Rugby Exposure (Gay/Bi SPH)

By BabydickLover.

My name is James Lane, and I am a 23-year-old black man. I recently graduated from university and learned my life’s most important lesson. It took me a while to author this story. Transcribing my experience into words forced me to relive this awful, embarrassing tale. This is a story of how my little, tiny babydick was exposed to my university campus.

Beginning of high school in 2012, I was out of shape and constantly neglected my body. I told myself enough was enough after I had trouble walking up the stairs. It was embarrassing, and I wanted to live a healthier life. My weight held me back from different opportunities. I was almost certainly a hot guy, but my body was my own worst enemy.

It prevented people from seeing how sexy I indeed was. I was highly motivated and worked out every single day. It was bitter work, but the reward was valuable. I managed to do it. I learned I could be successful in any area. I just needed to put my mind to it. The power of the mind is capable of anything. I had a powerful gut, strong legs, and muscular arms. I looked like a powerlifter!

I became slightly addicted to working out but wanted something else to fill my time. In my sophomore year, I joined the football and wrestling teams. By my junior year, I was the star quarterback. Everyone in high school loved and respected me. Before I shaved off the weight, I was bullied severely. Now, no one messed with me.

I aggressively told people I didn’t have the time of day for them. I didn’t want any distractions. I was serious about one day playing in the NFL. Unfortunately for me, I became cocky and judgemental. I thought I was better than everyone and consistently rejected girls. I’m not wasting my time on girls who aren’t even at my level.

My football career took an indefinite pause after I discovered Rugby. I signed up for the local team in my hometown. I thought it would be exciting and fun. I always dreamed of playing in the NFL but thoroughly enjoyed myself more with Rugby. After the season ended, I wanted to continue professionally.

I used everything I learned from working out, football, and wrestling—yes, I was a jack of all trades, to play for a university team. I sacrificed my entire senior year toning my body, practicing my form, and perfecting my skill set. In 2016, I graduated from high school and was admitted to Birmingham University. I was also selected to join their Rugby team. I was excited about this opportunity but wasn’t surprised. I knew I would be playing for a university.

The universe plays for my team. It was apparent I was a gifted athlete and Rugby player. Fast forward four years later, it is now my senior year of university. I was having the time of my life. I had an adventurous and fruitful social life with many friends and fans.

I couldn’t keep up with how many people wanted to hang out with me. I had to keep a mental list. I frequently told people they needed to give me a reason to invite them into my circle. I was very selective because most people did not meet my expectations. I wasn’t dating anyone either.

I knew better than to waste my time with some bimbo who didn’t deserve me. I was too perfect for anyone. I not only rejected girls and told them they were not good enough, I always played pranks on them. My all-time favorite prank was on Samantha Carter at the annual beach trip. She was one of the cheerleaders. She was an interesting character but didn’t quite fit in with this crowd. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone. She was quirky and cute. She didn’t seem to have too many friends. I had a massive crush on her.

She approached me months before the beach trip. She said she was interested in me. I told her to find someone more suitable for someone like her. I said there were many great guys in the chess club. I needed a girl who was at my physical level.

Externally, I went to extreme lengths to protect my image from everyone. Internally, I felt guilty because I wanted to date her. She was very cute, intelligent, and interesting. I had a dark secret that would ruin my reputation. No one could find out, so I managed a believable façade.

We remained friendly after, but it was awkward. She told everyone what I said. Most people didn’t care, but some said I was a colossal jerk. That was unacceptable. I came up with a plan to teach her a lesson. She should keep her mouth shut despite how heartbroken she was when it came to private matters.

It was time. The annual Rugby beach trip was happening in August. It was the time to bond with new team members and cheerleaders. I watched Sam as she was playing volleyball. This was my chance. I needed to do it soon. I walked up and told her I wanted to talk to her. She looked suspicious but also filled with joy. I walked her to the table where we had food. I offered her a hotdog. I apologized for being such a jerk to her. She said she accepted my apology. She said we should just start over. I agreed with her with a heart-filled smile. We hugged. She looked so happy. I couldn’t wait to smack that stupid smile off her face.

