School Bully Loses his Girlfriend

By mrdoodl.

I’m Bethany, 20yo and blonde. I go to college with my boyfriend Jeff, who is the same age. The two of us have known each other for ten years, and we have been dating for five years since our high school days. He was my first and only love. He is very popular in school, has many friends, and is joining the football team. He wants to make it to a pro team. He is muscular and a handsome guy. I’m hot and have c cups and a big ass. Everything is perfect, but our sex life is just not that good. Since he is my first love, I do not know what it feels like with another partner, but I know that I never had an orgasm with him and that my friends tell me a lot about their amazing sex. Although our sex life is not satisfying, I never considered cheating an option. I love him too much. We are young, and he can still improve his skills.

Today I’m at his house. His parents went out for the weekend, and we enjoyed our time together at his home. We spent the whole day at the pool and studied at the table. And swam from time to time a bit.

In the evening, on the sofa in front of the TV, I started fumbling his cock through his pants. I felt how it grew and was putting it out. Shortly after, I knelt before him and blew his cock in my mouth. I like giving blowjobs, and he loves them too.

Not long after I started, he moaned, “Keep going, babe, keep going.”

I didn’t want him to finish that fast, so I slowed down and tried to grab a condom. We never fuck without one because I’m not on birth control. Once I put the condom on, I slid his cock into me and started riding his cock. He began to moan even louder and harder. So I tried to slow down to extend our experience. But he was already over the edge.


I felt like we had just started, but it was OK. I love Jeff, and it’s just sex.

After he fell asleep, I started too masturbating and reached an orgasm.


The other day in school, my best friend Sandra, a 20yo brunette, told me about her weekend with her boyfriend Steven, 22yo. They went camping and spent the whole weekend in the tent fucking. I felt so jealous when she told me how satisfying it was and how often she had an orgasm.

When she asked about my weekend, I honestly said we had a lovely weekend, but the sex was unsatisfying, as always. She wondered what was the matter this time, and I said that Jeff only lasted two minutes maximum, and I couldn’t get into it before he came. She felt sorry for me and tried to give me tips on making him stay longer in bed.

Then she joked that I was too hot for him. I told her that she knew that was not true. He is one of the hottest guys in the school. Speaking about the school’s hottest guy, one of the nerdiest guys was just in front of us, Andre 18yo. He was filming for a stupid school project just around the corner. When I saw Andre, I was unsure if he heard us, but I didn’t care because he was a no-one.


After school, I went to the parking spot where my boyfriend Jeff typically waits for me, and then we would drive home. Today I saw Andre there. Jeff must be late. Maybe his class finished late today.

During the waiting time, Andre was joking about my boyfriend. He said, “Lasting two minutes, haha. Do you even get wet in that time?”

I told him to shut up and that he probably was a virgin who never saw tits in his whole life. He said I would be surprised about his experience, and I answered that his experience only goes from jerking with his right hand to his left and back to his right.

At that moment, Jeff finally arrived, and I told him to go, but he asked me what we were talking about, and before I could answer, Andre said to him that he bet he could fuck me better than Jeff. I could not speak for a moment, but my boyfriend only laughed. He grabbed my arm and went to the car.


When we arrived home, he smashed our stuff into a corner and lifted me into his bedroom. His bedroom was on the ground floor.

We started to kiss each other, and after a few minutes, we began to undress, and he took a condom on and entered me missionary. He thrust me one, two, and three times, then moaned. “Oh yes, baby. That’s it. That’s it.”

I screamed, “Noooo, please try to last a bit longer. Please try to make me cum as well.”

I tried to slow down his pace so he would have a chance to last longer. But he was so heavy and robust with all his muscles that he thrust a tenth, eleventh, and twelfth time and then he was over again.

This time I want to make clear that I have sexual needs as well. “Could you please lick my pussy?” I asked Jeff.

He responded, “No, I think it’s disgusting to lick a pussy after I just came in it.”

“But we use condoms. There is no cum in me,” I answered.

“It’s still the same no one would cum in a pussy and then lick it after,” he said.

“But I still want the feeling of having an orgasm with my boyfriend,” I told him.

He smiled and answered, “You just had one. Women don’t cum that hard, you know.”

I was not happy with that answer, but I was too angry to keep discussing this with him. So I turned my back in his direction and wanted to go to the shower when I saw Andre at the window holding his stupid camera.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I was shouting.

