The Impotence Files: Take Your Medicine, Honey: Part 2

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By Micky D

Part 1


Part 2


A week later I was once again confronted with the round countenance of
Mr. Rogers as I sat in the consulting room. My swollen and bruised
member had returned to some semblance of normalcy – if one was able to
ignore the seam of sutures on the underside – and Mr. Rogers told me
that he was very pleased with progress.

He asked me if there were any problems – any unusual pain or difficulty
urinating, and so forth. I told him that under the circumstances
everything seemed to be about as good as I could expect, apart from some

“The itching is a good sign,” he said. “It means that the wound is
beginning to heal, and that nerve functions are normal. No problems with
involuntary erections?” he asked.

“No,” I replied dryly. “Or even with voluntary ones.”

He nodded. “The medication should eliminate any problems in that area.”

It apparently did. I had obviously not attempted to stimulate myself to
hardness, but like most men I was occasionally awakened at night by the
need to urinate and the subsequent ‘woody’ that it caused. I had been
aroused from slumber several times in the last week by a need to take a
leak – but there had been no sign whatsoever of the usual accompanying
hard-on. The innocuous little tablets that I was required to take twice
daily seemed to doing their job. Angela had noted that the pills were,
in fact, being distributed by the pharmaceutical company she worked for.

The consultation with Mr. Rogers came to an end, and I was to return
next week to have the stitches removed. I was encased in a lot less
bandaging now – just a light layer that mainly served to keep my
underwear from chaffing against the stitches.

Angela had returned to work on Monday, and today I had driven myself to
my appointment with Mr. Rogers. I grabbed a meal at our local takeaway
shop on the way home, and as I sat munching my fish and chips I took
stock of recent events.

I was currently on paid leave with the company I worked for, and they
had begun to make pleasing overtures about compensation for my injury.
The overtures had become more pleasing still after I had idly told the
squeaky-voiced company spokesman that I would discuss their offer with
my legal counsel. I was further cheered after checking my bank account;
the six-month stint working abroad had added a considerable sum to the
balance – enough, in fact, to finalise the loan on the house. Very soon
Angela and I would own the place – lock, stock and barrel. The thought
made me smile.

Angela and I had bought the place just after we were married. It was a
two storey, four bedroom cedar-clad, located in a leafy bayside suburb.
We wanted a fairly large house because we planned on starting a family
in two or three years. Angela had sold the house that she and Carl had
been paying off, and my ex-wife had bought out my stake in the home that
we had shared. This luckily meant that between us, Angela and I had a
very sizable deposit for our own home, and we’d needed only a modest
home loan.

A massive garage had originally taken up much of the ground floor of the
house. Soon after we had bought it, Angela had suggested that we
partition off the rear section of the garage so that she could have a
dedicated area for her gym equipment. I thought it was a great idea, as
we had no need for such a cavernous garage anyway, and it would
immediately add value to the property. I had done the renovations
myself, and the new partitioned section was actually so large that we
ended up splitting it into two rooms – a dedicated gym for her Angela’s
treadmill, exercise bike, bench press, and various other instruments of
self-inflicted torture, and a smaller room that we now used as a
guestroom / study.

The home loan was our only remaining debt, and I was looking forward to
strolling into the bank and paying it out in full. With the exception of
my unfortunate accident, things were falling into place very nicely.

For the remainder of the day I watched some TV and did what little
housework that needed doing. As evening approached I prepared dinner for
Angela and myself. When she arrived home she anxiously asked about my
visit to the specialist. I told her that all was as well as could be
expected, and that he was happy with progress. She expressed relief, and
smiled warmly and kissed me.

Her kiss sent a sharp pang of desire through me. While the pills I was
taking to prevent erections did their job effectively, they certainly
didn’t stop the underlying sexual hunger. During the first week after my
accident, my ardor had naturally been dampened. But as I started
mending, my libido gradually began asserting its presence. It had been
two weeks now since I had last climaxed, and I found that I was eyeing
Angela a little more lustfully each day.

