Lilith’s Sticky Web

by somewhere_beyond.

I first met my future wife Tanya when I was a senior in college nearing graduation. Unlike most of my friends who had not yet found a job or had settled for something sub-optimal, I had managed to land a high paying job at a major engineering firm before I left school. I attribute this to the fact that I am somewhat introverted and took my studies very seriously. I was not what you would describe as nerdy, but I had definitely prioritized my grades over my social life for the last four years and it was now time to reap the rewards of that sacrifice.

During the week between final exams and graduation, my housemates and I decided to have a party. At the time, I was seeing a girl named Erica who, like me, was also an introvert. We had fooled around but had not yet had sex. Erica and I had a pretty deep emotional connection despite the lack of consummation and had spent the better part of that year in each other’s company. Unbeknownst to me at the time, she had told her friends that she was planning on giving herself to me the night of the party. As fate would have it, she would never get the opportunity as we were both on the cusp of witnessing the power and seductive influence of a truly dominant woman.

The day of the party arrived, and I was chatting with my friends while drinking the kind of cheap beer that is common fare for college kids on a limited budget. At some point, I noticed a girl that I had never seen before enter our house. She was 5’5″ and about 130 lbs with blond hair and blue eyes. She had very large breasts accentuated by a revealing top she was wearing. Her face was breathtakingly beautiful—perfectly symmetric with high cheekbones and delicate features suggesting a Scandinavian heritage. Her lips and fingernails were painted bright red, almost functioning like a beacon to the guys around her. She radiated sexuality, and I was captivated. Catching my gaze, she looked directly at me and smiled invitingly. Being of average build and looks, this was not the kind of reception from beautiful women that I had been used to receiving, and I could only stare back in awe.

I leaned over to my friend who was next to me, gestured at the girl, and asked, “Do you know who that girl is?”

My friend’s girlfriend answered for him, “That’s Tanya. She’s a friend of ours from class. She probably heard us talking about your job. Watch out,” she giggled.

For the sake of brevity, I will summarize what happened next. I spent the next hour or so lustfully watching Tanya while completely ignoring Erica. Once Tanya was satisfied that I was interested, she approached me. We chatted for a brief while before she began to flirt with me. I flirted back in front of Erica and our common friends. It was almost as if I had lost control and was oblivious to everything else except Tanya. Just being in proximity to her already put me in a state of partial arousal. Despite being almost overwhelmed with lust for her, there were a couple of things that some inner part of me found disconcerting. For one thing, she kept mentioning my job and asking questions about it. For another, there seemed to be something off with her eyes. I don’t mean in any physical sense as they were beautiful, but more of a reference to what was behind them or what wasn’t.

As the night transitioned to the early hours of the morning, the party began to unwind, and people walked off to their own homes. All that remained were me, Erica, my housemates, their girlfriends, and Tanya. A different woman might have felt herself a third wheel under these circumstances, but Tanya had a strategy in mind. Without saying a word, she rose from her chair and sat down on my lap right in front of Erica and the others. I knew that I should have said something, but I relished the contact with Tanya too much. Once she realized that I was not going to ask Tanya to get off me, a hurt look appeared on Erica’s face. Tanya seemed to recognize it too, and at that moment, she smiled at Erica, turned halfway around, and kissed me. I kissed her back. We made out for about a minute before pulling apart. There was absolute silence in the room. Finally, Erica stood up and announced that she was leaving. Tanya giggled.

“Do you want to come home with me?” Erica looked into my eyes and asked pleadingly.

Tanya put her hand on my chest and whispered, “Stay here with me,” seductively in my ear.

I was really torn at that point. I did have real feelings for Erica and was horrified at the humiliation I was putting her through by being a part of what Tanya was doing. However, Tanya’s hold on me was too strong to resist.

“I—I want to hang out for a while,” were all the words I could muster.

Erica turned her back and left. I never saw her again. Tanya’s mood lifted visibly as she relished her victory and, perhaps, I wondered, the pain she had caused Erica. Tanya was now very turned on, and she asked to go to my room. I led her out of the living room down the corridor to my room while the others sat there in absolute silence, stunned by what they had just witnessed.

