was about ten brides’ girlfriends sitting around a hired penthouse suite in fluffy white bath robes, drinking strawberry daiquiris and eating chocolate (and, if I may add, passing comments on the shapeliness of my buttocks after a few of the daiquiris had gone down). Things began to get a bit more risqué as two of Cess’ loudmouthed friends, Chanel and Marie, got drunker.

“Present time!” Chanel announced at about a quarter to midnight. Marie came out of one of the bedrooms with an armful of gift-wrapped parcels for the bride. The presents would be considered quite naughty, and I was glad I came at that stage of the evening. The first few gifts were lingerie that the bride-to-be could wear on the wedding night. Cess and Julie were both stunning brunettes with tight bodies and C-cup chests – and they were so alike that they were sometimes mistaken for twins. I must say that getting to behold Julie modeling this lingerie was a perk of the job. That is until Cess caught me. Her look told me, ‘I’m not making a scene now, but you’re in trouble when we get home.’

Things began to take a downward spiral from there. The following few presents were dildos. The 8” wild lover garnered appreciative coos from the audience and then a pink 9” rubber cock that set them off giggling. “You’ll need this on those cold lonely nights, Julie,” quipped Chanel.

Finally, a smaller dildo was produced. On the packaging, it said 5-inch mini penis.

“Mini is right,” said Marie. “I hope you’re not stuck with one of those for the rest of your life Julie.”

All the girls laughed uproariously. With a pang in my stomach, I realized that the mini-dildo was bigger than me hard. Glancing at Cess, I noticed that though she had laughed along with the rest, she had gone beet red and avoided eye contact with me. I thanked god at that stage for the apron that concealed my embarrassing package.

Several ‘joke’ gifts followed: a gimp mask, a pair of handcuffs, edible underwear, a bottle of no-holes-barred lube, and the final gift was a blow-up sex doll. “And this,” cackled Chanel, “is for Dave when Julie has a headache!”

This set them off laughing all over again.

At that moment, there was a ring on the room’s doorbell, and Chanel quickly ran to the door exclaiming, “That will be the stripper!”

“We agreed on no stripper,” said Cess, echoing my thoughts.

“Aw, come on,” said Marie, reflecting everyone else’s general sentiments in the room. “It’s her last night of freedom.”

No further discussion was possible because Chanel had already turned on the music as the stripper began performing his routine. I made myself scarce in the kitchenette but couldn’t help keeping half an eye on proceedings. The girls were only too happy to touch as the stripper gradually lost his clothing. When he got down to his g-string, he said with obvious relish, “Who wants to see a cock?”

“Meeeeeeeee,” replied the drunken gaggle of girls in front of him.

He dropped his g-string, handing it to the bride revealing a cock that hung lower than any I had seen in any men’s changeroom. The huge cock was met with an awed hush by the women present.

“Oh my fucking God,” yelled Marie. “How big is that thing?”

“Eight inches soft,” replied the stripper. “Who wants to see it hard?” he asked the group enthusiastically.

I looked at my girlfriend Cess, who was staring at the stripper’s flaccid cock as if in a trance – so much so that she didn’t join in the infantile refrain of “meeeeeeeeee” that broke out from all else present.

“Well, he’s a little shy and needs some encouragement,” said the stripper. “How about some encouragement for my little friend, girls?”

“Little? I don’t think so,” added Marie before joining in the chant, “Get it up, get it up, get it up,” that had broken out among the group.

The stripper began to work his cock, and soon it was standing straight out. It was too heavy to sit above parallel with the ground. His fully erect monster cock enraptured the audience.

“Oh my God, it’s as thick as a coke can!” exclaimed Chanel. She then picked up the pink rubber cock and held it next to the stripper’s massive erection. “You know where to go on those cold nights now, girl,” she said to Julie.

“It’s thicker than a coke can, honey. You want to measure?” the stripper provocatively, bending over to show off his toned buttocks and produce a tape measure from the pocket of the pants he had cast aside earlier.

“Holy shit!” yelled Chanel reporting on her measurement, “Twelve inches long.” She then measured the girth. “OH! MY! GOD! The girth alone is eight inches,” she added in a quieter and almost venerable aside.

I could hardly take my eyes off the cock that was on display. It was bigger than anything I’d ever seen in porn. I broke my covetous gaze to look at Cess, still staring at this cock that dwarfed mine. The comparison would be like a Mastiff next to a Chihuahua. I also noticed that one of her hands had found her crotch and traced small circles.

