The Burglar! (Gay Themed)

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Warning Adults Only 18+ Content Ahead. This story contains explicit adult sexual themes and should not be read by minors (under 18). This story was written as an adult fantasy only. The Small Dick Club wishes to remind readers that some acts represented in this story may be illegal in real life (depending on local laws), and this site in no way condones illegal sexual practises outside the realm of fantasy. The Small Dick Club wishes to advise readers that any similarities in this story to actual or real people or events is purely coincidental and unintended.
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by anon

I had watched over the house for a week now and knew all of the occupants, and their comings and goings. I was like an apprentice thief so I was in no hurry to knock off this house as it was like a practice run for me. The most important skill for a thief is patience and waiting for the right time to get in and get out without being seen. But during my recon I had seen this guy come and go a few times and something always struck me as a bit strange about him.

I don’t know what it was because although the house was occupied by only women he didn’t seem to have any relation with any of them. In fact it was hard to tell if they even liked him and it appeared they tolerated his presence more than welcomed it. So when I had noticed his car was still there the next morning it was obvious he had slept over. I don’t know what came over me I had the greatest urge to sneak over and investigate.

Not usually my style while the home occupants were still well… home. However as they say curiosity killed the cat and I just had to get a closer look. Lucky for me the windows attached to this house are large and low. I could keep myself steady on the ground and move around unnoticed as bare feet on grass barely makes a sound.

I could see two of the female occupants giggling and pointing towards the guy who must have been laying on the couch. The angle was terrible to be honest and I couldn’t see what they were pointing at which was frustrating. Another female occupant soon appeared who I had to admit was a hot blond with big tits. She paused beside the other two looking down on the couch and laughed too, but then bent over and did something on the couch.

“I think Greggie is a little excited this morning,” the blonde said to the other women and they all laughed and exited the room.

I didn’t need to be a Sherlock Holmes to understand what had been taking place here. This ‘Greg’ was flashing his cock at the girls and it dawned on me he knew exactly what he was doing. Everyone was up and about except Greg, who I guess wished for more opportunities to flash the women who lived here. I checked my watch and knew they would all leave in the next ten to fifteen minutes so I kept out of view as one by one the women left for work.

Lastly, I observed the blonde woman with the big tits write a note and place it on a small table next to this ‘Greg’ and then adjust his blanket for about the fifth time in the last hour. What a pervert I thought to myself, and why do these chicks just put up with it like it is nothing? If I did that they’d scream and call the cops in a heartbeat. But this ‘Greg’ is blatantly showing off his cock to them and they just seem to laugh it off.

Maybe he’s a retard or something and they just put up with it out of pity? Nah, he drives a car so he must have at least an average IQ. The blonde woman walked back into the living room with her handbag and keys in her hand. One more look down at the pervert she smiled and covered him up yet again! Finally she left and drove off.

The absurdity of this situation just gob-smacked me, yet made my curiosity burn.

I headed back to my car and waited about twenty minutes. This is the tricky time especially with this guy still in the house. However I was pretty confident he’d probably fall asleep for real once the girls left. There would be no more opportunities for him to be the pervert he was. After I had waited I started my car and drove it round to the house backing it into the drive way so it was ready for a speedy get away.

I wasn’t worried about anyone becoming suspicious about a strange car in the driveway as when I stole it I made sure I took the same make and model that the blonde woman drove. That way any nosey neighbours would just think she was home. Yeah I know a bit of overkill for simple house burglary, but it was all practice for when I do a big job. So the small details were important even if not necessary.

Now was my chance to practice breaking and entering and to finally be face to face with this pervert named Greg. Breaking into the house was disappointingly easy as someone had forgot to lock the back door. If this had been a true house burglary an unlocked door would be a welcomed thing, but I wanted to practice breaking in. You know, pick the lock.

I crept into the house quietly taking my shoes off at the door as socks don’t make a noise. The back door entered into the kitchen which was still a bit of a mess and smelt like toast. I walked passed a breakfast bar and into the living area and there at the other end of the room was someone sleeping on a large couch covered by a quilt.

Firstly I read the note that the hot blonde had placed on the table next to the sleeping pervert. It read:

Once you have done all the housework just lock up on your way out.
Kisses Michelle xxxooo

These women wont be back until after work most likely so it was perfect, I thought. I could steal what I wanted from this dump and have some fun with this Greg character for being such a pervert. He still seemed to be sleeping. Then he snored. It appeared all the mornings work of accidentally exposing himself had worn the man out. Shame on you Greg!

