Speed Demon Squishypants at the Club

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by twiddershins

I never expected it to happen, but I got drunk with my crush- my roommate, Lisa- and she wanted to go out to a strip club. Lisa looked so hot to me. She had an athletic build, T & A perky like you wouldn’t believe, dyed red hair, and a mischievous grin. She dressed up in a sexy black mini-dress. I thought I was lucky, until I got to the club and remembered I had a tiny dick.

On entering, I blushed instantly. Even around so many hot women performing lewd dances for all to see, I still couldn’t get it up. The blood wouldn’t come down from my face. I chuckled nervously to myself, tried to play it off as big and hard.

An ultra-busty woman seated Lisa and me at a booth. Our feet touched. I contorted in my seat so they wouldn’t. Lisa ordered our drinks, since I never know what to get. By this point, we were so drunk I didn’t think either of us cared. We should not have been driving!

On stage next to us, a curvy woman in nothing but a G-string humped a pole between her booty cheeks. I got hard watching her, stopped trying to keep my feet from rubbing on Lisa’s. I just let it happen. I sprung the biggest boner, three and a half inches, and my max. My pee-pee throbbed against its khaki prison. I tried to control it.

The stripper made an act of seductively taking a dildo in her mouth down to the balls. The crowd went wild. She pulled the toy out, revealing all nine inches with no gag or wince, proudly grinning. She winked at a guy seated across the way and he popped in his pants. All his friends laughed, disgusted and bemused- and some strangers. We couldn’t help it! The stripper blew him an exaggerated kiss.

Lisa giggled and guffawed and hooted it up. “Damn, those hooters, though,” she said, jealously, needily grabbing her own.

I squirmed in my seat.

Lisa turned to me. “Too bad that guy couldn’t hold his little five inches…” She made a ‘little dick’ gesture and sighed. “Short dick men always cum fast.”

I chuckled, shrugged non-committal, and secretly fearing that would happen to me. My bashfulness gave Lisa an idea. She leaned over to the stripper, tucked $100 into her G-string, and said something into her ear.

The stripper looked at me and raised her eyebrow. I must not have looked like much to her, blushing uncontrollably, little stiffy pointing up my khakis. I stammered. She approached swinging her hips and suddenly straddled my lap.

“Hey, baby… Name’s Candy,” she said into my ear. Then she started to slowly, rhythmically grind her incredible body against mine.

I moaned. Candy went along with it and moaned exaggeratedly. Lisa watched, intensely fidgeting. She kneaded her round breast lightly with one hand, clenched her tight thigh in another.

I looked up from my biggest crush of all time to notice the stripper dancing on my lap, making a super quizzical expression for all to see while she rode me. I tilted my head up to her ear and asked her, “What?”

She swivelled her hips down on me for everything she had. She said back to me, shouting to be heard over the noise, yet loud enough so everyone around could hear, “I can’t find your dick. Don’t be shy, get it hard, honey.”

Before I could say another word, she stuffed her tits in my face. I offered a muffled protest, but it was useless. My tiny dick ached and pulsed with every rub of her hot body.

“How big is it, really, baby?” Candy whispered into my ear. “Tell my tits.”

“F-fi-f-” I tried to stutter into her tits, mouth slobbery.

“Four inches?” Candy sat ramrod straight. She swivelled her hips around again searchingly, eyes rolling. “I don’t think so,” she said derisively. “It feels… Pft, more like three. You gotta babydick! A new record for me. Oo, oh, there it is!”

She sped up and I almost lost control. When she sped up again, my lower muscles churned. I pulled back away from her just in time. Candy stifled a laugh behind the back of her hand. Then I saw Lisa cracking up.

At that moment, both of their faces turned to wide-eyed, open-mouthed shock as I bust my nut all inside my pants, staining and soaking my khakis all the way through with streams of cum.

“Ew!” Candy shrieked, and she jumped off me. “I hope that was worth a hundred dollars, loser. Good luck with your girlfriend.”

She licked her lips derisively, and then went away, sashaying her hot hips, swinging her beautiful ass cheeks in that thong all the way to the bathroom or changing room to wash herself off.

I looked helplessly at my lap, flooded with warm cream. My penis, discharged, shrivelled to flaccid size again in my drenched underwear. On the other side of the booth, Lisa was cracking up.

“Omigod… A new record! Holy shit,” she said between laughs. “C’mon, Speed Demon, let’s get outta here… Don’t cover it up, show it off!”

There was no stopping my blushing during my walk of shame to her car. I lied my ass off the whole way back home, explaining to no avail. “I tried telling her it was five, that’s not THAT little, right? Small average, maybe.”

Lisa could not stop laughing to herself. “Five? More like TINY average!” She laughed hard, holding her sides as she did. “You’ll never live this down!”

The thing is, her mockery turned me on, too. I got hard and pitched a tiny tent again- even in shamefully ruined pants. She couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t stop my little dick from blushing.

Back at the apartment, she blew a kiss to me before she made a video call with the first of several friends to tell her all about it. That night, I didn’t care if she heard me masturbating in my squishy underwear or not.

The End.


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