Our Readers SPH Experiences 71

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader says how his sister discovered his secret…

It was a hot night in Miami. I am 36, still single, and was on vacation a couple of months ago with my older sister, 39, her daughters, and my mom. We were renting a 2 bath 3 bedroom apartment. One night while everybody went out to dine, I decided to stay and rest, I decided to take a shower and listen to music at the same time, so I turned up the TV volume to max. After I showered, I was drying myself in front of a large mirror in the bathroom and start playing with my small penis (4 inches) for a while. Little did I know that as I was doing it, my sister had come back to the apartment by herself to look for her credit card and walked in the bathroom without knocking. I didn’t hear a thing until I faced her in the mirror, looking at my penis with an expression I can’t forget.

She turned around and left without saying a word. Later on that night, she knocked on my door. “Andrew? Are you awake?”

“YES,” I replied and opened the door.

She came in and sat on my bed. She was wearing her underwear and a tank top with no bra. “I wanted to apologize for walking in on you. I should have knocked. I feel awful now.”

“That’s OK,” I said. “I am really embarrassed too. Let me ask you were you staring a while?”

She looked down nodding her head with a serious expression and then said, “Yes, Andrew. You see, one of the reasons I divorced Mike years ago was that we were incompatible in bed. He had a large penis, which made it very difficult for me. I told mom about it several times and she said the reason while you were still single was that you were like Mike. So when I open the door tonight and saw you I just could not believe it. You were so small and I just could not take my eyes off your thingy…”

I was embarrassed and surprised about what I just heard. -“So you thought I had a big penis?”

“YES, A HUGE ONE. That’s what mom always told me.”

“WTF. Why did she tell you that?”

“I don’t have a clue. After I went back to the restaurant, I told mom what happened, and she didn’t say a word about it. What do you mean?” I asked in disbelief.

“I told her that I caught you naked playing with yourself and that your thingy was tiny. Not like Mike’s.”

I felt humiliated, and my sister noticed that and started comforting me, saying things like don’t worry about it, and started to tell me about a boyfriend who also had a small penis. As she was doing it, I began to get a bit excited, and she noticed that too. Suddenly she asked me if she could see it again. I got very excited at her request and proceeded to lower my boxers. She stood in awe, staring at my erection and my precum in the tip of my penis. She grabbed her two fingers and smeared the precum off the tip of my penis with a grin on her face.

“That’s the smallest penis I’ve ever seen,” she said and laughed.

She went back to her room, and we have not said a word about it ever since.


While another reader has a nasty experience with his sister too…

A few weeks ago, I got a new phone and sold my old one to my sister’s best friend. Somehow, she managed to retrieve my deleted photos back onto it, including many of the nude selfies I had taken. The first thing she did was show them to my sister, who (as she told me) couldn’t stop laughing that she nearly wet herself at the sight of my tiny cock. She got her friend to send her some photos, and they showed them to their friends. She showed them the ones without my face or edited my face out of them. My sister then came home and went into the kitchen to my mom and older sister and said, look at this photo I got sent and showed them a photo of my cock. My older sister burst out laughing, saying, ‘WTF,’ and my mom said, “Oh, how sad, must be pathetic being him.”

My sister then scrolled to the next picture and they laughed even more then she scrolled to the next photo, which was a full photo of me naked, and they just stopped laughing. My mom shouted at her saying she’s sick and why is she showing us her brother’s penis. She replied, “Look how small it is… It’s only 3 inches. I bet the next doors son is bigger than him (he’s 8).”

My mom told her to put her phone away and get rid of them, and you’re sick.

My sister replied. “How many times has he seen my tits? He’s walked into my room while I’m changing or walked into my room without knocking. I don’t see the big deal, and he shouldn’t be taking photos of his pathetic cock anyway.”

