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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is outed playing strip poker…

It sounds like A dream or a made-up story, but this really happened to me and is 100% true. My wife and I are very good friends with another couple. We often do things together and go on holiday together sometimes. My wife and the other woman are pretty hot (perfect match: one dark, one blonde – Tits are ok, asses are perfect – overall, they are both goddesses)

Well, I saw the other woman naked in a lot of different situations since she isn’t a very prude and doesn’t make a thing out of it, especially in our holidays together, e.g., she went from the shower to her room completely naked once, and I saw her passing by. So I couldn’t resist checking everything, and she likes it! I think she does it on purpose.

Well, once on holiday, we got drunk and decided to play strip poker. The other woman and I were completely naked in the end. I saw it all, and she saw it all.

Here comes my penis. I’m a grower, and I’m tiny when soft. I mean: really small! Well, there you got it. Since that event, she very often makes jokes about my small dick on many occasions. She also refers to her husband in the same way, so we are often the “small dick guys,” and our wives make fun of it. I nearly jizz in my pants every time they do it. Looking forward to our next holiday!


While this reader finds himself a double loser…

Interest in our regional nufost miniten competition was waning due to the same people always winning. So, to mix things up, it was agreed that the pairings would be chosen and given a team name on the day. I am a competitive athletic 30-year-old persistent winner, and people were keen to get me as a team partner, but I was disappointed to be paired with a skinny 14-year-old lad, particularly when it became apparent he had a huge penis. Mine is about 2.5 inches flaccid in good conditions, but less than an inch when competing, and we were christened Dinky and Donkey by an openly laughing committee.

To make matters worse, we got all the way to the final before losing, and I had to endure mocking comments about the difference in our size all day. However, I think we only lost the final because his bouncing cock and balls plus my self-consciousness as spectators were openly grinning at my tight nonmoving balls and shaftless penis head were a distraction.


Another reader is embarrassed by his girlfriend’s tiny hands…

So this is a fun story. Back when my girl and I first got together, one of the first few times we had sex, she honestly SPH’d me and had no idea until I told her about it over a year later. We were in bed naked together, and she was stroking my penis as we spoke and enjoyed each other’s company. I don’t remember how the topic came about, but eventually, she starts going on about how she has just the tiniest hands! The tiniest girl hands, and she just loves how tiny they are. Keep in mind in our relationship that she had no idea how I feel about my penis size and has already mentioned that she loves my penis and loves how it fits perfectly inside her and inside her hands. So naturally, thinking that I am small and she is sitting her going off about how her hands are so tiny, all I can think about is, “Oh, man, she hasn’t put the 2 and 2 together yet. Tiny hands/perfect fit = Tiny penis.”

I attempt to tell her that I don’t think her hands are that small, blah blah blah, to again she innocently defends her tiny hands and says she swears they are so tiny! LOL, needless to say, I kept my cool and focused more on the beautiful woman stroking my cock, but wow, was I embarrassed and scared! She could never give me a hand job or blowjob again without me thinking about how much her tiny hands fit perfectly around my tiny penis. After all, we have talked about and gotten over it, even to this day, I still think about it. The only difference is, I used to be ashamed about it. But, now that I am more aware of my desire for SPH and knowing that my beautiful girl still loves the shit out of me and my penis, it’s actually fun to think about! I have cummed prematurely or intentionally on numerous occasions simply by the thought of it. So that is my SPH story.


This reader shares his SPH moments…

I’m 36 years old, married, and had my SPH fetish for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, my wife knows nothing about my fetish. It’s obvious I have a super tiny dick, but she doesn’t acknowledge it. I just found this site and thought I’d share some of my 100% true situations that I had.

I used to just start out with cam2cam sites and would pay for it but still couldn’t get quite the reactions that I desired. The girls would either not listen to my requests or just were so used to doing it that it seemed scripted, and they weren’t even looking at my dick. It got very frustrating.

A few years ago, I discovered that there was a nude beach about two hours from where I live. I researched it for a little while and then gave it a try. My first time there I was surprised that there was actually a pretty good male to female ratio. Mostly couples. So I did my thing and stripped down. I didn’t fluff up my tiny dick at all. It’s so small that it’s basically just my little head sticking out. If it grows a have an inch of shaft I’d be exaggerating. So I would walk around the beach, in and out of the ocean and just look for reactions.

Just about every woman I walked past looked at my dick. I was very pleased with that part. After a few trips to the beach, I discovered that during the week, when I was able to get there, were mostly older couples, but during the weekends, there were a lot more younger people—a lot of college-aged kids. The best reactions I think I got were from the female lifeguards. Three young girls, probably 18-19. They would just sit perched upon their lifeguard stand—awesome tanned bodies. I often would just stand in front of them, trying to act casual.

