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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is embracing the small dick lifestyle…

Over the last three months, I (35m) started living as a beta. I’ve embraced that my dick is small and unsatisfactory (I’m a silver member of the small dick club and can’t last more than 30-45 seconds).

I haven’t allowed myself a real orgasm in those three months. Instead, I either goon with no orgasm, or I ruin it. I’ve started my day with a quick ruined orgasm for the last two weeks. I get it perfect some days, and my dick barely twitches and dribbles periodically for the next couple of hours.

Since starting this regimen, I’ve found minor things can trigger my erection. Just women showing a small amount of skin can do it. The other day, I was at a concert and realized all I need is to see some shoulder, and I’m instantly rock hard.

This is the happiest I’ve ever been. I love having so little control over my dicklett. Now I plan on talking to my gf about her getting some real dick.

Thanks to anyone who read this. I’ve just needed to let it out.


Another reader discovers he’s the talk of the unit…

So I’ve sat on this story for a long time. At the time, I was 22 and not aware of just how short I came up….yet.

I was in the reserves, and our unit was on annual two weeks summer training and staying in some WWII barracks with ancient communal showers with freezing water. Turns out we ended up in shit barracks like that every year. This was my first AT with that unit tho.

At the time, I smoked, so one afternoon near the end of the two weeks, I was hanging with the smoking gang across the street. As people finished their smokes, they went back into the building until it was just a woman about my age chatting and me.

I can’t even remember what army base we were at that year, but I remember the short conversation.

She said, “You know, one of the guys told us who is hung.”

The sudden change of topic caught me off guard, so I just said, “Oh, haha, okay,” or something.

“We also made him tell us if anyone was small.”

Twenty-two years later, I still don’t know exactly how I’d respond today beyond whatever I stammered out. I wasn’t sure who she was talking about, but it was starting to dawn on me as to why else she would be telling me this.

And she went on a bit more. “Yeah, apparently, one guy is tiny, and we almost asked if he’d come over last night and show us, but Julie said no.”

And then she just put out her cigarette and walked away. FYI, Julie was the NCO I reported to.

I was just surprised to have been told all that. I thought about what she said quite a lot over the next few months. A few weeks later, I measured my erection for the first time and then remeasured it again and again. At least three girls I had been with had complimented me and called me big, and I realized they were stroking my ego. I had just assumed up to that point that I must be around 6″ when the reality was quite different.

I also became more reserved and shy about locker rooms and open showers. I’m usually an inch or two flaccid, but in a cold shower. Well, at worst, my penis will invert. Usually, the whole shaft will shrink and disappear, leaving just the head poking out. I guess I had taken for granted what other guys noticed, especially having not yet realized I was so far on one end of the spectrum.

For some time, I resented the dude who blabbed to the female soldiers and her for telling me in such a way, but it’s one of my only solid SPH experiences that helped start this whole thing.


Meanwhile, this reader reads his review and liked it…

Just found out my ex was ranting about the men she’s been with and ranking them all on penis size and sex. Even including pictures. I can’t believe I was the second smallest out of 12 people. Dudes were in that thread slanging some long and girthy meat. Not going to lie. Pretty damn hot knowing she can take those dicks.

She then listed the pros and cons for everyone. Mine was:

Pros: – Ate pussy – Cum tasted good – Verbal

Now for the cons: – “Shrimp ass dick” – Difficulty getting hard – Difficulty staying hard – Got limp in (her) pussy – Balls are small – Jerks off with two fingers – Doesn’t shoot cum, like a leaky faucet – Always had to be on the bottom – NEVER made (her) cum – NEVER made (her) gag – Too thin/Not girthy – Too short/Not long – “Looks like a baby penis when soft.”

Knowing she just humiliated me and I can see the size of all these other men, I don’t care. I got to see all these big girthy penises, and I’m currently jerking my dick so fast and hard cumming at the thought of a huge dick fucking her tiny and tight pussy. So, who’s the real winner?


While this reader gave a girl the wrong impression…

I’m a tall guy with and solid build. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. There was a new receptionist at work, and we hit it off. She is Asian, pretty, and hot. We would go out for lunch in my car, and I would kiss and finger her – she was wet. She did have a boyfriend that she was not too happy with, but he did have a big dick. I wasn’t too worried as I have mostly always been able to please women sexually.

