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By Our Readers


Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had a hospital encounter…

I am in the hospital, just recovering from a right total shoulder replacement. I am wearing an only open back hospital gown and a right shoulder immobilizer. My right arm is temporarily paralyzed from a brachial plexus nerve block. I peed on my hospital gown. My wife took off my gown and was trying to redress with a clean gown when 2 nurses came into the room. I am standing completely naked, and my wife is fumbling, trying to get the new gown. She can’t because the shoulder immobilizer is in the way. My flaccid hairless penis is even smaller due to the general anesthesia. The nurses give me a smirky smile as they both stare at my teenie weenie. I am completely humiliated outed and need their help. They walk over to my wife, and I am surrounded by 3 adult women trying to put my clothes. Later my wife tells me the look on my face was priceless. She can’t wait to recreate this as a sex scene. She plans to get a nursing costume, a hospital for me, put me in a shoulder sling, and maybe add panties. I won the door prize.


While this reader is outed at the pool…

When I was a teenager, I was enrolled in swimming classes at a local club. There I became acquainted with a boy, F, and a girl, T. I always felt embarrassed about being naked near strangers so I always carefully avoided exposing myself, being pretty quick with the towel and my clothes after showering in the changing room after class. F asked me casually once if I was ashamed of nudity due to how I avoided it, but he was just a bit curious and thought nothing of it. At that point, I had noticed how small I was compared to him and everyone else, so it was another factor playing into my prudishness. I also avoided staying out of the pool in my swimming trunks for long because my lack of a bulge was also getting to me.

Well, it happened that several times at the beginning of the classes, I lost balance while trying to stay afloat or tiptoe at the bottom of the pool. As I tilted back, I’d raise my leg to try and gain balance, and it often resulted in brushing against T by accident, but at one point, she claimed I was a perv since my foot would bump around her crotch area. I swore to her I wasn’t doing it on purpose, but one day before class, it happened again, and she got sick of it, grabbed my foot, and tugging it, causing me to dip and swallow/breathe some water. Then, while I was still a bit disoriented, she pulled me over to an edge of the pool and started feeling my crotch.

“How do YOU like it when someone does this to you?” she asked, and suddenly smirked, noting: “Wow, you’re pretty flat down there, it’s almost like I’m feeling a girl! Guess that explains how F told me that you’re embarrassed about being nude in the changing room. And don’t think I haven’t noticed your lack of a bulge compared to F!” she said, triumphantly giggling while I turned red. “Come with me,” said T with a devilish grin. I said no, but she threatened to tell the teacher I had been a perv and touched her. Then, she took me behind the bathroom area, where there was no one else around. “Show it to me,” she said. “I wanna know how small it is,” I begged her to let me go, but again she threatened to tell the teacher. She then said she’d give me a choice: “Either you show me, or you stop covering yourself in the shower room and let F see it. I’ll ask him later if you’re still shy in the changing room. So, what will it be?”

Grinding my teeth in mental agony, I lowered my trunks during what felt like an eternity in expectation of my imminent humiliation. Now picture a lanky teenager who had his growth spurts but who still had a little boy’s dick with no hair, and add the shrinkage caused by wetness from the pool and the cold sensation of being outside while wet – she saw my shriveled, skinny little cock barely poking out with the foreskin closed making a short tip that in itself seemed as long as the “meaty” part of my dick. She immediately bent over, laughing and slapping her thigh with one hand and pointing at my crotch with the other hand.

“This is too good,” she said after recovering from a good long minute of laughter, “I knew a perv like you just had to be tiny. By the way, if you ever touch me like that again, I’m telling the other girls just how small and pathetic your little babydick is. In fact, I’ll tell one of them for every time you do it.”

After that, I wisened up and avoided staying close enough to touch her in the pool until I learned to keep my balance, but when no one else was looking, she would sometimes turn to me and make a small penis sign with her hand and putting her other hand over her mouth, making a fake surprise face to bring back the memory.


And this reader is teased by his older sister…

A bit of a prelude to the story.

I was nineteen, and my older sister, by nearly two years, and her young son came to live with me after she split from her husband. We’ll call sis Sue. At the time, I was dating an adventurous woman named Marge. We had shared stories of our sex lives as I loved to hear about her experiences. I had shared her with a friend and a stranger, not at the same time. We had done other fun things, but that might be for another time. I’m definitely part of the small dick club. Back then, it measured about 5 inches and now, less than four and a half. Maybe closer to four.

