Some Fantasies

By WaJohns.

The Jamaican honeymoon

The following is a fantasy:

I felt so fortunate to have found my newlywed wife. You see, I’m a gold member of the small dick club, 2×1 inches erect! My wife is a beautiful blue-eyed brunette standing 5’8” and measuring 42DDD-24-49, a BBW fantasy. Amanda and I really had a beautiful wedding, and we’re now on our honeymoon together in Jamaica!

We stayed at a really nice and all-inclusive resort. Drinks were free, and this enticed my wife to take her top off. She’s usually quite shy. We decided to walk on the beach. We walked for what seemed like a mile. Being alone, I felt confident enough to take my shorts off and get some sun for my flaccid innie.

I could see someone in the distance. As we got closer, I could tell it was a man, a black man with dreads, and he was feeling free-spirited as well, as I could tell he was naked. As we got closer, we greeted each other. My wife was nervous about being topless, but I was nervous about the six or so inches of dangling BBC. We got close, and we introduced ourselves, shaking his hand. He put his hand out towards my wife, but she reached over and took his cock in her hand and shook it like a handshake. They both laughed. His cock started to stiffen.

We talked for about 5 minutes when I announced I had to pee and walked up the beach into the woods to do so, leaving my wife alone with the stranger. As I turned around to walk back, I saw my wife spreadeagled on the beach, being impaled by this beach stud’s cock. She was moaning and groaning. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there dumbfounded. It was OUR honeymoon!

He lasted between 5-10 minutes, and as I started walking down, he appeared to cum deep in her pussy! We didn’t use birth control as I’m so small my cum always dribbled out of her pussy. The stranger, on the other hand, buried his seed inside her when I was about 10 feet away. He quickly got off her when he saw me approaching, standing up, his softening eight or so inches pulling out of my wife’s wet pussy with a pop.

She quickly stood up, and I noticed no cum dripping from her soaked twat! NO BIRTH CONTROL! It was an interesting walk back to the resort as I said nothing, and they chatted the whole way. I could say nothing, just wondering what would happen in nine months!


The End.


The Mission Trip

This is a fantasy from my now wife’s perspective on events from when we met:

Amanda was 21 and had only been with three men. All had penises over 6 inches, the last guy she measured: he was 7 3/4 and gave her violent orgasms. You see, the problem was the new guy Amanda had only been seeing for two weeks, she had fallen for him, but he was a gold member of the small dick club. She couldn’t even feel him inside her during intercourse!

The other early relationship obstacle was a three-week mission trip she had committed to in Ethiopia. She was flying out, and the new guy drove her to the airport and wished her well. She felt guilty about his inadequate lovemaking, but the trip was 25 women, and no chance of cheating. All the women were over 35 and married except her. The flight was long, but they arrived safely after a layover in Germany.

They passed out Bibles to people and attended church services. She was told by their guide to always stay with the group or risk being kidnapped. There were so many beggars in the streets. She was shocked. In the country, wild animals were the threat. Time passed quickly, and before she knew it, there were only two days left.

On that second to last night, an event happened that would change her life forever. All 25 women and their guide were having dinner in a guest church. The guide stood up and addressed the women, telling them there was an emergency in his village. Surprisingly, he then asked if any of them was a virgin! They were all bewildered. He explained that the village had a fertility festival annually, and the village needed two virgin girls, at least 20 years old, but had only one. They had the 12 virgin boys required, all between the ages of 20 and 24.

Amanda embarrassingly volunteered, knowing she was not a virgin, but the 24 hens from her hometown expected she was. The guide said they must leave immediately because the rituals would happen at sundown. It was 5 kilometers to the village, and when Amanda got there, she was surrounded by three village women who escorted her up a hill with the guide. At the top of the hill was a stone henge-looking monument with two slabs of stone lying flat, a pole, a totem really, at each corner. Amanda was told by the guide to undress fully, she would be the virgin representing “the light.” The village virgin “the darkness.”

Amanda cooperated. The women adorned her with a crown, many beads, and a long flowing white gown. The guide followed the four women to one of the stone slabs so he could tell Amanda what to do. Drums played, and the priest and priestess appeared. Shockingly, both were nude except for crowns and beads. Amanda was shocked by the priest. He had what appeared to be a stone attached by a string around the head of his penis. The stone was at his ankles, and everything swayed when he walked. The head of his penis was at his knees. ‘Could this be real?’ Amanda thought. ‘Could a man’s penis be that long?’

The drums stopped. The priest held his hands over his head and spoke. The escorts left the monument, and the 12 young men walked up slowly. They were all wearing white robes that matched Amanda’s and the village girls. They stood three on each side of the flat slabs. The priest stopped talking, and the drums returned. The guide told Amanda to remove her dress/gown and lie flat on the slab but on the edge, with her legs hanging off. The escorts returned and tied ropes to the women’s wrists and ankles and propped them up. Amanda was lying with her ass on the edge of the slab, spreadeagled, with her vagina open to the whole village!

The drums stopped, and the twelve virgin men unrobed. They were wearing weights on their penises, like the priest, but their weights were at their knees, their cocks about halfway down their thighs. The guide explained that when a boy turns 20, his mother finds a stone and attaches it to his penis to ‘mature’ it. He then must wear it until the ceremony, at least one year. He cannot remove it, or he will be banished from the village. The ceremony is intended for the boys to become men by finding a wife. Amanda was getting concerned!

The priest tied the priestess’s arms up and open after she removed the weight from his apparently real gargantuan penis. He moved behind her, put his arms above his head, and what Amanda assumed was where the young men’s mothers came up and removed the weights from their penises. When this was down, they returned to the crowd, and the priest spoke. He then put the head of his penis in the priestess’s vagina. He had to rigged it some to get it to go inside. He then had the drums beat twelve times in unison.

The guide explained that the boys would form a line, from the newest boy to the oldest, and insert their penis heads in the virgins one by one. When they were done, he told Amanda she would pick which one would be her husband! Amanda was shocked and terrified! She told the guide she didn’t want to get married to a village boy! Ignoring her, he motioned for the first boy to start the ritual.

It took about ten minutes for them to complete this on the two ‘virgin’ girls. They resumed their positions on the sides of the slab. The dark virgin picked one of her know men to be her husband. Amanda held firm and chose no one. The guide signaled to the priest, who then removed his penis from the priestess’s vagina and began to stroke his member with both hands. The six virgins surrounding Amanda did the same. It took almost 10 minutes, but their cocks started to stiffen.

The priest abruptly slipped his penis back into the priestess’s vagina and let out a moan. Amanda was terrified when the guide told her, one by one, the six men would cum in her vagina! She never used birth control, only condoms! He explained that if any of them ‘spilled their seed,’ they would never be allowed to marry. They started the process, never fucking her, just stroking off until they were about to cum, and then slammed their cocks in her pussy. Unfortunately, the 5th one lost control while the 4th was inside her. The sixth rammed his cock all the way inside her and came.

The guide explained that if she still picked no one, the oldest would get the next girl of age, and the others would return to wearing their stones. Amanda stood firm. The three women who tied her up came and untied her. She returned to the city with the guide.

She never told anyone about her experience but wondered what would happen in nine months!


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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