Well, one time, I walked right up to the stand. I could hear them talking as I approached. They were chattering about some random nonsense. They obviously saw my tiny pecker until they noticed me approaching, and all three stopped talking instantly. You could tell they were almost in shock at the size of my dick. Then one of them broke the silence and just said quietly, “That sucks.”

The others giggled. It was so hot. That I had to pack up, and I jerked off in my car. I have since been there numerous times. I usually plant myself in front of the lifeguards.

My second SPH situation involves a local “dominatrix.” She has a reputable website, and I decided to give her a try. We met at a hotel, and she was very easy to talk to. She was very custom to SPH and very professional. She took the time beforehand, and we talked exactly about what I wanted to do. We did some role-playing, and after that, I just wanted her to watch me jerk off and tell me how small my dick was. She was adamant that she was not a prostitute and would not perform sex acts on me. But she did squeeze my balls, and she would pinch my dick with her thumb and index finger and wiggle it.

For my third story: My wife and I went to a party with about 6-7 other couples. We were all drinking and had a bonfire. As the night went on, some people made their way home or Into the house. Eventually, my wife went into the house with another one of the girls, and it was just me and one of my wife’s friends who I’ve known for about 2 years. She’s very attractive and really funny. After a short while, she started gathering her things and said she was going to join the rest of the group in the house. I said I would also go and started to. Then I made mention that I should probably put out the bonfire if there won’t be anyone around. She then said, “Just pee on it.”

I knew she was just kinda being silly cause after she said it, she kinda giggled and started to walk to the house. Instantly my mind started racing. I knew I should take advantage of this opportunity. Plus, I was pretty buzzed and feeling brave. So I said, “Yeah, I guess I could. I gotta pee anyway”.

She didn’t really seem interested, but she said something like, “Go for it,” and turned around.

I know she didn’t think I was serious. But I wasn’t going pass this up. So I walked up the fire and unzipped my pants. She looked at me smiling, and then when she noticed I started unzipping, she turned her head and put her hand up to the side of her face and said, “Oh, god, you’re really gonna do it.”

So even though she turned away, I decided to follow through with it. I pulled my dick out and started peeing. I was watching her the whole time. I really wanted her to look my way. So I said, “Yeah, I don’t know if I have enough….”

When I spoke, she put her hand down and peeled my way. She looked right down at my peeing dick. Once she looked, she just stared at it until I was done peeing. It was so hot that I didn’t want it to stop. After shaking off a few drops, I just kept it out. Finally, she said, “I think you’re done. You can put it away now.”

I didn’t want to push, so I did. As we started to walk back to the house, I said, “Yeah, so it’s pretty chilly out here.”

She said, “Uh, yeah, it looked like it is.”

When we got in the house, she told everyone that I peed on the fire. But, then, she looked at my wife and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.”

I knew exactly what she meant by that.


Another reader gets a lesson in the change rooms from a younger kid…

In my school, we were allowed to choose our sports classes. (Pretty uncommon here in Germany.) In 10th grade, someone messed something up, and I was forced to attend the swimming class. It was the least popular sports course and the only one that wasn’t full. In fact, it was so unpopular that they combined 4 grades (7-10th grade) to somehow get 15 students together. I knew that the swimming facility had public showers only and that I would be forced to expose my small dick (less than 1 inch soft and 4 inches hard) to a bunch of other boys.

Luckily, I had no other lessons before that, so I could arrive there very early to avoid that anyone sees me naked. (I also was always the last one to leave) This tactic actually worked (almost) every time.

One day I was greeted by an 8th grader. I was nice enough to greet back, but I immediately knew that this could turn into my absolute nightmare. We both started to get naked, and I turned my back on him, so he couldn’t see what I was packing. That didn’t work too well. He asked me if I had something to hide and walked around me to get a good look at my dick. His first reactions were something like, “Damn, you are tiny,” and, “Are you really in 10th grade?”

He was still in his boxers, but he quickly removed them to show me ‘what a real man looks like, as he called it. On the one hand, I was stunned by this situation, and on the other hand, I was impressed by the size of this kid’s dick. (It looked bigger than mine hard. I would guess about 5 inches or more.) He started doing ‘the helicopter,’ bragged about his size, and told me embarrassed he would feel if his dick was as small as mine.

When the others arrived, he didn’t tell anyone about this incident, and a part of me was a bit sad about that.