I came to think of it as a ‘buzz’ – a constant sexual tension, both
physical and psychological, that never really ceased – it simply varied
in intensity. One thing was certain; it grew a little more each day. I
was startled to discover that my gaze would linger a little longer than
usual if I saw a good-looking lady walking down the street, or if I
happened to see an alluring woman on TV. It had been many years since I
had not climaxed for such a long period, and the consequences were
beginning to show. In essence, I had the same burning desire for sex –
especially after being away from Angela for so long – but I now lacked
the means to do so. I was starting to learn what the term ‘sexual
frustration’ really meant.

Angela, always an intuitive lady, seemed to be mindful of my growing
internal battle with my own libido, and she subtly tried to avoid
arousing me. She would normally sleep naked, or with just a pair of
panties on. I had often told her just how much I loved being able to
feel her bare breasts against my chest, and how the simple fact that she
was naked beside me always turned me on. Since I had arrived home,
however, she had started wearing a light pajama set consisting of a
cotton tee shirt and a matching pair of shorts. When she kissed me now,
her kisses were still warm and loving, but they lacked her usual
passion. She knew that a long, deep, wet kiss could make me hard – and
so she refrained from doing it.

We retired to bed at about 11:00pm. I wore a pair of briefs over my
bandaged member, and Angela was again wearing her pajamas. I slid my arm
around her as we lay together, and a light waft of her perfume drifted
over me. We began to kiss softly, and Angela responded hesitantly but
warmly. I opened my lips, and when her warm, moist tongue slid into my
mouth it was like a delicious electric shock.

Normally I would have begun to harden right at that point, but there was
no stirring in my loins whatsoever. The buzz, however, suddenly
tingled urgently like alarm bell, and an almost tangible vibration began
in the pit of my stomach. I started trembling. I needed to taste her
lips, her skin, her body… I needed to taste her cunt – now!

I slid my hand under her tee shirt and began to caress her breast as our
kiss deepened. Her nipple instantly hardened as I rolled it softly
between my forefinger and thumb. I felt her shudder softly, and she
stifled a moan.

I began to lift her tee shirt, and she broke our kiss.

“Baby?” she whispered huskily. “What about your… your stitches. I
don’t want to make you hard.”

“It’s okay,” I replied. “I won’t get hard, hun. The pills I’m taking
won’t let me.”

“But I can’t please you,” she protested softly.

“That may be true,” I told her in a voice that shook slightly. “But
since when does that mean that I can’t please you? I want to please
you, Angie. I need to please you!”

I had continued lifting her tee shirt during the exchange, and she
suddenly raised her arms so that I could lift it completely off over her
head. At last I gazed upon her magnificent breasts; they were as
gorgeous as I had remembered them to be. I lowered my lips to her
nipple, and she tilted her head back and sighed in pleasure as I sucked
it. I began to kiss and lick every inch of her beautiful tits, slowly
working my way down her body. My lips trailed down to her stomach, and I
relished the taste of her soft, warm skin. I gently hooked my fingers
under the waistband of her shorts and panties and began easing them down
her long legs. Angela was now trembling softly, her right hand resting
gently on back of my neck.

I slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles, and she drew her legs
up so that I could remove them completely. I moved lower on the bed,
maneuvering myself between her thighs. She parted her legs, and I gazed
hungrily at the sight below me; she had opened before me like an exotic
hothouse flower. I lowered my head down to her pubic mound and kissed
it, feeling her neatly trimmed pubic hair tickling my nose and lips.
Angela’s hips rose upwards as my tongue slithered further down, and she
lifted and parted her legs further.

“Oh, Michael,” she breathed. “It’s been so long… so long…”

Her scent filled my nostrils, and I extended my tongue and burrowed it
gently between her pussy lips. Her juices welled up from within, and for
the first time in over six months I tasted her delicious nectar. I drank
greedily, savoring her, sliding my tongue deeper inside to scoop out
more of her warm, creamy essence.

Angela uttered a long, almost painful moan. “Oh, Michael… Lick me…
Please! It’s been so, so long!”

I lifted slightly, locating her clit and softly spiraling my tongue
around it. I glanced up over her mons pubis. Her pretty face was clouded
with pleasure as my tongue teased and tickled her hard button. Her
hooded eyes met mine, and I winked at her and then placed my lips over
her clit and sucked it. Angela’s whole body jolted on the bed.

