Our Reader’s SPH Experiences: Such A Little Thing

By basquej.

A friend introduced me to exhibitionism back in my high school days. Since then, I have taken advantage of the rare daily flashing opportunities. I say rare because I prefer to appear as a victim of accidental exposure, and those hardly occur without some degree of effort.

One of the many things I notice about myself is that if I know I’m about to be ‘accidentally’ exposed, I get a sudden rush of adrenaline that shrinks my penis and scrotum to an unflattering condition. I don’t particularly enjoy small penis humiliation, but it seems to come with the territory.

Recently, I fell at work from the top of a storage tank and took a hard blow to the chest. I didn’t think I was hurt, but my employer sent me to a medical clinic anyway. I thought it would waste my time, but I was wrong.

From the beginning, the clinic visit was not what I had expected. The triage nurse was about my age instead of the usual preretirement cactus I usually get. She had me remove my shirt, and her body language told me she liked my hairy chest. She ran her hands over my ribs and sternum and (in my opinion) touched my nipples a little too long.

The doctor didn’t think I broke anything but wanted a chest XRAY because of the nature of my work. The nurse walked me back to the imaging clinic, handed me a paper gown, and told me to be naked under it. Two thoughts instantly occurred to me. Wouldn’t I only need to take my shirt off for a chest XRAY? So the ridiculous gown offered a unique opportunity to do a bit of flashing.

The gown was a rectangular sheet with a hole to slip my head through, open at both sides. The imaging technician was a slightly older woman than me, perhaps by ten years. She was very nice to talk to. She pointed me to a small cubicle to change into the gown and pointed out a chair to sit in once I had the gown on.

I had a conflict with the gown. Once on, I realized it was much more ridiculous than I first thought. It was made of stiff paper and hung straight on the front and back. The paper rested against the tip of my penis. My privates were completely exposed from the sides, so much so that I felt extremely foolish in that garb.

I opened the curtain and stepped out of the cubicle. Just that simple movement made me feel very exposed. I turned toward the waiting area and took a step, and the gown bellowed out behind me, revealing my bare bottom to the imaging clerk. She gave me a disgusted “tsk,” but said nothing. The proper thing people do is hold the front and back in place with their hands. I had no choice but to act as others do, so I assumed any exposure opportunity was lost.

The waiting area was small and contained two chairs. One chair was empty, and an elderly lady sat in the other. She was sitting with her hands in her lap, forcing her gown against the front of her body. A woman about my age was standing beside her, whom I assumed was her daughter. I sat in the chair beside her, and as I did so, I grasped the chair’s armrests with my hands. It seemed like a casual and natural movement that gaped the front of my gown open briefly as I sat down. I left my hands on the armrests and tapped the toes of one bare foot on the floor to appear nervous. I didn’t have to pretend much. My heart was pounding, and my stomach was churning.

I stole a quick sideways glance at the woman and her daughter. The younger woman looked at me with a slight grin and a noticeable blush on her cheeks, and she pointed an index finger at my lap.

“I can see your tiny penis,” she informed me calmly.

She had a huge smirk. I felt embarrassed even though I had set up that quick flash. I knew my face was either completely red or deathly white. I put my hands in my lap to cover myself replicating her mother’s position. I didn’t need to act humiliated.

The older woman was staring straight ahead. She didn’t look at me at all. From the side, she was completely exposed from foot to shoulder: thigh, hip, ribs, and the side of her breast. She seemed embarrassed, so I did not look at her again to spare her further discomfort.

I had a problem brewing. My penis felt extremely shriveled, and a few drops of pre-cum leaked onto the paper. If I were a normal flaccid inch and a half, I likely wouldn’t have had this issue, but as things were, the drops of fluid had nowhere to go but out. I needed to stop the flow. I thought about what had brought the woman in for imaging.

Her age made me suspect cancer. She was undergoing extensive imaging since she was nude under the gown. Her daughter was there for support. It all added up. They may have been in the early stages of a terrible journey. I was concerned and felt empathy for these strangers. I forgot about my dick. The technician came and led them away for their tests.

When my turn came, I followed the technician into the imaging room. I kept my hands securing the gown as I walked, just as the woman had done. I was trying to keep everything looking normal except for the small wet spot that had formed where the tip of my glans touched the paper. The technician had me stand with my arms raised. She swung the equipment into place and touched my shoulders and chest to refine my positioning.

The front of the gown was no longer touching me, so I knew I was very exposed. I couldn’t see the technician well enough to know if she was checking out me and the wet spot. She was not smirking or grinning in the quick glimpses I caught of her. She acted professionally throughout my repositioning for images of various angles.

When she was finished, she told me to sit on a bench while she checked the quality of the images she had taken. Sitting down, I realized two tables were pushed together to form one long bench. My weight had flexed the top of one table when I sat to create a small gap between the two. I stood up and watched the gap disappear. Why the hell not, I thought to myself. The wet spot had most certainly given away my somewhat aroused state.

I sat back down and slid the edge of the gown into the gap. I stood up to test the strength of the table’s hold on the paper gown. I worked more of the gown into the gap, creating a small tear in the opening at the front of my neck. I sat back down and waited nervously for the technician to return.

She returned to the room and told me I was good to go. I stood up and took a step forward. I heard the paper tearing at my neck as the tables firmly held the gown between them. With my second step, the gown pulled away, leaving me completely nude. I didn’t need to act surprised because I was terrified. I took a third step and turned to look at the paper gown on the floor. The technician was looking at me with wide eyes and a horrified expression. I clutched my hands between my legs.

“Oh my,” she said. “I’m so sorry. I’ll get you a new gown.”

She left the room, and I retrieved my fallen gown. Quite a bit of fluid was leaking from my penis as if the excitement had caused me to ejaculate. I held the gown against me to catch the mess. I hadn’t expected this extreme reaction in myself and knew I was leaving incriminating evidence of my scheme.

The technician came back with a new gown. She handed it to me and turned to leave the room to provide privacy while I donned the new gown.

“Sorry to be such a bother,” I sheepishly said.

Her back was to me as she headed for the door. She waved her hand dismissively and said, “It’s no bother. It’s such a little thing.”

I couldn’t see her face but was certain her words had a double meaning.


The End.

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