He was there smiling and not ashamed even if I caught him at our window holding a camera.

He said, “I’m filming your small dick boyfriend fucking you for thirty seconds this morning. When I heard you, I thought he would at least last two minutes, but he couldn’t even reach that low mark.”

I took a sheet from the bed to cover myself and went to the window to take his stupid camera, but he just moved away. Jeff was on his feet quickly as well, and he wanted that camera as well.

“Come here, stupid nerd, and give me your camera. Don’t you know that some things are private?” Jeff yelled at him.

Andre answered, “You and your friends are always making fun of me. Now it’s time for me to make fun of you.”

“What do you want to make fun of me? I just fucked the hottest girl in school, and everyone is jealous.”

“Jealous of what?” Andre asked. “Your small dick or your inexistent stamina?”

“Just give me that camera, or I will break your nose and teeth,” Jeff shouted out of the window.

“Our sex Live is great,” I said through the window. “We have regular sex, and it’s about love and not about a big cock lasting long. What do you know about sex, you little nerd? I bet your cock is half the size of my boyfriend’s, and you wouldn’t even get hard because you are too nervous with a hot girl like me.”

“Well, I heard your conversation with Sandra, your friend, and this pathetic thing on tape. I could show it to anyone I want,” Andre said.

“If you show it to one person, you’re a dead man,” Jeff growled.

Andre answered, “OK, Jeff, here is the deal. I’m going home now. Nothing you can do about it, but I offer you a bet. If I win, I can fuck your girlfriend for one time. If I lose, I will delete this video, and you can have your pathetic sex life with your hot girl. You don’t know where I live, and I’m faster in my car than you get out the window, so you have no chance to catch me or the camera.”

“So what’s the bet,” Jeff asked.

“If I fuck your girlfriend better than you, I win. If you fuck her better, you win. If I win, I can have her every night. If you win, I will delete this video immediately,” Andre told us with a smile.

“What?” I asked in anger. “How would you even measure who the better fuck was?”

“Well, we can count your orgasms,” Andre replied. “If you want to participate in the bet, you must join me tomorrow. Room two-three-nine at the Lion Hotel.”

Then he left us alone.


I was in shock. How could this little guy dare to do something like this? My boyfriend and his friends often made fun of Andre. Of course, some would call it bullying but what he did was mean. I was looking at my boyfriend’s face, and he was smiling.

Jeff said, “This little virgin thinks he can fuck a girl like you. I think he’ll blow his virgin load in his pants once he sees your perfect tits.”

The day was nothing special we went to school, and on our drive home, we stopped at the supermarket to buy some condoms. I didn’t want to get Andre’s cock inside me without protection, even if he lasted shorter than my boyfriend. We went directly to the Lion Hotel, but before we entered the lobby, I held Jeff back.

“Honey, I think it would be hot if I make Andre cum before he gets in my pussy,” I said, “and then you can fuck me after so we can show him that you are superior to him, especially in bed.”

Jeff smiled back. “Of course, honey. Do you think I would let him have the time of his pathetic life with you?” he said.

We knocked at the door, room two-three-nine, and Andre opened it.

“Are you nervous?” Jeff asked him.

“No, why should I?” Andre asked.

“No, this is your only chance to see a beauty like Bethany nude. It’s once in a lifetime,” Jeff told Andre.

Andre smiled and replied. “After today, I will see her nude for myself tomorrow.”

“OK, nerd, what makes you that confident?” I asked. “You are not that kind of boy who has a lot of experience with women, especially not with women like me.”

“Oh, I’m just confident that karma exists and that I can get back at my bully,” Andre said.

“OK, let’s get this freak show over. I have other things to do than to hang out with you,” Jeff told Andre.

Andre replied, “I made my thoughts on how to make this competition fair. I thought Bethany could first give the two of us a handjob for about 5 minutes, so we all get hard. After that, each of us gets fifteen minutes of fucking. We can decide what position we want to give it to her.”

“OK, sounds like a plan,” Jeff said.

I had to interrupt before they got started too fast. “I insist you two wear a condom. I don’t want to get pregnant. We bought some on the way here. And I think it would be fairer if I give the second guy a short blowjob before we start, so he has the same conditions as the first one.”