Upon entering my room, Tanya immediately disrobed. Her body was amazing. Enormous breasts with large nipples sprung out from underneath her top as she pulled it off. She pulled down her skirt and panties revealing shapely legs and a completely waxed pussy. For lack of a better way to describe it, she looked like a sex goddess—the human incarnation of feminine lust and carnal power. I was mesmerized and yet apprehensive. A part of my mind was worried that I would not be able to please her. On the other hand, I knew that she was physically far superior to me. My cock began to alternate between extreme arousal from her beauty and softening from my reflections on my own inadequacy when compared to her. I took off my clothes, and without even looking at me, she led me to my bed and gave me a gentle push down.

I laid on my back as Tanya straddled me. She grabbed my cock from underneath her, positioned it at the opening of her pussy, and sat down. The feeling of entering such a beautiful woman is pure bliss. I could feel her warmth and wetness as she slid up and down on my cock. Occasionally she would rise up too far off my cock, and it would slip out of her forcing her to reposition it again. This happened several times, and I began to wonder if she was used to much bigger men. I started to feel insecure, and although I have a normal-sized cock, I thought maybe it wasn’t enough for a woman like Tanya. This was the first time I had felt the combination of pleasure and insecurity, a madness-inducing cocktail that would be a permanent part of my relationship with Tanya.

Eventually lust won out and I came deep into Tanya as she rode me. After my cock stopped twitching inside her, she dismounted me. She clearly had not yet cum or even really seemed to enjoy it. I was expecting some cuddling until I recovered for the second round, but instead, she just laid down beside me. Without saying a word, she grabbed my flaccid cock and began to stretch it out to its full length as if to examine it. She repeated this several times as if to reach the definitive conclusion that there was no more to it. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. I had never thought of myself as having a small cock, a belief I had felt was justified based on casual glances around the locker room at other guys in the past. Yet now I believed that I had one. I believed that because Tanya clearly believed it, and I recognized her superiority over me.

Tanya contemptuously dropped my cock and instructed, “I’m going to show you how to please a woman.”

She sat up on my bed and spread her legs. I could see my cum leaking out across her engorged labia and running down her thigh onto the bed.

“Lick me,” she ordered.

While I had gone down on girls in the past, I had never done so after her pussy was filled with my cum. I found the prospect of this both exciting and repulsive. While I relished the thought of tasting her pussy, my lust was mitigated by the thought of having to eat my own cum in the process. However, my primary objective at this point was to please Tanya, so I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began to eat her out. The flavor of our combined fluids nearly overwhelmed my sense of taste. It was a mix of her spicy and sour wetness and my salty and bitter cum. It was definitely not my favorite taste, but I forced myself to do a thorough job on her despite this.

This sacrifice brought Tanya obvious pleasure as she began to moan for the first time. I could sense her getting wetter as she suddenly grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pushed my face hard against her pussy.

“You know, your little friend Erica was going to give herself to you tonight. Your friends told me so,” she said in a soft but cruel tone.

My stomach sank. One of the reasons that I had chosen Tanya was the apparent offer of immediate sex with her versus the prospect of another night of no sex with Erica. If I had known that Erica was going to let me have her that night, I might have made a different decision. Unfortunately, Tanya had known this and used the information to her advantage and later on as a means to hurt me. I started to question what I was doing there, but being young, I had already started to get aroused again, and I had a beautiful woman there in front of me. I decided to make the best of the situation, and after a brief pause, I kept licking her pussy.

“I really enjoyed breaking you two up. It got me so horny,” she continued sensing my internal conflict.

“Are you glad I did it?” Tanya asked.

I lifted my mouth off her pussy and, without any hesitation, replied, “yes.”

At the time, I was unsure why I answered in the affirmative so readily. I had been used and tricked. I think somewhere deep down, and I recognized that Tanya had helped me. She had gotten me out of the rut of normal, boring life and had placed me on a new, exciting and unpredictable path with her as my guide. It was clear that this path would be laden with humiliation and pain but also with unimaginable pleasure and lust. Tanya would guide me, putting herself and her interests first but also looking out for me as long as she had need of me. My job was to make sure that she always had the need of me. In this particular instance, that need was to make her cum. So I kept eating her even more deeply and sensuously than I had before. After a few more minutes, she moaned loudly, and I could feel her body shudder as she achieved orgasm. Afterwards, we both drifted off to sleep without exchanging many words.

