A Crimson Domme

By lickerwell

Chapter 1 – The Elephant Line and the Water Boy

No matter how well we plan our lives and our future, it almost never turns out as we intend. I, for one, could never have expected to live the life I do today.

I’m not suggesting my life is bad. In fact, it’s quite good but never in a million years could I have ever predicted the direction it took just after New Years’ 2009.

You see, back in college, I could never have even told you what an FLR was all about, what a Domme was, or where on earth I would ever find a man who might dream of being my submissive little slave. Just as I was finishing my undergrad, though, I got a new education.

This is the story of how I discovered the world of female supremacy and became a Domme over my boyfriend and later husband after discovering some men could be transformed into quivering little pee-on’s who grovel at the snap of my fingers.

I met Randy at a fraternity party in my final year of philosophy at the University of Alabama. I was with my boyfriend, Jimmy, a running back for the Tide, and the team’s offensive line was discussing who might win the Superbowl. I was listening to them argue over who would take it when this short little man walked up beside me to join in. They were getting really hyped over their predictions, which I thought were way off, so I just stood quietly by and listened. It was obvious the new guy was thinking the same way as he stood silently as they jawed on, repeating the same things over and over.

They were really quite boring, and my mind wandered off to this little man who looked completely out of place. At 6’3” and in skyscraper heels, I stood taller than even my Jimmy, who was 6’5” while the rest of his linemen ranged from 6’ to 6’7” and not one of them weighed less than 250 lbs while our newcomer stood about 5’ tall and couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. He looked like a pipsqueak beside us, and I laughed under my breath when I caught him staring up at my breasts. He was a tiny little thing, and I couldn’t help but start singing “One of These Things” in my mind.

The boys were all getting drunk as skunks as the debate raged on, and for some reason, I finally decided to cut in to tell them the Steelers would take everything, in part to get a rouse out of them. No sooner had I made my call when a look of disgust filled Jimmy’s eyes as he opened his mouth and slurred, “What the fuck to do you? Don’t you starting giving my boys and I lip about football? You don’t know shit,” and released gigantic beer burp in my face.

The guys looked at him like he was an alien. “Jimmy, dude, easy dude,” one remarked as I watched others look away out of embarrassment.

Jimmy glared over at Tom, who had made the remark, “Well, people who don’t know what they’re talking about should keep their mouths shut. You don’t hear me go on about her rowing, do you?”

Tom shook his head. “Dude, Virginia’s your girlfriend. You don’t talk to your girlfriend like that. Especially her,” glancing over to me, “I know she won’t take that from you. Sorry V. Jimmy, let’s just talk about something else. We had a great season, and we’re here to celebrate that.”

Jimmy, “Whatever, the boys are talking football now, and she needs to keep her mouth shut.”

“Jimmy, dude, you’re an ass, and we all know Virginia enough to know you need to stop talking now. So just drop it,” Tom finally insisted.

First off, let me belay that assumption. I was born and bred in Alabama, and in case you were unaware, football is virtually akin to religion here. I grew up watching and living football and even played for a local girl’s team as a teenager. As a rock-hard 6’3” athletic dream in just about any sport, I was the force to fear on a football field. On top of that, every Saturday night, we were at a football game somewhere around Montgomery, and was a Bama fan long before I was ever a student. So, Virginia knows football. I became a varsity rower because I was tall and strong, but my real love was always football.

I cocked my head to one side and glared at him when he turned away from me as Tom and his buddies drew his attention away from me to save a fight. This had been a party for their team, and he was throwing back the brews as fast as the keg could fill his cup, so I decided this was neither the time nor the place to discuss his attitude. Jimmy knew I didn’t put up with his chauvinistic crap, but between the alcohol and his ego around the boys tonight, he had forgotten his manners. I seethed quietly as my eyes burned holes in the back of his head until I heard a soft little voice to my left, “I think you’re right.”

I looked down and caught my new friend as his eyes darted up at me then back to the floor. He couldn’t bear to look at me, but I was impressed. Here he was, all alone in a room listening to a bunch of jocks talk football. Even if he were the team water boy, none of these guys would listen to him, and this room did nothing for his confidence. I was surprised he even had the gall to hang out with us in the first place. Considering I was looking for anyone sober enough to talk with, I opened up to him.

“Thank you! At least someone else sees their potential,” I smiled and turned to face him.

We chatted about why we both thought they had a chance and gradually broke away from the rest of the huddle as we introduced ourselves to one another. His name was Randy, which I thought was utterly appropriate given his size and ‘cute as a button’ look. As adorable as he was, he knew his football and his stats. That much was for certain. I couldn’t believe how he balanced so many numbers in his head and rattled them off like it was a prepared speech for me. He was a walking football encyclopedia.