Everyone agreed. So I went down on my knees and pulled Jeff’s shorts down. I took my hand around his dick, which disappeared between my fingers. He was immediately rock hard, and I was proud of him because I feared he would have difficulty getting hard in this situation with another guy in the room.

Then I turned around and took Andre’s pants down. I was in shock when I saw this massive cock of his. He was two times bigger than Jeff’s hard dick and still flaccid. So I was sitting there with an open mouth and did not move.

Andre said, “Close your mouth. I know you have never seen a cock that big, but it does not jerk itself. Go on.”

I tried to play my first reaction down. “It’s not the size that made me freeze. It’s how ugly it is. It’s just big but nowhere near as beautiful as Jeff.”

Andre laughed, and I took his cock angrily in my hand and started to jerk both men.

“Start the timer,” I said.

Shortly after the start, Andre got hard as well. Now, he was three times bigger than my boyfriend. Jeff is three and a half inches when he’s hard and thin, and Andre is about eleven inches and as thick as my wrist. I wanted to make Andre cum now. I would embrace him and shout his mouth down. So I stroked as hard as I could. After about four minutes, I first heard a groan from my boyfriend’s side. I was shocked because I thought our bet could be over immediately, so I decreased the speed and intensity of my jerking so Jeff could take a breath.

“Are you already done?” Andre asked.

“No, we’ve only just started,” Jeff said and smiled.

But I knew from experience Jeff was close to cumming. I increased the speed only on Andre’s side and was faking strokes on my boyfriend. Jeff understood the hint, and he didn’t say anything about it. Andre didn’t seem to see something as well.

Soon, the five minutes were almost over. Since Andre was not even close to cumming I was thinking about the rest of the plan. I made. Before we started, I planned to fuck Jeff and then fake an orgasm so he would be the winner before Andre got my pussy. But Jeff was already so close to cumming that Andre had to be the first to fuck me.

After five minutes, I went to my bag and took out a condom. I gave it to Andre and said, “Put it on, jerk, and try your best.”

He looked at me with a smile and told me that this slim condom would not fit.

“Well, you have a big cock, but these are standardized condoms, not small ones. Jeff and I use them all the time. They fit perfectly,” I told him.

“Maybe they fit Jeff, but if you haven’t seen it, I’m three times bigger than him,” Andre said.

I felt anger building inside of me. “Try it. If it doesn’t fit, you can fuck me without one. But you cannot cum inside me. Did you understand that? Tell me if you’re about to cum so you can go off and cum somewhere else.” I told him as calmly as possible.

“You want him to fuck you without a condom,” Jeff asked angrily. “You never let me do that.”

“Do you have a better idea?” I asked.

Andre took the condom off the package, and neither he nor I could put the condom on his thick and big cock. After some moments of trying, he told me to undress and lay on my back on the bed. He crawled over the bed between my legs and rubbed his cockhead on my pussy.

“I’ll start the clock,” Jeff said from the chair in the corner.

Andre was still rubbing his cock on my pussy then, without saying a word, he entered me balls deep with one thrust.

“Ah,” I said quietly.

I’ve never felt that full, but I noticed from the first second that it felt so good. Andre made a few thrusts, and I knew this felt much better than I had experienced with Jeff. But I loved Jeff, so I pretended not to enjoy it.

“OK, just tell me when you’re cumming,” I said. “Let’s finish it.”

“You want me to finish?” Andre asked and increased the speed of his thrust by saying it.

“Yes, do it. Remember to pull out before you cum,” I said in a high-pitched voice.

I could not speak with my normal voice because the fucking got so intense.

“I think you enjoy it, don’t you?” Andre said.

“Shut up,” this was Jeff from his chair in the corner.

“You should shut up. I’m balls deep in your girlfriend, way deeper than you have ever been, way deeper than you can ever dream of going,” Andre said, smiling.

I felt so much joy during this fuck, and at the same time, I felt so guilty for enjoying it. If Jeff fucked me like this, I would scream my joy. But this useless, pathetic nerd is fucking me. I loved Jeff so much that I tried to hide my enjoyment as much as possible. There was still a chance that Andre would not make me cum and that I could fake it with Jeff, and we would win this stupid bet, and Andre had to delete the video of us. There were another few deep thrusts inside my pussy, and I had to bite my lips to not let a sound of pleasure out of my mouth.