After that night, Tanya and I began dating. This was universally opposed by all my friends, even my guy friends. The guys understood how I could be seduced into sleeping with her, even at the expense of my relationship with Erica. They understood it, even if they would not have made the same choice themselves, as Tanya was beautiful. However, nobody understood why I would want to be in a relationship with her after what she had done. Despite their admonishments, I persisted and fell even more deeply in love with Tanya. I dreaded the idea of being separated from her after graduation, so I invited her to join me in the city where my new job was located. She agreed, and we relocated to our new city and rented an apartment together.

Over the course of the next couple of months, I got to know Tanya much better. She was nearly insatiable in bed, often demanding sex several times a day. Despite all the sex, I seemed to never be able to make her cum through intercourse. Inevitably, I would need to finish her off using a combination of her obscenely large dildo and my tongue, often at the same time. While most women are modest about their sexual pasts, Tanya would brag about hers. She said that she had slept with at least 40 people, men, and women. She would often describe other guys’ cocks and provide details about their sexual relationships with her, including how they pleased her where I had failed. Tanya was also an avaricious spender with a taste for the finer things in life. I frequently bought her jewelry, took her to the best restaurants, and we traveled abroad regularly. It also became obvious that Tanya had a cruel, even somewhat sadistic, side. This was evidenced by the circumstances under which we met but also by a large number of other assorted events. For example, she would often laugh out loud when she saw someone else get hurt. On one occasion, a girl walking with her boyfriend had slipped on the ice and landed hard on her ass. Tanya burst out laughing, which almost led to a physical altercation between the girl’s boyfriend and me.

The question in the mind of many would-be, why did I stay with her? The answer is complex, but here is my simple explanation. Tanya made me feel alive. While I was introverted and worked in a profession that prioritized logic over emotion, Tanya was the complete opposite. She was completely unrestrained emotion. She was full of an insatiable passion for sex, ambition, power, and life. Being around her was intoxicating. I needed her to make me whole, so I proposed to her, and she accepted.

We were married in Hawaii, and our married life continued on pretty much the same as our dating life had been until we were a year into our marriage. Nothing had changed on the surface, but Tanya had clearly decided to take our marriage in a different direction. I don’t know if she was tired of my inability to satisfy her in bed, if she was just bored, or if she wanted to hurt me, but she decided to make her loving husband a cuckold. Secrecy was essential to her plan. She didn’t want to ask me how I felt about it. She didn’t want to start slowly and build up to it, leaving me little hints along the way. Instead, she wanted it done in a brazen style so that she could experience the pleasure of seeing the look on my face and the exhilaration of breaking social norms, our marriage vows, and my heart.

The plan came to fruition one Friday night in October. It was the day of our one-year anniversary. Tanya had insisted on going out dancing. I was reluctant because I disliked dancing. For one thing, I was introverted and didn’t like making a show of myself. For another, I was truly bad at dancing. I tried to suggest some other activity, but she insisted, and I capitulated. When Tanya finally emerged after getting ready, she looked stunning but unusually slutty. Rather than her designer outfits, she had opted for a tightly fitting t-shirt which she quite obviously was not wearing a bra underneath as her nipples poked out against the material. She had on a very short black leather skirt which revealed the bottom part of her ass underneath the hem. I couldn’t tell if she had any panties on, but it was only a g-string if she did. She wore black leather boots that rose almost to her knees with heels that seemed too long to be practical for dancing. She had obviously spent a lot of time on her hair and makeup, and I could detect an unusually strong aroma of perfume.

“How do I look, baby?” She asked as she spun around.

“Um, wow, terrific,” I hesitantly but honestly replied.

“If you were a big, muscular guy with a huge cock would you be able to resist the urge to fuck me?” Tanya asked.

I resented the stinging question and its obvious implications. But, at the same time, seeing her looking and behaving like that turned me on.

“No chance,” I tentatively offered.

“Good. Then you had better not get in their way,” she said as she giggled and went back into the bedroom.

