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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets outgunned by some new toys…

A couple of months ago, my wife fell and hurt her hip. That put her out of commission sex-wise for a while. That was fine for a while, but we both got to the point where we had to do something. It was painful for either her to be on top or me to be on top. She was fine with me eating her out, but she likes penetration. So I got the bright idea to get us some toys.

I got her a highly-rated glass dildo that looked modestly sized, and I got myself a Fleshlight. It just so happened that we got a gift as well. I picked another dildo that vibrated and again looked modestly sized.

My wife has never complained about my size directly but has been conversing in the ‘size isn’t everything’ camp. I’m not tiny. I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club, but I’m disproportionately skinny for my length.

So the toys came yesterday. The first thing I noticed was that the girth of the free toy was about twice mine. The other toy I selected was, in places, the same girth, but others were twice as big around as I am.

At night we settle in, and I start working her pussy with the toy. The first thing she says is something like, “Oh boy.”

I get hard, and she takes over. I get the Fleshlight ready to go and insert my dick in it. Now this Fleshlight was described by several reviewers as tight or virgin-tight. I slipped in easily. I could feel something, but honestly, not much.

Meanwhile, my wife was going to town. She orgasmed quickly, much quicker than with me. And followed that up with a couple more. I was getting hand cramps trying to get off.

She finishes, turns towards me, and says, “Oh God, that toy was the right size. How are you doing?” I tell her I’m having trouble feeling anything and think it might be too big. To which she says, “Aw,” and pouts and pulls out the other toy to start again on herself.

She has me pull out of the Fleshlight and holds the toy up to my cock to compare. “It’s so much bigger than your dick.”

I swear she was grinning at me, and maybe I heard a soft chuckle. She starts using her toy and has a few quick orgasms and a big one. The big one set me off, and I finally came. But I swear it was because her orgasm was so intense.

While cleaning up and putting toys away, she commented that this was just what she needed and said, “God, that was so good. I might not go back to sex with your little dick.” She motioned towards my now shrunken penis and smiled.

It was said as a joke, but in my experience, jokes are often used as a mask for people’s true feelings. Nevertheless, my dick twitched and started to get hard again because of her teasing. She shook her head, pointed to the Fleshlight, and told me I could use that again.

So, I think I screwed up, and I think I like it.


Another reader is up for the challenge…

I was messaging my girlfriend, and we were talking dirty and all that, and I felt like sending her a nude picture. I got completely naked, stood in front of the mirror, took a full body shot with my penis on full display, and sent it to her on Snapchat. So I suddenly got a message back but not from my girlfriend, whom I was expecting but from my good friend Michelle. I accidentally clicked to send it to Michelle and my girlfriend.

Her message said, ‘I can barely see anything. It’s so small! Gotta send a closer look to see the pinky-sized thing!’

So I messaged saying I was sorry and it was an accident. Michelle wanted to see how small it was, so I sent a closer photo, which still looked small. So she returned a photo of her bent over in a doggy-style position, telling me, ‘I bet you can’t even get past my cheeks.’

I said I bet I could when I’m hard (Bronze Member), and she told me to come to find out. My girlfriend and I have an open relationship, so she’s fine. So I went over, and we undressed, bent her over, and made it past her cheeks (just), but it got small again when I came, and she laughed at it in person.


Meanwhile, this reader loves public nudity…

I’m on cloud nine when walking about with everything exposed, especially my tiny soft dick. I love the smirking, the brief ‘WTF’ look, especially if the person tells the people they are with to look too. Most people video or take pics of me. I always wondered where the videos and pics are shown to friends or posted online.

I have done the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) a few times. OMG! There is a huge range of cock on display. Mainly pretty average, some small, a few turtles, and many horse cocks. Hearing the reactions to the monster cocks are very telling. Most people are shocked to see a nine-inch soft cock bouncing around. But some women are so dirty with their comments.

One of the best reactions I received was at the ride’s finish. Many people are still nude, and many regular people are drawn into viewing the nude riders. Two girls walking around with their eyes on stalks, probably never seen that amount of exposed penises in one place, were enjoying the show.

They came across me in the crowd, with my little man on display nestled above my balls, and they stopped dead. One of the girls made a sharp intake of breath and grabbed her friend’s arm, and said very loudly, “My god, it’s so small.”

Her friend laughed, looking t my tiny dicklette, and they moved on. An older woman and her husband were close by, and she started laughing at the comment. I felt elated.


