Our Readers SPH Experiences: Cucked because of my size.

By Thebigl1123.

In college, I was really into the deviant and sexually expressive community. I was (and am) still a virgin and loved to be made fun of for it. A part of me wants to have sex with a woman finally, but I get off so much to the fact that I and my little penis could never please a woman, but I digress.

I used to go to all of the drag shows and sex shop booths in my area and any sex-themed campus clubs to meet more like-minded people. Emma would always frequent these drag shows wearing tight dresses and high heels. She was a smoke show with dirty blonde hair, big blue eyes, a tight waist, and breasts that looked rather large on her small figure and ass. My god, Emma had such an amazing ass and big hips. The way she carried herself and wore tight dresses that went all the way up her legs, she knew how hot she was.

Occasionally we would exchange pleasantries but never really talked much more than recognizing each other. After all, Emma was one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met, and I was a micropenis virgin.

The next semester after I had first laid eyes on her, we both happened to be in the same class. It was a GE class; she was the only person I recognized. After the first few weeks of the semester, I saw her at the first drag show of that year and struck up a conversation. We talked a bit about how we see each other all the time, how it’s about time we met, and how annoying the class we were both in was. She introduced me to her roommate Rose, and that was the end of that for a while. Rose had long brown hair and was a little curvy, but had really big tits. She wasn’t fat but had big hips and some nice curves.

A few weeks later, I went to a house party with friends off campus. Emma and Rose are drinking and talking to another group of guys. We exchange a look and a quick wave and go about our business. A few drinks later, we walk by each other and start talking. At first, we are just joking and bullshitting around, but then it gets more sexual as we talk about the people we see at the drag shows. I’m not necessarily into drag, but I liked seeing people doing sexually charged dances and many women attending the events.

Emma starts to get closer and closer to me as we talk since the place is crowded, and it’s hard to hear each other. I can tell she’s being very flirtatious, and I’m starting to get pretty horny. As we talk, I feel the back of her wrist slowly rub up my thigh. She keeps doing this while looking me in the eyes while I tell whatever stupid story I’m telling. Then she asked me if I wanted to get some air outside. I say yeah, and we walk out to the front, where a few people smoke and hang out.

She finishes her drink and says she’s bored, asking if I want to walk her home. I asked about her roommate since they were here together. She looks at me and says, “Nah, it’s alright. I’ll text her,” while she grabs my crotch with her hand gently!

I’m pumping adrenaline, excited at the prospect of finally getting laid. However, reality sets in when I realize that I was soft when Emma felt my crotch, and my dick is essentially an inch and a half when flaccid. She, without a doubt, just felt just a nub where she was expecting a bulge.

We walk back, and she’s much less enthusiastic and talkative. We get to her dorm, and she hugs me and says goodnight. But before she leaves, I tell her to wait. I ask if she would want to hang out and smoke or something before I go. She must have known what I was asking because she got a big smile and looked at me with pity. She could tell I was horny and desperately wanted to be with her.

She looked at me while walking slowly and said, “No. I’m just returning to my room, taking this little dress off, and taking a nice hot shower.”

My mouth must’ve dropped when she said it because it was in such a seductive way that it almost had me drooling. All I responded with was, “Yeah?”

She shook her head and walked closer as I stood like a board. Then she said, “Yeah, I might invite a friend over later to keep me company. I’ll tell you all about it another time.”

She rubbed her fingers up my chest, turned around, and walked into her dorm. I was ready to explode; she and I have become close friends since then.

Whenever she was drunk, she acted super seductive because she liked to tease me and knew it turned me on so much. Emma would always tell me about guys she would get with and stories from her past. Before I get into the juicy stuff, here are some things she would do and say to me.

She told me once that she sucked a guy’s cock for $500 at a festival she went to.

She showed me a censored pic of her naked and asked if it was a good nude to send to a guy she was talking to. I asked if I could see it uncensored, and she said it was for his eyes only. Then she said if I wanted to see her naked, she used to have a Tumblr on which she would post a bunch of nudes. I could never find it, and I looked very thoroughly.

