Queen of the Plantation

By Goamz86.

The Present…

“Oh, Charles, look at it. Look at that big, fat nigger dick. Isn’t it magnificent?” Charlotte asked her husband as she stroked the thick, rock-hard, black as night fuck stick belonging to one of their slaves. Her naked husband sat in a chair in their bedroom, staring at what his wife was doing with the more than impressive cock, and listening to the voice with which she was speaking to him. That voice made his smaller, less intimidating, white dick throb with stiffness as his elevated heart rate pumped the blood and arousal throughout his body. He had not come in over a month on strict orders from his wife.

“Would my dear, sweet, little, wimp of a husband like to see his sexy wife suck this big coon cock?” She teased in a syrupy voice.

“Yes, Dear,” Charles answered.

“Say please,” she tormented him more.

“Pleeeease,” Charles whined.

“Say, ‘Please suck Abraham’s big nigger dick, Dear,'” she told him, still stroking Abraham, their big 6-foot and sturdily built enslaved person’s rigid baby maker.

“Please suck Abraham’s big nigger dick,” Charles replied in a defeated manner, although it turned him on to no end to be cuckolded by his sexy wife.

She did it regularly with this slave was so humiliating, and it was hard to take sometimes.

“OK, if you insist, Charles,” she teased him before taking most of Abraham’s rigid pipe into her mouth.

She sucked and stroked and slurped and drooled all over the imposing black meat. She loved to suck dicks bigger than her husband, especially right before him. When she wasn’t doing it in front of him, she was doing it with him hidden in a closet or peeking through a cracked door, watching. There were not too many merchants in Charleston from which she hadn’t gotten a discount by lending each of them a “hand”… or a mouth for that matter. Then, of course, there was Perkins, Cottonwood Plantation’s slave handler. It wasn’t a month after her husband hired the strapping mature man that Charlotte had found herself bent over her husband’s desk in his study, taking Perkin’s dick from behind, while Charles looked on through the cracked door, with his mother standing right next to him no less.

After slobbering all over Abraham’s cock and getting it nice and slick, Charlotte stood and pulled off her dress and petticoat, leaving her corset on, as she bent over the bed and spread her legs invitingly. Abraham stood about three feet from her with his erect pole pointing out from his pelvis. He knew better than to proceed without permission. He had made that mistake the first time he had fucked ‘The Queen of the Plantation.’ The slaves all called her that because they knew she ruled the roost. In his presence, they called Charles Master, although privately, they referred to him as Rufus because that was the family dog’s name. Charles was more like ‘The Dog of the Manner’ because of the way they knew Charlotte treated him. The gossip from the domestic slaves was so juicy and revealing. They had no idea that Charles liked the treatment as much as Charlotte enjoyed issuing it and that the two of them truly did have a loving relationship.

“Charles, tell this fine nigger to fuck me, Now!” Charlotte demanded, staring directly at him as he sat on the other side of the bed in the chair.

“Yes, my love,” Charles replied before turning to Abraham and saying, “Fuck my slut of a wife, spook.”

The derogatory name made Charles feel like he was somewhat in charge, even though everyone, including him, knew that was the furthest thing from the truth.

“Yes, Massa,” Abraham retorted before mounting Charlotte and beginning to fuck her silly. Charles watched with a raging hard-on as his ‘property’ gave his wife the fucking of a lifetime.


Fifteen Years Earlier, Richmond, Virginia…

Charles was 18 years old. He had woken up one night and had to pee. It was winter, so he would have to get dressed to go outside to the outhouse. He didn’t want to go out there, but he couldn’t hold it, so he grabbed a robe and headed downstairs. When he opened his door and ran out onto the second-floor landing, he was surprised to see the lights still on downstairs. His uncle from England had arrived this morning, so he figured his dad and his older brother were catching up. When he heard his mother’s unmistakable cries of pleasure, he was confused. Why wouldn’t his parents have sex in their room upstairs, especially since visitors? Again, his mom’s moans penetrated his ears. He became very curious as all this whipped through his mind. He tiptoed down the stairs and peeked his head around the corner into the parlor. What he saw would change his life forever. His mother was fucked by his uncle on the couch as his dad just sat there in the chair opposite them, stroking his prick, watching it all.

“Oh fuck, Liam, I have missed your big fucking cock so much,” Charles’ mom Abigail moaned as her brother-in-law fucked her slowly and deeply.

“Haven’t I been saying that, William?” Abigail addressed her husband. “Haven’t I been saying for months how much I missed the feel of his big, fat, wonderful cock, honey?”

“Yes, my dear,” Charles’ father replied, still feverishly stroking his penis.

“Your little penis just can’t do what your big brothers can to me. It feels Sooooooo, Daaaaaaaamn, Gooooooooood,” she moaned with extreme pleasure.

“I know, my love,” William replied again with humility.

“What’s the matter, Billy? Are you ashamed of your little prick?” Liam chided his younger brother.

“Be nice, Liam. William can’t help that he was born with a wittle, itty, bitty, baby penis, can you, Willy?” Abigail teased him, using her pet name for her husband.

“No, my love,” William replied, his dick getting ever close to cumming.

His wife’s words spurred it on almost uncontrollably. William had forgotten how much her words and the sight of his wife getting fucked by another man turned him on. It had been over a year since William had moved his family to America. He had hoped taking away the temptations his wife had in England would help them be able to have a typical marriage. His wife had been fucking not only his older brother back in England but several other men and doing it right in front of him.

She had done it so blatantly that his reputation in their hometown had been tarnished to the point that his business had almost gone bankrupt. No one had any respect for him, and none of them wanted to do business with him. His father-in-law’s money was now the only reason he had anything and was able to move his family to America. Initially, his indebtedness to Abigail’s dad was why he couldn’t leave her. However, now he had discovered that he loved her and admired her so profoundly that he inexplicably craved her treatment.

In America, William purchased a farm and moved his wife away from the temptations, hoping his reputation would not be like it was back in England. Things had been great for about a year. However, for the last few months, Abigail had been a complete bitch and demanded that they sail his brother across the Atlantic so she could get the proper fucking she deserved. She had begun the humiliation again, teasing him and reminding him how much better it was for her when she got fucked properly by a real man and how much he enjoyed watching it. She would stroke his dick and tease him about how small it was and how she needed more. Finally, his pecker would erupt like a rocket, confirming everything his wife had just said.

Charles watched as his uncle picked up the pace and began fucking his mom vigorously. She responded by urging him on, “Yes, lover, fuck me! Fuck me like my needle dicked husband never could. Make me cum! Make me cum hard!”

