The Casualness of it All

By SymbolicLosers.

I pull into the driveway of the ranch-style home I recently bought for my fiancée Amber and me. As I am about to hit the clicker for the garage, I remember the text she sent me a few hours earlier.

‘He’ was coming over, and he parked in the garage to avoid attracting the neighbors’ attention. So I pull out, park on the street, and make my way inside quietly, as this is my favorite part. As soon as I walk in, I know they are in our room. My pulse rises as I know exactly what I’m about to see.

It still surprises me how my body reacts to what has become our normal life. Our little kinky routine.

I make my way down the hall, and the double doors to the master bedroom are wide open, giving me a clear view of Ambers’ jiggly ass, with Shane’s substantial cock sliding in and out of her glorious pussy. Her soft moans of pleasure give me goosebumps as I walk in and announce, “Hi, my love. I’m home, baby.”

Amber shrieks as I shock her out of her trance. “Ahhh! Baby, oh my god, you scared me, you dick.”

She laughs as she rolls off Shane and runs to me, jumping into my arms.

“God, I missed you. It seems you’re having a good time,” I say as I cup her ass scooping her 5’2″ frame up into an embrace.

She wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a dozen kisses. I can taste and smell Shane’s cock on her breath as we kiss, and I feel myself growing as I get more aroused. As we reconnect, Shane stands off our bed, his impressive black member swaying as he walks over to me.

“Hey, bro, what took you so long?” Shane asked. “You were supposed to be here like two hours ago.”

He dabs me up and goes in for the ‘bro hug,’ his cock rubbing my thigh as we do. The action happens so often that it doesn’t even register as ‘weird’ to us. I put Amber down as I walked into our closet to change.

All while yelling into the other room, “Yeah, but I had a sales call right before I left, and it took a while to close, but don’t let me stop you guys. I’m gonna get dinner started.”

“OK, my love, I want chicken wings!” Amber yells out as she climbs on the bed, sticking her ass in the air for Shane to finish what he started.

As I walk out of the closet, Shane grabs Amber’s hips and pers away at her from behind.

“Hey, dude, you wanna stay for dinner after you’re done, or are you heading out?” I ask Shane.

While thrusting away into the love of my life, he answers, “Nah, my dude, I got work early, so I’m a head out.”

Amber is in the throes of impending orgasm and is oblivious to the casual conversation in front of her.

Now any normal person may think, ‘What in the actual fuck,’ and to be fair, yeah, you’re right. So let’s backtrack two years.


The day I saw Amber in college, I knew of her reputation. A sheltered girl from a suburb in Pennsylvania that let being away from mom and dad be all the reason she needed to experiment with her new freedom. By the time we were properly introduced, she was an active and proud slut by her own admission, having bedded over 100 guys between our three local schools.

I, being a tall Latino but not as sophisticated as some would think, had some experiences in the sexual realm, but being the shy, smart guy didn’t give me as many opportunities as I had hoped. When I was introduced to the auburn-haired short white girl with a thick bottom and perky tits with a killer smile, I was IMMEDIATELY hooked.

We met at a local bar on a random Tuesday as my roommate dragged me out of an hours-long tutoring session. The bar was packed, and as I was about to say fuck it and leave, my roommate walked over with his arm on a cute girl’s shoulder.

“Hey Freddie, meet Amber, the girl I told you about.”

For weeks, my roommate had been blabbing about this slutty chick that was down all the time and for anything. The kind of girl you use and pass along but NEVER get serious with.

I saw this rather innocent-looking, cute but plain Jane white girl with a great smile. She was dressed in normal-looking bootcut jeans and a T-shirt that wasn’t even low-cut. My first thought was, ‘This is the super slut?’

I introduced myself, shook her hand as she smiled, and said, “Wow, this one is super cute!”

She giggled excitedly. At this point, I told my roommate I was heading out and not to be too loud when returning to the room.

Amber blurted out, “I was heading back to the dorms! Can you walk me?”

Surprised, I looked over to my roommate, and he just gave me a knowing wink. Had he set this up?

I say, “Sure thing,” and lead her out to the street back towards the dorms.

It’s a couple of blocks of walking, so we naturally discuss school, life as a college student, and relationships.

