Stage Debut

By HumiliatedLad.

Adam was so excited. Straight out of acting school, and he had landed himself apart in a big play. It was only for one night, but Adam was so excited, he had to tell everyone he knew. He rang all the friends and family he could think of, telling them they had to come and see him on stage. When asked what the show was about, Adam did not really know if he was honest. He had not read the script yet. All he could tell them was that he would be one of two male leads in the show, and the direction he had at the audition was to act all shy and timid, which he must have done well because he got the part.

A few days later, Adam got a call from the director inviting him to his studio to go through his character, meet his co-stars, and pick up his script. Parking his car outside the studio, Adam had butterflies in his stomach. This was his first real acting gig, and he was nervous that he would mess it up. Adam looked at himself in his rear mirror, trying to give himself a well-needed confidence boost. Looking back at himself, Adam was a very good looking blonde 20-year-old, a slim body that his tight-fitting clothes allowed him to show off. You’ve got this, he told himself. Your looks and body make up most of the acting anyway.

Leaving his car and entering the studio did not take Adam to find the director, who introduced himself as Paul. Adam was then led into another room with a small stage in the center. There he was introduced to his co-stars of the play, Myles and Joyce. Myles a towering mass of muscle, jet black hair, and a chiseled chin. From looking at him, Adam knew he was around 20 like him but standing next to Myles with his godlike muscle body and looks, Adam felt like a small child. Joyce, too was stunning, in her 20s with long brown hair and an incredibly shaped body. Paul even joked about how he could not have found three better-looking people to play his characters.

Running through the story, Adam learned that the play was about a love triangle. Adam and Myles were to play two footballers and best mates who fall in love with the same girl, Joyce. In the play, Adam’s character would start dating Joyce, but unknown to him, Myles is sleeping with Joyce behind his back. Adam’s character was meant to be quite shy and meek, in contrast to Myles’ character, which was meant to be outgoing and loud. In terms of direction and learning the script, Paul told the cast that he was pretty laid back for the most part and that he was quite happy if they liked to ad-lib scenes as long as it felt true to their characters and the play as a whole. Adam was glad of being allowed to ad-lib scenes, he was always pretty good at it in school, and it meant he had less work to do, less time studying a script to death, more time meeting up with friends and looking for his next acting gig. Paul gave each of his actors a script and arranged dates for them to come in and rehearse together.

Over the next few days, Adam came in when told and practiced his scenes. For the most part, his scenes were with Myles either in a pub with imaginary drinks or in the changing room after a football game. It came as a shock to Adam when Paul asked him to take off his shirt one rehearsal.

“Yeah, I think it looks odd that each scene either has you in a football kit or fully changed. I think we need more scenes with you in the middle of changing. So that’s right, we’ll have you both shirtless.”

Adam did not mind that too much. After all, he had a pretty good slim hairless body. Well, he felt good about it until Myles removed his shirt to reveal a torso and stomach of outstandingly defined muscle. It doesn’t matter, Adam told himself. Not everyone is after guys with huge muscles. I bet I’ll have most of the eyes on me anyway.

Even though Adam ad-libbed most of his scenes with Joyce and Myles, he felt it was going pretty well. Paul seemed happy with his rehearsals performance so far, and Adam’s co-stars had not mentioned anything to him. If Adam was honest, he was not really sure if his co-stars were ad-libbing themselves as he didn’t bother to look at the script much. Adam got on well with them both, and he even went for a couple of drinks with them after some rehearsals. Both were newly out of acting school like Adam and were incredibly happy with landing themselves a gig quickly. Overall, Adam was pleased with himself until he found out about the shower scene.

The topic came up over a few drinks with Myles and Joyce. “So, are you nervous about tomorrow’s rehearsal?” asked Myles.

“Why would I be nervous? Oh god, it’s not the last one tomorrow, is it? I thought we had at least another two weeks before the show started!” replied Adam.

Both Myles and Joyce laughed. “Don’t be silly. We still have plenty of rehearsal time left. No, I meant we have got to do the shower scene tomorrow,” answered Myles.

“Shower scene?”

“Ah, I knew you hadn’t bothered to read the script, Adam! You are always bloody, ad-libbing! Yeah, you and Myles have to do a scene in the showers after a football game. It is the scene when you both realize that you are both into me.” Joyce jumped in.

“I’m confused. There are no showers on the stage. Are you sure that we are not just doing another topless scene?” asked Adam worriedly.

“It’s called acting, Adam. You should really try it sometime,” Joyce laughed with a naughty wink.