I looked under the couch and sure enough there were several pairs of panties scrunched up there. He likes jerking off in the women’s dirty panties by the looks of it. God this guy was making me mad!

So I slid my balaclava over my face just in case he woke up, didn’t want to be pointed out in a line up did I. I removed my six inch Bowie Hunting Knife and used the tip of it to lift quilt that was on top of him to help confirm my suspicion that this Greg pervert here slept in the nude. Lifting the quilt slowly and quietly I looked down the underside of the quilt to discover what the women had been laughing at each time they had seen him exposed.

I had to take a second look!

No, I mean really? That couldn’t be him hard, but it looks so stiff and pointing straight up at me. This pervert was as hard as hard as a rock, only a very small rock maybe and suddenly it became just as hard to control my laughter. “Oh my god,” I whispered. “That’s the smallest cock I’ve ever seen!”

I pulled the quilt right off him and threw it behind the couch but he didn’t wake up. He slept like a baby. I looked down on this baby dick man named Greg in utter amazement. I’d seen my younger ten year old brother with a hard on (he always wakes up with a little stiffy lol) and this guy was actually smaller than him. All his pubes were shaved off which only accentuated the boy like appearance of his tiny genitals. Shit even his testicles looked small.

He was fatter than what I first thought, but was smooth all over. That small cock looked even smaller against his huge body I suppose. I noticed a ruler sitting on a bureau over at the side wall and went and retrieved it. Then gently I did a measurement of his cock and to my amazement it was only two and a half inches rock hard! I whipped out my phone and took snaps of the small dick loser to show my mates. They’d fucking shit themselves laughing at this sucker.

I saw his pants and walked over and picked them up and got his wallet out. Drivers license, hmmmmm… Greg Burgess lives over the other side of town. He had about a hundred in cash so I took it and put it in my pocket. I also put his drivers license in my pocket as they went for good money on the black market.

Suddenly I heard stirring and then a surprised male voice say, “Who the fuck are you?”

I turned and he was looking for the quilt but I had thrown it behind the couch so he had nothing to cover his nakedness except his hands. His eyes bulged at the glint of my knife and as he realised what was going on he literally went white with fear. I smiled but he probably couldn’t see it under my balaclava anyway.

“I am your friendly neighbourhood burglar!” I said smirking.

He looked at the me and then at the knife and gulped, “Please don’t hurt me! You can take what you like I wont tell! Honest!”

“Keep that tiny cock of yours in view at all times or else I will slit your throat,” I said coldly.

He immediately pulled his hands away and guess what the fucker was still hard as a rock, pointing out like a red rocket ready to explode. “So tell me something I’m curious about. Why do the women here put up with your blatant pervert ways?” I asked.

“That’s none of your business,” the wimp hissed. I waved my knife in the air menacingly and he blurted, “They like to have me parade around nude in front of them, serve them as a slave while they humiliate me and make fun of my cock.”

“You don’t get to have sex with them do you?” if this fucker was getting laid by being a wimp it was an affront to real men everywhere.

“No I am not allowed to touch them. If I have been good I get a chance to rummage in the dirty laundry basket for some panties to jerk off into. That’s all I swear!” he whined.

“Jesus, that is some kinky shit. You’re a different kinda cat Greg I’ll say that about you. Have you ever fucked a woman with that thing?” I asked.

“Yes a few times!” he said blushing his fat cheeks.

“Did they like it?”

“No I cum too quickly inside a pussy. They hate it!”

I don’t know what came over me but I just started laughing my arse off. The mental picture of this fat fuck giving a couple of quick jabs of his tiny cock inside a hot wet pussy and then blowing his load was just too much. I could just imagine the disappointment these women felt at that.

“OK get up…we have some thieving to do!” I ordered.

He stood and even though he was still hard his pubic fat swallowed half his cock making it look even smaller. I laughed again. “So what now?” he asked nervously.

“We are going to go room to room and you are going to get everything I tell you to and shove it in those bags over there. If you are a good babydick I will give you a reward! Clear?” I ordered.