“Oh, FUCK!” she gasped. “Oooh, Jesus! Do it, Baby! Please! Suck it!”

Her little button seemed to throb joyfully in my mouth, and I slid my
left hand up between her thighs. Her cunt was soft and warm and slick
with her juices as my index and middle fingers slid inside of her. She
moaned and drew her legs back even further. The contractions of her
vaginal muscles gripped my fingers tightly as I suckled her clit, my
tongue rapidly swirling. She was going to cum – and soon.

I deliberately started to make slurping sounds, and added little moans
of my own. This had always driven her wild, and it did so now. I felt
her tense and her thighs started trembling. The fingers of her right
hand slid down through my hair, and she gripped me firmly. I began to
gently finger-fuck her.

“Yes! Oh, Baby, YES!” she implored. “DON’T STOP!”

I didn’t stop. I sucked her clit a little harder, and flattened my
tongue over it, gently rasping and sliding it against that incredible
sensitive part of her. I could feel her whole body tense. I uttered
another sensual moan from the back of my throat, and this pushed her
over the edge. She tightened her grip on my hair, pulling my face harder
onto her cunt.

“Oh, Michael… Oh, MICHAEL!… NOW!… NOW!… FUCK, YES!… I’M GONNA

Her cunt suddenly clenched tightly around my fingers like a vice,
pulsing like a living heart. Her cream erupted from the depths of her
pussy like lava as she climaxed, her legs twitching and jerking as
orgasm flowed through her like a syrupy torrent. I released my suction
on her clit, but kept my tongue gently swirling and dancing around it,
maximising the waves of ecstasy rippling trough her body.

She uttered a final moan, and her whole body slumped, trembling and
twitching. I very gradually slowed my spiraling tongue and eased my
finger from her molten pussy. I slid my tongue down, sinking it deep
inside her, feeling it stirring a molten well of her delicious juices. I
briefly lifted my mouth from her.

“I want to suck you dry,” I whispered huskily. “I want to drink you, to
feel every drop of you sliding down my throat.”

She gazed down into my face with eyes half-closed. “Then do it,” she


Later, after I had eventually surfaced and slid back up to lay alongside
her, she turned and wrapped her arms around me. She gave a satisfied
stretch, like a cat awakening from a long nap.

“Enjoy that, baby?” I softly asked.

She smiled weakly. “Oh, honey, you have no idea – no idea – how good
that was. It’s been so long, baby. So, so, so long. And do you have
any idea of how good you are at doing that?”

I grinned at her. “I ate a lot of tacos while I was away, just to keep
in practice.”

She giggled. “In that case, I think I’ll start serving tacos here more
often.” Her face suddenly showed apprehension. “You’re not hard or
anything, are you?” she asked softly.

“No, hun. Everything’s just fine.” My cock had, in fact, remained
disconcertingly flaccid the whole time I had eaten her.

Her smile slowly returned. “Okay, baby. I was really worried about
making you hard.”

“Is that why you’ve started wearing pajamas?”

A slightly guilty look clouded her face. “Yes. Well, it’s one reason,
anyway. I didn’t want to excite you just in case those pills don’t work.
I know that it’s very important that you don’t get an erection right now.”

“What are the other reasons,” I asked.

She pondered for a few seconds. “I guess I felt it would’ve been
insensitive and cruel of me to sleep naked beside you.”

“Because we can’t make love, you mean?”


“Baby,” I replied. “Just because I can’t make love to you right now or
climax myself, it doesn’t mean I don’t want you to. In fact, it makes
me want to please you even more. I need to please you.”

She seemed to understand the latent message, and she nodded softly. “I
guess I just didn’t want to appear selfish, and I didn’t know if you
wanted to do anything right now. I know it must be so very difficult for
you, especially after being away for so long. What happened to you is so

I smiled ruefully. “Yes – it is. But until it’s all fixed, you know that
I’ve always loved eating your pussy, and the accident hasn’t affected my
tongue, baby.” I playfully licked my lips.

She sent me an impish grin. “So you don’t mind eating a lot of tacos,

I laughed. “The more, the better. You got any hot sauce to go with them?”

“You know I have,” she replied cheekily. “As long as you’re hungry, I’ll
keep serving them up, honey – with as much sauce as you can handle.”

