Daddy in the Dark! (Gay Themed)

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By Anon.

Unlike last Saturday night, I was planning on being wide awake when and if my bedroom door opened up and my weekly nocturnal visitor appeared. Last time I had pretty much given up and had just drifted off to sleep, only to awaken when the sheet came down off of my body.

The week before that, I had been very much asleep when the nighttime visitor woke me up. I had been terrified – so scared that instead of screaming I just stayed there on my back in the bed, pretending to be asleep and praying that whoever it was would simply take what they wanted and go away without hurting me.

From the shadows that night, I could see the shape of a man, and as my mind cleared what was going on made more and more sense. Along with the movements the man was making, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of skin flogging skin.

It was a sound I knew quite well, having spent a considerable portion of my 18 years engaged in that very same activity. My first reaction was that my friend Albert had somehow snuck into my room, because me and Al – well, let’s just say that we’re good friends who from time to time become rather intimate.

This wasn’t Albert though, because the man was taller than my friend, but because I was squinting I couldn’t make out who it was in the dark, only that they were jerking off while looking at me.

It was at that point it struck me that the sheet was off of me and I was naked. My dick and balls had contracted from fright, so they were not all that impressive a sight for the intruder to get off with.

Strangely enough, as I listened to the muffled grunting and the slapping sounds, being used like this by some burglar was actually turning me on somewhat. If the guy had stayed around that first time, I probably would have had a hard-on, to be honest.

He didn’t though. Probably only a minute had passed before I heard a faint choking sound, and then it was over. The intruder moved toward the door, hopefully not stealing my baseball with Brooks Robinson’s autograph on it, and as he opened the door, the light from the hallway briefly shone on the naked man before he silently closed the door behind him.

I wasn’t going to be calling the police to report this intruder, I realized as I sat up in the bed, wide awake now – and for the rest of the night as well. I knew who it was. He had a name too. His name was Jackson Taylor, but for me, I had always called him Dad.


Was that night the first time Dad had come in to look at me? That was a good question. I sleep like a rock, partly because of the allergy medications I take, so this could have been going on for who knows how long? Maybe since Mom left him.

But why though? I know he was still upset about Mom divorcing him, but he was a decent looking guy for his age, 50. He could find another woman if he wanted to. Maybe he didn’t want to though. Maybe he wanted a guy.

Funny that he used to make little remarks about my friend Albert, suggesting that he was a little light in the shoes, as he would put it. Maybe so, but Albert never jerked off while looking at me naked. We would jerk each other off, and suck each other’s cocks though.

I sat up most of that night thinking about what had gone on, and to be honest, around daybreak I had my cock in my hand, stroking while whispering to myself what I wished I had said…

“Daddy… look at me now… see how big my cock is? Why don’t you crawl in bed with me and let me do that for you… we can do each other… so much better that way.”

When I came, I was actually fantasizing about Dad doing just that. I ejaculated while dreaming of him climbing in bed with me and letting me jerk him off and suck his cock, and I came so hard I thought I was going to faint.


As I mentioned, the next week I had nodded off before he showed up, so I did nothing but lay there and let him look at me in the moonlight, but the following week I was ready.

I had showered and gone to bed early, making sure that the curtains were letting in as much light as possible from the outside. I even tried to figure out how to pose to make myself look as good as possible.

There wasn’t much I could do about the physique, because I was no muscleman at 5’10 and 150 pounds, but I could accentuate my strong points and show them to my best advantage, so while in the shower I carefully trimmed around the base of my cock, removing the sparse growth so that he could see it all.

Then I waited, arms and legs akimbo under the white bed sheet, with a full blown erection that I kept rearranging, finally settling on having it rest on my stomach because it looked bigger that way. All 9″ – Albert’s measurement, but he does tend to exaggerate – or all 7 1/2″ – the truth – looking crimson and angry.

Anticipation. It was agony to wait like that, but I knew it would make it even better when that door opened and Daddy came in and pulled the sheet down. What would he do? What would I do? I know what I wanted to happen, but I wasn’t sure if I could do what it might take to get him to climb into bed with me.

From under the door, I saw the hall light go out, and my heart raced. Usually that little light stayed on. Please don’t tell me that Dad wasn’t coming in tonight, I prayed. It’s Saturday night, Dad.

Minutes passed, and then I heard the sound of footsteps out in the hall again, followed by the opening and closing of the door. That pounding – was that my heart? Dad could probably hear it, along with my ragged breathing.