I started to visit her at home, where she lived with a tall, good-looking blonde, skinny model type. One night we went for dinner, and then we parked by the beach. We jumped in the back, and I licked her pussy until she came all over my face. She reached in my pants and felt for my cock. I was hard, but since I was bent over, it had the effect of retracting it, and there was not much to feel, probably about three inches at best. I asked if she wanted to have sex, and she made an excuse about her boyfriend and said no.

A couple of days later, I was visiting them. I can’t remember how the subject came up, but her friend said there is nothing worse than a big guy with a tiny dick. Asian girl acted shocked. I said I was happy with what I’ve got, but I didn’t click about the feelings she had in the car. She must have told her friend that I have a small penis. Her friend then said, if you are happy, then show us. I must have gone bright red, and they started laughing. I could feel my dick shriveling in my pants. There was no way I was going to get it out. They teased me for a wee while, then I changed the subject and made a hastened exit. Later, I realized her fleeting feeling, and I felt embarrassed, and a bit ripped off. I tried to call her and explain, but she would not talk to me soon after they both moved to another city. Sometimes I think about that time and end up reliving the embarrassment.


This reader goes for a scan…

This is mild, but I have been thinking about it since it happened. I had an appointment this morning for a testicular ultrasound. The nurse told me to remove my pants and underwear and cover myself with a paper blanket she gave me. She reached under the blanket with her gloved hands and the scanner when she returned. As she touched me to begin the scan, her demeanor changed. She looked a little confused/surprised, and she commented about how tight my scrotum was to my body and told me to relax (it wasn’t that tight, it’s just tiny). Well, she eventually scanned over the top and got to my dick. I looked over her face for any reaction. She noticed me looking and looked away. She seemed to hurry to finish up at that point. She told me I could wipe the gel off and get dressed, and she left the room. When I checked out at the reception desk, the nurse there was smiling the whole time with almost amusement on her face. So basically, it may have all been in my head, or they may have shared a laugh or two about my pint-sized peen. Either way, it was a turn-on for me that I’ll certainly keep in the spank bank going forward.


Another reader gets caught in college…

Ok, so I’m 23 and attend university. It’s a coed campus with separate male and female dorms all shared. Often, we change in the bathrooms for privacy, which are located directly down the hall from our front dorm door. By the way, many of us keep that door Wide open sometimes. So as most days, I go in there and lock the door and take care of my morning routine with my headphones on and music on full blast. After finishing, I opened up my bag to grab my clothes, lay my shirt and shorts on the sink, and placed my clean panties and thongs on top to select which to wear for the day like the beta bitch that I am. After finally deciding on a pair, I slip one leg in, and right as I’m slipping my second leg in and have the Lacey red thong I selected for the day barely up to my knee, a swish of wind hits my back as I turn around only to see my roommate accidentally pushed the door so hard it chips the wood area that holds the locking mechanism in place and slamming the door wide open. As I stood there redder than the thong I was wearing, frozen in shame and the shock of the moment, he screamed and stepped out the way only to show my shrimp dick to a parade of passing students, male and female, and professors out in the hall and the rooms across.


Meanwhile, this reader is having a great vacation…

My wife and I decided to enjoy a beach vacation. After drinking and soaking in the ocean, I had some major shrinkage after a couple of days. Like balls pulled back in and was practically an innie. No big deal, like most days, we returned and immediately showered so I could rouse things back to normal while showering. This particular day I shucked my trunks and walked into the bathroom as she was getting out of the shower. She saw me in all my shrunk glory and cackled. She said, “Damn, babe. You might wanna hydrate before that becomes permanent.”

Ego took over as I mouthed off about her not complaining when I fucked her last night. She barbed back uea pretty sure we could scissor like lesbians right now. I got my shower, and things were back to normal. Well, gold member standard, but that is not the point. I hung my trunks out to dry, and off we went to dinner.

To my horror, the following day, we realized all the trunks had blown off in a storm overnight. My wife suggested her black bikini bottoms stating it’d just look like a speedo. Wanting that to be true, I didn’t notice her mischievous grin. I slipped them on and threw on some shorts to head down in.

After a couple of hours of drinks and lounging, I needed to get in the ocean to cool off. I shucked the shorts and dove in. We floated around for an hour or two before getting out to drive and get more drinks. This was when my wife revealed her plan. She said, “Wow, babe when we sat on the lounger. I wanted you to wear those after seeing your shrinkage yesterday, but I would never have dreamed you’d look like a woman in them. You look like you have a mound like a woman.”

She reached over and grabbed my crotch when she said that. I was completely flat and frankly internal between the dehydration and the suit. This wasn’t lost on her as she said, “Damn, did it all fall off? I can’t even find where it should be. We’re going to have fun tonight.”