“We have to stand in front of the stage and pretend to shower,” Myles added.

“What? I didn’t know this! What are we wearing? Shorts or something?”

“Nah, bro. We have to go fully nude,” answered Myles with a smile on his face.

Adam was stunned into silence. He had no clue what to say. He knew nothing about any nude scene. They were meant to tell you these things when you auditioned for the job. Adam would have to have words with Paul tomorrow.

“Yeah, I’m pretty nervous myself,” Myles continued, “I’ve never done a nude scene before. How about you, Adam?”

“No. Never,” Adam answered.

At the beginning of the next day’s rehearsal, Adam took Paul to one side to speak to him privately. Concerned, Paul asked, “What’s up, Adam? Everything okay?”

“I just wanted to talk about today’s scene…”

“Oh, the shower scene! You aren’t worried about that, are you? You’ll do great, Adam! You have been brilliant so far!”

“Thanks…but it’s about having to do it… naked,” Adam spoke nervously, “I never knew there was going to be a scene like that. I wouldn’t have auditioned if I did.”

“What are you talking about, Adam? The ad was pretty clear. I made sure that I put it in the ad. I have had problems like this before. You must not have bothered reading the advert properly.” Paul replied sternly, a side of him that Adam had not seen before. “Right. I am not doing this now. Either you do the scene, or you are out of the play. I have allowed all your ad-libbing to pass so far because you are good at it. But I will not have you dictating what happens in the play. Either you do the scene, or you are gone! Do I make myself clear?”

Thoughts flooded into Adam’s head. Oh god! What have I gotten myself into, Adam thought. This is my first starring role in a play. This show could be the start of my career. But I cannot get naked on stage, not in front of a crowd of people. But do I have a choice? What if Paul tells other directors not to hire me? Ah fuck, I’ll do it.

Adam must have been lost in his thoughts too long, as Paul said, “Right. How about this? I’ll let it slide today. You can do the scene in your clothes in rehearsal. But come showtime, I want the real deal. Got it?”

“That sounds fair to me,” Adam replied, relieved that he was off the hook for the rehearsals at least.

He could put it out of his mind until the day he would have to do the real thing. Besides, he might come around to the idea by then. Well, that was until he saw Myles wrapped up in only a towel. “You not practicing it in the buff today then, bro?”

When Adam replied that he wasn’t, Myles said, “That’s a shame. I am. I need to get used to being naked in front of others, I think. It will help me get used to it for the actual show.”

The scene started with Adam walking onto the stage with a towel wrapped around his waist. He felt stupid with it wrapped around his clothes. He then proceeded to drop the towel, place it on a bench, and walk to the center of the stage, pretending he was washing his clothed body with imaginary falling water. After 2 minutes of this, Adam could hear Myles walking onto the stage behind him. He heard the fall of the towel, and then Myles was standing next to him. He, too, was pretending to shower. The only difference he was actually naked. Adam made a point of not looking at Myles. He did not want to make Myles self-conscious, and secondly, Adam did not want to see another man’s dick particularly. Myles seemed to deliver his lines with ease. Adam, on the other hand, was awkward and messed up a couple of times. The scene continued after the shower, where Adam and Myles would walk about to the benches and dry themselves. Myles was first to leave, then Adam.

But as Adam turned around from his imaginary shower, he got a full picture of Myles in front of him. Myles was standing near a bench and was pretending to dry his back with a towel, which meant his hips were wiggling side to side. Adam’s eyes were immediately drawn to Myles’ dick that was flapping side to side. Holy fuck, Adam thought, that thing is a monster! Myles’ cock must have been over 8 inches flaccid. It seemed to be as thick as Adam’s wrist with two massive balls on either side. Adam always shaved his pubes in hopes of making his own dick look bigger. Myles did not have to; he had a quite large manly bush upon his cock that did not detract from his huge size.

Seeing how much of a man Myles was made Adam even more self-conscious and nervous about doing the scene naked on the day. Oh, shit, everyone is going to be comparing me with him, Adam thought, I am going to look tiny. Ah fucking god, why the hell did I take this part. I cannot do this! Even more nervous and awkward than before, Adam carried on with the scene, butchering even more of the scene. The whole time trying not to look at Myles’ cock, but his eyes kept being drawn to it. Occasionally Adam would look out at Joyce to take his mind away from Myles’ monster cock but finding that Joyce’s eyes were hungrily fixed on Myles’ meat did not help.

