Reversal Of Fortune

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I was working on a hotel remodel in Atlanta when I was injured. A scaffold collapsed and I fell about forty feet to the ground. The paramedics were there within five minutes and rushed me to a nearby hospital. That’s where I met an ER nurse who changed the course of my life.

I’m 33 years old, about 6’3″ and 190 pounds. I’ve been doing construction work since I left high school. I’ve never been married and haven’t had much success with women. All of my girlfriends seemed to lose interest once we progressed to the sexual stage. My three inch hard-on just didn’t quite thrill them. I had accepted my fate, quit dating, and focused on working as much overtime as possible. In fact, at the time of my accident, I had been celibate for over ten months.

When they wheeled me into the Emergency Room, I was conscious but in a lot of pain. My left leg and arm were killing me, and every time I breathed I had a sharp pain on the side of my chest. It looked like three ER nurses and at least one ER doc were working on me. I noticed that all three nurses were female, black, and attractive. And probably in their early twenties. The doctor, who began issuing rapid-fire orders, was also female but older, maybe late forties. I looked at her name tag as she began to question me about any pain I felt. It said “E. Chu, M.D.”, so I assumed she was Chinese.

The nurses started to remove my clothing. I prayed that they would at least leave my underwear on. I didn’t want my tiny dick on public display. But that prayer wasn’t answered. The tallest nurse began to cut away my jeans. Another nurse quickly removed my boots. I was soon wearing just boxers.

“Honey, lift your backside up a bit so I can slip these off,” said the third nurse.

She was smiling sweetly at me. And she looked a lot like Hallie Barry. I hesitated for a moment, reluctant to have my shame revealed. “It’s ok, baby,” said the Hallie Barry look alike, “we see nude folks all day long.”

I noticed her name was sewn onto her ER greens. “Keisha Carter, R.N.”, it said. I realised I had no choice, and lifted my butt up off the exam table.

Keisha slowly pulled down my boxers. All three nurses seemed to be focused on my groin. As my shrunken genitals came into view there was a moment of absolute silence. Then came a few feminine giggles. This got the attention of Dr. Chu, who looked up from the chart she was writing on. She glanced at my tiny prick, and then looked at the three young nurses.

“All right, ladies,” she said. “Let’s act like professionals. Mr. Shea needs our help.”

The giggles stopped but all three nurses couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. I was completely exposed with nowhere to hide. And with nothing to hide. The combination of fear and the cold ER temperature had caused maximum shrinkage. My penis was only a nub and my balls had gone into hiding.

“Denise, would you please get started on the catheter,” said Dr. Chu, as she looked at the tall nurse.

Denise grinned at me as she walked over to a supply cart. “Barbara, hurry up with that IV,” said Dr. Chu as the nurse who had removed my boots began to work on my arm.

Keisha was standing next to me still staring at my tiny prick. She smiled and gently patted me on the hip. “Don’t worry, honey, it’s all right,” she said.

Denise walked back to the exam table pushing a tray with some materials on top. She glanced at Keisha and smiled. “Maybe you should do it?”

“You have more experience with this situation.” I heard Barbara laugh softly at this comment.

“Why, I’d be glad to,” said Keisha as she took the catheter from Denise.

Kiesha went and washed her hands and put on sertile gowns while the other nurses set up the gear on the tray to keep it all sterile. “Now stay perfectly still, Mr. Shea. It will feel uncomfortable not painful.”

First she washed my genitals with something cold and then she grabbed my cock in her fingers and stuck this syringe of gel into the opening and squirted it inside me. It was col and I could feel it inside me. Then the area started going numb. My cock was now slick with this numbing lube and it slipped in her fingers. “My it’s a slippery little prick now!” she laughed at the Nurses.

Denise and Barbara both chuckled. Keisha then grabbed my tiny penis again with the long, slim fingers of her left hand. She had beautiful brown skin, which contrasted sharply with my pale white prick. With her right hand, she slowly inserted the catheter tube into the head of my dick. She was very gentle. “It won’t hurt, baby,” Keisha said to me. “Denise picked out a small one.” And she was right, it didn’t hurt much physically. But it sure hurt my ego.