This was too much for William, and his dick exploded. Cum shot out all over the floor, the chair on which he was sitting, and his naked body. Charles couldn’t believe his eyes. How could his father not only sit and watch his wife commit adultery but get off on it? Inexplicably, he noticed his dick was hard as well. He watched for some time as his mother was fucked to orgasm. He had never sexually looked at his mother, but the whole scene just got to him. He found himself several times unconsciously sliding his hand in his pants but pulling it out immediately when he noticed. When fucking ended, he realized he had never gone out to pee and had to quietly rush outside, not even making it to the outhouse, just unleashing his full bladder off the back porch onto the ground. He snuck back up to his room without being detected by his family.

Once in his room, Charles couldn’t sleep. The memories of his uncle pounding his mother in front of his father were too much. He eventually had to masturbate. He recalled his mother moaning and cooing at his uncle. He pictured her breasts swaying back and forth as his uncle fucked her doggy style, her nice round, smooth ass rocking back and forth against the pelvic thrusts of his uncle. He remembered being impressed with the size of his uncle’s cock, and how it slid in and out of his mother’s very wet pussy.

The sounds of their fucking raucously splashed around in his head as he stroked his tough pecker. His view of his mother was changed forever. His orgasm was like none he had ever had. His cum blasted from his convulsing cock; landing all over him and his bedding. He was so spent when he finished that he wouldn’t even bother to clean up before falling fast asleep. This planted the cuckold seed that his future wife would later cultivate with the help of his mother.

Charles spent the next few months observing the interaction between his parents. He had never noticed in the past, but now he did see how his mother was the more dominant one in their relationship, although very subtly. To his surprise, both seemed to be very happy in their marriage. He thought to himself, if this is what makes them so happy, maybe there is some validity to it.

One day he finally got up the nerve to ask his father about what he had seen and noticed about their relationship since that night in the parlor. His father was quite embarrassed that his son had witnessed his cuckolding, but after Charles assured him that his secret was safe with him, the two talked openly about it. His father put his mind at ease about how his mother spoke to him during the cuckolding sessions and told him that they thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and were quite content with how things were. Although quite contrary to the norm, this again made Charles think that maybe it was OK for a married couple to have such a relationship.


Some Years Later, Charleston, South Carolina…

Charles was on his knees picking up a mess in his shop the day Charlotte walked in, and he met her for the first time. She strolled up alongside him and stared down at him. His submissive core, which he didn’t even realize he had at this point in his life, immediately came to life, instantaneously melting any resistance he would have toward his future wife. He looked up at her. The first thing he noticed was the swell of her significant breasts. Next, it was the angelic beauty of her face. He immediately stood up to greet her. He extended his dirty hand to introduce himself.

“Good afternoon Miss. I am Charles, Charles Hale. I am the new owner of this establishment. Happy to meet you.”

Charlotte extended her hand in a lady-like manner, then retracted it, noticing how dusty Charles’s hand was. He looked at his hand and vigorously tried to clean it on his trousers. When it was passable, Charlotte again extended her hand, and Charles kissed the top of it as his mother had taught him to do with all women. This submissive act did not go unnoticed by Charlotte. The two chatted for a bit, Charles retrieved what Charlotte came for, and she purchased it. Charles, of course, hinting that he had given her a discount to draw favor from the beautiful Charlotte.

This back and forth went on for a couple of years. Charles heard the rumors from other merchants about how Charlotte got her discounts in Charleston. However, try as he might, by giving bigger and bigger discounts to Charlotte, he never got the “perks” that the other Merchants bragged about. He finally decided those must be just nasty rumors and ignored them, still granting her the large discounts he had been doling out to her. The rumors were all true, but Charlotte never gave Charles those perks because he never put his foot down and denied her the discounts like others did. Charlotte would give the offended merchant a hand when that would happen, and her discounts would be reinstated. How her husband never found out was a mystery to everyone.

The news of Charlotte’s husband’s death spread quickly, and soon after, many suitors, including Charles, were calling. Charlotte realized she was in no way going to be able to handle the plantation on her own, and a plantation without a man running would not be respected when it came time to sell her crops. On the other hand, she had no intention of giving up all that land and power to some egotistical man. Her late husband had treated her quite well. He was quite a few years older than her, and she had grown accustomed to doing pretty much anything she pleased.

It became clear to most that Charles would win her hand in marriage since Charlotte had stopped accepting advances from all other men in Charleston. The last thing Charles needed to do was take her to meet his parents. His mother’s approval was reasonably necessary for his mind.

They traveled to Richmond and arrived at Charles’ parents’ farm. Charlotte immediately saw where Charles got his manners and demeanor, as his father fawned all over her when he met her. When Charlotte met his mother, she understood why her boys behaved as they did. She was a strong Southern woman, and she commanded their respect at times, sometimes ushering them around like a couple of servants. They doted on her like a queen, and Charlotte was impressed.

She instantly realized that Charles would be the perfect man to marry. He would give the Cottonwood Plantation legitimacy, but she was sure he would not make her relinquish all the freedom she had grown to enjoy during her last marriage and especially the power she had garnered at Cottonwood these past six months since her husband had died. This was further solidified when Charles’s mother pulled her aside to ensure that she would not be disappointed if she were to marry her son.

“How do you mean?” Charlotte asked.

“I have trained that boy for a woman just like you,” Abigail told her.

“A woman like me?” Charlotte questioned.

“Don’t bullshit me, Charlotte. I have done my homework on you. Don’t you think I have asked around Charleston about the woman my son wants to marry? You may have my son fooled, but I can recognize a woman like me a mile away,” Abigail retorted harshly.

Charlotte was a bit taken back, and her ire began to rise, and Abigail noticed.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me,” his mother reassured her.

“Secret?” Charlotte was still irked.

“Yes, Charles doesn’t keep anything from me. He has told me of your reputation with the local merchants in Charleston. Who do you think reassured him that they were just wicked rumors and to ignore them?”

“Reputation!?” Charlotte snapped.

“Look, darlin’, we both know you were screwing half the merchants in that town. Without some truth to it, one doesn’t get that kind of reputation.”

Charlotte was getting very upset at this point. Abigail placed her hand on Charlotte’s shoulder and lowered her voice to calm her.

“Charlotte, I am telling you this because I want you to know that your past or future actions are not a secret you will have to keep from my son if you marry him. You just have to know how to handle the situation.”