After the scene was over and Myles was dressed, Paul spoke to them both and gave them some pointers to improve the scene for the next time. But overall, Paul said he was happy with the scene but made the point that it would be better once Adam had fully embraced the scene as a whole. Something Adam was dreading.

Over the next two weeks of rehearsing, Adam’s worry about his nude scene got worse and worse. It did not help that as the play went on, and the story became more focused on Adam’s character’s climax finding out that Myles’ character was sleeping with his girlfriend. It was made worst because Joyce’s character would bring up how Adam’s character could not satisfy her and needed a real man. Adam’s dread was built on truth, however. He knew he could perhaps compete with Myles’ terms of his boyish looks, but he could not compete with him in the downstairs department. Adam did not have a large penis like Myles. In truth, his dick was small, and he knew it.

He would have never taken part if he had known he would have to do a full-frontal nude scene. He cursed himself that he did not read the ad properly and had put himself in this scenario. Perhaps I could do it on my own. Maybe people would not notice how small I am, but to stand up there next to Myles. Everyone in the room will know my little problem, Adam thought to himself. To make things even worse, the final scene of the play was Adam’s character finding Joyce’s in bed with Myles’, to which Myles would fight Adam in just his underwear. It would not have been so bad, but the bulge in his boxer briefs was huge, and all looking at it did was remind Adam of the nude scene he had to do.

Adam tried his best not to engage in the fight much, but Paul was insisted that it needed them to have more body contact, more wrestling, and grabbling. Myles was eager to fulfill Paul’s request. It was obvious from the first fight that Myles was a lot strong than Adam and could move him around like a ragdoll. Most of the fights ended with Myles sitting on his chest with his bulge pointing to his face to Adam’s horror. Myles’ huge package would suffocate a couple more inches and Adam.

After rehearsals were over and the play’s opening night was approaching, the nude scene was all Adam could think about. He was in a panic. He tried to think of anything he could do to make his dick look bigger. He shaved off all his pubes. He even bought a dick pump, but that did not help. In the end, all he could think to do was to put a pair of socks in his underwear to make it look like he had a big bulge for the rest of the play. Those people would be focused on that and forget about ever seeing his tiny dick. Adam knew it was a stupid idea, but it was all he had, and so on opening night, he put on a pair of white briefs as they held the socks in place much better than his boxers did.


Adam arrived at the theatre a nervous wreck. He met his co-stars and Paul backstage and was given some pointers about certain scenes. As Paul was about to bring up the nude scene topic, Adam’s eyes drifted from behind the stage curtain to the audience there. To his extreme horror, he spotted his entire family and most of his friends sitting there chatting to one other. Holy fuck! I totally forgot to tell them not to come! Adam screamed in his own mind. I am so fucked now! I cannot do this show! It would be bad enough a room of strangers seeing my dick! But not my family and friends! Never them!

“I can’t do this!” Adam blurted out.

“What do you mean?” asked Paul, “you agreed with me that you would be found doing the nude scene on the day.”

“I can’t do it. I just can’t! All my friends and family are out there!”

Before Paul could say anything back, Adam was grab on the collar by Myles and pulled off the ground, “You listen here fucker! You ain’t spoiling him for me, Joyce and Paul! Get yourself together! I have worked too hard for this, and I am not letting you fuck this up for me! I had a feeling you might try some shit like this! I should have said something sooner! It’s just a cock, mate. Get over yourself. Now I will give you two choices either you go on that stage and act your heart out, or I will beat the shit out of you. Your choice.”

With that, he dropped Adam and walked away with Joyce running after him.

Adam was stunned. He had never seen Myles like that before. He had switched in an instant. Clearly, the show meant a lot to him.

“What he said, kid,” Paul added as he tapped on his shoulder and walked in the same direction.

It did not look like Adam had much of a choice. He would have to do the show regardless of the horror and panic in his stomach.

Even in the dressing room, he shared with Myles, Adam could still feel the anger coming from Myles and was too scared to speak to him. Adam simply got dressed into his first costume of a football kit, making sure to be discreet about readjusting his socks in his briefs. He did not want Myles to see. When they both got on stage and began to act, Myles’ anger was gone in an instant. Just as quickly as it had appeared, Adam understood that Myles was acting, but he was really nervous about the angry Myles underneath coming out again.

The play’s start went really well, Adam felt, and was reassured by Paul, who said so. Then the moment came. The moment that Adam had been dreading for weeks. The shower scene. Between scenes, Adam and Myles rushed quickly to the dressing room and began to strip with their back to each other. In his hurry, Adam forgot all about the socks in his underwear, and they fell out and rolled across the fall to Myles. After he had his towel around himself, Adam turned around to fetch them. He found them already in Myles’s hands, who stood there completely naked in front of him.

