Revenge of the Poor

By freewilly3000.

Nobody answered my knock at the door. These rich fucks always ordered room service and then forgot about it and left the room. I considered returning the cart to the kitchen, but if these jerks complained that their dinner had gone cold, I knew it would be my ass.

So I used the master key and entered, pulling the food cart behind me. Technically, I wasn’t supposed to use the key to enter in situations like this, but I was tired of getting reamed by my boss when the guests later complained that I never brought the food in the first place. I figured I could leave the food in here and come back to get the signature and make sure everything was to their liking. Hopefully, that would earn me a nice tip since I saved the guests a call to the restaurant and the subsequent delay of getting the food back up here.

“Hey,” a man’s voice boomed on my right. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!”

My head snapped instinctively in the direction of the sound. A hot young woman was straddling an old man on the hotel-room sofa with her back to me. She quickly jumped off his erection and covered her bare torso with her arms, and positioned her knees so I wouldn’t have a view of her pussy. As much as she tried to protect herself, what couldn’t be hidden was how attractive she was. She looked 20 with a tight, slim body and full, luscious breasts.

He was not as modest about covering up, letting his erection bob in full view as he continued to berate me for entering uninvited.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” I responded. “I’ll leave right now.”

“The fuck you will,” he retorted. “I want to know your name first; I’m gonna have your ass fired.”

He got up and walked towards the phone. He was tall and had a big frame. For someone on the order of 50 years old, he was very muscular and had almost no gut.

“Oh, please don’t do that, sir,” I pleaded. “I’m in debt, and I need this job badly!”

“That’s on you, bro. Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten into debt in the first place! Why do you poor pricks think everything is owed to you? Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, as I did, and make your way,” he said as he dialed the front desk.

Thankfully, his wife interjected.

“Honey, maybe we should try a different tack,” she offered with a devilish grin. “Maybe this intruding jerk should be humiliated like we were.”

“I knew there was a reason I left my third wife for you,” he joked. “I like how you think!”

I was scared, but to a point, I was willing to do a lot to hold on to this job. I wondered what they had in mind.

“Alright there, son!” the man exclaimed. “Let’s see how much you want this job! What should we have him do?”

“Well, he’s seen us naked,” his wife answered. “I think it’s only fair he has to suffer the same humiliation.”

“Makes sense to me,” the man answered. “Go ahead, take your clothes off.”

I took off my uniform jacket and began unbuttoning my shirt. I was already feeling self-conscious. At age 19, I hadn’t yet filled out by any stretch, which made me look highly skinny relative to this lucky asshole who won the genetic lottery.

“Are we sure he’s male?” the man smirked. “Not a single hair on his chest! And his arms look like little sticks!”

“Aww,” the wife giggled. “I think he’s kinda cute.”

I stood there with my shirt off as they scrutinized my thin frame, hoping they’d eventually get bored and let me go. But it seemed they were not ready to do that.

The rich jackass motioned that he wanted me to lower my pants with his finger. I did as I was told, revealing a pair of loose-fitting, dark-blue boxers.

“Go on, show us that shiny, little pussy you got there,” he smirked as his wife giggled.

I knew they were in for a surprise because I was no slouch when it came to size down there. As I stepped out of my boxers to reveal my massive member, the woman audibly gasped and brought her hands to her mouth, showing her giant orbs to me for the first time.

“Oh my God,” she croaked. “Well, I think we’ve established that he’s male! More male than you, it seems.”

Her husband did not appreciate the dig. His entire body began to turn red. I imagine he wasn’t used to being shown up in any way.

“Whatever,” he sneered. “He’s a show-er. There’s no way he’s bigger than me fully erect.”

“Let’s see,” said his wife, as she got up, giving me a full view of her fantastic body, and started rubbing her husband’s cock, which had dropped to half-mast following all the conversing we had done. Then she instructed me, “Go ahead, give yourself a boner. You can look at me if it helps.”

Her husband was on the verge of protesting when she kissed him on the mouth while continuing to rub his pecker. I was enjoying the view of her ass and was beginning to harden as I took my shaft in my hand and started giving myself slow, deliberate strokes.

He wasn’t happy, though, and pulled his mouth away from hers.

“I think I’m getting bored with this kid,” he argued. “Let’s send him on his way now.”

But his wife was clearly in a different mood. She wanted me to stay.

“You know that bartender downstairs you were staring at? The one with the luscious lips and tight butt? Whaddaya says we incentivize her to come up here for a threesome later? If I agree to that, will you let me have some fun with our new friend here?”

He wasn’t having it. He seemed like the type who thought he deserved to get whatever piece of ass on the side that he wanted but at the same time required monogamy from his wife.

“What if I do whatever you tell me to?” she purred. “Like, would you like me to eat her pussy while you’re fucking it? Or would you like us both to suck your dick at the same time?”

Okay, now she had his attention. He began to consider the upside of her proposal. Eventually, they agreed that each of them would get to direct a threesome with a member of the opposite sex. Her turn was right now.

I was rock hard by now, continuing to stroke myself as I stared at her tits and ass. She motioned for me to come closer. As I did, she grabbed my hands and put one of them on one of her breasts and the other on her ass.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. She softly moaned as my elongated sword made contact with her stomach.