Charlotte was confused, but her anger began to wane.

Abigail explained to Charlotte about her cuckold relationship with her husband. Charles had been “trained” by her and his father that a relationship like theirs could be happy and fulfilling. Charlotte just had to know how to take control of her soon-to-be husband and their relationship.

Charlotte was blown away and, at the same point, oh so excited to do as Abigail had instructed exactly. It would all begin on their wedding night.

After a beautiful wedding at Cottonwood, they settled into the master suite to consummate their nuptials. Charlotte was waiting on the bed in a very sexy outfit when Charles finally made it to the room. His eyes widened when he saw his sexy curvy wife waiting for him. He began to undress quickly. When he removed his undergarments, his dick was completely hard, and when Charlotte saw it, she knew just how she would implement Abigail’s plan. She didn’t giggle, but her facial expression made it clear that she was not impressed with his manhood. She invited him onto the bed, spreading her legs enticingly.

“C’mon, Darlin’ make love to your wife,” she told him, but it was almost like a mother speaking to her child, not a wife to her man.

Charles was more than eager to comply, climbing between her legs and sliding his prick inside her.

“That’s it, Sugar, mmm, just like that.”

Charles was not a virgin but inexperienced for sure. He immediately began to hump his wife with great urgency.

“Slow down, baby. We don’t want you finishing too quickly,” Charlotte warned him with a slight chuckle.

Charles slowed down a bit, but he could not quell his excitement, and within just a couple of minutes from the time he entered her, he was shooting his load. Charlotte made sure to use the opportunity to let him know that she was disappointed but still loved her little man.

“That’s OK, sweetheart. You’ll do better next time.”

Charles felt the condescension in her voice and immediately looked for some reassurance from his now-wife. “I love you, Charlotte.”

Charlotte placed her hand on his head and gently guided his head to rest on her bosom. Then patting his head as if he were her child, she said, “I love you too, muffin.”

After that, Charlotte compounded Charles’s inadequacies by putting off their love-making sessions until he practically begged her for it. Once she had him desperate, she would work him into a lather before allowing him to fuck her. He, of course, didn’t last very long each time, and she would tell him repeatedly that he would get better. This went on for almost a year.

Charles’s confidence was almost wholly shot when his mother visited for a stretch. Abigail was proud of Charlotte as a mentor would be of her subject when Charlotte told her how things were going. Charlotte told her she was aching for a real man with a real cock, though. She didn’t want to cheat on Charles behind his back, but she needed it, and she needed it soon. Abigail assured her it would not be long before she would be fucking a real cock and doing it with her husband’s consent.

Abigail had several long private conversations with her son over the next couple of weeks, and when she finally asked him about his love life, he spilled his guts about his performance in the bedroom. His mother assured him that his wife loved him but that maybe Charlotte was just like her and needed something more than her husband could provide. She reminded him of his parent’s marriage and how happy they were. After persuasion, Charles reluctantly agreed with her and decided he needed to have a serious conversation about it with his wife immediately.

The conversation with Charlotte was challenging but very reassuring to Charles. She re-iterated her love for him but clarified she needed more than he could deliver in the bedroom. When the subject of who would provide what she needed came up, Charlotte didn’t hesitate.

“How about Perkins?” She suggested.

“Our slave handler?” Charles replied like he didn’t know who she was talking about exactly.

Perkins had only been at the Cottonwood for a short time. Charles had hired him after the last handler had been relieved of his duties for what Charles thought was an abuse of the slaves. He knew he didn’t have what it took to get the most out of the slaves in the fields, but he felt beating them was not the way either. Charles had grown up on a farm, but it was far from a plantation, and they didn’t own any slaves. Charles and his brothers had worked the small family farm with their dad, and it had yielded enough crops to feed the family and make a little money for the family to live comfortably.

When he moved to the Cottonwood, he knew he would need help managing the place, especially the slaves. He had interviewed several handlers after the last debacle, but Perkins was the only one who had agreed to Charles’s requirement that the slaves not be mistreated. Of course, Perkins’ and Charles’ ideas of what constituted mistreatment were quite different. Perkins was sure to keep the punishments far from the main house and the marks to a minimum so as not to get him dismissed. Charles still had a bit of disdain for Perkins, and the idea of him fucking his wife made Charles’s skin crawl.

“Not a chance!” he barked at Charlotte.

Charlotte calmly sat him down on the edge of their bed. She knelt between his legs, slowly unbuttoning his trousers. Pulling his prick from his pants, she slowly stroked it as she looked up at him sexily.

“Now, Muffin, Perkins makes the most sense for this adventure of ours,” she began, manipulating his very quickly stiffening prick. “If you don’t let me fuck him, I will have to ride into town to get what I need,” she told him. Purposely deciding on him, she asked, “You wouldn’t want me to have to ride into Charleston to get what I need when it’s right here on our property, would you?”

Charles just stared at her blankly.

“Plus, what will people say if I go into town so often without you? A married woman traveling unescorted? The rumors will begin again.” Of course, Charles knew that’s how the rumors had flown when she was married before.

By now, Charles was rock hard, and Charlotte was smearing the abundance of precum all over his stiff throbbing dick, keeping him right on the edge of climax but not letting him reach it. She even licked the tip a few times.

“That wouldn’t make sense and would be quite a journey. Besides, if I was in town, you couldn’t watch. You would like to watch me get the pleasure I need and want, right?” She asked coyly, drawing him in as she licked his pulsing prick again.

Charles hadn’t considered watching. “Uh, I don’t know.”

“You know you would like to watch, just like when you were a boy and watched your mom and dad… and your uncle Liam?” She put his prick in her mouth and gave it a gentle suck.

Charles couldn’t believe his father had told his mother that and that she had, in turn, shared that with his wife. Years ago, the memory of that day came rushing back, and he got even harder if that was possible. He nodded blankly at his wife as she once again slipped her wet mouth around his cock head and sucked him right to the very edge of climax.

“That’s better, lover,” she patronized him. “Now tell Momma you want her to fuck Perkins, and you want her to do it right here in your home, and I will let this little guy come right down my throat.”

Charles was on such a sexual high at that moment. He couldn’t understand why his wife called herself “Momma” and talked down to him, exciting him so much, but he would have said anything she told him to say if she let him come. He repeated what she told him to say, word for word.

“That’s my little man,” Charlotte teased as she gave his prick a few quick, violent strokes. “Now cum for Momma,” she told him, slipping it back into her mouth.