“Just cum, you fucking jerk,” Jeff shouted from the chair in the corner.

“Haha, why don’t you come here and see how you treat a woman properly,” Andre told him.

“I’ll come over and show you how to beat some teeth out of a mouth,” Jeff said.

“That still does not take the orgasm back, which I’m giving your girlfriend,” Andre told Jeff with a stupid smile.

I could not keep it back anymore. “AHHHHHHHH,” I groaned. “Oh my God, you are sooo big.”

“Are you finally over pretending not to enjoy it? Are you now my girl?” Andre asked.

“No,” I said, “It just hurts.”

In reality, it did not hurt. It feels fantastic, but Andre does not have to know it.

“Five minutes over,” Jeff said.

What, just five minutes out of fifteen? How could I survive this without an orgasm? I could not believe the embarrassment to my boyfriend and me if this nerd made me cum. So I said, “OK, Andre, you tried one-third of your time in this position. Why don’t you let me ride you a bit? I know better what I need to cum than you.”

“OK, so let’s switch positions,” Andre said.

The real reason why I wanted to switch positions was that I needed to calm down a bit; otherwise, he would have made me cum quickly. So I sat on his top and slipped one-third of his cock inside me. He was only thicker than Jeff, but in length, they felt the same. I did a few thrusts, and I could calm down a bit, but then I felt his cock entering me more and more. This little bastard knew I was trying to use this position to calm down, and now he was thrusting his cock from the bottom into me. He pushed harder than ever, and I felt his balls hitting me with every thrust. I could not believe that he had such skills.

Not long after, I was at the same point as before, but I could not suggest another position just one minute after we swapped, so I had to act as if nothing had happened. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned quietly. “Mmmmm.”

“Seven and a half minutes we are in the halftime, and I cannot see an orgasm here,” Jeff said.

After a few more moments, I felt something building up inside me. I had never felt this way before, but I knew from my masturbating sessions that this must be an orgasm. I could not stop it, but I managed to stay quiet during the first orgasm I ever had during sex. My legs were shaking, but besides that, I could hide it. My boyfriend Jeff felt or saw that something was going to happen, and he stood up from his place and stood next to the bed. My legs were still shaking, but I managed to stay quiet.

“Well, how was this orgasm?” Andre asked me.

“It was not an orgasm,” I lied, but I could not admit it. “I just tried this new move with my legs to make you finally cum. You bore me.”

“Ohh, I bore you,” Andre said. He now pushed me down from him and entered me from behind. “How does that bore you?”

I knew from the time with my boyfriend that doggy style is the position where a cock enters a woman the most, but before today I could never imagine that a cock could go this deep.

“It does not change anything,” I lied.

Andre thrust his stiff cock inside of me. His thrusts were steady and deep.

“Ten minutes are over,” Jeff said.

Jeff was now standing close to us. His little dick was limp and pathetic. I thought about the situation that I had just had an orgasm next to my wannabe stud boyfriend. He was the star of the football team and a bully to all these nerds, but he was terrible in bed. I now had an experience with one of these nerds, which was way better than all I have ever experienced with Jeff.

So I turned my head to him and asked, “Are you going to eat me out after Andre’s fifteen minutes?”

“No,” Jeff said. “You know that I don’t like that. After a cock has entered your pussy, it’s disgusting.”

“Well, it might be the only way you can make me cum,” I said.

“Even if I cannot make you cum, I will fuck you better than this nerd, and you know it. He will not make you cum anyway. In the end, you can tell us who fucked you better, and I know it will be me. No one fucks sluts better than me. I have so many muscles they are wet before I even touch them,” Jeff told me with his enormous ego.

How can Jeff be so self-assured? I mean, even if I acted like I was not enjoying Jeff, he must have seen me having more intense reactions than I have with him.

Andre was still thrusting his cock inside of me, and I felt another orgasm growing inside of me. “Mmmmmm,” I groaned another time.

I was so close to having another orgasm again. But the first time I had it under control, I would not admit it. I would just let it wash over me and enjoy it silently. Then I felt that Andre was slowing down.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

I need this orgasm. I thought I was too close to stop now.

“The nerd can’t go on,” said Jeff loud and in glory.

“Oh, yes, I can. I just want Bethany to admit that she’s about to cum. So she does not fake it like the last time,” was Andre’s answer.

