That One Friend

By TheBlackStallion.

Years ago I met the perfect girl. She was cute, honest, fun and innocent. Lizzie was a homeschool girl which made her very shy and a little naive. We met at the very beginning of our college years. She was about 5’5 putting her a few inches shorter then me. She was slim but had nice perky c-cup tits. An extremely cute face with long auburn shoulder length hair. We met in orientation and quickly started dating. Being from a small town and having a bit of a bad reputation with girls and the law and being a jerk in general, I really just wanted a fresh start.

Lizzie had never had a boyfriend. I was her first. I took her virginity and years later we were married. I absolutely loved having an innocent girl who had only ever been with me. I cleaned up my act when I met her and became a much better person. I was a proud husband fresh out of grad school with a nice little house all to ourselves. Things were good.

However once a year I had to endure the annual visit from Gabby. Gabby was Lizzie’s roommate in college. Lizzie hadn’t socialized much growing up, so Gabby was the first real friend that she made. They were very, very close. Gabby was shorter around 5’2 and she was chubby. She had very dark shoulder length hair. She also wore glasses. I didn’t get along with Gabby during college at all. Gabby was constantly throwing herself at guys at parties and when they turned her down she would get drunk, cause and a scene and grab Lizzie to go back to their dorm to vent. Gabby cock blocked me all of the time. There were plenty of nights during parties or after where Lizzie would be holding my arm coming home with me smiling and happy and Gabby would come up with a reason why she needed Lizzie back at the dorms.

Gabby was very liberal and switched majors a few times until her parents finally told her she had to pay her own way through school. After that she had dropped out and took various jobs never staying in one field for very long. This year I think she was being a nanny. She was coming down for her annual visit again this weekend and I was not looking forward to it.

“I can’t wait to meet him, that’s so great!” Lizzie said on the phone.

“Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow, bye.” Lizzie said getting off the phone.

“Who are we meeting?” I asked Lizzie with a brow raised.

“Gabby’s new man, Paul. I told her it’s ok that she brings him. That’s ok right?” Lizzie asked.

“That’s fine baby. I just hope he’s not like that meth head she brought, Keith I think. All they did was scream and fight for two days.” I said rolling my eyes.

“No, no. She said Paul is fantastic! He’s from Europe on a work visa with a great job and he’s a gentleman.” She said.

The next day came and the door rang in the late afternoon. Lizzie opened the door to being practically tackled by Gabby’s hug. Behind her was a tall fit man. He looked nothing like Gabby’s usuals. He was in good shaped slightly taller than me with short blonde hair. He had small glasses that you could tell were designer. He shook my hand with a monster grip.

“You must be Paul.” I said trying not to sound surprised.

“Ja, it is good to meet you.” He said with a slight German accent.

“Hi David it’s good to see you again.” Gabby said pulling me into a hug.

“Dinner won’t be ready for a few hours, how about we help you get your bags to your room and we can crack a bottle of wine?” Lizzie asked being the good host.

Lizzie and I barely drank after college but whenever Gabby was coming we stocked up on drinks so the girls could get drunk together and talk and laugh. Gabby was a big drinker and got very emotional usually when drinking. Lizzie was usually very quiet and reserved but when she started drinking with Gabby they would feed on each others energy and get rowdy together.

“That sounds great!” Gabby said.

After they got unpacked in our spare room. They came downstairs and joined me in the living room. We had a small wood burning fireplace which my wife loved so I got that burning. Gabby came down wearing our old college hoodie and a green plaid skirt that stopped above her knees. Paul came down in form fitting slacks and a tight polo that showed off his big arms. My wife entered the room wearing a short but beautiful fall style dress and carrying two bottles of wine and a six pack of beer.

“Paul, Gabby told me you wanted to try beer from around the world. This is my husbands favorite beer, we get it over the boarder in Canada so i figured you could check that off your list.” Lizzie said with a sweet smile.

He cracked it open and took a drink.

“It’s very good.” he said with a smile.

We drank, a lot. Going through several six packs and bottles of wine. We laughed and told stories and jokes. I learned that Paul did something in pharmaceutical research. Gabby was indeed a nanny for two young boys. I told them I was doing well in sales and Lizzie was doing very well as a wedding photographer. Eventually after a few hours of drinking and laughing, Gabby got up.

“Let’s do something fun! Let’s play some strip twister.” She said with a devious smile.

“Ooh, that’s naughty.” Lizzie giggled.

We started our game, With simple rules who ever falls strips. Paul said he never played but Gabby told him it was easy to learn. On the first round Paul and I went for the same spot and he toppled me over. The two of us got up and pulled our shirts off. I had a nice firm chest, and my arms were bigger than my friends. My belly however was a bit on the soft side though from a bad diet and drinking. Paul’s arms were bigger than mine and his stomach was tight. He looked very much like a bodybuilder.

“So Paul are those muscles, ya know, pharmaceutically enhanced?” I asked.