“Yum,” I replied, licking my lips again.

Angela giggled again. “So I can ditch the pajamas?”

“Oh, yeah,” I quickly agreed.

“Good – I hate the goddamned things!”

We spent the next fifteen minutes or so curled up together, softly
talking about this and that. She had remained naked, and I took the
opportunity to drink in the sight of her exquisite body. The buzz in
my loins had strangely subsided slightly, as if Angela’s climax had
somehow soothed my own ardent yearnings. She eventually rolled over and
lit a cigarette from the pack on her bedside dresser. She only ever
smoked in bed after we had sex, and for some weird reason I always found
it incredibly sexy when she smoked naked. This probably wouldn’t have
pleased the anti-smoking lobby, but they had no business interfering in
my sex life, anyway.

Angela blew a thin stream of smoke out through her lips. She noticed my
lustful gaze, and she turned to me and slowly smiled. “After I’ve had
this smoke, I might go and cook something.”

I blinked in sudden confusion. “Eh? Cook? Cook what?”

Her smile turned into a leer as she took another drag on her cigarette
and winked at me. “Tacos.”

A tingle rippled through me. “Why wait ’til you’re finished smoking?” I
asked softly.

Angela’s leer broadened even more. She slowly drew her shapely legs up
and parted them slightly, and her pussy winked invitingly out at me from
the apex of her thighs.

“Good idea, honey. Come and get it, then – you don’t mind if I smoke
while you eat, do you?”

I sure as hell didn’t, and I soon proved it to her.


Another four weeks drifted by.

I’d had the stitches removed from my manhood at my next consultation
with Mr. Rogers, and he announced that he was pleased at how everything
was going. There was still an angry red scar where the incision had
been, but he told me that in time this would lessen. Always the
harbinger of glad tidings, he instructed to keep taking the medication
that kept me flaccid so that everything would continue to heal internally.

I spent most of my time just pottering around the house, or watching TV,
or playing games on the PC. Angela, of course, was working during the
day and she wasn’t due to take her holidays for another six weeks or so,
and I found that my biggest problem was boredom – but I occupied myself
as best I could whilst I was recuperating.

As the weeks had rolled past, the ever-present and frustrating sexual
buzz had asserted itself more and more. The feeling reminded me of
when I was a 15-year-old; I’m sure that most men can remember the time
when hormones first ran rampant in their teenaged bodies, quickly
transforming a usually placid and normal adolescent male into a
seething, panting hulk of pent-up sexual lust. This is how I was
starting to feel – I was constantly frisky, but with the medication
keeping my penis limp there was no real way to gratify my libido. I was
horny, but without the horn with which to do anything about it.

The only thing that I could do to slake the lust was to orally please
Angela. This seemed to act as some kind of vicarious relief valve for
me, and Angela was more than willing – and even eager – to indulge me.
In fact, one day last week she had been working in a neighboring suburb
and she had popped home unexpectedly for lunch. After I had made her a
bite to eat, she had offered me something to snack on – and it
definitely was not anything from the major food groups. Suffice to say
that she had gone back to work that afternoon with a contented smile on
her face.

Just over a couple of weeks ago we had been laying cuddled up in bed
after I had pleased her. For some reason my thoughts had turned to adult
toys, and I had offhandedly asked Angela why she hadn’t gotten a dildo
or vibrator whilst I was working abroad.

She pondered for a few seconds. “To be honest, I don’t know. I never
really thought about it. I haven’t ever really used one, and I guess
that I just didn’t need it. Anytime we played on the phone or online, it
was enough for me to just use my fingers, and imagine you were there.”

I nodded, and she continued: “Besides – now that I think about it, it
would’ve been almost an admission of defeat, maybe. You were only going
to be gone six months, for chrissake, and I’d like to think that I could
wait at least that long.” She turned to look at me sharply. “Why do you
ask? Would you have wanted me to use one?”

“Maybe,” I answered. “It’s kind of hot to imagine you using one.”

I now had Angela’s full attention; this was the kind of pillowtalk she
relished. “Ah, really now?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. “Would you
like to watch me use one now?”

I nodded slowly. “I think that would be mind-blowing.”

