Cabo Dreams

By available44xx Last spring, my wife Michelle and I went on a company trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Though the trip was technically for training, it was mostly a vacation. Other people from the company also were there, so it turned into a big party with lots of food, drinking, and fun on the company’s dime. We always looked forward to these trips. One afternoon, Michelle and I had been hanging out at the resort bar with one of the

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Whodunit? A Chastity Mystery

Storyhacker Roy woke up in a fog. His head felt like his brain was bigger than his skull. It was Sunday morning and he was lying in his bed, alone. He remembered going to the club the night before but couldn’t remember coming home. That wasn’t all that unusual for Roy but the empty spot on the bed next to him was. Roy was a player. He knew it. Damn, he was proud of it. Roy had the looks for

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