The belittling talk and her referring to herself as Momma was too much. Charles grunted out in ecstasy and had the biggest, most violent climax of his life coming down his wife’s throat. She expertly sucked it all down, tucked his little prick back into his trousers, and left Charles panting like a dog as he flopped back on the bed and was dozing in moments. Charlotte left the room without another word.

The next day Charles again had a private talk with his mom, telling her he was upset with her sharing that information with his wife. Abigail brushed him off and again re-enforced his need to please his wife. She even assured him that she would help him through the first time, which was always the toughest. That wouldn’t have calmed him as much as if he had known what his mom had in mind when she said, “Help him through,” but it did ease his mind considerably.

The three of them all discussed how Charlotte would arrange the first meeting, and all the details were worked out. Perkins reported the progress in the fields to Charles each evening. Charlotte would intercept that report the next day and seduce him as Charles waited upstairs, faking an illness.

The next day Charlotte had the house slaves prepare her a hot bath, and she groomed herself and put on a house dress that accentuated her curvy body well, and she awaited Perkins’ report. As the sun began to set, Charlotte was sitting in the parlor when the housekeeper informed her that Master Perkins was in the entry asking for Master Charles.

“Thank you, show him in.”

Perkins entered the room and asked for Charles. Charlotte explained that he was under the weather and could give her the daily report. Perkins proceeded to tell her what had happened that day. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Charlotte the whole time he spoke. Especially her abundant cleavage, as her dress profusely drew attention. Charlotte made it clear she was noticing his stares, and after he had finished his report, she offered him a brandy. Perkins was reluctant but was convinced with just a little persuasion on Charlotte’s part. She invited him into her husband’s study.

“There’s brandy right there,” he said, pointing at the crystal decanter on the table in the parlor.

“Not the good stuff,” Charlotte said with a wink and a devious smirk.

Perkins eagerly followed her into the study. He had had a thing for her since the day he was hired. He hadn’t done anything about it, though, for fear of losing his job. They entered the study, and Charlotte closed the doors behind them. Perkins was cautiously excited. He wondered why she had closed the doors. He had hoped he knew why, but he presumed nothing.

Charlotte strolled by him toward the brandy decanter. She poured the two of them a drink and handed him his. “You are a hard worker, Perkins. My husband is impressed with your production”.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” he replied a bit nervously. She walked around him as she spoke, and she slowly stroked his exposed bicep.

“Although, I don’t think he is as impressed as I am,” she teased. Sidling up next to him. Her hand slowly moved down his arm until it went past his hand, and they were not touching anymore.

Perkins could smell her intoxicating perfume. The swelling of his cock was quite evident to him, and her intentions were as well. “Miss Charlotte, isn’t your husband right upstairs?”

Her hand was suddenly on his crotch, and his arousal was now quite evident to Charlotte. She squeezed provocatively, “He is, but he is dead to the world, and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right, Mr. Perkins?”

“I-I guess, Miss,” he stuttered a bit.

“Besides, a woman with my attributes deserves and a man with yours,” she squeezed his package again. “not that little thing my husband is packing.”

Perkins’s confidence suddenly soared. Finding out that his boss and the man of the house were not well endowed and that his wife thinks he is less than a man was very empowering. Just as that confidence soared, he found the lady of the manner on her knees in front of him, unbuttoning his trousers. He had been in the fields all day, and his body was quite ripe, but Charlotte didn’t care.

To Charlotte, he smelled like a man, a real man. Charles hardly ever sweated, and all the cologne he wore, to Charlotte, made him smell like a damn girl sometimes. She pulled out Perkins’ nice thick cock, and an involuntary moan escaped her. She stroked it once or twice, exploring its weight and thickness. It wasn’t the biggest she had ever touched, but compared to Charles’, it was magnificent.

“Very nice, Mister Perkins,” she said, looking at him sexily through her eyebrows.

“Thank you,” Perkins moaned as she slid it into her warm, hungry mouth. He instinctively put his hands on Charlotte’s head and guided her as she masturbated his cock with her mouth.

Charlotte loved the show of dominance and moaned her approval. Soon Perkins wasn’t just guiding her. He was fucking her mouth. The two of them were pleasuring each other and eating up every second. Perkins was fast approaching orgasm, and Charlotte noticed. She pulled him out of her mouth and stroked it slowly.

“Now, now, we can’t have you popping off already. I will need to have this magnificent cock inside me before we are finished,” she told him, licking his shaft and balls.

Perkins stood her up and attacked her bulging breasts. He squeezed them and kissed the crack of her cleavage aggressively. He tried to unbutton the bodice of her dress. However, the buttons and hooks were so small and tight that he became frustrated, finally just ripping it open. Buttons flew everywhere. Charlotte giggled with delight as Perkins again attacked her now exposed breasts. He sucked on her nipple and tweaked the other with his finger and thumb. As he had with her, Charlotte grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her bosom, giggling the whole time.

“Oh my, Yes,” she shrieked. “You naughty, naughty man. Suck on my breasts, harder. Bite my nipples,” she begged.

After a few minutes, Perkins again was on edge and needed more. He lifted Charlotte off the floor and plopped her down on the edge of Charles’ desk. He lifted her dress and found that she was not wearing anything underneath it. The moment got to him, and he blurted out without thinking.

“You little slut, you had this all planned.”

He immediately stopped dead in his tracks.

“Please, forgive me, Miss Charlotte. I didn’t mean that. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t disrespect you in that way.”

“Whatever do you mean, Sir?” Charlotte teased in her best Southern belle voice and demeanor. “No need to apologize. I am a slut, and yes, I did have this plan. Now stop talking and give me that magnificent cock, Mr. Perkins!”

Then she spread her legs wide and pulled the skirt of her dress up high enough to expose her hairy bush. About this time, Charles and his mother were having a conversation about his anxiety regarding what he thought was going on downstairs. As promised, his mother tried to calm his nerves and help him through it. When talking didn’t work, she decided on a different approach.

“OK, Charles, maybe mother should take you down to see what is happening. That should cure your anxiety. You won’t have to imagine what’s going on because you will know.”

She didn’t let him say no, grabbing his hand and walking him right out the door and down the stairs to his study. There were plenty of sounds penetrating the door. It was apparent what was going on behind it. Anyone walking by would know. Charles was immediately humiliated. He only hoped that if any of the domestics had passed, they would assume it was him with the lady of the manner. Abigail quietly cracked the door open. The sounds easily escaped now, and they were loud. Someone was sure to hear and want to investigate. His mother instructed him to look.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” he heard his bride scream.