I felt the sheet being lifted gently, and then brought down to the foot of the bed. This time, I heard Dad gasp, apparently startled at seeing my full-blown erection.

Was that my imagination running wild? No. I could feel something, and when I squinted down I could see Dad’s index finger sliding along the underside of my cock, from just above the balls to right at the cleft at the underside of the glans.

Grab it Dad, I wanted to shout. Lift it up and squeeze my cock and I’ll cum so hard there will be stalagmites hanging from the ceiling.

He didn’t. Instead, he remained in the shadows, and the slapping sound that I knew so well began yet again. He’s not going to do anything. He was scared. Don’t be scared, Dad. You’re a grown man.

So am I, it occurred to me. Your a man too. If it’s so easy, why don’t I make the first move? I couldn’t, but what I did do was reach down and grab my cock in my fist.

My eyes were still closed, probably so I could claim that I was sleeping and just happened to start jerking off in my sleep. Dad could say he was a sleepwalker, so we both had excuses for our behavior.

My hand started moving up and down my cock, and when it did I heard Dad make some kind of noise. Hopefully, he was enjoying watching me masturbate, and from the sounds of it, Dad was. I wished I could have seen him there in the shadows, but just the thought of him being there made me cum quicker that I usually would.

My body tingled, and then I felt my hot cum squirting all over my stomach and chest, even reaching my neck before the ejaculations stopped and my dick deflated in my hand.

I stayed right where I was, frozen in place. There were no sounds coming from where Dad was standing. He had cum too, I guessed. Maybe we came together. It would have been so nice if we had been in each other’s hands, or mouths, when we both came.

Dad lingered for a minute or two and then left as he always did. After the door closed, I felt like crying as the semen cooled and hardened on my body. Dad must have known I was awake. Why didn’t he do something?

I was determined that next Saturday night would be different.


It had been an awkward week around the house, with the two of us having a bit of trouble looking each other in the eye. Our conversations, usually so light and fun, were now stilted and strained.

That all made me all the more determined to confront this elephant in the middle of the room once and for all that coming Saturday night. I was going to be ready when that door opened, and only hoped that I was doing the right thing.

I wasn’t erect this time, my nerves getting in the way as I swallowed hard. The sheet came down and I squeezed the connection between the lamp on my night table and the extension cord that I had held back at the headboard, and the 15 watt bulb lit up well enough for me to see this time.

Dad was shocked when the light came on, and I supposed it was lucky that he didn’t keel over with a heart attack. He had been completely naked, and was holding a handkerchief which he probably used as a cum catcher. He used the cloth to cover his privates while trying to keep his glasses from falling off with his other hand.

“Eddie,” Dad choked. “I’m – I’m sorry. I can explain.”

“It’s alright Dad,” I said, the anguish on my father’s face quite clear, and seeing this big strong man standing nearly naked and trembling next to my bed broke my heart.

He couldn’t explain. We both knew this. I didn’t really care. I just wanted him to climb into bed with me so I could hold him and tell him that it really was okay.

“Daddy. Please,” I said, holding out my hand, and thankfully he took it, still clutching the handkerchief while getting into bed next to me.

“It’s okay,” I told him and I wrapped my arms around him, and when he started crying I did too.

“I used to be the one that came in and shooed the monsters out of the closet, or from under the bed,” Dad said after we both calmed down. “Now, I AM the monster.”

“No you aren’t,” I said, enjoying the feel of the hair on the back as we held each other.

“I’m just so lonely,” Dad said.

“You should go out and find somebody to spend time with.”

“I can’t,” Dad said, and then he proceeded to tell me the story of how his marriage was destroyed after his confidence and self-esteem was shattered.

Apparently Mom had made a comment about Dad while they were watching a porn movie in their bedroom one night (who knew they used that Beta VCR for anything besides Clark Gable movies?). Dad took it to heart, I guess, because he began to worry about it. That led to him becoming “unable to perform” as he put it.

“That’s why when I saw you,” Dad explained. “I was so glad that you didn’t inherit that part from me.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, and at that my father pulled the handkerchief from over his privates.

I admit to being taken aback when I first looked down at my father’s penis, because I was expecting something along the lines of what I had. After all, he was such a masculine guy, that for some reason I equated that to the size of his dick.

“See,” Dad said as he exposed his dick, a wrinkled little tube that was about the size of a shell peanut. “That’s why she left me.”

His penis looked almost lost in the swirl of silver and black hair that surrounded it, and much of the length of it seemed to be foreskin, with the grape-sized head of his member visible well under the shroud.