Without thinking, I blurt out, “I can imagine dating is hard, being a slut and all.”

Instead of getting offended, she bursts laughing, an adorable laugh I at once fell for. “Yeah, well, I know how to have fun, and I’m not looking for a boyfriend. Boys get so insecure with a girl like me,” Amber said proudly.

“What guy wouldn’t,” I said with a smirk. “Most guys want all the attention to themselves.”

“Is this the part where you tell me you’re not like other guys?” she said, with her eyes narrowed and a playful smile.

“Well, you’re not my girlfriend, and to be honest, I’ve never been with such a renowned slut before. I’ve heard you have been with over a hundred guys, including my roommate,” I said, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, most likely more. Is that a problem for your sensitive self?” Amber asked mockingly.

“Not at all,” I replied, “your body, your choice.” As I said it, I saw we were nearing my dorm and decided to swing for the fences. “So, what are the chances I get you into my bed right now?”

Amber looks at me, smiles, and says, “Huh, I honestly didn’t think you had that in you,” she laughs loudly. “Sure, let’s go. I’m cold anyways,” she says as she pushes past me to get into the building.

I stand motionless, thinking, ‘Shit, I didn’t think that would work.’ I walk briskly to catch up to her as I open the building door, and we make our way to my dorm.

She leads the way. “I know where I’m going. Not the first time I fucked in your dorm. The first time you’re there, though,” she finishes with a devilish smile.

We enter the room, and Amber at once starts getting undressed. It surprised me how casual it was. No shyness or timidity. Just let’s get naked and fuck. I sit on the bed as she strips, watching her impressive body revealed. Thick hips but with a flat stomach and what had to be a perky set of C-cups with a perfectly pink nipple. She saunters over to me and puts my face in her breasts as I grab handfuls of her ass and start sucking her nipples. She moaned softly as I spread her legs and rubbed my hand on her clit.

She starts to undress me as I realize that as hot and horny as I am, I can’t get hard. I panicked myself into being flaccid. She smiled as she removed my pants and saw my flaccid manhood.

“Aww, the little guy is nervous,” she giggles.

“Not helping,” I reply in a somewhat defeated tone.

“It’s OK, dude, it happens to guys a lot, just lay back and let’s relax,” she says as she lays me down and climbs on top of me.

We start to make out, and I hungrily feel every inch of her I can. She rubs her dripping pussy on my crotch as she rides me. I feel her warmth and wetness but cannot get hard for my life. I apologize, and she laughs it off, saying it’s not the first time.

I said, “It’s OK if you wanna leave,” and put my pants on again.

“Hell no, the least you can do is let me sleep over,” she said.

Not having much room to argue, I relented and let her stay in bed with me in the nude as we cuddled and talked more. I lay on my back, and she lay beside me with a leg over mine.

“Can I play with your dick?” she asked suddenly.

“Ahhh, sure,” I answered, not knowing what to do.

She starts to twirl and play with my soft dick, which still refuses to get hard, the light from outside shining through the blinds giving me a good view. As she plays with it, we start having the mildest conversation about our childhoods. I grew up somewhat poor and was the first in my family to attend college. Hers is the goodie two shoes that were always the innocent good girl.

“What changed? How does that girl turn into a slut like you? No offense, obviously,” I asked.

“I don’t know. When I got a taste of freedom, away from my parents and having to be responsible, I got carried away. It was the first time I could dress how I wanted, and I started getting attention from guys in school. It became addicting,” she said, now cupping my balls. “It’s easy to get guys to do what you want when you’re willing to fuck them. I like the feeling of being used, I guess, like a sex object. It’s fun,” she said, sounding like she was falling asleep.

We talk a bit more, but eventually, we both fall asleep cuddling, her hand still around my balls.

I don’t know how long later it was when I opened my eyes. It was still dark, but the sounds woke me up. I notice Amber isn’t where she was laying under my arm and go to sit up when I hear a moan from my roommate’s side. Looking over, I can see Amber, still nude and completely focused on riding my roommate. Shocked at what I was seeing, having been the first time I’d ever seen someone fuck in front of me, I stayed as quiet as possible and just watched her.