Meanwhile, the stripper had coated his cock in whipped cream. “Who wants a lick?” he asked.

I thought him an arrogant prick but knew that if I were so blessed, I would probably do the same. Chanel and Marie were the first up, and they had no hesitation in licking every last skerrick of cream off the monster cock before them. In fact, to my shock, every girl did. Cess was last in the circle, and her eyes hadn’t left the stripper’s monster since he’d got it out. He approached her with the whipped cream aerosol poised. “You ready for a taste, sweety?” he asked.

Following an embarrassed glance at me, Cess demurely declined, much to the dismay of the present girls. The sight of the twelve-inch monolith had seemed to either erase their memory that I was there or stop them from giving a shit. I was glad that when Cess glanced at me, she hadn’t noticed the protrusion in my apron, which was my fully erect dick. I couldn’t believe that it was so hard. I also couldn’t believe it when I was disappointed that Cess hadn’t licked the stripper’s giant cock.

After the hung stripper left, the girls were in a frenzy. “More daiquiris!” demanded one.

“Hey, where’s our drinks boy?” another yelled.

“Get out here, Guy, and shake your money-maker!” demanded Chanel.

I came out of the kitchenette with a semi-erect cock which I hoped was conspicuous, and a tray full of drinks. The girls’ hands had become much busier since the stripper had completed his act. I received numerous spanks on my bare butt and was constantly referred to as “drinks boy!”. I felt like a topless waitress in a low-class strip joint, and for some reason, I had to try my utmost to suppress a resulting erection.

Soon though, slapping my arse wasn’t enough. “Hey, Guy,” began Marie. “We’ve seen that cute little arse of yours. Now let’s see what you’re packing.”

“The definition of a man falls solely between his legs, ain’t that right, girls?” said Chanel to the smiling agreement of her friends. “So let’s see it, Guy.”

I was fully erect from this teasing, but if any of the girls noticed, they didn’t say anything. That was why I was reluctant to reveal my tiny dick, particularly after such a monster was on display.

“Come on, girls. It’s a Cess-only show, that one,” I said, trying to deflect the situation with a bit of humor and get some support from Cess.

Unfortunately, my girl just sat there hoping nobody was noticing her blush.

“Well, you don’t have much choice anyway,” said Chanel grabbing hold of my apron.

Before I could do anything, she had torn it off, leaving me scrabbling to cover my privates with both hands.

“Come on, Guy. Let’s see it. Who wants to see another cock, girls?” she asked the party.

“Meeeeeeeeee,” they all replied again.

“Come on, Guy. No one’s expecting you to be as big as the last guy,” said Julie supportively. “But you may as well let us all see it.

I looked at Cess, who only nodded almost imperceptibly. I took my hands away, and my semi-erect member sat there, not breaking much more than three inches. The reaction was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. But worse was to follow. There was stunned silence for a few seconds then the laughing started.

“Well, I’ve had two firsts tonight,” remarked Marie. “I saw the biggest I have ever seen and now the smallest.”

To my dismay, my penis leaped to attention at the ridicule. “Bloody hell, Guy, is that as big as it gets?” asked Alisha, one of Cess’s friends I didn’t get along with. “That’s like a little boy’s dick. I’ve babysat five-year-olds with bigger stiffies than that.”

As had Cess, I had turned beet red and stood there with my pitiful erection on display. “Hey, let’s see how he measures up to the mini-dildo?” said Marie grabbing hold of the small dildo that had been the source of much mirth earlier in the evening. Remember, the five-inch dildo.

It was bigger than my erection, and it was thicker. “Well, girls,” she said. “He’s packing much less than the mini-dildo,” setting them off laughing again. “Let’s measure it. We’ve still got the tape measure.”

My shameful measurements of four inches long by with a three-inch girth were presented to the group’s collective derision.

“Boy, Cess, he must be a good pussy eater to keep you happy with that little thing,” said Chanel.

“Well, actually,” murmured Cess put on the spot suddenly and turning even redder, “he doesn’t, um, do that.”

“What? How does he make you cum?”

“Well… I never…. I mean, he never… I mean… I’m one of those girls who doesn’t cum very easily.”

“Well, I never met a man with a small dick who never learned how to eat pussy. You have been fucking this girl for how long and never made her cum?” demanded Chanel, suddenly aggressive and shoving me in the chest.

