Stepmom Shows Stepaunt My Inspection

By partypat7880.

It’s my first day of college & i’m about to head out, and my stepmom calls me in to see her in the dining room. It’s Monday morning. She’s on the phone, facetime with my step-aunt and her daughter on the way to meet her boyfriend on the basketball team in his new dorm.

My stepmom says, “Don’t think you can skip the inspection because you’re in college now.”

She has the phone facing up in portrait mode, seated at the dining table, laid out with her breakfast of leftover shrimp pad thai and chopsticks. My waist (and her face) is in full view of my step-aunt and her daughter. Without skipping a beat, she unbuckles my pants, unzips the front, pulls out my penis and testicles with her cold hands, and looks up at me with my package sitting neatly in her palm.

“Begin inspection,” she said, and I began taking measurements, length, width, and general notes and reading them as she wrote them down with her free hand.

She continued the conversation as they walked into her daughter’s boyfriend’s dorm. They were too busy checking out his apartment and the basketball jerseys hung up the trophies and the couch. They set the phone on the small living room table in the apartment in portrait mode. My step-aunt saw the screen with me, and her daughter saw the boyfriend’s grey shorts slip over his sweaty eight-inch, swinging, slightly throbbing black cock.

Pre-cum dribbled from my foreskin, which my stepmom pinched tight and said, “Continue the inspection, tie it up, come up, hurry it up. Where’s your hair ties?”

I pulled my sleeve to reveal three hair ties. I took one, quickly wrapped it around the tip of my pinched foreskin, and looped it over three times. I felt my penis shrink further as the hair tie numbed the feeling in the tip of useless flappy skin that sprung from my throbbing nub as a bouquet. I had quoted her at half an inch sticking out and a quarter inch around: completely shrunken from the shock of knowing my step aunt was watching my stepmom inspect my penis. The slight tug on the tip of my tied-up appendage snapped me back as my stepmom held my tied foreskin with her chopsticks. I quickly grabbed the other ties and tied another around the tip of the nub and the base of the balls.

My stepmom clicked screen record on her iPhone and said, “Now document and take evidence, you know: progress pics for your journal. I need proof you’re shrinking.”

My step aunt heard and saw as I snapped photos on my phone of my tied penis from all angles. My stepmom took selfies, holding my dick with chopsticks, and jerked it around a little bit. After our 30-second photo shoot.

She says, “Excellent inspection. Do you think you earned a milking? A pounding? Or a bouncing session?” My stepmom looks at my step aunt in her eyes and says, “A milking is where we pull on it until it throbs and spurts when we finally untie it. A pounding is where he uses a little meat tenderizer to play on it, and a bouncing session is where he fits a lock on the tied-up foreskin and bounces the lock on his elevated eggs until it spurts.”

My step aunt has her daughter’s cell phone in her hand, recording our screen. She says, “I want to see him bounce that lock. Tell him to bounce.”

My stepmom says, “Tell him yourself. Come on, grab the lock and show your step-aunt your talent. My sister’s watching and recording you.”

I grab a lock off my backpack and squeeze it around the tied-up numb tip of the foreskin. I put my hand under her hand. Her rings are cold against my palm as I prop my bulging tight eggs up, the lock completely hiding any semblance of there being a penis at all.

My step-aunt pauses. “Wait, so he ties the tip of his penis with hair ties every day, and he sometimes locks the tied-up bit of foreskin and plays with himself using the lock to slap against his balls?”

My stepmom says, “He likes to call them eggs, sis. If he misbehaves, I’ll have him stand exposed and scramble them.”

The mid-morning cold dining room air, the cold of my stepmom’s hands, and the master lock keeping my foreskin in place make my penis shrink into a nub and then completely away as my tied and locked foreskin pokes out from on top of my eggs and a makeshift penis. My stepmom looks up at me and shakes her hand holding my penis, causing my firm eggs to shake and the lock move.

“Well, come on, show your aunt your talent. Bounce the lock for us or no inspection when you come home, big boy.”

Instinctively, I grab the tiny tip of my foreskin above the locked portion and pump it furiously up and down. The lock slaps against my eggs with each pump, causing them to bounce.

“Bounce it slow for your aunt. She wants to see the details, exactly how you bounce.”

She turned to my step-aunt, who was watching intently. I could tell that each slap of the lock on my eggs caused her curiosity to grow.

My stepmom continues, “How do you want to spurt for today’s inspection?” She flips to a note on her phone. “For the bouncing spurt, I’ll give you one, and for a pounding spurt, I’ll give you two.”

My stepmom guides me by pulling my penis with her chopsticks over to the table and resting it on her plate.

“You’ve been a very good boy, even in front of your step-aunt watching. Grab the meat tenderizer from the kitchen and return for your pounding.”

I dash to the kitchen, grab the meat tenderizer with a leather grip (as opposed to the one for regular meat) and set up in full view of Facetime, where my step-aunt and cousin are still watching in awe.

“Be a good boy and pound your penis for your stepmommy. Come on, beat your meat.” My stepmom makes a pounding motion with her fist in her palm. “Sis, I trained him very well. He sees a breast move, and he immediately wants to play with his tiny penis and shrink it.”