I watched her hips rocking as his hands found her throat and squeezed. He slapped her hard, making her smile and look in my direction, checking if I was awake. We made eye contact. I just watched her, enthralled by what I saw, as she smiled and rocked even harder. She becomes more boisterous, putting on a show for me. I noticed that I was rock solid, painfully erect. I had never been so turned on. I slowly started masturbating carefully, not to make it obvious.

Moments later, my roommate started making more grunts and drunkenly said he was gonna cum. She looked at him, starting to rock harder and faster, whispering, “Cum in this pussy, Daddy. Make it yours, Daddy. Cum for me.”

I watched as he exploded inside her, grunting loudly and thrashing in bed, body tensing and convulsing. After his intense orgasm died down, he fell back into the bed and fell asleep. No words were spoken, no cleaning off, just a powerful orgasm, then passed out.

Amber rolled off my now unconscious roommate, and I could see how big he was for the time. Now at 6’3”, I have a smallish dick, about four and a half inches hard. My roommate’s cock must have been at least eight inches hard and much, much thicker than mine. I was dumbfounded at how such a short guy could pack such a huge thing. ‘Some guys have all the luck,’ I thought.

As she stood, Amber covered him with a blanket and kissed him on the cheek, and when I thought she’d be getting dressed and leaving, she walked over to my bed. She sat on the edge, looking at me and smiling. Amber tenderly touched my face and leaned in for a kiss. When we kissed, I could at once smell the cock on her breath, assuming she must’ve been sucking cock before riding it.

“Did you like what you saw?” she said, gently grabbing and stroking my hard dick.

“Uh-huh,” I barely managed to mumble out, my brain being overwhelmed as it was.

“It was hot knowing you were watching me, and the fact you just kissed me when I know you can taste his big cock is super hot,” she said with a smile, teasing me more and more.

Without a word, she lifts the covers off me and rolls on top. We kiss passionately as she rubs her pussy on my rock-hard dick. I feel how wet she is, coming to the sudden realization that she’s rubbing my roommate’s cum on my dick. The fire inside me raged as I wanted nothing more than to fuck her as hard as I could.

After a minute of passionately kissing that slut I pull away and beg her to put it in. “Oh my God, sit on it. I wanna feel you.”

She smiles and reminds me, “This pussy is filled with his cum, and you still wanna fuck it? That’s so hot.”

She adjusts herself as she grabs my dick and lines it up. I slide inside her easily with almost no resistance. It’s an odd feeling not having the tight grip of every other pussy I’ve ever felt. It was so loose and dripping wet that I slid right out of her when she leaned over to kiss me.

She laughed and whispered, “Oh, it’s so small it can’t even stay in.”

The humiliation burned in me as she called it small, but my dick was so hard that it could cut glass. “Say it again,” I grunted as she put it back in.

“What? That your dick is so much smaller than all the guys I’ve slept with and that I can barely feel you?” she teased.

“Yes,” I said, grinding her down onto my dick as hard as possible.

Between our thighs was a sopping wet mess of my roommate’s cum and her juices. I was intoxicated by it. I needed more of it as I tried my hardest to fuck her. We fucked for what seemed forever. I was genuinely surprised I managed to last that long without cumming. She made soft moans and taunted me more and more.

“His big cock is so manly compared to your little dicklette,” she teased. “Can you even feel me? He wrecked this pussy. It must be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway for you.” Then she said, “I should sit on your face and make you eat me. It’s better than this little dick.”

As she teased, her embrace got tighter, her moans louder, the rocking on my dick more intense until, without warning, she let out a shriek and shook as an orgasm took her. At that moment, I realized the angst I was holding and finally let go. My eyes rolled back as I, too, came inside her. When I opened my eyes after the waves of pleasure dissipated, I saw Amber looking down at me, smiling, as she gently caressed my face.

“That was so good, baby! Most guys don’t care if I cum, but you waited, didn’t you,” she said softly.

“Yeah, I wanted to do a good job,” I laughed.

“You did fantastically. I loved it. Let’s sleep. It’s getting late,” Amber replied as she rolled off me, lying next to me to cuddle.

Within a minute of silence, I could hear her breathing change as she fell asleep. I lay in bed thinking of what had just happened. I looked down, kissed Amber on the head, and dozed off, unable to imagine my future.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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