I was shocked by how interesting I thought Randy was and I liked how he had to keep looking past my massive twins to see my face. I had come wearing a pair of come fuck me shoes with 6” stiletto heels and a crimson red low-cut strappy dress with an open back that fell just above my ass. I absolutely towered over him, and to my surprise, I liked how it felt. He was so nervous that first night he could barely keep eye contact with me until I forced him to by hooking my nail beneath his chin to keep his head steady and focused in my direction.

The funny part was I had the most interesting conversation with him. Behind all the uncertainty and lack of confidence, this little guy was funny, charming, and very smart. We had a beer and talked for over an hour about everything from football to my own sport, rowing, the best and worst professors, and our lives growing up. He was the quintessential nerd, as he had an almost eidetic memory for all things baseball or football. By his own admission, he was too small to be of any consequence just about any sport, so he became memorized every stat he could with the hope that one day he might announce a game. He was a sweetheart. While everyone else was getting drunk around us, he stayed sober with me while liquor took the rest to another plain.

I found myself thinking what a night with him would be like. He was tiny, that was for certain. Not an ounce of fat on him, but then, his extra small shirts and 24-inch waist told me, no muscle either. I envisioned myself laying on top of him as he struggled to breathe or even just move. It was strangely erotic, and I laughed to myself that I would have to let him climb on top as he inserted himself into my slit with his mouth in just the right spot to pleasure my tits at the same time. I also knew his hard-little body would tickle my clit with every thrust.

I hadn’t a clue where that came from, but I kept thinking about how much control I would have over him and felt myself getting wetter as we talked through the night. I started running my nails up his arm and my tongue across my teeth while I asked him questions and watched out my touch derailed his focus. I was getting hotter than ever for sex tonight, but not with Jimmy. I wanted Randy. As strange as it sounded, I wanted sex with this little elf of a man.

Of course, with every party comes drama, and I found myself being pulled away when one of my girlfriends had a crisis of some sort in the backyard. With my focus on fucking him broken, I told Randy I would see him around campus sometime, knowing I’d likely never see him again. What else could I say really, “you’re sweet but too unremarkable to bother getting to know?” Now that would be rude even if it was true.

When I came back inside, I found the house almost empty as everyone had filtered out to the front for what looked like a fight. There had to be at least 75 cheering it on, but I couldn’t see who or what was going on until a small break in the crowd formed, and there was Jimmy with one hand across Randy’s throat shoving him against a tree while his other fist was cocked and ready to shut him down for the night. I ran outside as fast as I could, madder than hell because I knew what that jealous buffoon was thinking.

I barreled through the crowd, intent on stopping him from doing anything that would get him kicked out of school. Even with Alabama football on his side, there are boundaries, and beating the crap out of a little guy at a fraternity party was likely one of them.

I remember I was fuming. After treating me like shit then picking on a guy that did nothing to deserve this other than speak to me, I wanted blood. I didn’t know what got into me as I stormed across the lawn in my heels, but as I broke through the crowd. I saw my opportunity to finish this quickly and threw my foot between his legs with every ounce of power a lifetime of squats and leg extensions could muster just as he was about to plow Randy’s nose into the back of his skull.

Jimmy collapsed on the ground as the crowd laughed.

Steam must have shot out from my ears as I looked at Randy and saw he already had a bloodied nose and scrapes across the side of the face. The contempt in my voice was palpable, “JIMMY, YOU’RE A FUCKING DICK! ALL THIS KID DID WAS TALK TO ME. I WANT TO VOMIT RIGHT NOW. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU. YOU’RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE! WE’RE DONE! I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!”

I was still fuming as I turned to Randy and reached my hand out, “Randy, come,” I barked, “Let’s take care of your face.” As soon as he took my hand, I got him out of there. Jimmy would never do anything to me, but the same could not be said for lil’ Randy. Once he got back up, Jimmy would go after him again. I’d seen it before, and I wasn’t going to let that happen on account of me.

I didn’t realize until we were almost at my Jeep, but I was walking so fast, with such long strides, poor Randy was darn near running to keep up.

“Get in, and I’ll drive you home, Randy,” I snapped as if I was angry with him. I wasn’t but knew Jimmy might be inclined to run after us, and I needed to get him out of there. I peeled out and turned off University Blvd onto Hackberry, “So where do you live?”

“Up a way, at 6th and 11th.”

“Alright then,” I replied, still thinking about how good it felt to square Jimmy between the legs.

There he was, a grown man, big as a house lying at my feet, from one swing of my foot. I loved how it made me feel to see him down there. The thing was, I had been kind of wet all night thinking about taking this little guy’s cock inside me. Randy wasn’t half the man Jimmy was, but he looked so precious besides me I couldn’t resist my urge.