My stepmom cups her left breast and lets it rest on the table through her turtleneck sweater. My hands are already moving, slamming the meat tenderizer down on the tied and locked foreskin appendage and the base of the penis shaft.

While pounding my meat with light thuds, my stepmom continues, “Look at my good boy, shrinking his tiny sissy penis for his stepmommy. Keep beating your meat, honey, and I’ll keep my breast on the table.”

My step-aunt finally says, “He’s seen your tits? Seen you naked? I mean, how on earth did all this start?”

My stepmom snaps her fingers, and I stop pounding and stand with my locked penis and eggs in my hand in full view of the camera. “Tell your aunt what you did and how I started your inspections. You may come closer, so she gets a clear view of your penis.”

In an instant, she grabs her chopsticks, pinches my foreskin, and pulls me by my penis right up to the camera, and the phone adjusts, keeping my penis and eggs in crystal clear view. My class timer goes off at 10:30 am, and my stepmom grabs the lock and my eggs and says, “You’re missing class. I’ll email your professor while you explain to your aunt what you did and what we’re going to do.”

I start explaining. “In 2016, I started watching porn with black men, BBC porn, and exposing my penis to girls I was dating, telling them how tiny I was. The hope was that they’d say that I wasn’t that tiny, but most of them found funny a small, brown, uncut, clean-shaven penis. My stepmom caught me measuring one day with an image of a BBC being measured on the screen and put it all together.”

I continued, “The following day, we did our first inspection before I left on a date. I pulled my penis out, and we started a journal and shrinking it daily. Every three months, my stepmom introduces me to another one of her friends or acquaintances. We get to know each other, go out for drinks as a trio, etc. Then if they approve, I get to expose my tiny penis to them and let them make fun of it or help shrink it or anything they want.

“So far, we have my stepmom, two of her coworkers, her hairstylist, and her six-foot-five black personal trainer who’s an ex-basketball player have seen it. They video every personal training session, and I’m allowed to sit in the other room with the doors open and quietly tie and pump my tiny penis.”

My stepmom interjects, “I would have him in the room, but he spurts as soon as I start working out, but he does join me at the hair salon, there’s so many tools for inspiration we can use to shrink it smaller”.

I nod in agreement and start pounding again, harder.

My stepaunt winces a little, “are you sure his penis will still work after all this? The bouncing, the pounding, shrinking, aren’t you afraid he’ll need a doctor?”

My stepmom smiles, “his urologist is about 65, she tracks his shrinking too, shes under the impression it’s from past drug use or stress, so we talk pretty regularly. Of course, I’m in the room when he visits.”

I think of my last visit a month ago and my penis twitches slightly, causing the lock to move slightly in between the slams of the meat tenderizer.

My stepmom grabs the tenderizer from my hand and says “did you just think of showing your urologist your talents? I see tiny beads leaking from the locked tip. Are you leaking right now?”

Before I could answer she slams the meat tenderizer on the base of my tiny penis, right where it connects to my body and started beating the meat viciously.

“You are being a bad boy, leaking in front of your step aunt and making your stepmommy beat your meat when it’s your responsibility.”

The tenderizer pounds away indiscriminately, dull thuds on the base of my penis, clanging against the lock around my tied foreskin. My stepmom blows away her stray hairs and grabbed a rubber glove from her pocket. She slips it on and places her hand under my penis and eggs, throbbing and twitching from the relentless pounding with the meat tenderizer.

“Sis, I think you should open your mouth for a sec”.

My stepaunt opens her mouth with her eyes fixed on my appendage and the thick, dark, veiny cock of the my stepaunt’s daughter’s boyfriend slips in. My stepaunt sucks it impulsively, as if sucking the flavor from his cock as she stared at the locked mess of meat that was between my legs. The lock started to twitch violently as my penis fought and struggled to have an orgasm, the buildup of pressure damaging the tip of the head as it squirmed against the hair ties and lock. Tiny beads of foamy cum frothed at the tip.

My stepmom says “see what a superior penis looks like? See why we need yours ruined? We need to shrink it, we need it to be a spurting nub, I’m so proud of you.”

My stepaunt held the dark lengthy uncut cock up with two hands, hotdog style and placed the tip of it in her mouth and drinks from him. Cum like thick milk, drips from her lips and on to her crew neck sweater.

My stepmom bounces my locked appendage in her gloved hand and says “inspection completed, spurt your useless milk and drink it in the bathroom, I don’t even want to see it. But keep it on my plate, I don’t want another dish to be used.”

I take her plate and slide it under my penis and eggs. I pick the camera up and my stepaunt breaks free from the dark cock with a pop and breathily says “I want to see the rest, show me the milk.”

I bring the camera into the bathroom, set up the plate in full view and grab a small rubber straw, I unlock the lock from the foreskin and the milk bubbles up my foreskin slightly more. I push in the rubber straw until it touches the swollen tip of my tiny penis, deep in the foreskin case and I pull gently, white milky almost transparent dribble goes up the straw and I swallow it.

My Stepaunt smiles at me with the dark throbbing, creamy cock laying across her face and says “drink your milk for your stepaunt, I’m recording this and you’ll be showing me your tiny penis party tricks whenever I want.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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