One night before we went out to a party, she had to get dressed when I was in the room. I offered to leave the room, but she told me to turn around. She crept up behind and said you better not turn around. A few seconds later, she threw a pair of her panties right before me and started laughing.

So fast forward about a year, and Emma and I are close friends. We were hanging out at her place and drinking one Saturday night when we heard sounds coming from Rose’s room. It was Rose moaning softly, mostly just heavy breathing, but you could tell she and her boyfriend were just getting started and trying to be quiet about it. Emma and I laugh about it at first and get quiet, listening to them for a minute, not in a horny way but curious way.

I had been telling her that I used to have a girlfriend and that we would fuck all the time. However, I decided to come clean and tell her I was a virgin. She responded with a long, drawn-out “Awwwwwww.”

That turned me on, so I pressed further and said that part of me didn’t want sex. She asked why, and I said it was because I have some submissive fetishes, like being cuckolded and made fun of.

She sprung up immediately as if her suspicions had finally been confirmed. “Really? I guess that’s a lucky break for a guy like you, then,” she said. I asked what she meant, and she said, “Well because your dick is so small.”

I froze for a minute, a little caught off guard. I asked her, “What makes you think that?”

And she responds with, “Come on, I can just tell. Women can sense that kind of thing, plus you have no bulge! I tell you many stories about me with other guys, and I have never seen a bulge in your pants!”

Now, I’m dumbfounded, like I’ve just been outed. I respond, “Well, I don’t think it’s small. It’s just not huge. It’s average, to be honest.”

She says, “Uh-huh, whatever you say,” and then sips her drink.

Rose and her boyfriend are getting louder with the sheets rubbing against each other and Rose’s not-so-soft moans. I told Emma, “Wow, they’re having fun.”

Emma nods and says, “That’s because he’s huge. Here, check this out….”

She scrolls through her phone for a few and shows me a picture. It’s a screenshot of a massive cock with the caption, ‘Oh yeah? 😉’ This thing had to be about eight inches, and while she was showing me, I could see a big grin start to form on her face.

I say, “Oh, damn, yeah, that is big,” acting like I’m not so incredibly turned on.

She puts the picture away and says, “Yeah, much bigger than average,” as she shoves my shoulder jokingly.

I do a fake ha-ha, but I feel my dick getting hard with all this teasing.

We pull out our phones and quietly go through our feeds while listening to Rose get pleasure in the next room. My heart was beating fast, and trying to conceal my boner the best I could. Emma was adjusting her position a lot, so I could tell she was getting aroused too, but being the nervous wimp I am, I didn’t make any moves. Instead, we hung out for a few more minutes until we heard Rose moan loudly and her boyfriend (I think his name was Frank) moan as well.

Emma puts her phone down, leans towards me, and says, “Uh-oh, here it comes.”

We both smile in anticipation, and she latches onto my arm like we are about to go on a roller coaster. Then we hear Rose yell, “Cum on my face!”

And then a heavy groan comes from Frank. Emma and I look at each other wide-eyed and giggle for a second. Emma yells, “WOOO,” and starts clapping.

I joined in and started clapping as well since it was clear everyone could hear them. Overall, they were doing it for a short time, maybe ten minutes or so, at least that’s how long from when we first heard them.

We hear them laugh, and Frank says, “Thank you. Thank you.”

A few minutes pass, and they walk out and head to the bathroom. Emma commented about seeing cum on her face, but I didn’t notice. While they were gone, Emma whispered to me that she’s heard them fuck before but never that loud and that they were doing it on purpose.

They come out of the bathroom and sit on the couch with us, smiling wide mischievously. Frank breaks the ice and goes, “So, how are you guys doing?”

We all laugh. I say, “Not as good as you two are, that’s for sure!”

We laugh again, and Rose apologizes, but we say it’s fine and ask if they want to drink with us.