Charles watched intently as his slave handler pounded his wife with a rather large cock. Her feet were upon his shoulders, and she was lying back across his desk in the most obscene show of passion he had ever witnessed. Just about everything that belonged on his desk was strewn about the floor. They were more concerned with their lust than worrying about Charles’s personal items. It made Charles’ prick instantly hard. He immediately knew why his father loved watching his mother like this.

He was confused but so turned on at the same time. As erotic as the act was, the humiliation he felt was even more intoxicating. How could that turn him on? He was befuddled. That humiliation was compounded when he noticed a movement to his right. He turned and saw two of the female slaves watching him watch his wife. They would now know his secret. They scurried off when they saw he discovered them, and he just turned back to look through his cracked study door.

“Yes, I’m going to cum,” Charlotte screamed.

“Who’s my little slut of the manner?” Perkins asked, panting and feeling confident after Charlotte had already called herself such a word.

“I am!” Charlotte squealed. “I’m the slut of the manner! Now fuck me like the slut I am, Massa Perkins,” Charlotte teased as if she were a black slave that Perkins would be used to quench his needs.

Perkins cackled at her reply, “Yes, you are, you dirty whore!!”

Charlotte just squealed with delight. This position continued for a few minutes when Perkins pulled out and ordered Charlotte to turn around and bend over her husband’s desk. She complied, and Perkins flipped her dress over her back, grabbed her hips, and drove his cock in deeply and hard.

“Oh, my Gawd!” Charlotte moaned. “It’s so big!”

Perkins began to pound her hard and fast. “Your husband doesn’t have a cock like this, huh?”

“Gawd, No!” Charlotte moaned again. “I can hardly feel his when it’s inside me, and he comes in seconds.”

Charles was instantly mortified. However, at the same time, his prick twitched. In his ear, his mother spoke, “Just like your father, dear.”

Charles was beside himself with lust. He wanted to touch himself, he wanted to fuck his wife, and he wanted a release. No, he needed a release. His mother knew that look so well. Again, in his ear, she whispered, “Go ahead, little one, touch yourself. It’s OK. Mother won’t mind. You know your father does when he watches me.”

Charles promptly ripped open his pants. They fell to his ankles, and he began fiddling with his raging penis. The precum was everywhere. He smothered it all over his prick and jacked off right there in the hall.

Perkins fucked Charlotte like his last fuck, and she loved it. “You like me fucking you bent over your husband’s desk while he is in the same house, you filthy harlot?”

“Yes, yes I do! Do it harder!”

Perkins pummeled her pussy from behind like a jackhammer now. His orgasm was approaching, and he could not hold it back anymore. Charlotte screamed her approval loud enough that Charles thought the whole house might hear.

Abigail whispered in Charles’s ear, “Hurry up and cum, dear, or you will be left unfinished when her real man finishes her off. Come with your wife.”

Charles climaxed instantly with a loud grunt. It was so loud; he was afraid the lovers would hear. On the contrary, there was no chance of that. They were both caught up in their little worlds. Cum spewed out of Charles like a missile, shooting everywhere. He couldn’t believe how intense his orgasm was. As he slowly came down, he pulled his pants up as he heard his wife explode with her reverie, oblivious to the rest of the world.

“Oh, my Gawd, Yesssssssssssss,” she screamed, panting, trying to breathe as one of the best orgasms of her life coursed through her.

She collapsed on top of her husband’s desk and went limp. It was a good thing Perkins was right behind her, or he would have been fucking her limp body trying to reach his ultimate pleasure. When Charlotte went limp, he was just about there. He didn’t want to impregnate her, so he pulled out and stroked himself to orgasm. His cum flew everywhere. It landed on Charlotte. It landed on the floor, coated the side and top of Charles’s desk, and even landed on some paperwork that had fallen to the floor.

He didn’t care. He just basked in the glow of his climax. He finished and plopped down in a leather chair facing the front of Charles’s desk. The two lovers recovered, and Abigail pulled her son and his prying eyes from the door and slowly closed it. The two returned to his master suite and awaited his wife’s return.

When she returned, Abigail said nothing, gave Charlotte a knowing smile, and walked out as if handing her son over to Charlotte. Charlotte knew Charles would have so many emotions. She decided a cooling-off time would be good. She walked up to her husband, who had just stood to greet her. He began to speak, but before he could say anything, she placed her index finger on his lips to shoosh him. She gave him a big hug, burying her head in his chest.

“Thank you, Charles. Thank you so much. I love you,” she said with complete warmth. She did this to give the impression that he was in control of this and had been the one to “give” this to her.

Charles wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. They soon climbed into bed and cuddled until they both fell to sleep. They both slept soundly. When they woke up in the morning, Charles tried again to discuss the whole thing, but Charlotte suggested they both think about it for the day and discuss it when they went to bed that night. Charles reluctantly agreed, and the two of them got dressed and went to breakfast.

At breakfast, the two female domestics that had seen Charles watching his wife the night before were serving him. Both made eye contact with him and each other several times. Neither one could keep a straight face, turning to hide their knowing smiles several times. Their knowledge of what had happened last night was embarrassing to Charles. However, every time those knowing glances happened, Charles could feel the humiliation begin to arouse him. It was pretty odd to him but arousing. He was starting to understand his father more and more every day.

He saw Perkins once during the day as well. He wasn’t quite sure if he imagined it or if it was real, but as the man spoke to him, their dynamic had seemed to change, and once again, the humiliation of Perkins knowing he had fucked Charles’s wife the night before aroused Charles. By the time he and Charlotte climbed into bed, all the things he would say to her to convince her never again to do what she did last night didn’t seem as important. When she crawled into bed in some very sexy intimates, any resolve he still had melted away.

“Now,” Charlotte began. “How are you feeling about last night?”

Before he could say anything, Charlotte’s hand slid up his thigh, under his nightshirt, and began teasing his already stiff member.

“I, uh, I’m, uh,” he stuttered as his little brain took over his big brain. “I’m not quite,” he gasped as she slid her hand around his prick and seductively caressed it. “I’m not quite sure how I feel,” he moaned as he quickly became turgid under her manipulations.

“You’re not?” Charlotte asked. “Your mother said you enjoyed watching.”

“Damn her!” Charles cursed his mother to himself. He didn’t know the women had spoken about it that day, let alone discussed how much he had loved it and had come all over the floor as he did.