“Would you want to watch me using it on myself, or would you want to
use it on me?”

I could see what she was thinking; in my permanently flaccid state, a
dildo would become a surrogate for my own cock. She was both right and

“Both,” I answered. “I’d love to watch you use it on yourself, but I’d
also love to do it for you, as I licked you.”

Angela smiled softly. “Well, like I said – I’ve never used one, honey.
But there’s always a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

“You want to get one?” I asked in sudden surprise.

“Why not?” she replied. Her face narrowed in thought for a few seconds.
“We have to go to Kerry’s big day this Saturday, don’t we?”

I nodded. Kerry was Angela’s cousin, and she was getting married this
weekend. The venue was nearly an hour’s drive away.

“Well,” Angela continued. “How about we leave early, honey? If I
remember correctly, there’s an adult shop opposite a pharmacy that I
deal with, not far away from the church where the wedding will be. We
can drop in on the way up there if you like?”

The irony of visiting an adult toy store on the way to a wedding wasn’t
lost on me. “Sounds good,” I replied. “Maybe we can grab the blushing
bride a wedding gift for her honeymoon while we’re there?”

Angela laughed. “Knowing Kerry, she’d already have two of whatever we
bought her,” she said cattily; Kerry was not known for either her
virtuous behaviour or her chaste conduct.

We did visit the adult store on the way to the wedding, and both Angela
and I were stunned by some of the products on offer. We found the dildo
and vibrator section – if you could call it that – and after some muted
discussion between us Angela selected a largish realistic-type silicon

On the way to the wedding, we discussed some of the more kinky and
bizarre adult toys that we had seen. Angela shook her head. “You know,
I’m as broadminded as the next person – but Jesus Christ, who the hell
wants to go to bed with a blow-up farm animal?” We had seen rubber
blow-up sheep and pigs for sale in the shop.

I shook my head. “Horses for courses.” I grunted. “Or even horses for
intercourses – there was a blow-up pony for sale, too.”

Angela bellowed with laughter. “Oh, my God! Well, I actually feel very
innocent and staid just buying a dildo, then!”

Because I was still taking medication and also to allow Angela have a
few drinks, I stuck to non-alcoholic beverages during the wedding
reception so that I could drive us home. Angela was still tipsy when we
arrived home, and maybe friskier than usual. We both had a nightcap and
shortly went to bed. Angela had already placed the dildo on her bedside
dresser, and after she had undressed down to her panties she smiled
softly at me as she unwrapped the box.

She eased the fake cock out of its plastic cocoon; it was just over
eight inches long, and I was startled at how closely it resembled the
real thing. With a sudden tingle I realised that it was considerably
larger than I was when erect. Even to see Angela handling it sent a
lascivious shiver up my spine.

Angela slid the two ‘AA’ batteries into the appropriate slot, and she
then rotated the round switch on the base; the dildo responded with an
eager whir. She turned it off and then looked at me.

“You want to watch me use it, honey?” she purred.

I could only nod. I realised I was panting softly as I slid to the end
of the bed so I could observe her more clearly.

Angela smiled, and slowly slid her panties off. She then lay back on the
bed, spreading her thighs. She held the dildo in her hand, her small
palm making the large fake cock look even larger than it was.

She guided the broad head of the dildo down to her pussy lips and gently
worked the fake glans between her labia. I realised that my heart rate
had just skyrocketed. The soft, rubbery head flexed slightly, and then
slowly slithered just inside her lips. Angela closed her eyes and drew
it back out, smearing her pussy lips with her secretions. She then
rolled the head and shaft of the dildo along her slit, moistening the

Angela drew her knees further back, tilting her hips upward. The thick
head of the fake cock was poised just over her juicy pussy, dipping
downward slightly as if it were eager to explore what lay just below.
Angela opened her eyes slightly.

“Watch me, baby.” she whispered.

She grasped the dildo at base, and lowered the glans back to rest
between her pussy lips. She then drew it gently forward, and the shaft
bowed slightly as she applied more force. My heart thumped as I first
watched the thick pink head disappear inside her, soon followed by the
thick silicon shaft – inch by inch. Angela uttered a syrupy moan.

“Mmm, it’s so big, honey,” she breathed.