“She said that?” I asked.

“Not in so many words,” Dad said.

My father had obviously passed down one of his traits, which was to obsess about things sometimes, and to make mountains out of molehills. That was something I sometimes did as well.

“I’m betting that she never gave it much thought until you brought it up,” I suggested, and after he agreed he finally gave me a little smile.

“One thing she didn’t know about was that back when I was your age, I was with a few men,” Dad confessed. “When I happened to get a glimpse of you one day after you got out of the shower, it brought back memories. Nice memories.”

“Clive was built a lot like you,” Dad continued. “You know – he was well endowed like you are. I’ve always been attracted to men like you. Guess I’ve got a case of penis envy or something.”

“Size isn’t everything,” I told Dad. “It really doesn’t matter at all. You must know that.”

“Easy for you to say,” Dad said.

I looked at Dad’s tiny dick, and thought about how it had given me life. I thought about how it was attached to a man that I worshipped and loved with all my heart, who had always been behind me every step of the way. The size of his penis meant less than nothing to me. I loved the man, and seeing him so exposed and vulnerable only made him more attractive to me.

“Eddie,” I heard my father say as I reached over and took his dick in my hand.

“Just relax,” I said. “Now, isn’t this better than doing it yourself?”

“Yes. Can I?”

I nodded as Dad reached over and took my cock in his hand, giving it a couple of long and languid pulls while I stiffened in his grasp.

“You’re so big,” Dad gasped as he stroked my cock. “Rather intimidating. Hard to believe I’m really your father.”

“You are,” I said. “You’re my father and I love you and everything about you. Everything. Let me make you happy.”

“Eddie,” was all Dad could say as I eased him onto his back and leaned over him.

I took his wrinkled little stem between my thumb and index finger and lowered my mouth onto it. Dad’s dick was rubbery, and as I pulled back on him I stretched it with my lips while grabbing his balls and rolling them in my palm.

I suckled on Dad’s dick greedily, and I could feel his tension ease and felt him getting aroused in my mouth as his pubic hair buffeted my cheeks. Soon, he was hard, and when I pulled my mouth off of him I was relieved to see that he had grown considerably.

Peeling down his foreskin, which still hid the head of his member even after getting hard, my tongue teased the puffy opening before going back down on him.

Dad was stroking my neck while making whimpering sounds that signaled that he was on the verge of orgasm. He warned me that he was cumming, and even tried to pull me off of him, but I wanted to taste his seed, and when he came I swallowed it eagerly while trying to siphon him dry.

“That was so good, Eddie,” Dad said, looking dazed with his glasses crooked. “So very good.”

“I love you Dad,” I said.


“Haven’t done this in 30 years,” Dad said, as he took a deep breath while trying to steady my erection with his hand.

“You don’t have to,” I told him.

“I know. I WANT to. More than anything I want to experience you,” Dad assured me before parting his lips and taking my cock into his mouth.

Albert was the only person who had ever given me head, outside of a man that had taken me into a bathroom stall at the park a long time ago, so I didn’t have much to compare this with. Having said that, they say that one you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget.

That seemed to be the case with giving head, because within a few seconds, Dad had me on the verge of speaking in tongues. His mouth went ALL the way down the shaft of my cock as he deep-throated me until his lips were pressing into my pubes, and his tongue was doing miraculous things to the underside of my dick as his mouth kept going up and down the length of me.

When I came, after holding back as long as I could, my whole body convulsed as I filled my father’s mouth with my seed. Cum was trickling out of the corners of my mouth as he kept going up and down until I finally went limp.

“Whew,” Dad said as he rubbed his jaw after letting go of my cock. “Quite a mouthful you’ve got there. Out of practice.”

“Could have fooled me,” I said while embracing the man I loved more than ever.


“None of my business of course,” Dad said. “But you and Albert – do you – you know?”

“We’re really good friends,” I said. “I know that you don’t like him, but…”

“That’s not true, Eddie,” Dad said. “I know I’ve made comments about Albert, but it wasn’t because I don’t like him. It’s more a case of me being jealous of him, because I suspected that you and him were lovers.”

“Oh,” I answered, stunned at the answer, because I didn’t think that anybody had ever been jealous of Albert over anything before.

“Do you and Albert do everything to each other?”

“Well yeah,” I said. “You know. Like we just did.”

“You mean you’ve never?” Dad asked as he stood up, scurrying out of the room and returning with a tube of something.