“Wasn’t it so arousing to see Perkins fuck me with his big, fat cock?” she teased, squeezing his little penis harder. “You did see how big it was, didn’t you, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” he breathily gasped.

“It is much bigger than yours, isn’t it?” Charlotte tormented him.

“Yesssssssss,” Charles hissed.

“Did you see how much Momma enjoyed how it filled her up and made her orgasm?”

The Momma comment and the humiliation about his size, and her quickening strokes had Charles on the brink. He made one last-ditch effort to quell the continuation of his wife fucking another man, “But Harriet and Dorothy saw me and heard you. It was embarrassing.”

“Ah, did my little man not like being seen by the house niggers as he watched his wife get hammered by a real man? Hammered while he played with himself? You did play with yourself, didn’t you, Sugar? You did cum everywhere while standing at the door peeking into your study?” she tormented Charles.

She could see his eyes rolling back in his head as he fanatically approached orgasm. She gave his prick a few quick strokes, which was all it took.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Charles yelled loudly.

His orgasm consumed every inch of his being, and his cock spewed every drop of the cum left in his balls all over his nightshirt and his body under the bedding.

Charlotte didn’t let up. She stoked and made him admit it aloud, “Yes, what, Charles? Yes, you stroked your little penis as you watched me get fucked by a real man with a real cock?’

“Yes, Yes, I stroked myself. Yes, I liked watching you get fucked by a real man. Yes, to all of it,” he said, becoming limp on the bed as his orgasm drained his very being.

Charlotte pulled her hand out from under the covers, but not before wiping it clean on her husband’s sleepwear. She kissed him on the forehead gently.

Then lovingly, she whispered, “Thank you again, my love. I knew you enjoyed it as much as I did. Good night.”

She excused herself from the bed and the bedroom to have a nightcap. Charles was fast asleep by the time she returned, snoring like a hibernating bear. She slid into the bed and cuddled up next to him. She did love him, and she was so grateful she had a man who could love her as he did. She had her mother-in-law to thank for that as well.

This arrangement continued for a few months, and Charlotte agreed that Charles couldn’t be seen by the house staff watching his wife get fucked repeatedly. So, the two of them figured out how Charles could watch from the coat closet in the hall and back up to the study. He drilled a small hole in the wall. They covered it up with a framed picture from their wedding. Charlotte would remove the picture when she had plans to fuck Perkins, and Charles would replace it the following day as he cleaned up from the lovers’ rendezvous. It was the perfect arrangement. She fucked Perkins in the study, and Charles watched, sitting on a small stool in the coat closet, stroking himself to orgasm over and over.

However, after a while, Perkins began to bore Charlotte. She wanted something new. She discussed it with Charles, and he balked at the idea of her adding another man. She, of course, convinced him otherwise in her unique way. She began searching for a suitable addition, not a replacement. That addition hit her one day when she visited their store in Charleston. Charles had not sold his store when they had married, and he had moved to Cottonwood. It made a good profit, and he didn’t want to give that up, so he had looked for someone to manage it.

He had lucked out when one of his fellow merchants had to close his store because of dwindling sales. Charles offered George a job managing his store, and George gladly took it. George was one of the men Charlotte had been giving perks for discounts when her first husband was alive. She had enjoyed her exploits with him, so that day, when she visited the store to pick up some things, she knew who she would add first to her list exactly. She told Charles, and he reluctantly agreed, and George was invited for dinner two nights later.

After dinner, Charles excused himself to take care of a pressing matter in the slave quarters outback. When George offered to accompany him, Charlotte assured George that Charles and Perkins could handle the matter just fine. The two of them bid Charles farewell and moved to the parlor for an after-dinner brandy. It was not ten minutes later that Charlotte had convinced George they should sneak away to Charles’s study and rekindle their past relationship. George only slightly balked at the idea, then eagerly agreed when Charlotte assured him Charles would be gone long enough for them to enjoy themselves.

Charlotte was riding George’s cock hard in the reverse cowgirl position on the couch in his study when Charles made his way into the coat closet to watch. He had a great view of his wife’s big tits bouncing up and down as George’s long cock disappeared between his wife’s spread legs. He watched with great enthusiasm as his wife again fucked another man, stroking his small hard cock the whole time.

This scenario was different than with Perkins. With George, Charlotte was in charge. She directed him how she wanted it, not like Perkins, where he was the one making the demands. Charles enjoyed the difference and was very aroused, but differently. George was bigger than Charles in the cock department, but he was not as large as Perkins. He watched as his wife got fucked several different ways. There was no cock sucking like there always was with Perkins, but it was just as hot to watch this version of his wife.

“Oh Georgie, I have missed you,” Charlotte moaned as she slowly lifted her ass up and down on his long, thinner than Perkins’ cock. “Have you missed your Charlotte Belle?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes,” George muttered. “I have missed this so much.”

“What have you missed?” she queried, speeding up her rhythms.

“This pussy, gawd, I have missed this pussy, Charlotte. And, these tits!” he replied, reaching around her to take two handfuls of her unencumbered breasts.

Charlotte leaned back, giggling, grinding her ass into his pelvis as he mauled her lovely fun bags and relished the feel of her pussy engulfing his rigid fuck stick.

“Please don’t make me wait this long again!” George begged.

Charlotte immediately stood up.

“Nooooooooo, please, put it back in!” George begged.

Charlotte sat down next to him on the couch, “Show me how much you have missed this pussy,” she demanded, spreading her legs and then her nether lips with her fingers.

George didn’t have to be told twice. He quickly got off the couch and knelt between her legs on the floor. He dove first into her soaked Venus, licking and sucking and slurping for all he was worth. Charlotte squealed with delight as she grabbed her boobs, squeezing them together and pinching her nipples. “So eager Georgie, you know how to please a lady with your tongue.”

Charles watched intently and noted how George was doing it, as he felt he never pleased his wife correctly when he ate her pussy either. He looked on with great delight. It turned him on very much when his wife played with her tits. He was mesmerized by her big round mounds. They were his kryptonite.

After a while, Charlotte instructed George to lie on his back on the rug, and she mounted him. Always in charge with this one, Charles noted. He watched as Charlotte rocked back and forth slowly,

“Mmmmmm, Georgie, your cock is sooooooo nice. It reaches places Charles never could.”

This excited George, and he reached up to play with her breast again, taking one in each hand and fondling them to Charlotte’s great delight. “Charlotte, I love your breasts. They are perfect,” he told her.

“Oh, George, you are too kind, Darlin’,” she said as she began to rock faster. “Mmmmmmm, and I love your long hard cock.”

