The Beach Flasher

By Max Swan.

There’s nothing like the beach for spying on nice bodies, with some discreet flashing, or not so cautious if you’re on a nude beach. However, everyone is naked on a nude beach, and nobody pays attention to you anyway, so where is the fun in that?

On this day, I was on a regular beach in my chair, reading a book with my unique shorts. These shorts are special because I have a hole in the crotch, so you can see right through when I’m sitting and have my legs open. You can’t see anything when I walk, stand, or close my legs. Perfect for covert flashing, if your target begins to turn, you just shut your legs and act as if you’re oblivious to them.


We live in that world these days, where strangers have to keep their distance, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. That’s why when you go to cities, nearly everyone’s listening to a media device. Then others talk incessantly on their phone, send text messages, or play video games. All are designed to ensure they don’t have to acknowledge anyone around them, the kind of distraction that makes my flashing style easy to do.

I’m not your trench coat flasher who stands before his target and exposes himself in a way designed to elicit a shock. I’m a covert flasher. You may see me out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look, thinking, ‘what the hell was that,’ I’m usually tucked away and looking innocent. I leave my target wondering if they have seen anything at all. It’s great fun.


Anyway, on this beautiful day, I spotted a nice-looking older woman walking my way along the water line. She appeared in her late thirties, possibly early forties, with long brown hair and a skimpy bikini. She was curvy with nice tits and tattoos on her body. However, best of all, she’s lost in her little world inside her head as she walks along. The beach brings this out in people, I find. They often come just to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing and the water running over their feet and think about life.

This is what makes it a perfect hunting ground for me. As the woman drew parallel to me, my legs swung open. I immediately felt the cooler air on my genitals. The woman was ambling along, and she strolled past, seemingly unaware of my plan happening at the time. Perfect execution. I felt proud of myself.

Fifteen minutes later, she was coming back the other way looking in the same state of mind; I repeated my flash at her. I had to keep looking at my book as if I were staring at people. Even wearing dark sunglasses, they still feel that someone is watching them. One of those weird human psychic things, I guess. Also, it plays into my alibi of being in an accident if someone catches me, and I didn’t realize she could see my dick. It would be best always to have a backup plan in this caper. She passed again without screaming, and I returned to reading my book. A few minutes later, there was a tap on my shoulder, and to my surprise, there was the woman I flashed—twice.

“Ah… May I help you?” I asked, looking at the woman with a deep frown.

“What do you think you’re doing, mister?” she said, hands on her hips.

“Reading a book?” I said with a shrug.

She sneered at me. “Don’t lie to me. I saw you exposing yourself to me. Twice…”

“Sorry? It would be best if you were mistaken. I’m just reading a book.”

She suddenly went before me, dropped, and grabbed my knees, forcing them apart.

“Hey… What the fuck?” I shouted, dropping my book.

She was now looking right up at my shorts at my little dick, which was hard.

“See… What do you have to say for yourself?” she asked angrily.

“Look, I didn’t realize I was flashing at you. I’m sorry. I need new shorts, I know,” I said, trying to coax my way out of it, offering her a semi-plausible excuse.

She was still looking at my dick, which was always a warning sign. Those a flasher upsets either run screaming or try to hit him and inevitably call the cops. Those that rather dig it keep looking, even if they put on a show of being upset by it. It titillates them, as well as offends them. Humans can be such contradictions.

“Oh my God, is that hard?” she said, looking up at me.

I nodded.

She then said, “It’s fucking tiny.” She gazed up and laughed in my face making me blush. “I don’t know why you bother,” she said, looking back at my dick and shaking her head in disbelief.

“This is why I bother, for when a nice woman like you kneels there to look at it like this. It turns me on,” I told her honestly.

“Even though when I look at it, I think you’re a total loser?” she said with a wicked grin.

“Do you think the size of his dick measures a man’s worth?” I asked her.

“I guess not. But no one would want to fuck you when they saw that tiny thing, surely?” the woman scolded me.

“That’s what they all say,” I smiled knowingly.

“I wouldn’t even feel it inside me,” she said, reaching into my shorts and starting to handle my dick to feel its size. “Yep… that’s too small for any woman.”

“How do you know? Have you had a small one like this before?” I asked her as she continued to play with it.

“No… I went out with this man in my twenties, and he had a small one like this. I broke it off when I found out.”

“That just shows you have no imagination, and your nasty attitude did that man a favor.”

She grabbed my dick tightly, making me wince. “That man was a loser for having a small dicklette. He would never have gotten me off in a million years.”

“I guess you’ll never know now, will you,” I said and then rolled my eyes.

“Yeah? You’re just the kind of creep to prove me wrong, eh?”

“I could, but not here. I have a holiday apartment across the street from here. I can show you what a man like me can do.”

She hesitated for a moment. “All right, let’s do it. I’m Sally, by the way.”

“I’m Stan. Let’s go.”

I packed my gear, and we walked over the road to where I was staying, going up some stairs to my holiday apartment.

“I’ll keep this door open in case you want to run off like the dim-witted bitch you are,” I told her.

“Hey… If you wanna hit this, then talk nicely. What do I do now?” Sally asked, totally confirming her lack of sexual imagination.