While she was eating, I yelled, “Psyche, bitch,” and undid her bikini top.

I cooped up this vengeful plan. But honestly, I just wanted to see her bare chest. I was curious about what she was hiding from everyone. As her bikini top came off, these voluptuous breasts sprung out. My jaw dropped. I was surprised because Sam was very flat-chested. This whole time, I thought she had pancake titties. I couldn’t believe how huge they were. Her delicious nipples were hard, probably from hugging me. I started getting a boner underneath my trunks. I dodged a bullet because no one could tell I was hard.

Seeing her huge boobs exposed to the team, cheerleaders, and average beachgoers were hilarious. The other cheerleaders giggled, and my teammates gawked at her ample bosoms. They were losing their shit over this. Most laughed excruciatingly hard, while some looked up at her sympathetically. She was distraught and tried to cover them up. As she did that, I kicked her ass, so she fell hard on the sandy floor.

She was horrified. Her perky, tight ass was up in the air facing a laughing audience. While this may have been cruel, I wasn’t done yet. The finale was ready for her. I ripped her bikini bottom off her, which gave her newest fans a hilarious view. Her tiny ass was completely exposed to everyone. She stood up and spat sand out of her mouth. We had a good view of her juicy vulva.

She wiped her face and began to sob uncontrollably. She had thick tears rolling off her puffy eyes. She looked down and covered her pussy. She ran off away from the cheering crowd. Her butt bouncing was the highlight for me. It was the best part. This was unforgettable because most attendees filmed the entire event with their phones. It was a viral sensation on Birmingham’s campus. One of the cheerleaders gave her a towel and her swimsuit back. She left the party right after. She couldn’t even look me in the eye.

Well, it was entirely her fault. This was a lesson for Sam, but for everyone else to see what happens when you mess with me. I’m not playing games here. I was proud of myself. My best friend, Rick Garver, told me what I did was wrong. I told him to lighten up because it was all in good fun. He and I didn’t talk much once the fall semester started. Whatever, it was his loss.

The Rugby coach, Spencer Whitman, talked with me after the trip. He told me my behavior was inappropriate. The team represents and reflects the values of the university. This was an inclusive and welcoming campus. Bullying and hazing were strictly prohibited and unallowed. This was a waste of time, and I wanted him to shut up. I didn’t seem to care, which he quickly noticed. He questioned how I would feel if someone did that to me.

I told him I wouldn’t care because no one had anything on me. It was clear he was angry with me. He wanted to suspend me from the team but wouldn’t because the team would be nowhere without my talents. I was the reason he still had a job, and he knew it. I had unspoken power over him.

He was letting me off the hook this time, but if anything happens in the future, I will automatically be kicked off the team. There was a new zero-tolerance policy for bullying and hazing. I rolled my eyes at his absurd, new rules as he left. How dare he treat me like a subordinate. I am doing only what he dreamed of doing. That’s why he is a teacher. As they say, “if you can’t do, teach.”

It was September, and people were slowly starting to forget Sam’s little exposure video. I forgot about it too. The pre-season was beginning, and I was in the zone. I wanted to play Major League Rugby after graduating. If I am extended the chance to play for a professional Rugby team after my studies, it would be a dream come true. I wasn’t going to let anything distract me, especially the asshole of a coach.

Starting the pre-season was a little rough initially because the coach sternly watched my every move like a hawk during practices. He made my life a living hell. If I screwed up on one thing, even if it were insignificant, he would retaliate and put me through some of the most enduring workouts I have ever done. After some time, the tension between us began to loosen. He also relaxed his rigorous and authoritarian coaching methods. I was able to call him a “friend” again.

Even though I acted like a jerk to the coach, I appreciated his guidance. He wanted me to succeed. I would never tell him I admired him because vulnerability is weak. Once someone knows your vulnerabilities, they will use them against you. I didn’t want anyone learning about the “real” me.

Everything was going well again until a Thursday night in November. We just finished an excruciating practice. For years, I successfully avoided my teammates in the locker room. It depended on what I decided to do. Sometimes, I would “pretend” to use the bathroom stall for over an hour. I waited on my phone, scrolling through social media or porn until the noise ended.