“I don’t reckon it would be fair to drop you off at your home, considering you look like that on my account. I’ll bring you to my house, and we will get you cleaned up. How’s that sound?”

“Um, well, OK,” he answered with a timorous hint in his voice, “If you think that’s what we should do. I am sorry for creating such a fuss, though.”

I smiled, “Ah, you didn’t deserve that,” pointing to his face, “and it gave me an excuse to dump that jerk. He had been an ass all night.”

“Still, it’s awfully nice of you, thank you. And Jimmy was a jerk. I’d never talk to you like that.”

I smiled with a little giggle, “Ahh, you’re sweet. But I don’t think you’d talk to anyone like that. You’d get your ass kicked!”

He actually laughed at my joke, and I could see him relax the second he heard it. We didn’t say much the rest of the ride as the cool night air rushed through us as I headed home.

We pulled into the parking lot of my apartment on 31st and walked up to my third-floor unit. I had lived in the sorority house for the last 2 years but wanted a little more independence in my last year. It was a gorgeous little apartment that was just perfect for me, and I cherished my newfound privacy and freedom from the house.

Randy walked in and politely removed his leather shoes at the door before walking any further. I couldn’t help but pick them up and smile at their small size and the inch-high lifts in them. His feet were probably half the size of mine, and I laughed as I thought how little they would look if we sized them up side by side.

“I love your place, Virginia,” he told me as he wandered into my living room.

“Well, thank you,” I replied and walked across the room to grab a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. I sashayed back towards Randy with a little snap in each hip until I noticed the man’s clothes were covered in filth and blood.

“Look at you. Let’s get you cleaned up. I’ll take your clothes for the washer, and you have a shower.”

Randy looked like a deer in headlights as I led him into my bathroom, “But I’ve got nothing to wear.”

I smiled, “Don’t you worry about that. I’m sure I can find something. Now give me your clothes, and I’ll bring you something to cover up with,” then I stood in the doorway of the bathroom, leaving Randy nowhere to hide. “Come on now. Get those clothes off,” I ordered with a grin.

Silently he stripped down to nothing while I watched on as I stood shocked as all get out that he had done it. I don’t know why I told him to it as this was completely out of my character to do something so forward. I half expected him to tell me to get out, but he didn’t. Instead, he stripped right in front of me! I was just tickled that he hadn’t dared to speak up, but as I admired his scrawny little body, a strange surge of heat ran through me, and I turned back out of the room. After fucking my share of men, why the hell was I getting turned on by this man who was almost half my size?

I took his clothes and dropped them in my washer with some detergent before pouring a couple of glasses of wine for us, then went to my closet to find something I’d enjoy seeing him in. Jimmy had T-shirts and trunks I could have given him, but I had this urge to see him in something of mine and found a pink silk robe that fell just below my ass cheeks. After changing into a red satin robe of my own and a pair of matching 4” slingbacks, I walked back in the bathroom without so much as a knock, “I couldn’t find anything better than this,” I told him with a smirk as I laid it over the towel bar.

Randy’s naked body glistened in my glassed shower as his eyes just fixed on me in complete shock. “Ahhh, oh, um, OK,” he uttered as I broke out laughing.

Through the glass, he had the tightest little derriere, and the muscles of his scrawny body rippled beneath his skin, but it was the size of his cock that put me over the edge. I guess I had just assumed his cock would be full and thick just like every other man I’d had. Then again, not even one of them had ever been 97-pound weakling either.

I turned and left the room still laughing, then grabbed my wine and headed out onto the deck to admire the night sky. This would be interesting, if even unremarkable. A one-night fling with Randy still might be fun, but I knew his mouth would be my highlight. Rock hard, and it couldn’t have been more than 3 inches long. I had no idea they came so small. Even though my heart sank a bit, I was so horny I knew even his baby carrot cock would give me some pleasure.
When Randy came out on the deck, he looked so cute. My robe dropped down to his knees, and the sleeves hung well past his fingertips. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well, bless your heart, don’t you just look precious,” I declared as I stood over him. Between my own 6’3” frame, my heels, and the fact that he was swimming in my little pink robe, he looked even smaller and more vulnerable than he already was. “Let’s get you some wine,” and followed him back inside.

As I closed the French doors to the outside, I noticed the two of us standing in my mirror. I looked like a giant compared to him. His head topped off about level with my nipples, but it was my shoulders and back that shocked me as my body was just thicker and stronger than his. He looked like a weakling. My shoulders, which were little orbs of iron, made his scrawny body look even smaller, while my back and chest looked enormous compared to his own. Because of my size, my breasts didn’t look that large normally but standing over him, and they looked like shelves he could hide under. I looked and felt invincible with him.

