True Stories: Meet Expoguy

Anyone who’s into small dick men has seen Expoguy’s various pictures on the internet on many, many sites. He is a proud silver member of The Small Dick Club, an exhibitionist, and a likeable fellow to boot. This fifty-two year old man from America is a small dick celebrity, and we present him here so you can get to know him better.

Name: Expoguy

Ethnicity: Male Caucasian

Age: 52

Location: USA

Penis flaccid size: It varies from 2” – 3”

Penis Erect Size: 4”

Girth: Approx 4.5”

Testicles: In proportion, for the most part.

Cut/uncut: Cut

Shaved or hairy: Usually shaved, but a few times during the year it is hairy

Q: Do you identify yourself as Heterosexual, bisexual, asexual, transgendered, a sissy, or Gay?

I consider myself bisexual

Q: When did you realise your penis was smaller than others?

At about 12 years of age.

Q: When did your penis stop growing do you think?

I would say at about 17 years old.

Q: Were you teased/bullied in school because of your penis size?

I was teased often in high school. I went to an all male school and played sports. I was the smallest one there, that I know of.

Q: Did your parents show any concern for your penis size when you were young?

No, none at all.

Q: Did you have any medical treatment as a boy or adolescence due to concern for your penis size?


Q: Did family members tease you about your penis size as boy/teen?

It wasn’t often, but after pantsing me in a pool, my older brother and two cousins teased me for a time after that.

Q: Do you think the sex education you received as a teen prepared you for sex with a small penis?

I don’t even recall getting any sex education.

Q: Does your penis work normally?

Yes, but it is more difficult at my age to maintain an erection once I get it. I also have a severe, premature ejaculation problem.

Q: Can you have penetrative sex?


Q: What was your first sexual experience like?

The very first was me sucking on my friends penis. Neither of us knew what if anything was supposed to happen. He ended up cumming all over my face.

Q: When did you lose your virginity?

When I was 16. My girlfriend at the time was babysitting. I went to the house and we ended up having sex. It was the first time for both of us.

Q: Did you tell your first sexual partner about your penis size before the act, or did you wait for them to see it for themselves?

I didn’t mention anything at all. She didn’t react at all concerning my size.

Q: Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable being nude in front of other men?

I used to feel uncomfortable because I was always one of the smallest. As I aged, the discomfort lessened, and now, I am fine with it.

Q: What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had in being nude or changing in front of other guys?

Being the new guy on my high school baseball team, I had to endure a hazing ritual. While most of it was just teasing and doing menial stuff, there was the “windmill.” I had strip naked, which was bad in itself from the laughter and jokes. Everyone stood in a line with their legs open. I had to get on all fours and crawl between their legs with each one smacking my ass cheeks as I passed. It hurt a lot, but that didn’t stop my dick from getting hard. I tried to hide it, but that was impossible in this situation. I was mortified that they all saw and knew I got hard from being spanked. I was held upright, so everybody could get a look at my small boner and laugh. I just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

Q: Has your sexual orientation been influenced by having a small penis?

I didn’t realise it until I was older, but I believe it has.

Q: Are you in a relationship now? How’s it going? Are they cool with it?

Yes, I am. Things are going well. Yes, we make adjustments to deal with it.

Q: Do you blame your penis size for the demise of any of your previous relationships?

No, I can’t say that was a big factor.

Q: Is there any sexual activity for which you think having a small penis works in your favour?

Well, my small size and lack of staying power has caused me to be much more focused on my partners pleasure. I truly get enjoyment and satisfaction from doing that.

Q: Do you focus on your physical appearance much? Is dress, grooming important to you?

Yes, very much so. I like to look the best I can.

Q: Do public restrooms/toilets/bathrooms cause you anxiety?

They always have, but not so much a size issue. I just have trouble going when others are around.

Q: Do you have to sit down to piss?

I don’t have to, but I do because I prefer it.

Q: What’s it like when you visit the doctor/ER? Are check-ups uncomfortable?

I am always uncomfortable with it. Not only from my size, but if I think too much about it, I start to get aroused.

Q: How frequently do you masturbate?

It may vary, but on average, twice a day. That doesn’t apply if I happen to be in chastity.

Q: Is masturbation your primary form of sexual activity?


Q: Is pornography an important part of your masturbation regime?

Absolutely so.

Q: Has the use of abnormally large penis’ men in modern porn contributed negatively to your feelings about your own penis size at any time in your life?

Actually, no. In fact, I think it has helped me develop into who I am.

Q: Do you think about your penis size every day?

Yes. It is always on my mind when I am on the web, or masturbating.

Q: Do you warn potential new sexual partners first, or do you do a “reveal”?

I haven’t had a new partner in some time. In the past, I never gave a warning. Most didn’t mention it, but a few were obviously less than thrilled.

Q: How many sexual partners have you had?


Q: Do you use condoms? If so, do you have problems with fitting condoms?

I occasionally do. I did have problems, but I discovered a slimmer fitting condom which works well.

When you see yourself naked in a mirror, how does it make you feel about yourself?

I’m happy with what I see. I’m fit and relatively good looking. The way my sexuality has developed, my small penis is quite fitting.

Q: Do you feel angry/happy/sad/OK/bitter about how your life has turned out?

I am happy with the way things turned out, though we all have some form of regret, I believe. I do not think my penis size is the cause of it.

Q:If you had an average or above-average penis size, would your life have been different?

I think I may have turned out less submissive and more confident.

Q: Do you think you suffer or have suffered depression because of your penis size?

No, not at all.

Q: Why do you publish pictures of yourself naked?

Well, I do find it arousing to know others are seeing me naked. It’s the thrill of exposure and the hope that it will further my sexual fantasies.

Q: Has anyone ever recognise you from your photo’s?

Other than on the web, nobody has said they have seen my photos. The ones who have said they saw my photos somewhere were never anyone that I knew. I would like for someone to tell me that in real life, to be honest. I think there would be some initial, normal anxiety and embarrassment if someone approached me and told me they saw me on the web. I suppose that how it progressed after that would determine whether I became more comfortable, or became mortified. I can say I would try to be friendly and accepting, provided they weren’t being a total idiot.

Q: What’s the best advice you can give any man whose dealing with issues about his penis size?

In short, accept it and make it work for you because you cannot change it.

Q: What (in your opinion) is the secret to learning to live with a small penis?

Acceptance and learning to enhance other areas.

Q:What do you think of how western culture makes fun of small penises in general?

I think it is actually done in good natured fun.

Q:Do you really believe that ‘Size Matters’? Explain.

I think it does, but not to the extent that pornography or the web leads people to believe. I feel for the vast majority, an average or normal sized penis is perfectly fulfilling.

Q:Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

Just that I am a normal, everyday kind of guy. I’m a bit socially awkward and shy, but always welcome new friends 🙂

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    very clever man!
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    Thank you. I see him alot and always wanted to know more about him. Love the photoset.


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