“Don’t be scared,” Dad kept telling me, talking over his shoulder at me as he positioned himself on all fours.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I said as I very tentatively pressed my lubricated index finger into his anus after digging through the hair that surrounded the tight ring.

“You won’t Eddie,” Dad said. “Oh, that’s it. Work another finger into me. That’s it. Get me good and ready for you.

Like I told Dad, this was something I never did before. I had tried once, but Albert got all dramatic and said it hurt even before I put it inside of him. he was probably right, because we had done it crudely and rushed it.

This was different, and as I worked that second finger it, corkscrewing it around while Dad moaned his approval, I was getting more an more aroused by the thought of it.

The thought of sticking my cock into that tiny orifice still had me a little squeamish, especially when I looked at the beet-red head of my cock, which was as big as a plum. Dad wanted it though, and so did I.

It was tight, and at first I almost couldn’t do it, but Dad kept telling me to push while he pushed back against me. When the ridge of the glans finally popped inside of Dad, his arms gave way and he cried out, but he recovered and kept imploring me to keep going.

“That’s it, Eddie!” Dad cried. “Stick that horse cock of yours all the way in me. Harder.”

I did what my Daddy wanted me to. I had mounted him, with my arms around him, hugging him like the teddy bear he was. The feel of his hairy back against my skin made me shiver, and soon I had fully impaled him while he begged for more.

“Here,” Dad said, positioning us so that we were on our sides, giving my cock a different angle at which to savage him from behind. “How’s that?”

“Great,” I grunted in response while Dad lifted his leg so I could get in deeper.

As I slid in and out of Dad, I slipped my hand around his hip and grabbed his dick, pulling on his flaccid tube in rhythm with my thrusts.

“That’s it Eddie,” Dad gasped. “Yank my dick hard. Make me cum with you.”

We were both dripping with sweat and delirious with joy as we made love, and although we didn’t cum at the exact same time, the sight of seeing Dad’s dick spurting all over the sheets sent my orgasm on the way.

“OH!” Dad groaned as I filled his bowels with what felt like an ocean of cum. “OMIGOD!”

Dad clamped down on my dick with his muscles, delightfully trapping me inside of him as my dick shriveled, until it finally popped out.

“That was so incredible,” I said while resting my body against his. “Unbelievable.”

“I may never be able to walk again, but it was so worth it,” Dad agreed.


Dad never snuck back into my bedroom again after that night. He didn’t have to, because I moved into the room Dad and Mom had shared the very next day, and we proceeded to make up for all the lack of love those walls had witnessed lately.

In time, I even made a suggestion to the most important men in my life. Separately of course, but to my surprise they were both agreeable to my idea.

“This is so freaky, but it sounds so awesome that I can’t wait,” Albert said when I posed the proposition to him. “Your Dad? He would be the last guy I would have suspected of being that way, outside of my own old man.”

“Just be cool,” I said. “He’s a little insecure about himself.”

“A man after my own heart,” Albert gushed. “Who’s more insecure than I am? I’ve got a body like the ‘before’ in those Charles Atlas ads and I’ve got the smallest dick on the planet.”

“No you don’t,” I mumbled. “Besides, that crap doesn’t matter.”

“Easy for you to say,” Albert replied.

“Where have I heard that before?” I said with a laugh, even though Albert had no idea what I was talking about.

“Jack,” my Dad said to Albert after asking him to stop calling him Mr. Taylor. “Standing here naked in front of each other, it seems the ‘mister’ is a bit formal.”

“Okay Jack,” Albert said, biting his lower lip as he looked at my father’s dick. “I think you look really hot, Jack.”

“As do you, Albert,” my father said as he gave an approving nod to Albert’s lithe body, and the fact that since getting a look at my Dad’s body Albert had gotten an erection, must have made my father feel a lot more comfortable.

“I agree. Both of you are hot,” I declared before dropping to my knees and drawing them close by pulling on their dicks.

“Ooh, that feels nice,” Dad said as I went back and forth between the two of them, licking and sucking their cocks individually before coaxing them even closer together.

“Oh wow!” Albert giggled to my father when I put both of them in my mouth at the same time. “I can feel our dicks rubbing together in Eddie’s mouth. Feels awesome.”

“It does,” Dad said as he wrapped his hairy arm around Albert’s bony shoulder and kissed him. “Maybe we can team up to take care of my boy together after he gets us off.”

“Sounds great,” Albert said as I looked up at the two men with their cocks in my mouth.

It did sound great to me too.

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