I handed him his glass then told him to join me as I sat down on the couch. He was jittery and struggled to look at me again as I tried to get him to talk. He wasn’t at all comfortable, so I wrapped my arm around him and whispered how I loved his bashful nature and how wet he was making me while I pinned him against the armrest and kissed the nape of his neck.

Never in my life had I ever considered being with such a little man. Never in a million years would I have ever paid attention to someone like Randy. At the same time, I felt so hot as I thought about how helpless he was next to me. I didn’t think to dominate him, let alone hurt him, but the simple fact he was powerless compared to me was unimaginably erotic. I ached to fuck this little weakling in my bed and took hold of his wiener with my thumb and index finger to stroke it ever so gently while his hormones took the better of him. He suddenly couldn’t put two words together, and his breath trembled in sync with each little pump.

“I have a question for you, Randall,” I asked, rolling his head between my fingers.

He was breathing heavy and had that deer in headlights look again, “S-Sure.”

I kissed his lips and drove my tongue down between his teeth, “Are you a virgin, baby?”

His breathing stopped, and his eyes looked away as I gripped his hair and kept his head still, “Um, well. You see.”

“Shhhhhh- no bullshit here, baby. Are you a virgin?” I repeated myself.

“Yes,” he answered and closed his eyes in embarrassment.

I laughed and kissed his lips, “Everyone’s gotta start sometime, baby. You’re just a little later than others.”

He couldn’t stand to look at me at that point and kept his eyes closed as he talked, “Ya, but you’d think by the time I turned 22, I’d have done it.”

“No, sweetheart, I don’t,” I lied, “but let’s fix this tonight, alright, baby?”

He looked up at me as my body continued to crush him into my couch, “Ok, that would be good.”

“Oh, honey, I better be something more than just good,” then squeezed his pecker between my fingers and watched him wince, “I’m going to be unforgettable.”

I talked most of the time as all he could get out were simple one-line sentences as I stroked his hair with one hand and while the nails my other bounced from his thighs to his cock to keep him on edge. I was in control, and I loved it. He was putty to me, and I knew he’d agree to anything I wanted that evening because, after all, I was about to deflower him.

He sat rigid as a 2 by 4, though, and I knew he had no idea what to do. That made him even cuter.

Actually, he was a good-looking man with the cutest button nose, blue eyes, and with a little brown cowlick across his forehead, I thought was adorable. Having had about any athlete I wanted over the last few years, this seemed refreshingly different, and my body was so close to him he was just about melting into me as my fingers teased him to no end. I grinned as he started babbling unintelligibly when I took hold of his cock and pulled it out from beneath my robe as my breasts smashed his head into the back of the couch.

I won’t lie. My heart sank a little as I realized tonight simply wasn’t going to have the same impact. Jimmy was 6’5,” and his cock seemed equally endowed. Feeling it inside me made my eyes roll back as it slid across every trigger I had. Add to that the fact that I could keep Jimmy on edge for hours to stretch his staying power; sex with Jimmy was a woman’s dream. Randy’s not only lacked length. It really was the width of my pinky, and I reckoned I’d have to fake an orgasm just to avoid not ruining his first night. I wasn’t about to tell him his little pencil-like pecker did nothing for me, though.

“Why don’t we slide into my bedroom, and I can play with this some more, Randy,” I whispered while nibbling on his ear before pulling him off the couch by his cock. I walked back across the floor with both of his hands in mine and laughed when I noticed he was shaking, no quivering, as he followed me in.

“Sweetie, I’m not going to hurt you,” I said, then shoved him onto my bed and straddled his legs as my gown fell off my shoulders onto his legs, “but I do want to fuck you.”

My breasts pinned him to the bed as he laid beneath me, and I kissed his lips. He was frozen stiff and didn’t move a muscle as I tried to relax him, “Bless your heart, are you scared, Randall?”

He nodded as his face turned away from me and his eyes welled up from the humiliation of having to admit he had no idea what to do.

I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear, “Don’t worry. We’ll make a memory tonight that you’ll never forget,” before shoving my tongue down his throat and grabbing his cock with my fingers to keep him on edge. I snuck myself down his chest and across his abs as my lips kissed every inch of his flat body before wrapping my lips around his hairy cock. I was committed to giving this little man the night of his life even if his pubes got in my teeth, a male trait which I despised to no end.

I could hear him groan when my tongue pressed against the underside of his manhood while my lips formed a seal. The salty taste of his precum told me I couldn’t go too long, or he’d blow before ever losing his virginity on my altar.

Randy’s cock started to tremble, and I could tell I’d have to lay off for a minute when the sound of a key sliding into the lock of my door echoed through the apartment as the door opened. I knew exactly who was there. Jimmy.


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