While this reader’s girlfriend makes a jackass out of him…

My girlfriend and I watched the latest Jackass movie last night. There’s a scene where Johnny Knoxville is disguised as his old man character, and he pulls the fire alarm to a massage parlor, I think it is.

When the fire alarm goes off, an army of fully nude old men evacuates the building and a female receptionist. My girlfriend said, “Look at how hung all those old men are. Their soft dicks dwarf yours when hard. If you were in this scene, everyone would be laughing at the size of your cock.”

I stiffened up at this point which she noticed. She then paused it and made me strip to stand beside the tv to compare while making fun of the size difference.


This reader got the ass end of a date gone wrong…

I had just started dating this girl I’d known for years, and we had just developed feelings for each other. We knew a lot about each other, but there was one thing she did not know about me. She had no idea about my tiny penis.

We went to the beach one late afternoon at the beginning of spring. It was a foggy day, so not many people were there (luckily). We were in the parking lot walking to the car when I suddenly got a HUGE surprise. All I hear is, “IT’S TINY!”

I look down, and my shorts and underwear are around my ankles. My girlfriend had pantsed me, clearly in an attempt to see how big of a dick she was getting. Not much at all. She couldn’t stop laughing and saying how small it was. She said she couldn’t date someone with such a tiny, micropenis and broke up with me. However, she did make me eat her ass out. She made sure to rub her ass all over my face and kept mocking me about my size.


Another reader hanging around with the wrong women…

I have a very close female friend, and we’re often hanging out at each other’s houses. One day just after I had gotten out of the shower, I walked into my room to change. As I dropped my towel and had my underwear just above my ankle, my friend walked in and immediately stared down at my tiny penis.

Her reaction was shock and amusement. She screamed and then burst out in hysterical laughter and started making the small penis sign with her index finger an inch away from her thumb 🤏. Standing there completely naked with my tiny penis on full display for this girl to laugh at and mock.

I had a crush on her, and she knew this. She always catches me staring at her thick ass in yoga pants. She would always tease me by showing me what thong she was wearing or shoving her ass in my face. And after she found out about my micropenis, things progressed further in a more humiliating way.

I had to do whatever she said to keep her quiet about my small penis to her female friends. Including eating her ass, spankings, and submitting to public humiliation such as pulling my pants and underwear down.

She told her friends about my tiny acorn penis, and I got nicknames such as tiny and tic-tac. They knew me as a tiny dick loser who can’t get past their cheeks. They all humiliated me and took turns pantsing me and watching my penis wiggle from the movement of my waistband being yanked down.


Meanwhile, this reader was pansted in front of the class…

High School can be challenging for a first-year student, especially if you have a tiny penis. This was the case for me, and gym class was brutal. I knew my penis was small and always thought about how a girl would react if she saw how small it was. Well, one day, I stopped wondering.

I noticed these two girls giggling and pointing at me one day, both in the grade above me. I thought it was weird, and I was a little paranoid about it for what turned out to be a good reason. They then started taking pictures of me with their phones. I was so curious as to what was so amusing to them. And then I looked down, and there was a tiny but very noticeable bulge in my gym shorts. You could tell it was small.

I stayed away from them for the rest of the period, and the problem was seemingly over. Sure those two pretty girls knew I had a baby dick, and it was embarrassing, but I thought that was the worst of it. I was wrong.

A few classes went by before any issues from that day came up again. As I often do, I was one of the first to start changing in the locker room and one of the first out into the main gym area that day. The two other girls from the previous class were also out there early. I couldn’t help but stare at them. They’re gorgeous. They caught me looking a little too long and decided to approach me. They told me they didn’t appreciate me staring, and because of that, they would pull my pants down in front of the whole gym class today. I didn’t believe them, but I should have.

The class was warming up, and everyone was going into the gym, and the girls took the opportunity to humiliate me. They snuck up behind me, and all I felt was two hands grabbing my waist and yank down.

I was wearing very loose-fitting shorts that day and underwear, so it was straightforward to pull my pants down. It only took a second and a second more for everyone to notice my pants around my ankles and my tiny penis pop out. All the girls burst out in laughter and pointed. I heard screams of “he’s got a baby dick!” And “wow, it’s so small!”. The pointing and small penis signs 🤏 were humiliating. And in the middle of it all were the two stunning girls just high-fiving each other, and they held their pinkies up to me to mimic the size of my dick.

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