We ended up playing Kings Cup and drinking while watching some YouTube videos without too much talk about it. Although throughout the night, Emma was very close to me and leaned up against me a lot, which was pretty nice. On top of that, Rose and Frank were very touchy with each other, with Rose’s hand finding itself on Frank’s thigh and a few times when Frank rubbed Rose’s ass. Every time I noticed it, I got a little shock of excitement.

Fast forward to later in the night, and we are all pretty sauced. While watching some videos, Rose and Frank start making out pretty intensely. Emma and I watch for a few seconds until she turns and looks at me. Finally, it clicked in my head that she was into it, so I closed my eyes, leaned in, and we made out. I’m in absolute bliss for a few seconds, finally making out with this smokeshow I’ve been masturbating about for a year.

She puts her hand on my leg and moves it up and down. I put my hands around her waist, but the second I do, I hear Rose say, “Ohhhhhhh!” obnoxiously loud.

My eyes open, and Emma starts to laugh as we make out. She pulls away as the moment is ruined, but im still wearing a smile and laughing along. Those said something annoying, like, “Oh yeah, get it,” or something along those lines after that.

Emma readjusted herself and seemed a little embarrassed, as was I.

Frank chimes in and says, “Way to cockblock him, Rose.”

Emma immediately goes on the defensive and says, “Noooo, not at all. I just found out today that he is still a virgin.” She turns to me and says, “Right?”

I was a bit jolted at how quickly this situation turned around, and being as drunk, confused, and horny as I was, I replied, “Yeah.”

Rose had a mildly surprised look on her face and said, “Really? I guess I can see it.”

She scooched close to Frank and put her hand on his leg beside his crotch. “How?” Frank asked.

Before I could come up with an answer, Emma leaned forward toward them and put her hand up to block my view of her mouth while she whispered, “Small dick.”

She whispered loud enough for me to hear, and I immediately responded, “No… No…”

Rose did an overly dramatic laugh, and Emma joined. Frank didn’t react much and leaned in to kiss Rose’s cheek and neck.

Emma said, “Alright then, what’s the reason?”

As I stumble over my words and start explaining that it’s a bunch of reasons and the opportunity has never come, I see Rose ignoring my response and closing her eyes as Frank kisses her neck. She starts to breathe heavily as I finish my half-ass excuse and my focus shifts to the two of them. Emma and I look at them, and Rose starts rubbing her hands over Frank’s cock. You can see a bulge where he is getting hard.

Rose sees us looking and says, “Hey, Mikey, you bigger than this?”

She unzips Frank’s jeans and pulls out his semi-hard cock. It must’ve been seven inches while not fully hard and had some serious girth. Frank looked up at Emma, who was staring intently. It must have turned him on a lot to have his gf holding his cock and her hot-ass roommate drooling over it. Rose laughs at my lack of response, slowly stroking it while they make out.

Right then, I was hornier than I’d ever been. I had never felt so emasculated since I had never seen another man’s cock out like that in a sexual context. I must have been red and sweating profusely. What Emma said next will always stick with me.

Emma touches my upper thigh again and whispers, “If your cock is half as big as that, I’ll fuck you right now.”

It sent shivers down my spine. Not only because the hottest girl I’ve ever spoken to said she would potentially fuck me, but because I knew my gold member hard cock would not be half his size.

Emma is now kissing my neck and seductively breathing in my ear as she’s rubbing my leg. I’m shivering and gripping my hand around her waist again. She starts moving her hand up to my crotch and feels my boner. She could tell immediately that it was tiny, and all her suspicions were confirmed. Yes, I have a micropenis.

She smiles and whispers, “Uh-oh,” while she starts to undo my button and zipper. She pulls my boxers down, and my stiff little cock springs up in all its gold member glory.

At this point, Frank and Rose are both watching, and before I can even look at Emma, Rose starts laughing hysterically. Emma starts to join in, and Frank is stifling his laughter, too, no doubt feeling some secondhand embarrassment. I know my chances of losing my virginity to Emma are gone, but I’m still so horny that any release would be fine.

Rose whispers something to Frank, and he laughs a bit while she looks at my micro boner.