“You seem to have lost a pair of socks, bro.” Myles said with a grin handing them back to Adam, “Good luck out there. I think you are going to need it.”

The last comment made Adam’s nerves even worse as he walked back up to the stage.


The moment had arrived. Adam walked on to the stage with as much bravery as he could muster. He felt lightheaded like he might faint, but he carried on. He walked over to the benches on the stage. He took the biggest breath of confidence that he could and dropped his towel. Sweat instantly appeared across Adam’s forehead, and he felt his face burning red as he walked into the center stage’s main lights. He then pretended to wash. The sound of shower water was played over some microphones. Adam tried all his best to think of his character, of all the things they had taught him in acting school.

But all Adam’s thoughts kept running back to the fact that his tiny 1-and-a-half-inch penis was on display not just to the audience but all his friends and family. The two minutes waiting for Myles to come on stage felt like a lifetime. But finally, Adam heard him walking behind him, dropping his own towel and joining him center stage. Oh god! Here comes people comparing me to his monster cock, Adam thought to himself before saying his first line to Myles. But to his horror, Myles said something that Adam had never heard him say in any rehearsals.

“Hey there, must be cold in here today! You want to put the hot tap on, mate!”

Adam was stunned as he heard a giggle ripple through the audience. Before he could even reply or just laugh it away in character, Myles added, “Only joking, Baby Dick!” as he slapped Adam on his bare arse. “You remember all the boys in school calling you that? I always remember you crying in the corner of the showers as they all pointed and called you Baby Dick! Baby Dick! They stopped when I told them to leave you alone, though, didn’t they? Only I can call him Baby Dick, I said!” Myles laughed in character.

Holy fuck, he is ad-libbing a story about my dick size. Oh god! Adam thought, how the hell do I reply to that! Adam laughed and tried to steer the conversation back to the one they were supposed to have in the play. But Myles would keep dropping in the name Baby Dick all the way through. Adam wanted to curl up in a ball and die. He even looked down at one point to show himself that he did not have a Baby Dick, but looking down at his small flaccid penis did not help one bit. All Adam saw was a tiny hairless nub that appears just above a pair of tight hairless balls. Looking over at Myles’s huge 8-inch soft hairy horse cock did not help. When it was time to dress, Adam hurried as fast as he could to get his clothes on, leaving Myles to say his lines fully in the nude for the whole audience. There was no hint that Myles was ever nervous about being nude on stage. In fact, he seemed to love it.

Leaving the stage, Adam and Myles were congratulated by Paul for doing the scene brilliantly. Adam grabbed a bottle of water and tried to calm himself down with the horrific moment behind. It is all over now, he told himself. I don’t have to do that ever again. I just have to forget about it. I bet my family will be too polite to bring that scene up. Anyway, they will be too focused on my acting for the rest of the show!

The show continued, and Adam tried to put it all behind him. That was until the final scene—the confrontation with Myles’ character over Joyce’s. Of course, fully dressed again, Adam made sure to put his socks back into his briefs. Perhaps a bigger bulge will make people forget the incident earlier, and he tried to convince himself. Walking on to the stage for the final scene, Adam tried to brace himself for the fight he would have with Myles. He just really hoped that Myles was not still pissed off with him for almost quitting the show. But as soon as Adam locked eyes with Myles and Joyce in bed on stage, he felt dread building up in his stomach again. Why are they looking at me like that? Adam panicked. Adam started the scene with his outrage that he had caught Myles with his girlfriend, building up to the fight scene.

“Why would you do this to me? Both of you? Why?”

“Because I love her, and you can’t satisfy her, Baby Dick!” Myles replied.

Adam was stunned into silence. Oh no, not again! Please, anything but calling me that! Adam yelled in his thoughts. “I need a real man Adam. You are just pathetic,” Joyce added in, “we are done.”

What the fuck is this? We have never rehearsed a scene like this before. Adam spoke in his head, too confused to speak out loud.

“Fuck you!” were the only words that come out of Adam’s mouth. He did not know if he was acting or directing them at Myles and Joyce.

“No. Fuck you, Baby Dick!” shouted Myles as he stormed across the stage towards Adam.

It took Adam to register that Myles was not wearing any underwear as he did in the rehearsals. He was totally naked with his whole massive cock on display again. Oh shit, was all Adam could think as Myles grabbed him by the scruff of his t-shirt and lifted him off the ground. Then as quick as a flash, Adam felt his trousers being yank to the ground, leaving him floating in the air with his white briefs stuffed with socks exposed to the whole room.