Of course, Marge knew I had a little dick, and she had grudgingly admitted she thought it was small. However, she knew I was fascinated by big dicks, (isn’t everyone) and loved hearing about and watching her fuck bigger ones. My sister, of course, knew nothing about my curiosities. Even though I had a small dick, I was always an exhibitionist. I loved playing doctor as a child and “accidentally” being seen. In my teens and early adulthood, I was always the first one that recommended strip poker and had played many times. That’s enough prelude.

Sue and I had really done nothing sexual since before either of us started growing hair. Just the stuff you do with a close sibling while you are discovering things. So Sue and her son moved into my apartment. It was a three-bedroom townhouse, and while it wasn’t a great apartment, it was big and cheap. I had the master. Sue had the room right across from me, in fact, our doors faced each other, and her child was down the hall in the smallest room.

I always slept nude with the door open, and Sue had her door open to see her child. She, of course, could see me anytime I walked to the bathroom, and I was naked with a little soft dick or a little hard dick. Of course, she never walked into my room and talked to me while I was naked or anything like that, but I knew she had seen my little dick numerous times just as I had seen her in her panties and bra, getting ready for work.

One weekend night, Marge was over, probably going to spend the night as that was common. Marge and I were probably on one kind of drug or another, I don’t really remember, but recreational drugs were fun then. We were drinking, and Sue was home for a change.

Sue wasn’t much of a drinker, but she is one to follow a crowd and drank a bunch that night, as did we. Sue had married too young because of getting pregnant and had divorced because she cheated on her husband. So somehow, we got on that subject, and she was talking about that. Not exactly how it got beyond pg rated, or else I don’t remember, but she said that “Bill,” the guy she cheated with, was the first time she had an orgasm with a guy, then looking right at me, she said, and he had the smallest dick I’ve been with while giving me an all-knowing look.

Then Sue gave a nervous laugh, and then Marge gave a nervous laugh, then they both started laughing like hell. I’m sure I was so embarrassed that I was purple. I was very humiliated at the time, but I couldn’t act mad, or then I would be claiming what she had openly, intentionally sent my way. I do not remember anything else along that storyline happening the rest of the evening. Marge later denied that it was an intentional thing by Sue but finally admitted that Sue had told her that she said it for my benefit because she had seen how small I was. Marge was embarrassed for me but couldn’t help laughing, and I’m about to beat off over it nearly forty years later.


This reader hates his soft size…

Many guys have SPH fetish because of their small size when erect, but there are far more chances for guys with very small soft cocks to be humiliated. I have been laughed at in restaurant bathrooms many times. When I was 17, a middle-aged black man in a restaurant bathroom burst into laughter and shouted, “He got a little dick!”.

A few years ago, when I was in the hospital, an Asian male nurse laughed at it when he was changing my hospital gown.

Maybe I have made things worse by not even holding my penis when I use a bathroom urinal, and I’m probably giving away how small it is to anyone looking. It is just that my soft penis is barely a nub. So I push forward my pelvis and point the nub in the right direction without ever having to touch my penis.

I’m close to 5 inches when erect, so that’s OK, but for the rest of my life, I’m walking around with a baby penis down there. I also feel like there’s no bulge in the groin area of my pants, and I can think of once or twice when a group of boys pointed at my groin and laughed, and they were probably laughing over that.


While this reader has a difficult medical examination…

I have a fresh one. I had a medical examination for work. There is nothing special, but there is a point when I had to undress – not fully naked but underwear. The nurse was actually a very attractive young woman in her twenties. She checked my weight, height, blood pressure, etc., and then she started with the questioner. At some point, there was a question (really unexpected) if I have any moles or skin changes on my body. I have a mole on my upper thigh right next to my balls. This got me really stressed. She said she needs to see it and asked me to pull down my shorts. I was standing there naked, and she was squatting in front of me. She was so close I could feel her warm breath on my tiny cock. I shrunk so much, and there was less than an inch of foreskin out. That was super embarrassing. She said that she needs me to lie down on the bed to see it better. She looked at the mole for some time, and then she said she needs a doctor to take a look, and she’ll be right back with me. I was there on the bed, fully naked, waiting. I have never been humiliated like that ever before. She came back after a few moments with another older lady in her 40’s and the moment they walked in, and I could tell they’ve been laughing outside. She just looked at it and said that I should get that removed. The nurse told me that I can get dressed now.