And sometimes, I would just leave the locker room for an hour before returning. Most of them would be gone by then. After everyone departed from their showers and lame locker room banter, I would shower with no one around. It was nice to be in solitude with my thoughts. The dark secret I mentioned before was something I’ve kept hidden for a long time.

My pompous attitude and pristine physique masked the truth behind what was really between my legs. In the middle of my massive legs nestled a tiny penis. This little thing was why I was such a jerk to everyone. I had a blistering fear of someone finding out about the truth. I analyzed everything in my life–how I appeared, dressed, and spoke.

If there was anything that could potentially lead to people knowing about my little guy, I tirelessly worked to change my mannerisms and behaviors. I made sure to act macho, carry myself with an insufferable, inflated ego, drive a huge truck, and reject girls because they “weren’t” good enough for me. It was even worse because I was black. It was bad enough being hung like a little boy, but everyone expected me to be hung like a horse due to my skin color.

Everyone knows about the untrue “big black cock” stereotype. It is racist and hurts the images of black men with tiny nubs like myself. Little cocks deserve love too. If anyone discovered I had a baby-like penis, my life and reputation would be shattered. I couldn’t let that happen to my future. I am a successful and talented man. I was the “big” man on campus. That would all change if people learned about my little shortcomings.

I usually waited an hour or so for everyone to leave the locker room. After they all left for the day, I checked each door and corner of the place to ensure there wasn’t anyone lurking around. I tiptoed back to my locker and opened it. I took everything off and was down to my tighty whities. I looked down at them. My front was utterly flat. I didn’t have a bulge. It was so humiliating. I slid them off and looked down at my little, tiny penis. It looked like my groin belonged to a toddler. It was clear mine failed to grow during puberty.

I closed the locker and grabbed my towel. I walked to the open showers wholly naked with my soft, little penis bouncing around. Big dicks tend to swing around. I wish mine would do that. Instead, it just bobbled around as I walked. I turned on the shower and began washing. I became lost in the silence and warm, steamy water. It was so relaxing. I loved feeling like that. I have been to several saunas.

Some guys have their junk loud and proud for the room to see. I wish I had the cock size to do that confidently. One time, my towel slipped, and my baby cock was greeted by a bull of a man. He was a real beefcake with a thick cock. He looked right at my middle area and giggled at my pathetic excuse for a penis. He gave me the small penis sign and told me he couldn’t believe I was so tiny. I wrapped the towel around myself and left. That was the only time someone saw my tiny pecker. It was horrid.

I was lost in a daydream, so I omitted everything around me. I was imagining having a huge dick and screwing Sam’s butt. She would scream out of pleasure. I was stuck in my sick and twisted fantasy. I didn’t hear the door open. This happened a couple of times in the past, but I would swiftly wrap my towel around my body before anyone noticed.

They probably wouldn’t have seen anything anyway because it was so tiny. I was startled when my coach walked in on me showering. He was completely nude. He had a very muscular, manly body which complemented his cock very well. He was hung like a bull. He was huge. It was probably around seven inches flaccid. He had a nice body. Thank goodness my back was turned to him.

The coach greeted me from far away, “Hey, James. I didn’t know you would be here this late. Usually, I go straight home, but I have an event I need to attend soon. I didn’t have enough time to drive home, so I thought I would stay on campus and get ready here.”

I replied, “That’s cool. I am nearly finished anyway.”

I was praying he would shower far away from me. It was a huge open shower. It would be uncomfortable if he showered next to me. With my terrible luck, he walked right next to me. My entire lower half was soaped up, so he didn’t see much. I planned to quickly wash everything off, cover myself up, and make my escape from him. He kept trying to make conversation with me. He did not pick up on my “I don’t want to talk” vibe.

“I hope the pre-season is going well. This time is important if you want the MLR to pick you up. What team are you hoping to play for?”

“I am unsure at the moment, whichever one is interested in me.”

“C’mon, son. You have to have goals on which team you would like. You can’t be like that. Such a cocky guy. I always thought you knew where you were going. I guess it is fine to live in the moment. We should talk about it in more detail.”