She then went off to her friend’s house. I came home from work a little while later, and my older sister filled me in on what happened. My mom came into the room, asked if I’m OK, and asked if they were my photos. I was embarrassed didn’t know where to look. I said yes. She said she would speak to my sister and get her to delete them when she gets home. When my sister came home, she came to my room, burst out laughing, and said her friends deleted all the photos she had (somehow, I don’t believe her).

I asked her to delete hers as well she said she would think about it. I begged her, and she was really getting off on me begging her, so she said she will delete all the ones with my face for now. I have to pay her to delete the rest, or I can accept being humiliated by everyone, as she won’t hesitate to show all our friends and family the photos. I quickly went to an ATM and paid up, and she deleted the photos. I asked her who saw the photos, and she told me 17 people seen them, including her boyfriend, her friend’s mom, brother, and girls at work.

I have to go out of my way to avoid these people now. But I can’t get the comments out of my head that my mom and sister made about my cock before they realized it was me, and I have to see them every day, and I do see them occasionally taking glances at my crotch. I wonder how long it will take everyone to forget about it.


Another reader delivers an extra package by accident…

This happened at work today. Let me give some background on what led up to this situation. For some reason every pair of underwear I own, the backside never stays up, so if my pants were to fall, my ass would always be exposed. Some of my older underwear throughout the day will completely slip down and will only be held up by the shorts/pants I’m wearing that day, making the underwear completely useless, and if my pants were to fall, it would just look like I’m was going commando.

Therefore, I’m doing a delivery to a customer’s house, and when I get there, she meets me in the driveway. This woman is gorgeous, and probably late 30’s a fit body; I’d say maybe C-cup, and half Asian/half white from the looks. She shows me where to drop off the equipment I’m delivering. We walk about 50 feet on a walkway to a small set of stairs about five or six that go down into her front door that leads to a foyer. The screen door is broken, so as I’m bringing in the equipment, she holds the door for every trip I make.

On the 3rd trip, I’m carrying a weighty box with glasses in it, and just as I reach the staircase, I can feel my pants slipping, but I think if I move fast, I can get the box inside and fix them with no problem. Then I feel my pants drop (I’m overweight, so my waist is larger than my legs, so when my pants fall, they drop straight down), and it just happens to be the day I’m wearing an old pair of underwear that completely slips down exposing me.

The worst part is if I were level with her, she wouldn’t have seen a thing(or best part). But me being at the top of the stairs with her at the bottom looking up at me, she got a perfect few of my 1/4 inch soft penis (I wouldn’t even say 1/4 inch because it was about 20 degrees, so it was more like a 1/8 inch). I froze. I didn’t know what to do, my pants around my ankles carrying a heavy box with glass in it and my little penis in plain view.

Then I hear her say, “Omigod…” then she snorted and giggled and little bit and ran up the stairs and took the box from me, laughing a little bit.

I pulled up my pants and gave her an endless amount of apologies, and she said not to worry about it. Therefore, I finish the delivery and one last time as I was going I say. “I’m very sorry about what happened….”

She responded, “I barely saw anything, have a good day.”

She let out a little laugh, and I immediately got hard. I have to go back in a few days to get the equipment back, and I hope I see her again.


This reader discovers his wife’s friend has XRAY vision…

One of my wife’s friends was over at our house recently, and we spent the evening just relaxing and chatting. We were talking about the old college days and then about ex-partners. My wife’s friend is very open, loves her single life, and has sworn to stay unmarried for as long as she can. My wife asked her, “So what’s the count now? How many guys have you slept with now?”

Her friend’s eyes lit up. She said, “I don’t know anymore. I stopped counting ages ago… I don’t think I’ve hit the 500 marks yet, but it’s definitely over 300.” She then turned the spotlight onto my wife. “What’s your count?”

My wife replied, “It’s still the same, still 27,” and she laughs.

She then turned to me and asked me. I said, “I don’t know…’ but they both started pressing me. Therefore, I said, “About 10…” (Really, it’s 3).

Her friend said she once did 10 guys on one weekend, so my score is sad, even sadder than my wife’s. She then went on to say, “I’ve slept with so many guys. I can tell how big their cocks are by just looking at them.”