It may sound naive, but I still had no idea what was going to happen that night. I just assumed Tanya was in one of her moods. Once she had finished getting ready, we got into the car and started driving, although Tanya would not give me the address of the destination. She said she didn’t know the exact address but would give me directions as we drove along. As we were driving, we left the neighborhoods that I was familiar with and entered a part of town that was markedly more downscale. Liquor stores, bail bonds shops, and massage parlors dotted the landscape. Even the streetlights seemed somehow dimmer in that part of town. Unsure if we were lost, I asked Tanya if she was sure we were headed in the right direction. She confirmed that we were and told me that we were almost there. Tanya began gesturing at a rundown-looking club on the other side of the street and informed me that it was the club she was looking for. The looks of the place appeared to cater to a very downmarket segment of the country or even the biker market. I asked her if she was sure, and she replied that she was and that the place was nicer on the inside. I wondered how she knew what that place was like inside, but I decided to drop the question, and I parked the car.

We walked across the street and entered the club. It was, in fact, nicer on the inside than it had been on the outside, as Tanya claimed, but it still appeared dirty and smelled of stale beer. Inside was a motley mix of people. The men tended to be big and relatively unkempt, appearing to be employed in manual labor occupations if employed at all. The crowd inside stared at us appraisingly as we entered. I noticed immediately that I looked completely out of place, wearing a dress shirt tucked into khaki dress pants and wingtips. Before I could feel too uncomfortable, Tanya entered. All eyes immediately fell on her. The men leered at her while the women eyed her suspiciously and then turned away in mock rebuke.

“What the hell are we doing here?” I wondered to myself.

“It’ll be fun,” Tanya spoke up, sensing my confusion and apprehension.

“Go get us a table,” she insisted.

I made my way over to one of the tables and sat down as Tanya walked over to the bar to order drinks. I surveyed the place. There was indeed a place for dancing, although nobody was on the floor. Instead, most of the guys were playing pool or darts on the far side of the dance floor. The record machine was playing a strange combination of classic rock and old country songs. The idea of dancing alone on the floor with my wife in such surroundings filled me with a sense of dread. I was actually concerned that I would get attacked or driven out of place.

As I stood up and gathered the resolve to insist we leave, Tanya and a waitress approached the table with two pitchers of beer and two glasses. Tanya poured us both tall glasses of beer, and I eased into the surroundings as I put down one, two, then three beers. I had relaxed, but I was aware that one of the guys playing pool had been keenly eyeing my wife. He was a big guy, standing about 6’3″ and being at least 200 pounds. He had large, heavily muscled arms which were completely covered by tattoos. He wore an old green army surplus button shirt that had the sleeves cut off at the shoulders. He wore tight black pants with a belt buckle and work boots. All in all, he looked unpleasant and dangerous. Definitely, someone you don’t fuck with. Even his buddies seemed to understand this and treat him with a kind of deference that probably must be earned among that crowd. I noticed that Tanya had been eyeing him back and gave him a gentle smile right in front of me.

Tanya then turned to me, “I really want to dance now. I know that you don’t want to, but let me have some fun. You can watch me,” she said as she smiled at me.

Tanya got up, and I noticed that there was eye contact between her and this other man as she did so. I saw her smile at him as she walked to the dance floor. The other man promptly handed his pool cue to one of his friends and walked out to meet my wife. A new song was just starting, some kind of slow, whiny old country song. The man took my wife in his arms, and they began to dance.

She looked so small in his arms. He held her tightly, and she obviously enjoyed it. She was smiling a lot at him, and she even got the sullen brute to smile back at her. Taking this as a sign, she began to exhibit a set of behaviors that I had come to recognize. She flipped her hair, licked her lips, and began to whisper softly to him while holding his gaze and smiling. This was the same set of mannerisms that Tanya had used on me that night we met all those years ago. My wife was flirting with this man. He responded by running his hand down my wife’s side, catching the side of her breast before it came to rest on her hip. Tanya smiled in approval and moved in even close so that their pelvises were completely touching and her breasts were pushed up against his chest. The man moved his hand from my wife’s hip to her ass and visibly squeezed it. Tanya looked up at him and smiled, parting her lips slightly.