“Sounds good. Let’s chat next week.”

Why wouldn’t he quit talking to me? It was like he wanted me to stay there. I had my back turned to him, so he got a full view of my ass, which was fine since I had a nicely toned bum. I was quickly washing everything off when I nearly fell. I was so frazzled from the nerves that the idea of him finding out about my little cock sent me chills. I was a clumsy SOB.

He dropped his soap, which I stepped on. I slid and fell on my back. I was worried this was going to be a career-ending injury. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. There was some pain in my back, but I felt fine. I was lost in thought about what had just happened. I didn’t even think to cover up my tiny privates.

He immediately said, “James, are you okay?”

He looked right at my little dicklette and smirked. It was hard to get me up, but he managed to do so. The whole time, he was just staring at my little penis. His eyes were burning my insides. I couldn’t believe this had happened. Why did this happen to me? I covered my baby cock, but the damage had already been done. My coach, the man I have known for years, knows the truth about my little incher. He has a clear image of my shrunken dinkle. I covered the little guy, but he removed my hands from the tiny peanut.

“Careful, son. You could hurt your back even more if you move your arms. Just wait it out. It may not be as bad as we both think.”

“Please let me cover myself, coach!”

He looked right at my baby dicklette. I knew it had to be incredibly tiny. It was before the shower. I can’t imagine how small it was at that moment. I knew it looked like a little grape with miniature marshmallows for balls. He started laughing horrendously loud. I went completely red in the face.

“I wouldn’t want anyone else to see it if it were that small. This is the tiniest, little pee-pee I have ever seen, my boy. It looks like the infant pee-pee of a baby boy. Everything makes sense. The reason you act like such a massive jerk to everyone. It explains your ridiculous, oversized truck. You are overcompensating for owning this whittle boy dick.”

I tried to cover myself, but he held my arms down. He started flicking the little guy. He couldn’t stop laughing. I was utterly traumatized.

“Look at how it bounces when you flick it. That is so cute! Your balls are like little BB bullets.”

He then compared it to his pinky. The tip of his pinky was larger than my soft penis. I was so embarrassed. I have never been more embarrassed in my entire life. He said this moment couldn’t be forgotten. The worst was yet to come. He ran out of the shower to get his phone. He came back and took several pictures of my little gherkin.

“Didn’t you know shaving it makes it look smaller? That little, hairless micropenis can’t be bigger than a teeny inch. Gawd, this is so tiny. I guess you can argue you are a grower. Let’s see how much bigger it gets.”

He put the entire thing in his mouth. It hardened relatively quickly. I squealed like a scared little boy. I felt it harden in his mouth. He pulled out and laughed.

“This looks like 1.8 inches. It looks a lot like my little nephew’s. He is three years old. That is awful. I feel a little bad. Oh my goodness, look at your pre-cum. Do you want this little peter to squirt?”

He caressed the tip of my teeny tiny cocklette. A tiny sliver of pre-cum came out of the poor fellow. This was mortifying. The man I have looked up to for years is playing with my little penis and taking pictures of it. What was he going to do with them?

“Wow. The ‘big’ man on campus secretly has a cock similar to an adolescent. Look at this dwarf, compact button. What would happen if everyone learned about your little secret?”

I was so scared he would leak them to everyone on campus. My life would be over. He didn’t feel bad enough because he continued to take pictures of my minuscule, erect wee-wee. After several comments, I picked myself up. He saw the little thing bounce around as I got myself up. He kept taking pictures of me. He wiggled it as I got up.

He smiled, gazing at me in the eye. I started to cry and said to him, “Please, don’t share those photos with anyone. Please, my life will be ruined. I can’t have anyone finding out about my condition.”

“What condition?”

“My penis.”

“What about your penis?”

“Don’t make me say.”

“Say it, now!”

“My microdick is embarrassingly tiny. I can’t do anything with it.”

“Good boy.”

I was crying even harder now. Why was he treating me like a criminal who deserved this? I was a poor victim.