Fuck, now he got me. I need this orgasm more than anything else. I was as horny as I had ever felt before. “Just keep going and finish,” I shouted. “I’m not going to cum, but just keep going.”

“Say that you cum, and I will give you the best time of your life,” Andre told me quietly, but even Jeff could hear it.

He still slowly teased my pussy, and I could not get over it. “OK, ANDRE. MAKE ME CUM,” I screamed as loud as I could.

I just needed that orgasm.

“Two minutes, honey. You only have to wait for two minutes. Then I will come and send you to heaven,” Jeff said.

I didn’t properly listen because Andre gave it to me deeper, faster, and better than ever before, and I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhh. Oooooooo,” I moaned.

“Say it. Say that you are cumming,” Andre said.

“I’m so close. I’m so close. I want to cum on your cock Andre. Just keep going.” I almost whispered.

“Noooo,” Jeff said. “Don’t. It’s just one minute, and it’s over!”

He jumped on the bed and knelt in front of me where Andre was fucking me doggy, and Jeff tried to pull me away from him, but I pushed him back, and he landed on his back, and now was the time.

“I’M CUMMING,” I screamed.

“Me too,” said Andre, and the two of us had an orgasm.

He came inside of me, and I felt his seed deep inside. After a few seconds, he made his final thrust, and I felt his cum leaking out of my pussy. It was so much, much more than Jeff ever ejaculates.

I felt so guilty. I betrayed my boyfriend, the love of my life, and I just had an orgasm with the school nerd. And even worse, I let this nerd cum inside of me.

My boyfriend stood up and said, “OK, babe, now it’s my time. I have the chance to win this bet still.”

“Yes, you have. I don’t like seeing someone fucking a girl next to me, but a bet is a bet,” Andre said. “And you got the same chance I had to win today.”

“But you must clean your pussy first, Babe,” my boyfriend said.

“Yes, honey, I will do it for you. Do you want to help me in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Don’t take too long Andre said. “I don’t want to see my time wasted by cleaning a pussy. Especially one I’m gonna fill up several times today anyway.”

“Dream on, Nerd,” Jeff said. “This pussy will be mine in twenty minutes, and you’ll see how I fuck my girl all over the room.”


We went to the bathroom, and I turned on the shower. I washed my pussy as well as possible and told Jeff, “OK, honey. We have to plan how I can fake two orgasms with you. I will ride you, so you don’t get too excited. Just don’t cum inside me before I can fake the second orgasm.”

“Fake it?” Jeff asked. “You will not have to fake it. I’m still the good-looking sports star in this room, not this nerd. Who the hell does he think he is?”

“OK, babe, you must have seen that I just had two orgasms with Andre. Luckily, I successfully pretended I didn’t have the first one. We have to fake it because you haven’t made me cum in five years of dating, so we need a plan,” I said with panic in my voice.

“No, we don’t. I will never understand why you had an orgasm with Andre, but I will be able to make you cum as well,” Jeff growled.

“You don’t understand why I came with him? It’s just hard not to cum once you’re over the edge,” I said. “I tried as hard as possible. Otherwise, he would have made me cum at least five times, and then it would already be game over. You know how hard it is not to cum, Jeff. Or how do you explain five years of premature ejaculating?” I angrily told him.

“I don’t need help! Fine, you can ride me, but I will be able to make you cum. I don’t want you to fake it. I’ll give you my best and show you and this nerd what kind of man I am and why I accepted this bet,” Jeff snarled.

Well, I tried. I hate losing this bet, but we already spent too much time in the shower and have to go out.


Back in the bedroom, I saw Andre. He still had a hard cock and was smiling. We went to bed, and I knelt in front of Jeff. First, I had to make my boyfriend hard again. “You guys have five minutes to get Jeff in the mood,” Andre said smugly. “After that, the fifteen minutes of fucking will start.”

I started sucking, but his cock did not get hard immediately. So I sucked on his two inches of limp dick. The time was flying, and when he started to get hard, I heard Andre say, “The five minutes are over. So, let his cock out of your mouth and start doing it.”

I did, and I let the three-inch semi-hard cock of my boyfriend out of my mouth. I looked over to Andre. He was trying to hold back his laughter.

“OK, honey. Let’s try oral first, as you suggested,” Jeff said.