This reader found it’s better to serve…

So I’m a pretty in shape attractive guy, but all of my relationships fail because of tiny useless dick. I fall for girls pretty easily and am very attracted to women, but I’ve completely accepted size matters, and that’s the way things are. Instead of being insecure and upset all the time like I was, I realized it’s just how life is and that I shouldn’t fuck any more girls as much as I want to because not only am I tiny, but I can barely get hard. It’s not fair to make a poor lady deal with a tiny limp in her sexual prime, lol. Then I finally decided that since I can’t satisfy a girl, I decided I could still be sexually useful by being on my knees serving real cocks that can be a show of submission and acceptance like bowing before a king. I finally got the courage to suck someone, and I absolutely LOVED it. I’m addicted to sucking dick and feel it’s my destiny in life. I would love to tell my story, share my pics and all the videos of me sucking, and I have one of me getting fucked!. Don’t be afraid to be mean if you want too I love exposing guys like me to brutally honest girls who love watching beta guys submit to alpha man and ones who are honest about how bad my dick is.


Another reader experiences vicarious SPH…

Some women at work were all laughing today. When I asked what about, they wouldn’t tell me at first. One of them, I’ll call her Linda, does sewing. There’s some website where people put up reviews of dress-making patterns. Who knew this stuff existed? Anyway, a guy posted something about underwear he’d made, and he was complaining that the pattern was too big in the crotch, and he had to make it smaller so they fit properly. They made jokes about how he must have a small dick. It was really humiliating to hear them talk like that because I have a little dick, and I couldn’t help blush. I kind of had to laugh along with them at this guy to keep my secret. It was humiliating but also hot.


This reader shrinks his down to get the look…

I’ve come with some new ideas today. All day long, I’ve texted my wife that I am horny and we’ll have some fun in the evening. She was watching TV and went to get a shower. My plan was to use cold water so my little friend would get even smaller. After 10 min flush with icy water, I was quite satisfied with the results. I went to the bedroom, and on my way, I told her I am ready. She replied that she wants to see the rest of that TV show and join me in 15 min. As I have some more time, I have realized I could do better, and I opened the window. Before she joined me, I was naked on the bed for about 20 min. It shrunk so much I was really surprised. Balls were all in, there was basically nothing left of them, and my penis was just a 1cm foreskin sticking out. When she walked in and looked at me, she was shocked. I could tell for the very first time that there was something odd about her facial expression. She looked actually sad and really disappointed. I asked her if she’s ready for some fun, and she didn’t even look at me and said that she’s not in the mood now and we’ll do it another time. She just left after saying this. I haven’t ever seen that face before, and I think something broke in her.


Another reader is outed playing strip poker…

I wound up playing strip “never have I ever” at a friend’s place on Halloween. There were six of us, including me, two girls, four guys, and we’d all been doing shots and taking bong hits all night. The way we played it was if you were the odd one out, you had to take off an article of clothing. I was dressed as a Spartan, the 300 kinds, and all I had on was a cape, this fake leather underwear/skirt thing, and sandals, so I was starting behind everyone else.

At first, a couple of the other guys and I were deliberately coming up with “never have I ever”s that men were more likely to have done to try and get the girls naked first. It sort of worked, one of them was dressed as Wonder Woman, and she was topless pretty quick. The other was dressed as Beetlejuice and had a full three-piece suit on, so she had a big advantage.

Not long after that, though, I lost my cape and the sandals one after the other and was down to just the leather boxers…loincloth…thing. I held onto that long enough for Wonder Woman and one of the other guys to end up naked, but a few rounds later, I was the odd one out and had to give up my underwear thing.

I tried to be funny about it, flexing and clowning around as I stood up to take it off, maybe trying to lessen the blow, like maybe if I act like a jackass they’ll get distracted by that and won’t notice so much that I have the dick of a middle schooler. Well, they noticed. Nobody commented on its size directly but based on their reactions, and they didn’t really need to. The Wonder Woman girl was looking right at my dick and laughing so hard we were worried she might wake up the neighbors or something. The Beetlejuice girl was laughing herself as she tried to shush the other girl. The guys have all seen it before, at the gym and shit, so this wasn’t a surprise or anything, but they were still giggling. It didn’t help that the other guy who was already naked had a much bigger dick, making mine look even smaller by comparison.