“Don’t cry, baby boy. Don’t be so hard on yourself, son. Most people don’t care about men with baby dicks. It isn’t that deep, and no one will be able to deepthroat it. You won’t be able to penetrate anything with this itty bitty thing. No amount of weight lifting will make your microdicklette any bigger.”

“That is easy for you to say. You have a huge cock. How would you feel if you had one like mine?”

He looked down at his enormous cock and stroked it a bit.

“It is huge, isn’t it?”

He then looked down at my little nub and snickered. He shook his head.

“You make a compelling argument because you don’t have anything between your legs. The girls would mock you relentlessly. How would anyone respect you again if they had a photo of you with your incredibly tiny dick? Because you’ve treated me like shit for years, here is what I will do. If you do anything out of line, these photos will be ‘mysteriously’ leaked across the entire campus. Do you understand me, boy?”

He gave me a grin the devil himself would be proud of. I couldn’t believe coach Whitman was blackmailing me. I didn’t have much choice. He stripped me of my freedom because of those humiliating photos. I was no longer in power. He was. He was like a king or a stepdaddy.

“I am so sorry for treating you like shit. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I understand what you’ll do to me.”

“Oh… now you decide to be nice because I have something over you. I asked you months ago how you would feel if someone did something like you did to Samantha. Now I know. I am not showing you any mercy. I own you now. You do as I say. If you challenge or question me on anything, prepare for your little penis to be exposed to the whole university. Get you and your tiny manhood out of here, now! You and your laughable wee-wee make me sick. Is it hard? Cover yourself up, you perverted sicko. No one wants to see that. It is disturbing. You should be ashamed for objecting me to that little, scared almond.”

I covered my fun-sized tootsie roll and ran like a mad man. I could hear him laughing as I quickly put my clothes on and ran out the door. I got in my car and put my head on the driving wheel. I was so worried my life would soon be over. I received several text messages from my coach. He forwarded the photos to me with a text message, ‘remember our deal, boy. 😈🤏🍆’

I looked through the photos. It was horrible. It was so tiny. It looked like a little snickers bar, not the regular-sized ones, but the Halloween candy version. It was an iPod shuffle. How will I ever live this down? It will be so awkward when I practice with him. Coach now had an ego every time we interacted. He would randomly snicker at me.

He would look at my crotch area. He added something to our “agreement.” He made me shower late with him. He ensured I would shower with cold water to experience significant shrinkage. He would comment on how tiny my penis was. It was humiliating. Despite everything, he was still helping me with everything. He wanted me to succeed.

He would tell me, “Your penis is so microscopic. I am sure they thought you were a girl when you were born. I want you to succeed because you need to make enough money to support yourself. You should expect to be single your whole life with your mini, short tee-tee. I mean, how could anyone feel anything with that in them?”

It never felt repetitive. The coach said something different every time he saw the little battery. This went on for a month until December. The pre-season banquet was about to happen. It is an annual tradition. Before the end of pre-season, the team, cheerleaders, friends, and family are invited to a party at the Sigma Chi House, the largest fraternity on campus.

It serves as a banquet. Players are awarded and celebrated for their achievements. I win the pre-season and best player of the year at the end-of-the-year banquet in the spring season. It is usually a fun time. Since I have known the coach, he hasn’t attended them because he was too busy.

He would have one of the assistant coaches present the awards on his behalf. Everyone was excited he was going to be attending the event this year. After he announced this, my stomach completely dropped to my knees. I was praying to the Lord. He wasn’t planning on revealing my pictures or telling people about my baby dick.

The night before the party, we had one more shower session. After we finished, he put his clothes on. He talked to me in his office while I was completely nude. He said I would need to wear something special. He handed me a pair of pink panties. These would have looked good on Sam.

“No way am I wearing these.”

“It is all in good fun! No one will know. Remember our deal. If you don’t wear them, prepare for that little thing between your legs to be revealed to all. Besides, your little nub will fit quite nicely in them. You might like them. Try them on, you whiner.”

I let out a massive groan. I did what he said. I slid them on. I felt so naughty and feminine.

“What a perfect fit. There would be so much extra room in the front area.”

He gently tapped my flattened crotch area. He pushed in my little boy-clit. I felt like a woman being manhandled by this daddy bear. I left. As I turned around, he slapped my big ol’ ass.