I’d never really noticed how tall Chanel was before then, but she was a good two inches taller than me and was suddenly very intimidating. My erect cock shrunk suddenly.

“That’s right, arsehole, wipe that erection off your baby dick,” said Alisha.

“Now on your knees and beg forgiveness of this beautiful woman whose time you’ve been wasting with that baby dick,” snarled Chanel as she grabbed my little pink knob between her thumb and forefinger and yanked down, causing me to drop to my knees.

Suddenly she kicked me square in the balls, causing me to groan and double over.

“I don’t hear you begging, piss ant.”

“I’m sorry, Cess,” I mumbled through the pain.

“And what are you sorry for?” asked Chanel.

I didn’t know what to say.

“You’re sorry for fucking her with a baby dick, aren’t you, Guy?”

As she said this, she pushed me to the floor in a prone position, then moved behind me, stepping lightly on my balls where they peeped out from under my spread legs.

She applied more pressure and said, “Aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes!” I gasped. “I’m sorry, Cess, for fucking you with a baby dick.”

“And you’re sorry for not eating her pussy ever, right?”

More pressure on my balls.

“And I’m sorry for not eating your pussy ever,” I said, almost sobbing.

“Oh my God, the baby dick’s gonna cry like a little baby. It’s time you went to school, little boy. On your knees!”

One of the group applied handcuffs to my wrists as I was hauled to my knees. These girls were seriously drunk and seriously out of control. At the instruction of Chanel, Cess stood in front of me with her robe open, presenting her beautiful shaven pussy to me.

“Start lapping with a flat tongue nice and slow,” instructed Chanel. “That’s it, good little boy. See that there, that’s a clitoris. I don’t suppose you ever bothered to find out what one looked like, did you, baby dick? You lap that nice and slow like you’re licking ice cream. Babies like ice cream, don’t you, baby dick?”

Her teasing, the soft moans of my girlfriend, and being handcuffed at the mercy of a room full of pretty girls had me hard as a rock.

“Oh, the baby dick likes being a pussy boy,” cooed Julie. “You might make my sister happy yet. He sure has a hard little dicklette.”

Cess was enjoying herself as her pussy became wetter than I’d ever seen. “Oooooooooohhhh, yeah,” she moaned, “but now I wanna fuck.”

“Well, you can, girl, but not with baby dick here.”

I was kicked in the back and fell forward. Without my hands, l landed face first, giving me a bloody nose.

“We’re going to give Cess a real dick tonight,” said Chanel.

Marie approached my girlfriend, relieving her of her robe. “You ready to have a real orgasm, honey?” asked Marie.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” replied my horny girl.

Some girlfriends got around her, caressing her body softly, working her nipples, thighs, neck, and pussy. Marie approached with the 8” wild lover dildo. Turning to me, she grinned, then turned back to my girlfriend.

“Sorry, Guy,” said Cess with genuine emotion. “But you just don’t cut it. Ooooooooooooooooooh…” she moaned again as Marie slowly fed her the dildo.

She began slowly working it until she eventually built up to a crescendo of furious fucking all the while, my gorgeous girlfriend was moaning as I had never heard her.

“Bet you never made her scream like that, huh, baby dick?” asked Chanel.

I had never been so hard and couldn’t help but start dry humping the floor from where I lay.

“Ohhh, baby dick’s horny, huh? Well, you need some practice at fucking, but we aren’t gonna let you practice on a real woman, are we? Luckily we brought this along.”

The rubber sex doll, who had been a joke present, was brought over for me.

“Let’s see your technique, baby dick,” said Chanel.

“No way,” I said, and for my trouble was kicked hard by Chanel in the butt.

“You want more of that baby dick, or are you gonna be a good little baby dick and show us your technique?”


“Okay, what?”

“I’ll be good.”

“A good what?” she said, stepping on my balls again.

“I’ll be a good baby dick and show you how I fuck,” I yelled.

Chanel laughed triumphantly. “Okay, baby dick, slip it in that rubber dolly.”

I was compelled to shuffle along the ground and mount with some difficulty considering my handcuffs the rubber woman. All the while, my girlfriend’s moans were filling the room in a staccato that was in rhythm with Maries skilled dildo strokes.

“Oh god, I’ve been missing out with that baby dick,” I heard her say through clenched teeth.

“Come on, baby dick, fuck that dolly,” ordered Julie.

I was surprised at how realistic the vagina felt as I began to pump the inanimate object in front of me slowly. I was worried about coming quickly, so I started with some long slow strokes.