Then she turned to her husband and gave him an equally passionate kiss. He didn’t seem that comfortable, but at the same time, he wasn’t about to blow his chance at a threesome with his wife and another girl that would come if he behaved himself.

She then pulled us each by hand as she backed up into the sofa. She let herself fall into it slowly and pulled us onto her. I kissed her neck and shoulder on one side while her husband began licking her breast on the opposite side. I lowered my mouth to her other breast and lightly sucked on her nipple.

She moaned with pleasure as we tongued her down. I massaged one of her thighs with my hand, and I noticed that her husband was doing the same on her other thigh. She spread her legs, allowing us to inch our hands closer to her pussy. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs as I continued to massage her inner thigh.

She turned her body so that she was lying down now on the sofa, with her legs spread only inches away from her husband’s face. She put one of her hands on his head and massaged it, encouraging him to lean forward and take in her juices. He dutifully extended his tongue, making contact with her drenched slit, causing her to cry out with pleasure.

With her other hand, she gently pulled my penis towards her mouth. I repositioned my body so that I could get it closer.

“I just love your cock,” she moaned as her husband continued to lick her twat.

She took the head of my rod into her mouth as she stroked my shaft. I sighed with pleasure as she rubbed her tongue around the part inside her mouth. She then started massaging my balls and looking up at me as she did so. I had a hard time keeping eye contact as she continued to take my member deeper into her.

Suddenly, she pulled her mouth off me and started yelping.

“Oh yes, oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss,” she howled, as her husband peaked her with his tongue. “Mmmmmmmmmm”

She then got on all fours and invited me to enter her garden. She had her husband lay down in front of her, where she could access his rod.

I pressed the head of my cock into her tight slit, causing her to moan. Though it was drenched, her twat had never been stretched like it was about to be. I continued to push into her, causing her to yelp while working her husband’s penis.

Finally, I managed to push my hardware all the way in, much to her satisfaction. As I settled into a regular rhythm, she began to move her ass back into me while screaming with pleasure.

“AHHHHHHHHH,” she screeched, with each thrust.

She wrapped her lips around her husband’s dick, muffling her screams as I continued to thrust.

The vibrations of her lips appeared to be getting him off. He growled as her erratic head movements brought him to the brink. She pulled her mouth off his wiener just as he released his load onto his stomach.

She continued to scream in ecstasy as I railed her. Eventually, she had an earth-shattering orgasm that had me worried for the wine glasses stationed nearby.

“Wowwwww,” she exclaimed as she got up and gave me a big hug. “That was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had.”

For once, her husband was speechless, as he laid there all red-faced with a long drop of cum hanging from his limp dick.

She wasn’t entirely done with me yet, though. She had me sit back down on the sofa and then sat in my lap with her tits in my face. As my python re-entered her, she began to bounce up and down, working herself up towards another O.

She turned her head to the side and looked at her husband for the first time in a while. He sat there confused and spent, staring at his bride while she was being pleasured as she never has before.

“Why don’t you make yourself useful,” she posited. “Go back there and lick my ass, please.”

He didn’t move.

“Do you not want your turn to happen?” she inquired. “If you wanna come this far only to break our deal, that’s fine with me!”

As far as I could tell, he went behind her and started licking her ass while she slid up and down my rod.

“Yeaaaaaaahhhh, that’s the spotttttttt,” she mumbled as she continued to slide up and down my shaft.

She turned to her husband and said, “I think you owe this man an apology! Challenging *his* manhood?!”

He said nothing, but the ass-licking sounds continued.

She turned around and sat back on my cock but this time with her back to me. I reached around her and put each of my hands on one of her enormous tits as she resumed her rhythmic bounce.

“Lick my clit while he fucks me, will you?” she suggested to her husband. He probably felt like he had come this far. He had better finish the deal so that he would get his turn. His face became redder, but he helpfully began to tongue her clit as she gyrated on my cock.

At one point, one of her bounces went too high, causing my dick to fall out of her.

“Put it back in,” she ordered her husband. He hesitated. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this; I’d never had my dick touched or held by another guy before. But before I could react, he complied, grabbing hold of my member and pushing it back into his wife’s yearning cunt.

“Aren’t you lucky we found a guy here to please your wife since you can’t?” she teased him as we continued to fuck. “Maybe it’s time you show him some appreciation. Why don’t you lick his balls?”

She altered her body angle so that he could access my balls, but he just stared at her, wide-eyed.

“What? You thought you were gonna get me to eat out some girl and wouldn’t have to do something equally humiliating in return? Get in there, and lick this man’s balls, please!”

He consented. I had never had my balls licked while being fucked, but it was a remarkable sensation. I felt myself getting close to cumming.

She, too, began to reach a crescendo. Her screams became louder, and her body began to vibrate. She came hard again, and I did soon after, firing round after round of semen into her tight box.

We held each other as we caught our breaths and calmed down. After a couple of minutes, my shrinking member fell out of her, causing her to moan. She slid down me and took my soft, wet, sticky penis into her hands, and looked up at me. She proceeded to kiss it and lick it repeatedly, from the base all the way down to the tip.

She then sucked out a long drop of cum that was still hanging from my tip and said, “I love the taste of you.”

Her slack-jawed husband watched her and said nothing.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with the limited editing we do. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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