“Mostly herbal supplements and some time in the gym.” He chuckled.

“Plus growing up on a farm doing lots of heavy lifting.” Gabby added.

The next round Gabby fell over. She just laughed on the ground then got up and pulled off her hoodie. She had on a small black tank top. Her chest was smaller than Lizzie’s, maybe on the smaller side of B cups where Lizzie’s were almost D cups. But what really shocked me was when she lifted the hoodie over her head is that her armpits were dark and hairy. Her armpit hair was longer than I kept my pubes. I wasn’t expecting that at all and I couldn’t help but stare. I had never seen a girl who didn’t shave under her arms before. Lizzie seemed to be naturally smooth but she never let so much as stubble grow anywhere on her body. This was way past stubble. Her armpit hair was very long and as we were moving around in this warm room, they were unmistakably sweaty.

Gabby and my wife saw me openly staring.

“Gabby, Um wow.” Was all I could manage.

“You know plenty of girls over in Europe don’t shave their armpits.” She replied.

“That’s right.” Paul said.

“Honey it’s not polite to stare.” Lizzie said glaring at me.

“Sorry, just caught off guard.” I said.

We played again. Paul fell over again and he took his pants off. He was wearing some boxer briefs with an impressive looking bulge. I noticed my wife staring.

“It’s not polite to stare baby.” I said to Lizzie.

She got beet red and everyone laughed including her. The next round my wife fell over. As she was getting up she accidentally bumped up against Paul’s crotch.

“Oops! Sorry about that.” Lizzie said sounding shocked.

I saw her mouth over to Gabby the word “wow” while staring at Gabby with wide eyes. Gabby mouthed “I know right”. We all watched as my wife took her dress off. She was wearing her special occasion red with black lace matching bra and panty set. Lizzie’s bra was a push-up bra. Squeezing her tits together making them look more full and firm. It prominently displayed her already good looking chest making them look even better. Her toned stomach and tight ass looked great and I noticed Gabby and Paul actively staring.

The next round we were getting very entangled and no one had fallen yet. During the next spin I was already close to Gabby but I had to reach down in between her. She also reached nearby and as I stumbled my face landed square in hairy armpit. It was hot and sweaty and smelled very strong. Everyone just laughed as I felt some sweat trickle down onto my face. This was too much and we both fell over. I wiped my face off embarrassed as I got up and dropped my pants. I was wearing loose boxer briefs and no noticeable bulge was showing. Gabby laughed and took her tank top off. She had a small basic black bra on covering her modest breasts. Her pale belly muffin topped over skirt pretty bad.

The next round my wife and Gabby were very close putting me and Paul extra close. As we got tangled up I could feel his sizable package on my leg. It really did feel huge. As I was distracted, Gabby and my wife fell over giggling. As they got up they counted together and dropped their bras at the same time. The difference between their chests was very noticeable. Gabby’s breasts were small and kind of saggy looking where as Lizzie’s breasts didn’t look as full and firm as when they were in the push up bra but they were still bigger and far perkier.

“I’ve always been jealous of these babies.” Gabby laughed as she cupped and grabbed Lizzie’s breasts. Paul and I just sat their and watched and the girls giggled and laughed.

The next round Gabby fell over almost immediately and peeled off her skirt. She was wearing a small black cotton thong. Her pubic hair spilled over the top and exploded out of the sides. Her wild and untamed pubes even went slightly down her inner thighs. I had heard a rumor about this in college and that some girls in her dorm nicknamed “the beast”. That name still seemed very appropriate. Seeing her wild bush barley contained under her small thong next to my wife’s completely smooth body in panties the difference was again highly noticeable.

For the last round we were all trying to maintain our composure feeling all over each others mostly naked bodies and i swear the girls tripped Paul and me over on purpose. We got up and he dropped his shorts revealing a nice long and thick hanging softy. Easily five inches and very thick. I tried not to stare at the big soft cock and turned and saw my wife staring in awe at it. She had only ever seen my dick before and this one was bigger. I dropped my shorts and my small soft dick just kind of just rested slightly on my smaller balls. I was a grower and in front of everyone I seemed to shrink in embarrassment and it looked even smaller than normal.

“Wow the difference between you two is crazy!” Gabby said looking at me.

“I mean Paul is bigger than most guys but even next to average cocks you’d still look tiny. You know I nanny for two boys and even the 10 year old has a bigger one than you.” Gabby burst out laughing.

“It gets bigger though,” Lizzie said sheepishly.

“Well let’s see how they compare fully hard. Let’s help the boys out.” Gabby said.

She pulled down her panties and her hairy bush practically popped out. Her hairy snatch was thick and curly. My wife slipped out of her panties and smooth pussy was on display. Paul and I both started getting hard looking at the girls. My dick stirred to life and started getting harder. Paul looked Lizzie up and down intently and his dick grew quickly.