She paused when there was at least a good six inches inside of her. She
slowly drew it back out, and I could see the shaft glistening with her
juices. Then she slid it back in, even deeper this time. My eyes were
riveted to how her pussy lips seem to almost suck at the silicon
shaft, moving inwards as she inserted it into her, and clinging
desperately when she slid it back out, as if her cunt was reluctant for
it to depart. She slid it home again and uttered a sharp moan, and I
realised that almost the whole eight inches was inside her.

“Does it feel good?” I heard someone utter. I suddenly realised that it
was my voice.

“Mmm, yeah, baby,” Angela murmured. “It’s so fucking big… it’s been
so long since I’ve had anything inside me… Jesus, it’s inside me so
tight, honey!”

She now began to slowly fuck herself with it, sliding it in and out in a
steady carnal rhythm. Wet slurping sounds began to issue from her pussy
as the large dildo began pistoning into her creamy cleft. I glanced up
to see that her nipples were hardening. A rivulet of her juice suddenly
trickled from the base of her slit, and it ran with almost teasing
slowness down over her puckered rosette. I licked my lips.

All of a sudden I realised that if she ever did cuckold me for real,
then this is how it would look – her long, sexy legs spread wide as
his large, meaty cock slithered deep into her juicy pussy, pumping
inside of her over and over again. His balls would be slapping wetly
against her asshole, becoming coated with her secretions. Her pussy lips
would cling to his cock with just as much relish as they were clinging
to the silicon imitation. I stifled a gasp at the thought.

She suddenly eased her pumping motion, and she reached down with her
other hand to turn the circular switch. A soft buzz emanated from the
dildo, followed immediately by Angela’s sudden gasp of pleasure.

“Oooh, my GOD!” Angela panted. “Fuck, that feels so good!” She quickly
readjusted her grip on the very end of the dildo, and she once more
began rapidly sliding it in and out of her steamy cunt. The slippery
sounds of its urgent passage added to the electric whir.

I had never seen a woman use a vibrator on herself before – and now I
realised what I had been missing. It was one of the most erotic,
sensual and carnal things I had ever seen – so much so that almost of
its own accord my hand drifted down to stroke myself. I actually located
the head of my cock through my briefs before I felt the bandaging. I
forced myself to stop.

Angela was now truly fucking herself. Her back arched and she began to
shake and buck. Her pretty face was clouded with ecstasy as the large
cock repeatedly plunged into her, over and over. Another stream of her
creamy secretions rolled sensually down into the crack of her ass. She
was now panting hard, moaning and shaking. She pulled the shaft upwards
so that the rubber vibrated against her clit.

“Oh, Jesus FUCK!… It’s so fucking BIG!… Aaaahhhh!… AAAAHHHHHH!”

I could see her climax approaching. Her legs began jerking and trembling
in earnest, and I could actually see her cunt firmly squeezing the thick
pink silicon shaft. She arched her back, and her beautiful face tilted
upwards. The buzz of the dildo echoed the buzz in my own loins.

“Oh, Michael! It’s gonna make me CREAM! OH JESUS!… YES!… YES!…

She literally screamed as climax tore through her, holding the large
vibrating rubber cock deep inside her as her body jolted and shook. Her
pussy was clenching the silicon shaft so tightly that the tone of the
vibrator actually altered with every climactic spasm of her vaginal
muscles: Whirr… Wharr… Whirr… Wharr… Whirr… Wharr… She
kept moaning, over and over…

I realised that I was panting almost as hard as she was. I shook, and it
felt like there were a million butterflies in my stomach.

Angela finally let her body go limp. Her fingers drifted to the circular
switch and the hum of the vibrator abruptly ceased. She slid the massive
fake cock slowly out of her pussy, and as it exited her love tunnel it
made a soft shlop! My eyes were glued to how slick and shiny it was
with her cream.

She opened her eyes to slits, and she smiled groggily at me.

“Was that okay, honey?”

I was bereft of speech for several seconds. “Holy FUCK!” I finally

She smiled, and held the dildo up. She took note of how slick it was
with her cum, and she giggled. “Look at alllll my cream, baby!”