‘It’s not like you have another option,’ I thought.

Andre laughs. “I thought you didn’t like it after a cock was inside her pussy? And now I’ve cum in it—you want to lick it?”

“We cleaned it,” I said.

Jeff went down on me and licked my pussy. He licked it before, and I usually like it. I had once or twice almost an orgasm with it. But this time, the oral part was over too fast. After thirty seconds, he moved up between my legs and wanted to push his dick inside me.

Andre said, “Condom!”

“What?” Jeff shouted. “You fucked her without, and I will too.”

“No. The deal was we fuck Bethany with a condom, and we made an exception because you two bought condoms that did not fit me,” Andre said.

“He is right,” I said. “I don’t want to risk something just because of your ego.”

Jeff said, “OK, but stop the time. We started your clock after the condom thing.”

“It’s already ready,” Andre said and handed me a condom.

Without any problems, I pulled it over Jeff’s cock. Then I started riding it. He felt pathetic tiny between my pussy lips, smaller than usual. He slipped out almost every third thrust.

“Did your pussy stretch out on my big cock?” Andre asked after Jeff slipped out another time.

“No, it didn’t,” I said. “I just have to get used to Jeff’s size as I had with yours.”

After he slipped out of me another time, Jeff said, “OK, honey. It’s not working like this. Let’s do missionary.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said. ‘If Jeff fucks me stupidly, as usual,’ I thought, ‘this would be a short 15 minutes.’

“Shut up,” Jeff said. “We agreed that Andre and I decide over the position, and now I want to do so.”

‘OK, but now I don’t care anymore,’ I thought. ‘Maybe Jeff has to learn a lesson to listen to me. And don’t act like an asshole.’

“OK, honey. Let’s swap then,” I said.

‘Now I will make him cum and humiliate my boyfriend,’ I thought. I wrapped my legs around him so he could not escape, and then I moved as fast as I could. I barely felt his small pathetic cock inside of me, and after a few seconds, I heard Jeff whispering, “Slow down, babe. Please slow down.”

“Are you already going to cum?” Andre asked.

Jeff realized that Andre must have heard his whisper, so he said, “No. Mmmmm. No chance. I don’t like this pace.”

I watched over Jeff’s shoulder and saw Andre’s smiling face. “But I like this pace, and the bet is about making me cum,” I said.

I hate that this nerd made me cum, but I wanted to teach my boyfriend a lesson.

“HONEY, JUST SLOW DOWN,” Jeff said with panic.

I lied to him and said, “oh no, honey. I’m so close.” And then Jeff was over. He came, and I felt his cock going soft inside of me.

“So that’s the famous performance of our school football star?” Andre asked with sarcasm.

Jeff asked, “How much time is still on the clock?”

“Man, what do you want to prove now? You’re done. You lost. Admit it and leave your girlfriend with me tomorrow evening, and don’t make it more embarrassing than it already is. You got seven worthless minutes left on the clock,” Andre said.

“Giving up is not in my nature Bethany. Could you give me some head? I will get hard, and then I show you two what kind of fighter I am,” Jeff told us.

As he told me, I blew his cock. He was lying on the bed. I was kneeling in front of him with my ass in the air. I blew him for five minutes when I felt something poking at my pussy. I was looking up and saw that Jeff had his eyes closed, and when I looked back at what was pocking at my pussy I saw Andre, who took this chance and started to rub his cock at my pussy.

I could not believe it and wanted to tell him to stop. Then he thrust himself back into me, and I moaned and said, “You are so big. You are so fucking big.”

I could not stop myself from having him.

“Oh yeah,” Jeff said, still oblivious about the situation, “Just a little dirty talk.”

He almost got his dick up again, and Andre was fucking me when I felt an orgasm gain inside me. Jeff finally was hard again, and at the moment of my third orgasm today, he came as well as Andre did.

“Fuck,” Jeff said and opened his eyes. “I tried Bethany. I did.”

Luckily for the situation, Andre stepped back so Jeff could not see that he fucked me again. Otherwise, he would have killed him. I told Jeff that I made myself cum with my hand.

“So Jeff, I think you lost the bet today,” Andre said. He walked to the window and said, “Bethany can come to my Dorm room tomorrow.”

Jeff put his clothes on and left without saying anything. I followed him. We drove home in silence.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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