So off we went, babydick and me, scouring all the women’s rooms taking any valuable shit we could find. Well he took it as that way it was his fingerprints all over everything. I also made sure I took pictures of him in action rifling through the women’s stuff just to further incriminate the small dick loser. It took about an hour to get what I wanted; cash, jewellery, electronics, ID’s, and anything that looked like I could make a bit off selling it on the sly. Nothing too large like TV’s and shit, just small valuables that I could off load nicely.

Babydick was a trouper I had to say, as he only went soft about twice in that time. But as soon as I noticed we stopped and I made him jerk off until it was hard again. He was such a fucking wimp I reckon I could have shit on the floor and made him eat it up.

Finally we were back in the living room and as I looked at him I had a strange feeling of horniness. I don’t know what it was about him but his servitude, his pathetic tiny cock, and his soft creamy fat body was stirring shit inside me. I could see maybe why these women liked having him around as his patheticness somehow made him arousing.

“So what now?” he asked me looking at the knife.

“Don’t worry, babydick, I’m not going to kill you,” I said sheathing my knife. “But I think I’d like a head job before I go. What do you say?”

“I ahhhh ummmm,” his little cock did a spasm which told me he’d probably be fine with it so I unzipped my pants and pulled my semi-hard rod out.

Now I don’t consider myself to have a huge cock, I am only a little over eight inches when hard but the look in babydicks eye’s as looked at my cock confirmed just what a sissy slut this guy was. “Come here and let’s compare!” I ordered.

Babydick walked up real close to me and I pushed the tip of my cock into his pubic area next to his small boner. “Pull yours down flat so they side by side!” I barked and he did so. I couldn’t believe it his small cock only barely went past my knob. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a snap of this weird scene.

I stepped back and sat down in the chair gesturing babydick, “OK get to work I haven’t all day!”

He dropped to his knees obediently taking my cock in his hand and was stroking it then bent over and licked my knob. He grabbed the base of my pole with his left hand and leaned in guiding the head around his lips. Let me get one thing clear for you readers I am not a faggot but something about this man made me want to abuse him like this I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Greg opened wider letting my knob enter his mouth and he held it tight too. He worked his mouth over my cock swallowing every inch he could and he was pretty good as he got a good seven inches down his throat. Most chicks can’t even manage that, but this sissy babydick was born to serve. His head began the relentless massage of my pole with his lips as it bounced up and down on me.

Occasionally he gagged as he tried to get as much in as he could, I admired his effort. But fuck it felt so good with his sucking, massaging, and licking my knob inside with the odd teeth grating to add that little spicy extra. I was feeling like I was building to huge explosion here, “Ohhhh babydick you do that so well! Fuck you have a use after all!”

I laid back and let him do his shit watching this fat pathetic fuck suck my cock like it is the last one he will ever see in his life. “Show me your pussy, babydick!” I ordered and Greg suddenly swung around so his arse was facing me.

With his head on the floor and his back arched he reached behind and pulled his arse cheeks apart to show me his dirty man pussy. His tiny cock was pointing out proudly still hard as a rock. I climbed down off the chair onto my knees and put my knob into his anus and then pushed without any lubrication or care. He grunted in pain but his anus eventually opened to me and soon I was pumping his arse with my cock. He moaned like a girl too this slutty sissy and that just made me ram my thick cock as deep and hard as I could.

It must have got too much for the pathetic loser as I noticed a pool of cum under him, the fucker had blown his load! That made me angry so I fucked him as hard as I could then in moment of pure ecstasy I blew my load right inside his colon. Babydick fell to the floor exhausted as I removed my dick with a plop. I looked down and seen blood and shit on my cock and I wasn’t leaving like that.

“Get here and clean my cock babydick!” I ordered.

He picked his lard arse off up the floor and turned to face me. His face was red, flushed and very sweaty and so he began to lick my cock clean. After he finished I ordered him to lick up the cum he spilled off the floor which he did as well.

I put my cock away and walked to the bags of goodies near the front door and picked it up. I turned and looked at babydick and said, “I have pictures of you babydick stealing all this junk in the nude, so if you tell anyone about me I will send them to the cops! Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” he said looking down in utter servitude.

“Good babydick! I suggest you clean up and get out of here. You can tell the cops you forgot to lock the door or something. Now I gotta go so thanks for the wild time! If you play your cards right you might see me again for more fun in the future!”

With that I exited out the door pulling my balaclava off and throwing the bag over my shoulder and got into my car and left.

It was a good day at the office!

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