I was very hesitant to attend the party, but it would look even more suspicious if I didn’t participate. I arrived at the fraternity house. I was so worried someone would find out about my panties. I kept pulling my pants up. It was a full house. The room was never filled with this many people. There were also professional photographers.

It was never this extravagant. The coach greeted me and was excited to see me that night. He hugged me. I joined my other teammates. I was having a good time. The coach walked up to the podium. Behind him was a monitor with a slideshow of us throughout the semester.

It was weird because I didn’t see any photos of myself. He started by naming every player and why he was proud. I started getting bored because the event usually shined a bright light on me. It was like I wasn’t even on the team. The coach walked down. People looked confused because I wasn’t mentioned. They didn’t seem to care and talked after he left. The coach put a small curtain over the monitor. He walked back up to the podium.

“Finally, we recognize the best player on this team, James Lane. He has been on this team for four years. It is not a small, tiny victory. It is a huge honor. I have been working very closely with him. I wanted to make sure he was prepared for this moment to achieve his dreams of playing in the MLR. Thank you and good luck, James.”

My eyes widened at what he said. I hope that was just a Freudian slip. I saw a slight smirk after he said that. I don’t know if it meant anything. There was no way he would show those photos to everyone here.

“Please check out this wonderful slideshow I created of James.”

Out of nowhere, Sam came behind the monitor and released the curtain. Why was Sam here? What is going on? The first slide was of me playing a game with the words ‘The Real James Lane.’ The slideshow began to play. Horrifyingly, he showed photos of my tiny baby dick. Everyone in the room started to laugh stupidly loud. I couldn’t handle this. I tried leaving, but my teammates held me in my seat.

Each photo had a short description: ‘baby dick, little penis, tiny James, overcompensating, etc.’ Seeing my wet, naked body with my shriveled-up penis traumatized me. Everyone was pointing at the slideshow and gasping at my little cocklette.

They were taking photos with their phones. People were making comments on how tiny it was. They said it looked like a newborn’s penis, babysat toddlers with bigger packages, and there was more meat in a vegan dinner than I had to offer. I was so red in the face. The slideshow ended, and the coach had to silence everyone. They would not shut up.

“Please, everyone, I know it is hilarious and exciting. It gives me great pleasure to award James with this award, the player with the smallest penis. Seeing a black man with such a small willy is a huge surprise, making it even funnier.”

Their annoying laughter hurt my ear drums. I walked up to the stage and picked up the trophy. It was specially made with the words: “Player with the Smallest Penis.” The trophy had a little nub between its legs and gave the small penis sign.

“It was embarrassing to order this trophy, but it was worth it. It doesn’t end here, folks. We commemorate these awards on the wall of fame. We have nothing to show for it without a great photograph. Some of the players got up and started stripping me. They yanked my shorts down. I cringed at my pink panties being revealed. Everyone in the room jumped and screamed joyfully.

“Oh my god, is he wearing pink panties?! Did you get those from Victoria’s Secret? His package is completely flat. They do fit him, which makes perfect sense.”

They gave me a torturous wedgie. It was excruciating. This gave the hooting audience a clear view of my little package.

“Awe, there is his cute bulge. What a cutie pie,” the coach said.

I clenched my eyes shut, waiting for what was about to happen. They yanked my panties down to my ankles and made me get out of them. They were covering me. Everyone was booing them.

“Move. We want to see his baby-sized package.”

They moved out of the way and flung my panties to the crowd. The professional photographers were going crazy with the photos. Everyone was laughing at how tiny my penis was. It was probably half an inch. I looked down and saw it was entirely inside me. No! I had an innie. I quickly pulled it out, but everyone already saw it at its nubbiest. There was nothing I could do.

The coach walked down. Sam walked up and flicked my nonexistent penis. She gave me a tight hug.

Sam said, “Oh my, it looks like it is getting excited.”

She moved away to show everyone my teensy weensy erect cock.

She laughed, “It is smaller than my pinky.”

She compared it to her pinky. It was smaller than her pinky.