My wife laughed at her, saying that’s an exaggeration. Her friend said, “You tell me a person, I will tell you how big they are. It won’t be accurate, but I can tell you around how big they are.”

My wife looked at me with an evil look and said to her, “How big is he then?” (Nodding toward me).

Her friend said, “You sure you want to know? You might get offended.”

My wife said, “No, no, tell me. Let’s see how good you are, little miss cock expert!”

Her friend started looking at me with a cheeky smile. The silence lasted about 30 seconds, and then she said, “I reckon he’s tiny, definitely not more than 4 inches.”

The look of shock from my wife and me just gave it away that she guessed it correct as I’m 3.5 inches at best. After she left, I asked my wife, “Did you ever talk about my size to her?”

My wife swears that she never told her. So now we are both confused about how she knew.


Another reader falls foul of drunken antics…

OK, so on a perfect day, I’m 4.5,” and on a bad day, I’m 3.5”. But most of the time, I’m 4”. This happened after I graduated; a couple of friends and I went on vacation to Daytona beach. I brought some alcohol with us, and the first day it was great. Well, on the second day, I got really drunk and stripped to my underwear, I got this boner, and one of my friends took a pic of it. Nothing happened until the next morning when one of them accidentally sent it to the whole class. I didn’t have to really deal with those kids because we already graduated, so I didn’t have to face the music. Except for this one night, we go to a different buddy, and this friend has a younger sister who was really hot. She is in the next graduating class, anyway, we were watching football, and one of them asks if she’s seen the picture and she was like, “Oh yeah…” and smirked. I started to blush. I was so embarrassed, but it was a real turn-on at the same time.


Another reader’s mom finds his small dick amusing…

I was dying to go to the toilet, so I asked my mom through the bathroom door if I could go while she was in the shower. She’s pretty relaxed about stuff like that, so she agreed. The toilet and the shower are next to each other, with no curtain or anything to separate us. While she was looking another way, I unbuttoned my jeans and prepared to pee.

I guess I was nervous about being watched or something because, suddenly, I couldn’t pee. I guess my mom noticed because she turned to me, and do you know what she said? “Don’t be shy, sweetie. I’ve seen it all before. Just take it out and do your business.”

When I started peeing, I hear my mom gasp. “Holy shit… It IS out?” mom suddenly shouts. “You clearly haven’t grown a lot since I last saw it.”

She laughed.

You see, from her side angle view, she couldn’t see that my penis was out as it’s so small it barely points out of the fly. Therefore, to her, me holding myself while trying to pee must have looked like me holding on to my jeans, about to unbutton them but hesitating. I was so small she couldn’t even see I had my dick out.

Another time, I went back for more by knocking again and asking if I could use the toilet while she was showering. “Only if you’ve grown a big boy, willy…” I heard her joke through the door.

The woman thinks she’s a comedian. She still teases me about my ‘little willy’ now and then.


This readers mom enjoys the burn…

I was diagnosed with micropenis when I was six. My little brother was four at the time and had clearly started to surpass me in penis size. My parents were worried about an endocrine or another disease process, so I wound up at the doctor’s office. No disease process, though, just a tiny penis. In any case, both parents knew about my issue from an early age. When I was thirteen (maybe fourteen?), my mom bought boxers for my brother. I asked if I could start wearing boxers, too, and was told that my little penis and testicles needed more support than boxers could provide (and yes, she called it little). I’m still not sure about that reasoning, but that was her answer. When my son was three, he started leaking out of his diapers at night. As first-time parents, we weren’t sure what to do. Mentioning the problem to my mom, she very matter of fact said something to the effect, “You gotta point him down when you diaper him,” following up with, “You were never big enough to point down.”


