Our Readers SPH Experiences 31

By Our Readers Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.   This reader demonstrates the innate wimpiness of some small dick men…. I walked out of a bar with a beautiful thinking I was going to get laid. Thirty mins later we’re on my bed drinking a glass of red wine and she starts to feel my crotch. But then she takes of my pants and all she can do is laugh. She orders me to me to

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True Stories: Meet Expoguy

Anyone who’s into small dick men has seen Expoguy’s various pictures on the internet on many, many sites. He is a proud silver member of The Small Dick Club, an exhibitionist, and a likeable fellow to boot. This fifty-two year old man from America is a small dick celebrity, and we present him here so you can get to know him better. Name: Expoguy Ethnicity: Male Caucasian Age: 52 Location: USA Penis flaccid size: It varies from 2” – 3”

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