“My pinky can give me more pleasure than your little dinky winky. The shrimp we had for dinner tonight is bigger than your shrimp weenie. You get this for rejecting me and showing my tits to everyone. It feels great to get revenge.”

She walked up to the stage with a smile on her face. The crowd wouldn’t quit laughing.

“I was humiliated when James showed my naked body to the world. I knew I had to get revenge. How could anyone do this to me? James is an awful person. Many people don’t know this because I was embarrassed, but my step-dad is coach Whitman. I didn’t have a good relationship with him. After what happened, he consoled me. Our relationship grew even stronger. I am now close with him and thankful he was there to support me. We devised this plan together because little James would never get what he deserved. I hope you all have a good time. Make sure to get tons of pictures with James and use #babyjames when posting it on social media. We will choose the best photo for the hall of fame.”

Throughout the night, people took countless photos of my naked body. They slapped my ass, touched my nipples, and laughed at my baby sausage. It was humiliating.

The coach and Sam had my clothes, so I had to stay until the end. It was just us three.

“You must regret what you did to me, huh?”

I replied sadly, “Yes, I am so sorry. I had a crush on you but had to protect my image.”

“You know, you could still be a popular guy with a great future while being nice, you dumbass.”

Her step-dad replied, “yeah, but if he were nice, we wouldn’t have been able to host the most successful pre-season party. It was funny seeing your pinky-sized twinkie exposed to everyone. What a little spaghetti meatball. It’s a little beanie-baby. You must be so embarrassed.”

“It was humiliating, but I deserve it. Sorry again for everything. Sam, would you be interested in going on an actual date? I still really like you.”

“Yeah, that sounds fun.”


“No! I have seen your dinky little dick. What am I supposed to do with that? It is the tiniest little chode I have ever seen. Please see a doctor. That can’t be normal. And I’m dating someone. I am dating your old friend, Rick. He approached me after the incident. He didn’t even notice me until your little stunt, so thank you for that. He is so kind and very hung.”

She glanced down at my mini pee-wee. She walked up to me and grabbed it with two fingers. She kissed me on the cheek. I felt it grow in her control.

“Good luck being single for the rest of your life, you loser virgin. You could be dating me, but you had to be a little douchebag. Your attitude matches your little speck down there, by the way.”

She let go of my erect wee-wee.

The coach was laughing, “also, there were representatives from professional teams here tonight. They were interested in you but no longer. They couldn’t care less about your little prick but had no interest in scouting someone who was such a jerk. Your little penis and utter exposure were the little cherry on top. That is what you get for being an awful person.”

I was saddened and filled with anger. I told them both to go to hell. They told me to take my little dick energy somewhere else. They wouldn’t give me my clothes back. I had to leave without them. I had to run to my apartment completely naked.

As I was running, two policewomen drove towards me. They asked me where my clothes were. I told them they were stolen. They flashed their flashlight over my privates. They told me to remove my hands. I did, and they immediately began laughing. They said they were very sorry my clothes were stolen. I am sure they were apologetic over my underdeveloped manhood. I was starting to get teary-eyed.

“Are you seriously crying right now? Don’t worry, little man. We believe you because no one in their right mind would willingly expose their dinky if it were that tiny. I think my wife is bigger than you. We don’t want you to expose your little M&M to the world. That would just be sad.”

They gave me a ride and dropped me off. They told me good luck with everything and winked at me. After running into laughing neighbors and strangers, I finally entered my apartment. I laid down on my bed with my baby penis sticking up. My life was over, and it was all my fault. I thought about Sam humiliating me. I tugged at the little thing with two fingers until I came.

After that night, I and my little penis were the laughing stock of the entire university. The video of the event went viral on YouTube. I was constantly pantsed and mercilessly teased. I was kicked off the team and had to transfer schools to finish my final semester. My family heard about everything and teased me about it. It was my new reputation.

I went from being the sexy jock with a bright future to the overcompensating jerk with a baby penis no one wanted. I paid the price but learned a valuable lesson. I need to treat people better and quit acting like a dick when I didn’t even have one. I now accepted my identity as a small-dicked, unhung man.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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