This was the first day I started to take a look at what the other boys were packing, and I can proudly say that I was by far the smallest.

This was also the day that got me into sph.


While this reader’s small dick sent him straight to the friend zone…

My very first sexual encounter was SPH and premature humiliation. A friend in high school. I was so hot for her, and she knew it. She dyed her hair in different bright colors every month or so, was about 5’4″, 105 lbs with a huge ass and A cups. We would hang out almost every day senior year [after we were both 18], and she would flash me her tits while I was driving or playing video games to distract me, and it usually worked. She had a whale tail visible almost 24/7, and I’d always comment on it, like saying the color or snapping it onto her pale skin. I probably asked her out a hundred times, and she always rejected me, saying we’re good friends or whatever canned line. She’d tell me about guys and girls she hooked up with, knowing how badly I wanted her.

The encounter in question came after she told me about an older guy she hooked up with. We were in her room after school on a Monday, and she kept going on about a guy she met over the weekend and how big his cock was, and she said, “You have no idea.”

I figured I’d try and talk big, so I said, “Oh yeah, how would you know?”

She burst out laughing and said, “Dude, I’ve given you like, a million boners, I’ve seen what you’ve got.”

I had already been watching SPH videos online and got the guts to keep pushing her on it and get as humiliated as I could at that moment. Finally, I tried to hide that I was already hard and said, “Get me hard right now, I’ll show you.”

She laughed even harder and said, “PPG, you’re already hard!” And brushed her hand against my rock-hard boner.

“It gets way bigger than this!”

She looked annoyed about what she had gotten herself into and said, “Ugh, just take your little dick out and prove it.”

I immediately stood up, undid my belt, and pulled my pants down to my knees, showing off a precum leaking 4″ boner.

She laughed again, probably at how hard I was trying to impress her, and said condescendingly, “Awww, PPG, your dick is not big at all.”

My balls tensed up, and I knew I was going to cum right there, so I quickly reached to pull my pants up and try and hide my orgasm, but she stopped me.

“No, I’m sorry, keep it out. I wanna see it!” And she touched the bottom of my shaft. I came all over her arm.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. This wasn’t supposed to happen.” I felt like crying but was so turned on that I was living in a porn video.

She laughed so hard she started coughing and wiped her arm on a towel hanging from her closet door. “It’s okay, lots of guys your age premature ejaculate.” I loved how she said ‘your age,’ since I was two months older than her and ‘premature ejaculate’ sounded so textbook.

“Can we try again, please?” I was still fighting back the tears as I saw zero desire in her eyes.

“No, I told you. We’re just friends.”

The rest of the afternoon was me apologizing and begging, but she said to stop apologizing and that it would never happen. We still hung out all the time after, and after about a week or two got to a point where we could joke about it. One time, I commented on her green thong, and she said, “We both know you can’t handle it.”

We were in a CVS, and she showed me the Timex condoms and tried to convince me to buy them with her, but I chickened out. I don’t think she ever told anyone, which probably saved me a lot of embarrassment.


Another reader found his small dick sent him down the pecker order…

On a school holiday/camp, I got stuck in a room with two of the quieter, uncool lads. It was a deliberate tactic by the teachers to split friends up and keep things quieter. They knew the pecking order, and I had the first choice of the beds, was first to the bathroom, etc., but when I came out of there toweling myself dry after a shower, one of them started giggling. I asked him what was so funny and was shocked when he said that he didn’t expect me to have such a tiny dick.

I insisted it was not small, but his friend came over and also started to laugh. I got angry and made the mistake of telling them to strip before I lose my temper with them – OMG, they were huge!

One was about 5 inches long, the other a little longer again. Both were really thick and had huge low hanging balls. To make matters worse, I had developed a raging boner but was only 4.5 inches long, thinner than them, and my small balls were tight to my crotch, looking like a walnut shell.

Trying to stay in charge of the situation, I insisted that they didn’t get any bigger hard. So they weren’t really that much bigger (despite it feeling like they were twice as big anyway), but they were both stiffening as I spoke, and they were both getting even bigger.

It was a strange holiday/camp with me enjoying the time in our room more than the daytime trips and activities. We would all get naked instantly, and they would slap me with their dicks, make me put mine next to theirs while they laughed, and I had to masturbate both of them before we went to sleep. The sensation of holding something so much bigger than my own was sensational.

Back at school, I mentioned to my mates that these lads had massive dicks (in return for their silence about my behavior), and their rankings in the pecking order rocketed, and girls even began showing more of an interest in them.

*Conditions Apply.
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