I swallowed. Her smile curled further. “Why don’t you lick it all off
for me, honey. You don’t want me to waste my cream, do you?” She held it
out towards me.

Mesmerised, I came closer.

“After you lick it clean for me?” she added in a soft drawl. “Why don’t
you lick the rest of me clean, too. Will you do that for me, honey?”

Of course I would – and of course, I did.



Later she wanted to know what my feelings were as I watched her using
the dildo. I softly told her that it was truly one of the most erotic
things I have ever seen, and just how much seeing her cum using the toy
had turned me on. Angela listened intently to me.

“Did you think of that little fantasy as you watched, honey?” she
asked softly.

“Yes,” I softly admitted. “I kept imagining it was a real cock – and
not mine.”

She nodded and smiled gently. “I knew the idea it might pop into your
head as you were watching. How did it make you feel?”

“Hot,” I told her. “Very hot.”

“Do you still often think about me with another man?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “I guess more so now because of what happened –
because I can’t do it right now, maybe.”

“Because you can’t fuck me,” Angela stated candidly.

“Yes,” I replied softly.

“I can understand that, honey, and I can understand why,” she said
gently. “I had an idea that it might’ve been on your mind a lot more,
but I wasn’t sure how you’d react right now – you know?”

I smiled faintly. “Well, the idea of you doing it is still as exciting
as ever to me.”

She slowly nodded, and I could see that she was mentally filing the

“Did you enjoy feeling something inside you again?” I gently asked.

“Honestly? Yes,” she replied. “As you might know, honey, for a woman
there’s two types of orgasm – vaginal and clitoral. When I am ‘filled’,
it’s a lot easier to have a vaginal orgasm, which for me are a lot

“Do you miss having intercourse?” I inquired.

“Yes – yes, I do, very much,” she admitted. “A lot, in fact. I can’t
wait until you’re healed, honey, and everything’s all working properly
again,” She glanced at me, and an impish grin appeared on her face.
“You’d best prepare yourself, ’cause once you’re ready to rock’n’roll,
then we’ll be rocking and rolling a lot!”

And so for the last two weeks the dildo has played a big role in our
bedroom. Angela loves me to slide it inside her, and then for me to lick
her clit at the same time. This makes her have incredibly powerful
orgasms, and I was in many ways glad that our house was some distance
away from our neighbors – because her cries of ecstasy were long and loud.

We had also begun to have a little fun outside of the bedroom; one night
we were sat on the couch watching the TV. Angela turned her head to me
and smiled mischievously.

“You hungry, honey?” she asked.

Not being on the ball, I replied: “Nah, hun. We had dinner not long ago.”

She sent me a mock-pout. “Oooh, okay then. I just thought you might
fancy a taco.”

I blinked. “Right here?” I asked in delighted surprise.

Angela grinned. “Right here – right now.”

Suffice to say that her panties were removed and tossed to the floor in
very short order, and I was soon on my knees, kneeling between her legs
as I licked and sucked her to climax as the TV twittered in the background.

On another occasion, we were sat at our breakfast bar one Sunday
morning, just finishing fried eggs and bacon. We had long ago bought
four very tall stools for use at the breakfast bar, and we were perched
atop two of them as we ate. Being a lazy Sunday morning, we were both
still clothed in just our dressing gowns, and Angela’s hair was still
damp after her morning shower. I had reached for my coffee mug, and my
elbow had knocked a plate of toast to the floor.

“Dammit!” I grunted, arising from the stool and kneeling down to gather
the plate and the scattered toast. I was kneeling almost at Angela’s
feet with my face almost brushing her right thigh, and she swiveled
around on her high stool, and she looked down at me.

Her broad, cheeky grin crept suggestively over her face. “While you’re
down there, honey…”

I laughed. I had never heard this classically lewd solicitation for oral
sex from a woman before.

“Actually, these stools are just at the right height for that, aren’t
they?” Angela remarked. From my kneeling position, I could see that she
was right – her pelvic region sat just above my eye level.

“In fact,” Angela continued. “They’d be a great way for you to be able
to lick me – from behind.”