Once the catheter had been installed, they began to work on my arm, leg and ribs. They left me completely uncovered for about ten minutes. My meagre package was center stage on the exam table, as what seemed like every employee of the hospital walked through the ER. Finally they threw a sheet on me as they wheeled me over to XRAY. Dr. Chu told me I had been very lucky, considering the height I had fallen. My left leg and arm were broken, and I had fractured several ribs. I would have to spend several days in the hospital.

The next day Keisha came to see me in my room. I was surprised to see her, and also a little ashamed. I was sure she remembered my tiny pecker. She smiled at me and said she just wanted to check up on my progress. She noted the casts on my leg and arm, and asked how my ribs felt. I told her I was still plenty sore. She was sympathetic and said she was good friends with the nurses in my ward. She promised to make sure they took special care of me. Then she smiled, gently patted me on the hand, and left the room. I couldn’t help but notice her incredible backside and long, sexy legs as she walked out.

Through the open door I could see the nurses’ station. Keisha stopped there and started talking to one of the nurses that I had met earlier. This nurse had brought me my breakfast and had introduced herself as Gloria. Gloria was about 35, short and very petite. Her pretty smile was framed by her long, thick black hair. She and Keisha were deep in conversation. Keisha pointed at my room and I saw Gloria start laughing. They talked for a few more minutes, and then Keisha left. I could see Gloria looking in my direction with a huge grin on her face.

The rest of the day passed quickly. I spent most of it sleeping. By the next morning I was feeling much better. A couple of hours after breakfast, Gloria walked into my room carrying a wash basin and some towels. She flashed me her beautiful smile and said it was time for my sponge bath. Not again, I thought. Another attractive nurse was going to get a good look at my meagre genitals. But there wasn’t much I could do. They had me in traction for my leg and my arm was in a cast from wrist to shoulder. I wouldn’t be using the shower for a while.

“This will be fun,” said Gloria, as she closed the room door. “And you’ll be much more comfortable after a bath.”

She took the basin and started to fill it with warm water at the sink. When she was done, Gloria put the wash basin next to my bed and started to remove my hospital gown. I could smell her perfume as she leaned over me. And I noticed her beautiful, olive complexion. Then I came back to reality as she finished taking off my gown. My dick and balls had reverted to their shrunken state. I could see a sly smile on Gloria’s face as she stared at my tiny package.

“Let’s get started, Mr. Shea,” she said as she threw my gown onto a chair.

Gloria picked up a small towel, soaked it in the warm soapy water, and began washing my chest and arms. She was right. It did feel good to have my first bath in two days. As she worked, Gloria made small talk about my injury and asked me about my family. I watched her small, delicate hands gently clean my upper body. She wore no wedding ring and her fingernails were painted bright pink. I read her name tag, which said G. Antonelli, LVN, and asked her how long she had been a nurse.

As we continued our conversation, Gloria finished washing my upper body and turned her attention to my genitals. Her huge grin told me all I needed to know about Gloria’s opinion of my shrivelled prick. She began to gently soap my cock and balls with a warm wash cloth. She probably thought she was working in the paediatrics ward. My dick would have looked normal on a seven year old. But Gloria remained professional and didn’t say anything as she bathed me.

Of course the combination of Gloria’s hands and her attractiveness had the predictable effect. I started to get a hard on. No amount of thinking about multiplication tables or baseball statistics could stop it. In just a few seconds I was a rock hard three inches. Gloria seemed startled for a moment, but just laughed and kept right on washing me. “Thanks for the compliment,” she said.

My tiny boner stuck around while Gloria finished washing my legs and feet. When she was done she helped me put on a clean gown. She smiled sweetly as she stared at the small tent my hard on made. While she was leaving the room, Gloria said something that baffled me. “I think Keisha will be very happy,” she said. Only later would I realize what she meant.

The rest of my stay in the hospital followed the same pattern. Everyday after breakfast a nurse would arrive to give me a sponge bath. And ever day it was a different nurse. They all seemed to enjoy seeing my tiny cock and balls. And I got a boner every time. Once I even came when an older black nurse named Phylis spent a little too much time washing my dick. She just laughed and wiped my load off my chest and belly. I must have been the subject of some interesting conversations in the nurse’s lounge.