I was overcome with a mixture of emotions, so much so that I felt myself physically shaking. There was this strange man groping my wife in front of me, and she was enjoying and even encouraging it. They both knew that I was sitting feet away and watching them. I felt the rage that any husband would feel when seeing something like that. On the other hand, watching Tanya behave in such a sexual and seductive manner was turning me on a little. I was torn between wanting to attack the guy, which probably would have ended badly for me, and being transfixed by my wife’s magnetic sexuality. I had mental images of her nipples hardening against his chest and of her pussy growing wet as he groped her ass. She was my sex goddess, and she needed to be satisfied, after all. Perhaps out of this arousal or perhaps because I knew that a physical confrontation with this man was futile, I simply sat there watching them.

The man moved my wife in front of him to shield the view of his buddies back at the pool tables which were watching them. He clearly had something in mind. Tanya now had her back to the wall, but between her and the wall was our little table where I was sitting. Having achieved some minor degree of privacy, the man lifted up her skirt on one side and rubbed her naked ass. At that point, my question as to whether or not she had worn panties was answered. She had not. She had obviously planned on this happening and was ready. His big hand cupped, squeezed, and kneaded my wife’s naked ass. Tanya looked up at him pleadingly, and he lowered his mouth to hers, and they kissed. I could partially see his tongue entering my wife’s mouth and hers entering his as their heads tilted to the side. I could feel a growing sensation in my pants as my cock began to harden. Part of me hoped he liked the way my wife tasted. I hope she liked the way he tasted. At that moment, I saw the man’s middle finger slide up and enter my wife’s pussy. She broke away from the kiss, gently bit her lip, and put her head on the man’s chest as he finger fucked her in front of me. Her obvious pleasure sent a thrill through me. Her ass began to push back against his fingers as he inserted a second one into her. She was clearly enjoying this more than any intercourse that I had with her. Abruptly, she pulled his hand out of her, pulled her skirt back down, took him by the hand, and led him off to the back part of the club without so much as even looking back at me. They disappeared around the corner and out of sight. The guy’s buddies started laughing and hooting, but they remained over by the pool tables.

I sat there alone at the table, wondering what to do. Although I had been immeasurably jealous, I had to admit that I enjoyed the show. When they were on the dance floor, I had felt some imagined degree of control. Things could only go so far as they were in public, after all. I could see them, so I felt I could intervene if I needed to, even if that was not practical in reality. When they left, I lost the feeling of being a participant, and everything entered the realm of the unknown. I contemplated going after them but was afraid of being attacked by the much larger man. I was also afraid that Tanya would choose to be with him over me when confronted with the choice. The similarity of this dilemma to the one I faced when I chose Tanya over Erica was not lost on me. At the same time, I was her husband and needed to make sure she was alright. He could be beating or raping her for all I knew. I sat there for a moment and then followed the path they had taken to the club’s back.

When I went around the corner at the back of the club, there was only one thing there: the restroom. I entered very quietly, not letting the door behind me clank shut and muffling the sound of my shoes on the tile floor. There was a privacy wall directly in front of the door to prevent people walking by from seeing inside when the door was opened and closed. I crept up along the edge of this wall and slowly stuck my head out around the corner to look inside the restroom. Nobody was at the urinals, but there was a large handicap-accessible stall against the far wall. The door was swung wide open. I couldn’t see the guy as he was further back in the stall and shielded by the metal stall wall. However, in front of him and visible through the open door was my wife. She was on her knees on the filthy bathroom floor with her lips around the tip of an enormous cock. She was licking and sucking his cock much more slowly and sensuously than would be necessary to just get him off. She was making gentle purring sounds as she slid her mouth and tongue up and down his long shaft. At first, I was puzzled. Tanya almost never sucked my dick as she said she didn’t enjoy it. Then, it dawned on me that she did enjoy sucking cock, just not my cock. She needs a big, meaty cock worthy of her mouth. I watched her work her magic, and I found myself hoping that the guy was enjoying my wife and that he knew how special he was to get this attention from her.