While this reader also enjoys secret public nudity…

I recently went on holiday with some mates I’ve known for years. We’re not prudes, so we occasionally saw somebody changing or the girls walking around in bikinis all week, and maybe the odd naked prank. A friend of mine had shown us all his extra-large penis just that day, so it tells you the sort of liberal attitude we had. One morning about 3 am, I woke up and needed water. My girl was fast asleep next to me, so I decided to go and get it naked. The kitchen was through the main house, and everybody else was asleep.

I carefully trod down the corridor, got the water, and drank it at the sink, totally naked. I can still remember how fast my heart beat as I stood in the kitchen naked and nervous. I tried it again the next night and then the next night and grew increasingly confident. I loved knowing I was exposed and especially that I was being caught when I was quite cold if you catch my drift. I’ve somewhat of a size humiliation kink, so walking around with a two-inch soft dick out was quite appealing.

On the fourth night, I walked around the villa and even into the garden at two am in my sandals. I stood there, looked at the stars, and chugged my water before quietly walking back to my room as my girl still slept. I don’t think anybody knew what I had done each night they slept.


This reader got drunk and had a whoopsie…

Some friends and I were out drinking on a Saturday night. I was 18 at the time, as were my friends. We got drunk and went to my friend’s house to sleep and rest. Early the next day, when we woke up, I heard some laughter. I was very confused about having drunk so much. I was feeling a pain in my head as if I had been hit in the head. I found out that I hit my head, they told me I went to the bathroom to take a piss in the middle of the night, but I didn’t remember anything.

The more they told the story, the more they laughed, and I began to fear what might have happened. So they told me I fell while there pissing, I fell and hit my head, and I fell with my dick out. They went to help me while my tiny soft dick was exposed! Imagining the scene of them seeing my shrimp dick soft gave me much anguish (I’m a bronze member hard). I was desperate inside, and I didn’t even remember it. Being so drunk, they told me my soft sick was barely an inch.

It wasn’t easy to understand everything. The laughter didn’t stop. They even spread it to some girls, and they talked about it with others right in front of me. I even saw him making the sign: 🤏 talking about me to a girl. It seemed the respect I got was as small as my dick after this happened.

It still comes to mind nowadays, but I’m accepting who I am, and now I understand that small dick betas are always made fun of at some point in life.


Another reader watches a video that blows his…

Once, for Father’s Day, my wife indulged me and showed me the amateur porn she made with her ex, and holy shit, the size of his cock awakened something in me. I found her sex tapes with him a few weeks ago on her iCloud. I helped her get back into it. But when I brought them up, she acted oblivious. She said they’re old and not that hot, so I dropped it, but I have always wanted to see her old stuff, so I asked if we could watch it together on Father’s Day as a gift, and she nervously agreed.

Fast forward to Father’s Day night. We just returned from dinner and a sunset on the beach and busted out the edibles and red wine while preparing. My wife is still made up, and in her hot tank top she wore for our night out, so I’m already at a semi, we cuddle on the couch, and she casts her phone to the TV and starts getting antsy and chugs her wine and quickly refills it.

The video started with small talk, so I was being touchy with her and asked why she looked so skittish, and she said, “I just don’t know how you’re going to react. It would be best if you didn’t judge me. Do you promise not to?”

I assured her this was what I wanted, and when we leaned in for a kiss, I saw her on the video pulling her ex’s pants down, and holy shit. She told me we were about the same size. She fucking LIED

As his beautiful smooth cock bounced out of his boxers, I stared in bewilderment, and my wife asked, “Something wrong, baby?”

I assured her I was OK, but I felt this weird shame mixed with guilt, but it was overpowered by how horny it made me, and I just had to ask, “Why did you say we were the same size? He’s way bigger than me.”

“I’m sorry. I thought if you knew, you’d get sad. I like your little dick.”

At this point, I’m throbbing under the blanket in my underwear. My wife slipped her hand under it and rubbed my bronze member’s boner along her index and middle finger for a few minutes.

Suddenly in the videos, she starts getting throat fucked by her ex, and she can’t get his last inch. I shoot a bit of pre-cum out, watching her enthusiastically gag on his beautiful dick. She noticed the pre-cum shot onto her hand and asked, “Um, baby. Do you think me choking on his big man’s cock is hot?”

At this point, I can’t fucking lie, saying, “Goddam, yes, it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She positioned herself before my lap and removed my boxers, soaked in thick pre-cum. My bronze member dick sprung up, and she started licking and deepthroating me with ease, and in moments, my dick was in her mouth. The video is him titfucking her, and she starts titfucking me, and it must’ve been the wine.