Charles watched as his wife fucked George for about another half hour in several more positions, cumming a couple of times. Charlotte was always in control of the whole session. They were in the missionary position on the same rug when George slowed, warning Charlotte of his pending orgasm.

“That’s it, baby, cum for me,” Charlotte coaxed him. Put that load right here for me,” she told him, rubbing her bare belly.

George was frantically fucking her now, and Charles was frantically masturbating in the closet along with him. Finally, George burst, depositing his load onto Charlotte’s belly, pubic hair, and pussy.

When they were done, Charlotte shooed George to his guest room for the night bidding him farewell and a safe ride back to Charleston in the morning. She appeared that she was sure Charles would be back to the house soon, and they didn’t want to get caught.

Once Charles was sure George was upstairs, he made a big, loud production of coming back to the house. He went upstairs to the guest room and bid George a good night and a safe trip. Then he retired to his bedroom, where his wife was reading in bed. He changed into his nightclothes, crawled up on the bed, and kissed his wife full on the lips. Charlotte knew what that kiss meant.

“Not tonight, Sweetie,” she quipped.

“Please, my love?” he asked.

“Didn’t you take care of yourself in the closet while you watched?”

“No, I wanted to make love to you.”

“Baby, I’m sore down there, after George,” she told him, even though she wasn’t.

Charles persisted, kissing down her neck and chest. Pulling the covers away from where they rested on her hips, he told her, “I can kiss it and make it better.”

She was a bit surprised he was willing to do that after she had just had sex with George. “But Sugar, Momma is a mess down there. I haven’t cleaned,” she teased, changing her tune.

Charlotte knew it would be easier to give in and feed his desire, making him pop off in no time rather than fight it. His willingness to do that and this new level of submission turned her on.

Charles had the covers down now, and he was sliding up her nightgown. Charlotte spread her legs invitingly, “OK, if you insist.”

He licked her for quite some time, trying to duplicate what George had done earlier. He even caused her to have a small orgasm, delighting and feeding his fragile ego. When he couldn’t wait anymore, he positioned himself between her legs in the missionary style. He slowly slid himself into her very wet pussy. Her wetness and his size made for almost no resistance. He began to move his hips slowly and deeply as he stared deeply into Charlotte’s eyes. Charlotte could see his desire, but on the other hand, she also detected he had something on his mind.

She affectionately put her hands on his cheeks, stared directly at him, and asked, “What is it, Charles?”

He turned red with embarrassment but scrounged up the courage to ask, “What is it like, you know, with him? How does it feel? Do you enjoy him? Is he good?”

Charlotte was a bit surprised by the question but delighted with this even deeper level of submission. She immediately became more dominant, not sadistic dominant, more of a caring dominant.

“Oh, Muffin, you want to know what George’s cock feels like inside Momma?”

Charles nodded his head.

“You want to know if I like it?”

Again, he nodded.

“Is this really what you want to know, Sugar?”

Still with the nodding.

“Or, are you trying to ask something else?”

Charles stopped nodding and looked at her puzzledly.

“Momma thinks you are asking if it’s better than you. Is this what you want to know, my little Chucky”

Charles turned an even deeper shade of red now. He again looked her in the face and nodded, this time vigorously.

“Tell me, Sugar. Tell Momma what you want to know,” she tortured him.

His cock was so hard, he could barely stand it, “I want to know if he is better than me?”

“Who Darlin’? Is who better than you?”

“George, my love. Is George better than me?” Charles asked.

Charlotte got an evil glint in her eye, “Oh Charles, honey, there is no comparison. George is sooo much better than you. He makes me feel like a real woman. His nice long cock slides so much deeper than yours ever could, and he knows…”

Before she could finish the sentence, Charles came hard, thrusting deeply and slowly, reveling in the orgasm that enveloped his body. Charlotte gave him a big smile as he emptied his balls into her very ripe pussy. Finished, Charles rolled off her and collapsed on the bed next to her.

“I love you, Charlotte.”

Charlotte rolled over toward him and kissed his forehead, “I love you too, Charles. George may be better than you in the sack, hun, but it is you I truly adore, my love.”

Charles’s submissive nature and Charlotte’s domination of him in the bedroom increased exponentially from that point on. In addition to Perkins and George, Charlotte added several more men to her list of bulls. There was a politician they had to the house one evening to discuss a donation to his campaign. A cousin of Charles had visited for a week, and there were a couple of her old merchant friends from Charleston who each came for dinner one night. But the one that gave Charlotte complete control and put Charles in his place was Abraham, the field slave.

One day Charlotte caught Abraham and Harriet in the barn going at it. She watched for several minutes. She was mesmerized. Harriet was bent over some hay bales, and Abraham was pounding her from behind. The raw animalism of their fucking was captivating. He grunted. She moaned, he fucked, and she fucked back. She had never seen anything like it. It was raw and primal and so fucking arousing. Then Abraham pulled out, and Charlotte was astounded by the size of his fuck stick. It made Perkins’ cock look like Charles’ in comparison. She let out a gasp and startled them. They immediately began profusely apologizing as Harriet pulled her dress down, and Abraham reached for his pants and covered his privates.

“Get your ass back to the house! I will deal with you later,” she told Harriet.

“Yes, Miss Charlotte, I’m so sorry,” she apologized again and rushed back toward the house.

Abraham also tried to apologize again and began to step on his pants.

“Stop!” Charlotte demanded. “You leave those pants right where they are and stand up.”

Abraham did as he was told, leaving his pants lying at his feet. He stood up. Charlotte just stared at him, well, at his cock. It was so big. Not only lengthy, but it was also thick as well. She couldn’t believe its size. Then there was the color black as coal. It was obscene. Harriet’s juices were coating it, and Charlotte couldn’t believe how fucking powerful it looked. The veins popped out, and she instantly tried to imagine how much those would stimulate her pussy should she let that cock slide inside her. She approached Abraham slowly. Something just took control of her; her lust, her pussy, or just her curiosity. Whatever it was, Charlotte couldn’t stop herself. She stood right in front of Abraham, so close that her ample breasts touched him. She reached down and grabbed his still-hard cock. She began to slowly stroke it as she looked up at him.

“You like fucking Harriet with this big fucking cock, nigger?” She asked him.

Abraham would not look at her. He just stared over her head and remained silent. He was sure he was going to be in big trouble.

“I asked you a question, Abraham, is it?” She said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied nervously.