I saw a hand come to rest on the top of my wife’s head, and she took her lips off his cock. The guy muttered something that was unintelligible, and my wife assented in a sultry tone. She moved further into the stall with the guy, and there was some obvious repositioning happening. When they had settled, I saw through the bottom of the stall that her legs were now over and behind his legs, and his legs were now underneath her ass. She had mounted him. I began to watch more closely now as I could see the back of her head rise and fall and her long blond hair shake as she rode this stranger’s big cock.

I listened intently but was unable to see much as they made love. After a while, I was overcome with the urge to see more. I moved out from my vantage point and made my way over to the stall. I peaked my head inside and was rewarded with a view of Tanya bouncing up and down on this stranger’s cock, which was glistening from a combination of his precum and my wife’s wetness. As Tanya rode him, she must have detected my movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and looked at me as she continued to ride his cock. Our eyes met, but there was nothing behind hers as if she was in a daze. Gradually, a cruel smirk began to form across her face. Her chest began to expand as her breathing became heavier. I enjoyed watching her big breasts capped with pointy nipples flop around as she held my gaze while riding this stranger. Suddenly, she turned bright red and began to shake. She gasped and sunk her nails into the stranger’s hips as she climaxed. Jealousy overwhelmed me as I recalled that I had never brought my wife to orgasm through intercourse. It then dawned on me that my wife had certainly enjoyed this stranger’s much larger cock, but it was getting caught by and humiliating her loving husband that had pushed her over the edge to orgasm.

My wife kept riding the stranger, and I watched as his big balls tightened up and his virile cock began to visibly throb as he emptied his load into her. I watched in a mixture of panic and ecstasy as she let a complete stranger cum in her after unprotected sex. Despite my reservations, I did enjoy watching her act like a slut. Reluctantly, I began to realize that I also enjoyed having her humiliate me like this. My wife was a cruel woman and a slut, but I loved her even more for it. I could never have had such feelings for a boring, vanilla housewife. I was attracted to women who were cruel and abusive, and I desired that treatment from them. My cock began to harden in my pants. Let me revise that. My small cock began to harden in my pants. Compared to this man, I was small. Tanya was right. I needed to start seeing myself the way that I actually was. That is what Tanya wanted. Degrading me is what turned her on. I wanted to turn her on anyway I could. A tiny drop of precum began to well at the tip of my little mushroom head as my wife stood up and dismounted the guy. I could see his cum at the entrance to her slit, and I began to rub myself through my pants.

The guy stood up, pulled up his boxer shorts and began to fasten his pants and belt buckle when he noticed he.

“What the fuck? You fucking little shit,” he growled.

He began to approach me in a very menacing way, and it was clear he intended to strike me for having the audacity to spy on him. I looked over at Tanya, expecting her to say something and intervene in the situation, but instead, she got out of his way and stood against the wall with an excited smile on her face. My mind was racing in a panic as I struggled to figure out how to diffuse the situation and avoid a fight that I was sure to lose. Finally, I looked at him and said the first thing that came to my mind.

“I hope you enjoyed my wife. Thank you for fucking her,” I managed to say as a peace offering.

The man stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me with a confused expression on his face.

“As a matter of fact, I did. Next time don’t watch. Pervert,” he barked back at me as he forcibly pushed me out of his way and exited the restroom.

My wife, seemingly a little disappointed at the way the situation was resolved, made her way over to me. She lifted up her skirt, showing me her pussy and his cum which had begun to leak out of it. She slowly ran her index finger through her pussy lips, extracting a glob of the stranger’s cum. Looking into my eyes, she brought it to her lips and licked it clean. Then, she leaned into me and kissed me. As our lips met, I could feel her transfer the stranger’s cum into my mouth and smear it around with her tongue. He tasted very salty and bitter. Satisfied she had accomplished her goal and being uninterested in sharing a romantic moment with me, she ended the kiss.

She leaned into my ear and whispered, “Never mind what he said. You WILL watch me as I fuck better, stronger men from now on. You will watch me. You will yearn for me. But you will not have me. You aren’t man enough. You will only watch. I might occasionally offer you a sticky treat if you are obedient, though.”