“Look at that cute little butt. Shame he’s such a baby dick,” Julie sighed.

“Fuck her harder, baby dick!” ordered Chanel. “If you’re gonna fuck with a baby dick, you got to fuck hard and fast and long!”

I began to pump harder, but it was not enough for Chanel.

“HARDER!” she demanded. “FASTER, baby dick. Fuck like a man, not a baby boy.”

Pumping as hard as I was and with all the excitement I had experienced in the night wasn’t long before I approached orgasm.

“You better not cum, baby dick!”

But I couldn’t hold back and shot my load inside the sex doll.

“Aw, baby dick’s cum. That wasn’t even two minutes, baby dick.”

Meanwhile, Cess moaned in the background.

“Your girl’s only getting started, baby dick. Tell you what, seeing as though she’s still enjoying herself, we’ll give you the same experience,” Alisha said, grinning at me mockingly with the big pink dildo.

“No, please,” I begged.

“Too bad, baby dick. You’ve been a bad little boy.”

With that, Alisha began to spank my butt with the big rubber cock and soon swung the thing high above her head, bringing it crashing down with a thud bruising my butt cheeks. I squirmed as Chanel stood on my back, preventing me from getting away. In time with her strokes, Alisha vented what seemed to be all her sexual frustration upon me.

“This. Is. For. Every. Little. Dick. I. Ever. Had. To. Fuck.”

I began to sob as Cess reached a new height of ecstasy. Marie had withdrawn the dildo and now held my girl in post-orgasmic bliss.

“Wow, I’ve never cum like that before,” Cess said as she snuggled up to Marie.

“Of course, you haven’t. You’ve been fucking a man clit,” Marie said.

Everyone laughed at this, with Cess laughing the most, having reached a level of pleasure she had never been to before.

Meanwhile, Alisha had stopped her flogging me, and Chanel had walked into my line of vision. To my horror, she had stepped into a harness that allowed her to strap on the nine-inch pink rubber dong. “Seeing as though you took our Cess’s virginity with a pretend dick,” said Chanel lubing up the dildo as she spoke. “I’m going to do the same to you.”

“Can I do it,” asked Cess, to my very great surprise. “I just always wanted to do him.”

“Cess, no!” I exclaimed.

“Quiet, baby dick!” scalded Alisha kicking me sharply in the ribs.

It was no use. I watched, horrified, as my girlfriend strapped on the pink cock.

“Get him bent over the couch,” ordered Chanel.

Many manicured hands gripped me and slung me over the leg of the luxuriant leather couch the hotel had provided. I gave up protesting and just braced myself.

“Just relax, baby dick. You might just enjoy this,” said Chanel as she worked two fingers inside me, lubing my hole.

She took her fingers out, and I felt the dildo touch my anus.

“This is for all the bad sex you gave me, Guy,” said Cess as she started to force the dildo into my virgin asshole.

She worked more and more. I could only noiselessly open my mouth as she split me open wider than I had ever done to her. The look on my face was a source of great amusement for all the girls. It wasn’t long before the phones came out to video it that my humiliation was complete.

Cess showed me no mercy fucking me hard and telling me, “Fucking embarrassing me in front of my friends with that baby dick! You’re my bitch now, you hear, you’re MY bitch.”

As Cess fucked me hard, the thrusting forced my hips to move, and my cock started coming to life again as it rubbed against the leg of the couch. I realized I was enjoying the humiliation. I had always been so insecure about my dick that it was good to have it finally out in the open, and as I orgasmed again. I realized I had always wanted to be Cess’s bitch. My girlfriend came again at the sheer thrill of fucking my asshole, to my great surprise. When she pulled the dong out of my asshole, it was followed by a mixture of shit and blood.

“Well, baby dic,k have a nice night,” said Chanel. “We’re leaving your credit card at the foyer to pay for this.”

The girls dressed and left until only Chanel and Cess were left.

Cess approached me and said, “Um, Guy. Ah, I mean, Baby Dick. I think we, well, I, should see other people.”

With that, the five-inch mini dildo was inserted into my asshole.

“I’ll call room service,” said Chanel ordering some food. “I wonder what they’ll say when they see you in such a state, baby dick?”

With that. My girl and her domme friend walked out the door.

“I’ll see you at home, bitch,” said Cess leaving the door open and my dildo crammed arse on display for the impending arrival of room service.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with the limited editing we do; it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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