Emma stops laughing and says, “Yeah, sorry, pal.”

Rose, while still stroking Frank’s now fully hard cock, asks me, “So, how big is that?”

I answer, “You know…like…three inches.”

Rose grins and says, “Sorry, that sucks,” as she shifts her attention back to Frank.

I look at Emma, who still has one hand on my upper leg. Aside from her rubbing my ‘bulge,’ I hadn’t felt her hand on my penis, and I was so horny and desperate that all I wanted was for her to touch it. She’s fixated on my boner; all I can muster to her is, “Please?”

Emma says, “Please, what?”

And I say, “Please can I fuck you?”

She almost instantly says, “No way in hell would I fuck that baby dick.”

“Come on, can you please at least touch it? Can I get something?” I beg.

Not my proudest moment, but I was so desperate and jealous that I had no other option than to beg. I’m not sure when it started, but when I looked up at Rose, she had Frank’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off before us.

Emma says, “How about you touch yourself? I’ll let you do that.”

I concede and say okay, then start using two fingers to jerk off. Emma watches for a second, but her smile becomes more of a look of disgust. She must have been pissed off. After a few seconds of watching me, she gets up, adjusts, and walks over to Frank and Rose. She leans over Frank and taps Rose on the shoulder. Rose takes the hint immediately and stops sucking for a second. Emma looks right at me as I’m jacking off with a pretty pissed-off look as she ties her hair back. Then, as Rose is making out with Frank again, she starts sucking his cock.

I watch the two go back and forth, taking turns sucking Frank’s cock while neither acknowledges that I’m still there. Emma peers over to me occasionally, but I’m trying as hard as possible not to cum. A few times, they both licked his cock at the same time, which made me close to cumming. Emma’s angry expression slowly turned to an aroused one as she got into it. After about five minutes, Frank tries to take Rose’s top off. Before he does, she says, “No. Not here.” Then they all get up.

Rose and Frank walk into Rose’s room, and Emma approaches me. She says in a firm tone, “You can stay out here if you want, but I don’t know if you want to hear this.”

I don’t even answer her. My mind shifts to the most depraved response: “Please finish me off. I’ll do anything.”

She pauses for a second with a look of pity and disgust. “If you’re here when we’re done, I’ll give you something.” Then she goes into the room and locks the door.

For thirty minutes, I listen to the three of them have mind-blowing sex. I sat before the door and kept jerking off, edging whenever I was about to cum. I heard them ecstatically scream as Frank had the amazing sex I could only dream about. On several occasions, I heard Emma yell, “Your cock is so big,” and, “Fuck me with that huge cock!”

The one that most stuck with me was when Emma said, “You’re so much bigger than Mikey.” That almost put me over the edge.

Finally, I heard Frank announce that he was close. After a few more seconds of moaning, I heard him release and the sound of the two girls making out. I shuffled back to the couch, cock in hand, and heard Emma asking for a towel.

She opened the door, walked out with a towel wrapped around her, and saw me sitting back on the couch. She smiled and walked over as my heart rate increased again. I jerked off a little more and asked, “Please can you finish me off?”

She said no and shook her head. Then, she adjusted her towel and leaned before me to pull it down. I was able to see her cleavage, but not her nipples or anything else, really. She cupped her hand and said, “You can cum in my hand.”

I continued getting closer while Frank and Rose walked out of the room. Unfortunately, rose had a towel on, too, but Frank was still naked, his flaccid cock in full view. As I got closer, I stared at Emma’s cleavage while I busted a massive load directly into her hand. Once I finished, she put her hand right to my face and told me to lick it up.

I did in a moment of weakness while Rose laughed, and Frank went, “Ohhhhhh,” in the background.

She wiped the rest on my shoulder and said, “Say thank you.”

I did.

Then she said, “You’re welcome. You can go now.”

So I got up and walked out. Emma and I would see each other often, but the whole experience ended our flirty, sexual relationship.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here. Names have been changed (by the author) to protect the identity of those involved.

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