Keisha came to visit me everyday, even when she wasn’t working. At first I was a little uneasy around her, but I soon began to look forward to her visits. She was beautiful and also very sweet natured. We seemed to hit it off well.

On my last day in the hospital, I noticed that Keisha stopped at the nurse’s station to talk to Phylis before she visited me. I could see them laughing about something. I hoped it wasn’t about me shooting all over the place during my sponge bath.

Keisha soon came into my room with a big smile on her face. I expected her to start teasing me about the “accident” with Phylis, but she didn’t say a word about it. Instead she shocked me by asking me if I would like to go out with her sometime. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. A sexy woman, with movie star good looks, who knows I’ve got a tiny cock, and still she’s interested in me. I said yes in a flash and we agreed that Keisha would come to my house and cook me dinner Saturday evening.

They discharged me from the hospital that afternoon. My arm and leg were still in casts but I was able to walk using crutches. I was going to be off work for several weeks.

Keisha arrived at my house Saturday night about 5:00. She was wearing a short white dress and was a knock out. She made us a fantastic meal, and after dinner we started to kiss a little bit. Things progressed and Keisha soon began to remove the sweatpants I was wearing. “I love your little guy,” she said, as she grabbed my tiny hard on. Her long fingers gently stroked my three incher. Then she smiled at me, leaned over, and took my entire cock into her sexy mouth. I had my first orgasm of the night in just a few seconds.

Keisha swallowed every drop, smiled, and began to tease me. “Honey, Phylis warned me that you came in a big way,” she said. “But I didn’t believe her. Those cute little balls of yours are potent.” I was embarrassed but Keisha soon put me at ease.

“Baby, I’ve had my eye on you ever since the ER,” she said. “You looked like the perfect man for me. So I asked some of my friends at the hospital to confirm it.” This explained the sponge bath routine. But I didn’t mind. I finally had found a woman who thought my small penis was perfect.

After a few minutes Keisha stood up and took off her dress. She wore no underwear, and revealed a spectacular body. She had firm, medium-sized breasts and a neatly trimmed bush. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

Keisha helped me remove my shirt, then had me lie back on the bed. My dick had shrunken back to it’s smallest, and Keisha giggled when she saw it. “Honey, that is just the cutest litte thing,” she said.

Then she climbed onto the bed and straddled my face. Her pussy was beautiful and I began to lick it for all I was worth. I’ve developed good oral skills over the years and it wasn’t long before Keisha had a screaming, moaning, and very wet orgasm.

We relaxed and talked for 15 or 20 minutes, then Keisha noticed I had another hard on. She smiled and said “Baby, I know what to do with that.” She climbed on top of me and slowly inserted my cock into her delicious pussy. Keisha began to move up and down, never losing contact with my tiny boner. She was one very sexy woman.

I was able to last longer this time, and Keisha actually came before I did. We both collapsed on the bed afterward. I would have two more orgasms that night. Keisha gave me another spectacular blow job. And then she revealed her love of anal sex. She let me fuck her beautiful ass. A three inch cock is indeed perfect for the back door.

Keisha spent the night with me, and the next morning as we took a shower together she explained why she had pursued me. She told me that any time she fucked a man whose cock was much over five inches, she experienced pain in her cervix. Long cocks just banged into it. So Keisha had focused on smaller men. And also developed a taste for anal sex.

Keisha had stopped dating black guys, and told her friends at the hospital to be on the lookout for handsome white guys with small packages. Her nursing pals, who called themselves the Small Penis Posse, had given her plenty of leads. Keisha had slept with several of those men, but none had been what she was looking for.

Then I literally fell into her hands in the ER. And we had seemed just right for each other. Our sexual chemistry had confirmed it for Keisha.

Keisha and I became a steady thing. And we got married six months later. We just celebrated our second wedding anniversary, and I consider myself a very fortunate man. Of course, her nurse friends tease me quite a bit, since they know why Keisha fell for me. But I don’t care. I’ll trade a few small penis jokes for a sexy woman who loves me.

by SmlJohnson

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