“Yes, you like fucking Harriet, or yes, it’s Abraham?” Charlotte prodded.

“Yes, Ma’am, it’s Abraham, Ma’am.”

“So, you don’t like fucking Harriet, Abraham?” She teased.

“Y-y-yes, Ma’am, recon’ I do,” he again replied with trepidation. Although, the lady of the manner was stroking his cock as she grilled him, making him wonder about her motives.

“I thought so, it sure looked like you were enjoying it, Abraham, and that little black slut looked like she was enjoying it just as much as you.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Abraham still would not look at her.

“Would you like to fuck me with this big fuckin’ nigger cock, Abraham?”

“Lord, No, Miss Charlotte, I would never..,” he assured her.

Getting caught fucking a white woman was a hanging offense.

“Reeeeeeeally Abraham? You wouldn’t like to slide this big fat fucker inside my nice tight white pussy?” She cut him off, stroking and squeezing him a little harder.

“No, Miss Charlotte, never,” he was sure she was trying to get him to say something she could use to have Perkins punish him.

“I don’t believe you, Abraham. Look at me,” she demanded.

“Ma’am?” he said, looking down at her finally.

“I don’t believe you wouldn’t want to fuck me with this magnificent black pole,” she teased him.

“Miss Charlotte, really, Ma’am, I would never…”

“Not even if I did this?” She cut him off again, dropping to her knees and sliding Abraham’s throbbing cock into her mouth.

Abraham couldn’t believe his eyes. The Mistress of the house was kneeling before him, sucking his cock.

From that point, there was no more dialog. They both forgot their standings in society, and instinct took over. Charlotte sucked his cock for several more minutes and had him so fucking turned on that Abraham made the mistake of taking charge. He pulled her up by her armpits and flipped her over the hay bales, as he had done with Harriet, and tried to fuck her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she snapped. “I am no nigger slut like Harriet that you can treat like a whore. I am a lady, and I will be treated like a lady,” she told him.

The dichotomy of that statement was absurd. She acted like a complete whore, but she would not have a nigger slave maltreating her. Of course, he would be doing precisely that three minutes later, but Charlotte felt she was setting a precedent, that he would only fuck her when she wanted him to fuck her and how she wanted him to fuck her. She stood up, lay down on the hay on her back, pulled her dress up, and spread her legs.

“Now, you may fuck me,” she told her slave.

Abraham wasted no time, moving between her legs and plunging his cock into her dripping, sweltering pussy. Charlotte screamed her approval as the monster cock stretched her pussy to capacity. She immediately covered her mouth to keep from being discovered. Abraham hammered her needy cunt for several minutes before Charlotte ordered him to stop, and she stood, bent over the hay, and flipped her dress up.

“Fuck me like you did that filthy coon slut earlier,” she demanded.

Abraham did precisely that. He grabbed Charlotte’s hips and drove his black pipe deep inside her. Within seconds, he was fucking her with abandon.

Charlotte knew how Harriet felt now, and soon she was fucking back against Abraham’s thrusts, just like Harriet, moaning and groaning just like Harriet. Begging for more with each of her movements, if not with her mouth. She came twice in a very short time, gritting her teeth to keep from screaming. Abraham fucked her for several more minutes before Charlotte could tell he was about to cum and ordered him to unload on the ground. When he was done, Charlotte composed herself and left without another word. She walked back to the main house, where she cleaned herself up before punishing Harriet for being such a slut, by bending her over the butcher’s block in the kitchen and giving her 20 lashes with her husband’s belt.

Charlotte immediately convinced Charles to make Abraham a domestic, keeping the reason why to herself for now. It did not take long from there for her to have Charles “catch” her and Abraham in their bedroom going at it. He was distraught that his wife would allow a slave to do that. Still, after Abraham had finished, she used her cunning dominance to convince Charles as she fucked him slowly, letting him fondle her lovely breasts that it was just another cock, no matter what color it was. Charles agreed with his wife as his cock erupted inside Charlotte’s well-used, well-stretched pussy. Since then, it had happened several more times, each time Charlotte became more and more sadistic about it, and Charles more and more aroused.


Back to the present…

“Yes, Massa,” Abraham retorted before mounting Charlotte and beginning to fuck her silly. Charles watched with a raging hard-on as his property gave his wife the fucking of a lifetime.

“Fuck me!! Fuck me with that magnificent Nigger cock!” Charlotte demanded. “Fuck me harrrrrrrrrrrd!”

Abraham obliged, grabbing her hips and fucking her like a rag doll.

Charlotte screamed in ecstasy as he filled her needy pussy with throbbing manhood.

“Oh Charles, he’s fucking fabulous. He fucks me so well! Can you see how much I love it?” she asked.

Charles didn’t say a word. He just stroked his rigid unit and nodded at his wife.

“Don’t you cum,” she warned Charles. “You will give me a baby tonight,” she told him. ”

After this nigger warms my pussy and my eggs up with his glorious black cock, making you so excited you don’t know what to do with yourself. You will fuck my used pussy and give me your sperm,” she told him between Abraham’s thrusts as he pounded her from behind.

This made Charles so hot that he almost came, letting go of his prick to save his climax. Charlotte saw him let go, and she didn’t want to risk him fucking up and coming prematurely. She immediately ordered him not to touch himself again. Charles complied, and for the next 20 minutes, he watched, as did Dorothy and Harriet through the cracked door of the master suite, while Abraham brought Charlotte to multiple orgasms before finally he pulled out and came all over the floor and left without so much as an acknowledgment of his magnificent performance. Unlike her other lovers, Charlotte would not allow Abraham’s cum on or in her. Although she loved the feel of his magnificent cock, she still felt blacks were an inferior race, and she would not have any nigger seed touching her or come anywhere close to her eggs.

Charlotte turned over on her back and ordered Charles to give her his seed when that was over. He slipped in effortlessly to her dripping, stretched pussy, and four pumps into it. He deposited one of the biggest loads of his life into his wife. She had denied him an orgasm for a month, wanting him to fill his balls with fertile sperm. Even Charlotte was impressed with the volume of cum he produced on this occasion. Charles collapsed next to Charlotte, telling her how much he loved her.

“I love you too, Charles,” she told him.

She closed her legs and pulled her knees to her chest, trying to hold his delivery inside her for an hour before finally getting up.

She kissed her sleeping husband and threw a towel over Abraham’s mess on the floor. One of the domestics would clean it in the morning.

Nine months later, Charlotte gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The next cuckold in a long line of Hale men.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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