“Take your bikini off. I want to see you nude.”

Sally shrugged and started to undress. Her body was quite nice. Sure, as most middle-aged women are, she was a bit plump, but she was still attractive. I took my clothes off, and we stood there looking at each other. The only downside to her appearance for me (and this is just my taste) was that her muff was shaved entirely. It was as smooth as the day she was born. I don’t understand why a woman, especially an older woman, would do this. Pubic hair is natural and part of a woman’s beauty. Instead, they want to make their pussy look like they belong to a ten-year-old girl. There’s something a bit fucked-up in that.

Sally was checking me out, and I could see she wasn’t impressed. I’m nothing to write home about, I admit it. I’m fat, not that good-looking, and have a tiny penis.

“Jesus, why am I letting myself be fucked by the likes of you?” Sally spat.

I smiled. “Cos you’re bored… Bored with your life and your sex life? You want to spice it up.”

I went up to her and pulled her close, kissing her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. Sally reciprocated, and we stood there skin on skin, kissing for a few minutes. Then I grabbed her hand and led her into my bedroom. We lay on the bed kissing and fondling each other, and to my surprise, she was already quite wet downstairs. I slid my dick inside her to feel her cavernous cunt.

“See, I can’t feel it,” Sally said, sneering at me.

Sally went to push me off her, but I held her there, feeling her moist hole with my dick. When you penetrate a woman in the early part of sex, a man with a small one like me will get this kind of response. That’s why men with small dicks get such a bad rap because no one teaches them they need to get the woman near orgasm before penetrating. Then it won’t matter what size it is. You can ride that bitch home, and she will love every moment.

However, I like the feeling of my dick inside a colossal cunt, so I always do it for my sake, not hers. Yet typical of most selfish bitches, it always has to be about them. That’s why they say ‘I can’t feel it,’ and want to stop. The problem with many men is that they think women are sex experts. Most of them don’t know shit in my experience. Most of them don’t even know how their genitals work during sex. They can be just as dumb about sex as the average person.

“Just shut the fuck up and let me do my thing, stupid fucking bitch,” I said to her contemptuously.

Then I Kissed my way down to her crotch and began to eat that pussy for all it was worth. If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s eating pussy. Sally had a stinky one, but I pushed on like a trooper because I had a point to prove. Before long, she was squirming on the bed as I licked and nibbled her clit while working my fingers inside her cunt. My face was covered in muff juice as she let loose an orgasm, but I wasn’t finished yet. I again worked her to the edge, and when I felt the inside of her pussy clamp down on my fingers, I quickly got up and shoved my dick inside her.

Now I fucked her hard, and she was digging it. That’s God’s little secret about female orgasms. Once the inside of the cunt clamps, it doesn’t matter what size your dick is. For us small dick men, all we have to do is work her to that point and then fuck her. God thought of us here too. He put a love button on the outside of her genitals called a clitoris. You work that thing over with your tongue and fingers, and she’ll be putty in your hands.

Oh my God … Oh my God…” Sally moaned as I fucked her, taking her to another big orgasm with my little dick.

I pulled out because I hadn’t blown my load yet. Then I got Sally to roll over onto her stomach, which the woman did in that post-orgasmic fugue without complaint. Pulling her asshole up, I pulled her cheeks apart to check her out. Nice looking asshole, I thought. Reaching into a bag on the floor beside the bed, I pulled out a pink vibrator seven inches long and laid it beside us. Then I pushed my dick into her chocolate starfish.

Sally gasped in shock. “I don’t like that,” Sally yelled.

“Shut the fuck up, and take it, slut,” I shouted back.

I pushed my dick inside her asshole, making her wince; once I was fucking her, she started to grind against me.

“It feels kinda nice, but it won’t get me off,” Sally told me as if I cared.

“Yeah, most women don’t get off on anal sex. You need a little help,” I said, grabbing the vibrator and turning it on.

I slid it inside her wet cunt while I fucked her asshole. I love doing this because I can feel the vibrations as I fuck her. Before long, she was getting into my double, penetrating her. I got her to fuck herself with the vibrator to concentrate on her asshole. I must’ve counted about six powerful orgasms she had while we were doing this, and on the last one, which made her rock the bed, I rolled her over again and pulled her up to suck my dick. Sally did it too, and then I blew a mighty load in her mouth, one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. We both lay there for about ten minutes in our (hers more than mine) own stink, totally satiated.


“I guess you were right. I was a dumb bitch blowing off that man as I did,” Sally said, still panting.

“So, has miss dumb bitch learned her lesson then?” I said, feeling her cunt.

“Yeah, dick size is irrelevant if you have a good imagination and know how to use it,” Sally said, turning and looking at me with a smile.

“Good slut,” I said.

Sally rolled over and began to kiss me while I fingered her wet cunt. It felt like we were about to go again, and her phone rang. It was her husband looking for her. That ended our date. As she kissed me goodbye, I laughed to myself. Not many big-cock men are cuckolded by a small-dick man like me. Still, going by her expectations before our session, I thought he was probably a dud fuck anyway. Even men with average or big cocks often don’t know how to use what they have. It’s weird how it takes a small dick man to teach these assholes.

Size matters, yeah, right.


The End.


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