My wife walked out of the restroom, and I followed her. As we made our way through the club, a chorus of jeers and laughs came from the corner that housed the pool tables where Tanya’s new lover and his friends were. Tanya looked back at the stranger briefly, smiled at him, turned back around, and walked out the door. I followed. When we got to the car, I unlocked the door on her side, opened it, and let her in. I walked around the car, got in the driver’s side, and we proceeded to drive back to our home without saying much of anything.

When we arrived back home, I opened my wife’s door to let her out, and as she exited, I noticed that some of her new lover’s cum had leaked out of her and pooled on my car seat. I began to reach for a tissue to wipe it up when Tanya stopped me.

“No! Leave it there,” she ordered.

I looked at her in confusion.

“I want you to leave it there. Let it dry. Never try to clean it. I want it to be a permanent reminder of this night. Every time you get into your car, you will remember how I cuckolded you on our anniversary,” she explained.

“Okay,” I quietly muttered in response while looking at the ground.

Tanya reached back and slapped me hard across my face. I was stunned by the fact that she had struck me in the first place and was equally stunned by how hard she had done it. I looked up at her with a look of shock on my stinging face.

“What did you say?” She demanded.

“Yes, ma’am. His cum will be a good reminder,” I replied clearly to her this time.

She turned her back on me, and I followed her into our house and up to our bedroom. Upon reaching the bedroom, my wife removed the small amount of clothing that she had worn out that night. I stared at her beautiful, naked body with lust.

“Take your clothes off,” she ordered curtly as she turned and walked over to the bed.

I complied, and she looked me up and down with disdain. Then, she grabbed my fully erect cock with her thumb and index finger the way you would pick up a small piece of something off the floor.

“There is nothing I can do with this tiny thing,” she exclaimed in exasperation as she let it drop.

Tanya moved her hand down and firmly grasped my balls. She looked me in the eyes and began to squeeze, watching my changing expression with a predatory lust. As I grimaced, her smile and the pressure she was exerting both grew. When I finally thought I couldn’t take it anymore and would pass out or throw up, she released me. I fell down at her feet as she laughed and fingered herself.

“I am not your wife anymore. You will never penetrate me again. You are my slave now. You will call me Mistress. This is my house now. Your money is my money. You will obey me in all things, or you will be severely punished,” Tanya explained.

“Yes, Mistress,” I affirmed.

Tanya spits on her wedding ring, pulled it off her finger, and dropped it to the ground in front of me.

“This signifies nothing. You are nothing. This is just a piece of jewelry. I will wear it as a toe ring,” she said.

I picked up her wedding ring and fit it onto one of her toes.

“Get onto the bed,” Tanya ordered.

I immediately obeyed. As I laid down on my back, Tanya climbed up on the bed and, positioning her pussy over my mouth, sat down on my face.

“Eat his cum out of me. Then, if you miss even one drop, I’m going to whip you with one of your belts until your ass bleeds,” she threatened.

I ate Tanya’s pussy with intensity and focused I had never mustered before. I cleaned her new lover’s cum off her inner thighs, licked it off her pussy lips, and scooped it out from deep within her using my tongue like a little shovel. I even sucked his dried cum off her pubic hair. Even if I had never seen this man, I could tell from the taste of his cum that he was much stronger and more potent than I was. I enjoyed watching him fuck my wife, and I felt grateful for being allowed to clean him off her. I savored every taste of my wife’s pussy and every drop of his cum.

As I was eating her pussy, Tanya was increasing her enjoyment by verbally humiliating me. She told me how pathetic I was and how she had never really loved me. She told me how she hated my friends and family and was relieved that she would no longer have to pretend to like them. She made fun of my tiny cock and accused me of being a closet homosexual for taking such pleasure in eating another man’s cum. As she neared climax, she sunk her nails into my upper thighs and raked them up to my body all the way to my chest with such force that angry, bright red lines appeared in their wake. She shuddered as she rubbed her pussy all over my face, finally achieving orgasm.

Once she had caught her breath, Tanya got up off me and ordered me to go to the closet to sleep. I was no longer deserving of the bed if I ever was. I obeyed.

As Tanya turned out the lamp next to the bed, she paused for a second before laying down to sleep.

“Are you glad you married me?” She asked with a cruel sarcasm and a little laughter.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied and meant it from the bottom of my heart.

The End.


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