As I said, nobody said anything to me explicitly about it…But around 3 in the morning, after everybody had left, the Beetlejuice girl posted a picture of a fun-sized tootsie roll between her fingers on her Snapchat story with the caption “saw the smallest dick of all time tonight” and a peanut emoji. FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS, all I’ve thought about is how many people might have asked her who it was attached to and how many she might have told.


While this reader gets drunk and has an incident…

The first time I got drunk, my good buddy Pat had been feeding me drinks all night. Now, Pat and I had been friends for a long time. We were on the same basketball team, so I had seen his cock before. He was very well hung, probably 6 inches soft. I’m 1-1.5 inches soft (I’m a grow-er, Bronze Member when I’m hard).

Anyways I get super drunk while at a small party at another friend’s house. There are maybe 25 people there, including Pat’s smoking hot girlfriend, Jasmine. I, of course, start to get sick as I just drank a load of alcohol and have zero-tolerance. Being the good friend he is, Pat takes me to the master bathroom and tries to clean me up. We were both young, so he gets worried I’m throwing up so much. He suggests I hop in the shower to “sober up” (it doesn’t really work like that, but hey, he was doing his best).

I drunkenly protest a bit, as I knew I was small but wasn’t into sph really at that point in my life. Finally, he convinces me to take my clothes off and that he would stand outside in the bedroom. So I strip off and have my tiny nub hanging out(well, not really hanging, more resting lightly on my balls, which are quite large and make my soft cock seem even smaller). I start showering, and I hear some voices. I realize Jasmine has come into the room, probably looking for Pat as he had been gone a while. I overhear them talking, and I assume he is telling her what is going on.

I hear her laugh and say, “Oh, poor guy, can’t handle his liquor, I guess.” Then she says, “So, he’s in the shower right now?”

Pat affirms, and so she peeks her head in. I’m too drunk to react quickly, and she makes eye contact then looks straight down at my small soft dick. She pulls her head back around the corner, and I can hear her laughing super hard.

She says something like, “Oh my God, he’s totally naked,” and, “I can’t believe he’s so much smaller than you… That dick is like a toddler’s.”

She was talking really loudly as she was drunk too. Pat was relatively sober, so his voice was more hushed, and I couldn’t tell what he was saying back (probably telling her to chill out, honestly Pat was a really cool guy and had seen me nude before and never mentioned size). Anyways, it wasn’t the wildest story, but it was really hot to me and is 100% true. She was very popular and really sexy. I can only imagine she told all of her equally hot friends how poorly hung I was, and I’m sure they all laughed about it together. I have masturbated to this event a ton over the years.


Yet another reader loved being exposed in the doctor’s office…

A few years ago, I was about 29, and I felt some strange things in my pants. I had pain near my balls very often. After some time, I decided to go to the ambulance and have it checked. At this time, I was seriously nervous because I thought of a Tumor or something very bad. I had to wait over an hour and then had to go to the doctor’s room. As I went in, a fat woman in her mid-twenties welcomed me very unfriendly and told me to go and piss in a cup for her. After that, I had to lie on a “bed” and pull my pants down. Then, she went out of the room while I got naked down there and passed me something to cover my man parts.

Well, and then the doctor came in. A quite nice-looking mid 40 woman with an eastern accent is a turn-on for me since I can think. She told me to uncover my man parts. As I did, I was in the smallest state you can imagine. It was cold, I was scared, and I am a grow-er. My penis and balls have shrunken to a minimal state. I am about 2.5″ normally in a flaccid state, but it was shrunken to max one inch in that situation.

And that doctor saw it all and had to do her stuff with me. She kept it professional. She even pulled the foreskin back, touched balls, and everything around… I still was tiny while she did all that. And then also the fat assistant came in. She saw it all. And I saw the look on her face. She didn’t laugh, but her face said it all.

Well… it turned out I was healthy and had only some muscle problems. From that day on, I constantly masturbate when I think about that event!

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