Another reader lost his virginity and his innocence…

I’m about 4.5 inches in length and very skinny, a real pencil dick. I live in the UK, and my friends and I were going to our first music festival. I was 17 at the time and quite chubby. However, my friends were quite decent-looking guys, and I have involved in that group. People fuck around a lot. I gave them the false sense I’m a fucking machine and slay pussy, but deep down, I had no clue. We turn up at the festival, and it was on for four days, if I can remember correctly. It was the second night of the festival. I met this girl in one of the music tents, and we were kissing getting quite heavy then the musician we were watching finished. We went back to my tent, and it was collapsing on top of us whist I was fingering her, which was hilarious because my friends were beating my tent while I was trying to get busy. One of my friends opened the tent and asked her for a threesome, and she says no, and because the tent was so fucked up, we went to hers.

Might I add I was high on ecstasy and alcohol I had been doing throughout the day? We get to her tent, a few of her friends were around, and we get back to it. I was so happy I was about to lose my virginity. I was fingering her, and she said, “Ooh, I can tell you’ve done this before….”

I was like, “Fuck, yeah….”

She loves it wait until she gets this dick. After fingering her for a while, she says, “Take those jeans off…” so I follow her instruction.

She jerks me off till I get hard. When I’m ready to tear the pussy up, I put it in. I’m pumping away as hard as I can, and she literally has no emotion on her face. I slip out multiple times, and then she tries to go on top. It kept slipping out, and she just gave up. Jerked me off until I cum and swallowed my load, as she didn’t want cum where she was sleeping.

As we were getting our clothes on, we were talking, and I said, “Damn, your pussy was tight.”

She said, “Well, whatever makes you feel better about your size.”

I was confused as I wasn’t aware of SPH or even thought I had a small dick. I go back to my tent tell my friends I fucked the shit out of her obviously, and went back partying. I wake up and realize her jumper was in my tent and take it back to her. I was walking around next to where her tent was, and I hear one of her friends say, “Is that the one with the tiny dick?”

I was so embarrassed and just walked off.


This readers poor performance leads to boredom…

At a New Year’s Eve party, I go with my friend; I’ve dropped a few pounds and fucked a few girls by this time. I’m nineteen and loving life, again high on drugs and alcohol, and then we leave the party in a group of 6-7 mixed with guys and girls. Long story short, I ended up in bed with a girl who was smoking hot like the best girl at the party for sure. We weren’t actually even kissing or anything; I just ended up sharing a bed with her. I was getting excessively hot, I got up to go sleep somewhere else, and she said, “Don’t leave….”

I was thinking to myself, ‘Hmm, there’s no way she wants to fuck me.’ Well, I try to leave a second time, as it seemed she was sleeping. She repeated it. I jump back into bed, and then I just went for it, kissed her the next thing. I’m fingering her and eating her pussy. I get my dick out of my jeans, and she starts jerking me off. I get hard as nails and put it in. Like the other times with girls, no matter how hard I fucked her, nothing happened for her. She just laid there like an ironing board with a sweaty guy on top of her.

She goes on top, and it keeps slipping out. She thinks I’ve lost my hard-on, so she gives me a head and then jumps back on. The same thing happens, and she gives up and says, “I’m tired….”

She jerked me off until I cum, and I went home.


One reader Netflix’s and chills to SPH…

I met this girl off Tinder, and I go and pick her up as my parents are out for the entire night and morning. She lived like an hour drive away, and my car was in getting serviced. My buddy takes me to meet her and bring her to my house. She was a plumper girl, and I knew it was just going to be a fuck and chuck on my end. However, either way, this bitch had dick standards. We put Netflix on the TV, and the standard happened. We got hot and heavy. I fucked her pretty well, if I say so, and she enjoyed it. We went rounds this night, and I must have fucked her five times, and eventually, my dick was hurting, and I stopped on the last go. But during all this fucking she sat stroking my dick, and she just said, “It’s so small….”

I just laughed it off as she had just said that after fucking me like three times, and she came too. She then takes my dick in the palm of her hand and makes one inch with her other hand like a small dick sign, and measures my dick counting. 1…2…3…4 inches…” she yelled and laughed.

Again, I just laughed it off.

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