“Wow I’ve never seen any one other than my husbands. I didn’t even know they came this big.” Lizzie said in astonishment.

“I want to see something” gabby said.

She slowly started pulling on my cock and jerking it with two fingers and then as it grew she used three. She stroked until I was fully hard.

“Holly shit I was right! Even fully hard your not as big as Paul when he’s soft.” Gabby snorted laughing.

“Can I feel it?” Lizzie asked.

I wasn’t sure if she was asking me or Paul. Before I could speak up Gabby told her to do it. I watched as my wife’s small soft hands struggled to grasp the big meaty cock. Her touch made him grow bigger.

“Look you can get both hands around his cock and theirs still extra. I can cover your husbands whole dick in my one hand.” Gabby said as she gripped my cock.

My wife stroked Paul’s massive cocked slowly until he was at full mast. Gabby slowly stoked my dick using only a few fingers.

“How big is this little dick.” Gabby asked me.

“Around 4 and a half inches.” I lied.

“Paul is almost twice your size fully hard. Lizzie that is a real cock.” Gabby smirked.

My wife was caught in a trance with the big meaty rod.

“See how much you can take in your mouth Lizzie.” Gabby said.

“It’s too big! It’d hurt my jaw.” Lizzie said getting closer and closer to the giant cock.

I watched as my wife struggled to fit the giant cock head in her mouth. She could only get just a few inches in.

“Much more than what she’s used to doing obviously. One thing Lizzie said even during college was that you are really great at eating pussy. I want to see for myself.” Gabby said.

Gabby pushed my head down in between her thighs. Her hairy bush tickled my nose and the smell of her vagina nearly made me gag. It was hot and sweaty from playing the game. I had never licked such a hairy pussy before and had trouble getting my tongue through her pubes. I heard my wife gagging hard and I tried to get up to see what was happening but Gabby held my head down hard. I licked Gabby’s very hairy pussy until I felt her legs shivering. I wanted to make her cum fast so I’d be done and could go fuck my wife. She came all over my face. As I got up i could feel some of her pubes in my mouth and I nearly gagged again.

“Well in her inexperience I thought she’d but wrong but you fantastic at eating pussy. But I guess you have to be when your hung like a little boy.” Gabby said.

“Lizzie you should hop on Paul’s cock and feel what it’s like being with a real man.” Gabby said.

“Im scared haha, but I want to feel it.” Lizzie said biting her lip.

Before I could get up and say no and draw the line, Paul started sliding into her. He had only put a few inches in before Lizzie had to stop him to give herself moment to stretch around his massive cock. She was visibly shaking.

“He is going to stretch her out and touch parts of her that you never have. I want to see if I can even feel you.” Gabby said.

She pushed me onto my back and straddled me. I watched as Paul resumed filling my wife until he was nearly balls deep. She screamed out “oh my god” and he slowly started thrusting into her.

“I can barely feel you, but I’ve been sleeping with Paul for months and even before that I at least had boyfriends with real dicks.” Gabby laughed.

I pushed her onto her back and started thrusting aggressively into her. She just shrugged and looked unimpressed.

“I’m going to cum soon, her pussy is just too tight.” Paul said.

“Pull out of her and finish between her beautiful tits. I wish that was something I could offer in the bedroom but at least you can get that tonight.” Gabby said.

Paul pulled out of my wife’s dripping pussy. I had never seen her so excited before. He lined up his massive cock and started thrusting through my wife’s gorgeous tits. It wasn’t long until he blasted the biggest load I had ever seen all over my wife’s face. His cum was dripping all over her face and she only let me do that once and got very upset. But she was smiling ear to ear.

“I can’t feel you very well but maybe in my ass. I haven’t let Paul do that because he’s just too big so it should still be tight enough to feel your small dick. Just be a gentleman and lube me up first.” Gabby said.

As much as I didn’t care about fucking Gabby. My wife only lets me do anal once a year on my birthday and I still needed to cum so I got excited about fucking Gabby in the ass. Plus in the ass i figured she wouldn’t be able to act like she couldn’t feel me.

“I don’t have any lube.” I said dumbley.

“Just use your tongue.” Gabby shrugged.

She bent over and even her ass was hairy. All around her asshole was long sweaty hair. She grabbed my face and pushed in into her ass cheeks. The smell was worse than her pussy. It was hairy and very sweaty and dirty. I held my tongue and tried to lick without gagging. After doing that for what seemed like too long she let go of my head and I lined my cock up with her hairy asshole. I pushed my dick in as far as I could reach. It was warm and tighter than her vagina. It was hot to be fucking her in the ass and I started thrusting hard.

“I dunno, it’s kind of like I’m being fingered but at least I feel you.” Gabby laughed.

I thrusted hard a few more times and came as hard as I could. After that everything calmed down and we went and showered and cleaned up. Gabby and Paul left the next day.

“I can’t wait for the next annual visit.” Lizzie giggled.


The End.


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