“You’re pathetic! Look, you are even stuffing your panties with your socks like a child!” Myles exclaimed to the room as he thrust his hand into the front of Adam’s briefs pulling out the socks and throwing them to Joyce.

“Fuck you,” was all that could still find its way out of Adam’s mouth as he dangled in Myles’s grasp with his underwear on full display.

Myles let go of his t-shirt and dropped him. “Come on then. Come fight me if you think you are man enough, Baby Dick.”

At that moment, Adam saw red. He was no longer acting. He really wanted to beat the shit out of Myles for all the humiliation he had caused him tonight. Adam flung himself at Myles, who blocked him and flung him back with one arm. Adam was so in a rage that he did not realize that he was being flung back and forth on the stage in just his white briefs. In one of the brief struggles with Myles, his t-shirt must have been pulled off.

Eventually, both were rolling and toppling over each other on the floor of the stage. In all honesty, Adam did not know if he really equaled Myles in strength or Myles was acting. Adam did not care, though. He had been humiliated by Myles all night and his anger needed to be let out. But finally, the fight had to stop, and Adam could feel Myles starting to overpower and control him again. Then to his horror, he could feel Myles pulling off his briefs, firstly with his hand, then the side of his arm, and lastly with his feet, making sure to take them off completely, kicking them off the stage. Once again, Adam’s tiny cock was exposed to everyone watching the play. That took the last flight out of Adam.

He gave up and accepted his fate. He lay there trying to catch his breath as Myles sat on his chest like he had done so many times in rehearsals. I will lie here, let him finish his speech with Joyce, and the play with be over. This humiliation will be over, Adam cried to himself. But then a smell caught Adam’s nostrils. A musky, strong manly smell. A smell that Adam knew he shouldn’t raise his face to look at. But he did. In the back of his mind, he knew he should not have, but he did. Looking up to his chest, Myles’s big meaty cock and balls were sitting inches from his face. Heat radiating from them. Myles did not seem to care. He was too busy monologuing about his love for Joyce. Adam stared at the monster of a cock in front of him. That’s a real man, he thought. God, I would give anything to be him.

That was when the unthinkable happened. Adam felt a tingle. Adam knew what was happening, and he could not stop it. I am pathetic. Oh fucking god, why is this happening now! His tiny dick was rising, almost as if to say hello to everyone, to add to Adam’s final humiliation. It happened in seconds. His penis was fully erect, pointing a whooping 4 inches into the air. Adam wanted the ground to swallow him. He could never see anyone he knew ever again, not after they had seen his small cock, both soft and hard. Everyone is going to think that I’m a small-dicked pervert!

“Hey, look! I think he agrees with you!” Adam heard Joyce shout to Myles.

“Oh, is that right, Baby Dick, you think I should have your girlfriend all to myself? Don’t bother answering mate, and your dick says it all!” answered Myles.

That was when the curtain finally closed, to thunderous applause from the audience on the other side. Myles quickly jumped off Adam’s chest and pulled him to his feet. Adam was in a daze, and his humiliation had made him forget where he was. The curtain rose again. Revealing Joyce, Myles, and Adam in a line for the audience. Adam was still in shock that he was naked in front of an audience with an erection. But from the corner of his eye, he saw Joyce take a bow, next a naked Myles with his cock flapping back and forth, then finally a built-in instinct made Adam take his bow erection, and all as the applause rose over him.

Adam was just in a daze. He could not remember going backstage and dressing but suddenly realized he was in the theatre bar surrounded by his friends and family. His mother and father were congratulating him on his performance, so were his aunts and uncles. That’s when one of his cousins came along with some of his oldest mates and slapped him on the back.

“Awesome show, Baby Dick. We really saw a side to you that we have never seen before! I tell you what! You defo did not get those genes from my side of the family.”

They all joined in the laughter.

I have to get away from here, Adam thought as he quickly went to leave the room.

However, Paul got him by the arm. “I have been looking for you, Adam! That was an incredible show! And you did an incredible performance for someone your age! I have been talking to some of the critics, and they think you did a brilliant earthy and real performance tonight. You should be really proud!”

Adam was letting that sink in when Paul added, “And I have some other amazing news! I have managed to land us a deal with a huge media company. I kept this secret because I thought you would be nervous enough tonight, but I have filmed the whole show tonight, and this media company will post it all over the internet! You, Myles, and Joyce are going to huge stars after this!”

Adam gulped. Oh no.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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