The Bratty Babysitter

By ellycuddles.

Oh, is little 19 year old wee wee boy ready for his milking? or does he need, lotion and baby powder first? You ready to be milked? Are you? Well I have a proposition for you. You are going to do your milking. You’re going to jerk off right in front of me. And if you make it, if the little 19 year old boy makes it and doesn’t come, I’m going to let you go on your way. Maybe you might even get to fuck me. Cause you would be a man, not a little 19 year old wee wee boy.

But if you do prematurely ejaculate, you are going to never get to fuck me. You’re going to be forever humiliated as the little 19 year old wee wee boy that you are. You’re going to get lotion and powder and put right into your cock cage where you belong. Oh. If you do come prematurely, you are never going to fuck or come when you want to. Definitely never going to fuck. You are going to be forever controlled and subjected to humiliating milking sessions. With me watching of course, because little 19 year old wee wee boys need adult supervision when they jerk off.

That’s right. Stroke that little tiny wee wee of yours. And let’s see if you can last. Can you? Can you last huh? Aww. You’re so tiny with your little bitty wee wee. It’s so little. Oh, it’s so small. So cute. Oh, are you going to come really fast? Yeah. You probably are. You can’t make it, can you? Oh, look at you go with your little wee wee. It’s so little. It’s so cute. Yes it is. Yes it is. It’s so cute. You think you’ll be able to hold out looking at these, huh? Aww, little 19 year old wee wee boy. You and your tiny, itsy, bitty little wee wee. So little. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that small. It’s cute. Let’s see if you can make it.

You think you will? I don’t know. Because men really, they can make it, but not little 19 year old wee wee boys. Men can fuck women but I don’t think that’s in your cards. You’re going to come. You’re going to premature ejaculate because that’s what you are. You’re a little premature ejaculator, aren’t you? Aren’t you? You come way too fast, don’t you? Yes you do. You come way too fast. You’ll never please a woman. Never. You’re never going to please a girl. Aww. That little thing. At least if you could last a while, maybe she could rub around on it.

But I mean, you’re a premature ejaculator. She’s not going to be able to enjoy herself. You just have to be milked. Like a little, itty, bitty, 19 year old wee wee boy. Yes you do, little 19 year old wee wee boy. Yes you do. Oh, look at you. You’re dripping already. You’re going to come, aren’t you? You’re going to come. Yes you are. Aww, look at you go, little 19 year old wee wee boy. Are you going to come? Are you going to come? Yes you are. Yes you are because little 19 year old wee wee boys can’t last, can they? No they can’t. Aww, did little 19 year old wee wee boy have a little accident? It looks like you had a little accident, doesn’t it? Doesn’t look like you made it, did it?

Aww, I guess little 19 year old wee wee boys just aren’t equipped to please women. Hmm, are they? No, you don’t deserve to because you’re just a little fellow. Hm, you’re a 19 year old wee wee boy. Yeah, so because you’re not able to please women and you’re a premature ejaculator, we’re just going to have to lotion you up and powder you up and put you in your cock cage, right where you belong, and then I’ll take you out and do your little milking session again, huh? That’s exactly how you’re going to live your life because you’re not equipped. No you’re not. Not equipped at all. lets do a little lotion powder for the little bitty 19 year old wee wee boy.


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