She uttered a short giggle, and then swiveled her body to face the
breakfast bar again. She slid backward on the high stool so that her
sexy ass protruded far over the leather seat whilst her lower thighs
bore her weight. She then reached down to pull my stool closer to her,
and she slid her right thigh sideways over onto it. This meant that her
legs were now broadly parted with each thigh resting on different
stools. She wriggled a few times to consolidate her position, and then
lowered her upper body down onto the breakfast bar; her backside jutted
outward and upwards even further. She looked down at me over her shoulder.

“What do you think, honey?” she asked sweetly. “You think this would be
a great position for you to please me?”

It certainly was! The overall effect was that her whole pelvic region
now practically hung in mid air, and her widely parted thighs meant that
her pussy and ass were deliciously exposed and accessible from
underneath. Her contortions had caused her dressing gown to ride up, and
from where I was kneeling I had a perfect view of her inverted pussy
peeking out from between her buttocks under the hem of the material.

“It’s a great position,” I agreed excitedly, feeling the buzz
intensify in my loins and lower stomach.

She giggled again, and asked in a teasing voice: “Then what’s stopping
you, honey? Not hungry anymore?”

I was always hungry for what she was offering. I quickly shuffled
sideways on my knees until I was directly behind her and almost between
the two stools that she was now perched upon. She reached back and
lifted her dressing gown up over her back.

“Lick me, baby,” she murmured softly.

I needed no further urging; I steadied myself by placing a hand on each
of the stool uprights to either side of me, and I tilted my head back
and pressed my upturned face into her crotch from behind. My tongue
flicked forth, teasing that sensitive spot between her pussy and her

“Mmm, up a little higher please, honey,” she told me. “You know where…”

I knew where, alright; I slid my flattened tongue up to her puckered
rosette, licking and rimming her. She had always loved this kind of anal
play, and her current spread-eagled posture on the stools made it
extremely easy to perform this lecherous sexual act.

The lasciviousness of the situation was intensified when I realised that
Angela had actually resumed eating her breakfast as I was rimming her.
For some crazy reason, this kinky little twist really turned me on;
here I was, with my face pressed to her naked protruding backside and my
tongue devotedly licking her asshole as she sprawled wantonly at the
breakfast bar – and she simply carried on consuming her breakfast as if
this were all perfectly normal.

In fact, she said: “Mmm! Maybe we should do this every Sunday morning,
honey? – me eating bacon and eggs and toast while you’re dining on some
fresh rump,” She uttered a soft, teasing giggle. “Or maybe a tossed

Her wicked double-meanings simply added to my ardor. I kept
enthusiastically rimming her until she had finished her repast. She then
gave a soft groan, and shifted her thighs back further on the stools,
and her delicious nether regions became even more accessible to my eager
little tongue.

“Now – lick my pussy please, baby,” she softly requested.

The kitchen walls were soon echoing to the soft, wet sounds of my lips
and tongue hungrily slurping her pussy, and to Angela’s urgent gasps of

Well, they do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

To be continued….




  • Paul Kraftt

    great chapter waiting for the next!!

  • Paul

    The thing is when you are truely impotent like myself your real mind set is different to the character in the story he knows he is impotent due to medication so therefore still enjoys the feelings of desire and pleasure he knows if he wasn’t on medication he would be rock hard
    I know I can’t get an erection so therefore as time goes on you lose all desire and pleasurable feelings it doesn’t matter how much you please her or indeed him you body doesn’t react and in time in my case neither does my mind
    It doesn’t matter what they do or say to me I generally feel numb in mind and body and have very little interest
    That being said I have recently met someone outside of my marriage who likes to rub my bottom and the inside of my legs she has taken to rubbing her fingers and knuckles around my asshole and I do find this quite stimulating she is aware of my impotence so maybe this helps as I don’t worry about my lack of erection and I do leak precum into my underwear
    So there could be hope for me yet but technically I am being unfaithful which makes me sad

    • Small Penis

      Just because the characters in the story don;t reflect your experience, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. It’s only fiction Paul. chill.

      • Paul

        Oh im sorry small penis I didn’t mean it as a criticism purely my observations
        I am eternally grateful to you for including stories on impotence as I have previously said and I did thoroughly enjoy the story
        my apologies to both you and the author if my views were unwarranted

  • Fantastic story Great sex for the wife Would enjoy more chapters


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