Still, she says, “There’s a reason I don’t do this often with you,” as she puts my dick between her tits and closes them, creating pressure on my dick, which almost made me cum instantly.

“Why,” ask.

“Your small dick doesn’t even come halfway up my tits,” she said with a devilish smirk and stood just as I was about to cum. “Now, now, you can’t cum before the best part,” she scolded me.

She climbs in my lap and vigorously makes out with me until the video changes to her mounting him to ride, and her facial expression might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. The noise when she hit the base of his huge cock was just as hot. We are making out, and she stops and starts jerking me off with two fingers as I watch her bounce reverse cowgirl with her ex’s beautiful huge cock. She pulls away from his cock in the video and starts squirting all over the place, and he slams her back down, and you can see her spraying his cock with her squirt. My mouth is agape, and I’m about to cum.

Wifie says, “You’ve never made me do that, hun? Your dicklette is too small,” I blew right then with thirty minutes still left in the sex tape.

Hope she lets me see the rest for my birthday.


Meanwhile, this reader compares with his buddy…

I regularly do vacations with a good mate. We have known each other since high school. So we have also seen each other’s penises, for instance, when showering in communal showers. His soft cock is easily two to three times as large as my little flaccid dick. I especially remember a moment a couple of years ago. I was still a virgin, and my mate had already made his girlfriend pregnant. We were showering after an exhausting day. My soft dick was small as usual, and he was just big, meaty, and casually impressive. He exited the shower, and I asked him to hand me the shampoo. We must have both quickly glanced at each other’s manhood. Perhaps I even stared a little.

“Dude,” he said mockingly. “At least remove your pubes. Otherwise, you’ll never get laid.”

I think it’s also remarkable what kind of subtle and natural shift in power and dominance accidentally comparing our penises brought. Even though we are both straight, he will always be the big cock alpha male, and I will be the little-dick beta male in our friendship. And I am absolutely fine with it.


While this reader exposes himself to his girlfriend’s sister…

I shared my smallness with my girlfriend’s sister. We were all on holiday, and being a little tipsy after dinner, I changed into my PJs, grey top, and bottoms. Both are made from thin t-shirt material. And yes, you can see everything. Little helmet poking out above the bulge of my balls. Unless you are blind, there is no mistaking my lack of endowment.

I went into the kitchen and made a drink, asking if anyone else wanted one. My girlfriend and her sister said yes, so I fixed them and walked out to the lounge. The sister looked up briefly and saw that I was in the PJs. I could see that my shameful display took her aback. We chatted, with me standing in front of her for a couple of minutes, her eyes glancing down ever so often. A very faint (or suppressed) smile played across her lips.

We continued a fairly normal evening of drinking and chatting. But by Christ was my heart beating. She knew there was no hiding.

What made this extra humiliating was that her ex was massively hung. We are talking nine inches soft. I’d seen him in sweatpants, and it was scary. Outside of porn, people aren’t built like that.

So now she knows, and every time we meet, I feel that she is thinking about how small I am.


This reader didn’t make the cut…

I dated a girl when I was younger, off and on, for a few years. She was thick and sexy and always seemed reserved sexually. I was at her house one night after we had just had sex, and she ran to the bathroom and left her phone on the bed. I knew her password but never really snooped. For whatever reason, I decided to on this day and saw a hidden album with the same password I typed in.

As soon as it opened up, I was met with cock after cock, all way bigger than mine. White ones, black ones, you name it, and it was there, but they were all substantially bigger than me. I had sent this girl probably a hundred dick pics of me over the years, and there wasn’t one of mine in there.

She entered the room, and I fumbled the phone, which landed on the bed face up so she immediately knew what I was doing. She was sexy af about it and told me it was her collection. We went through it, and she told me which ones had been inside her and how they felt. Told me a couple of the guys’ names who I knew. It ended up being a thing after which she would show me new ones, and at some point, she told me I didn’t cut because I was way too small.


Another reader is embarrassed at a physical…

It was towards the end of high school that I went in for my usual yearly physical, I knew the doctor would be checking my testicles at some point, and that had me embarrassed, to begin with, so I was already as tiny as can be. The nurse did her thing and told me to strip down and sit on the bed and wait. No gown or anything. The doctor came in and was accompanied by another woman who was a little older but seemed to be training.

You couldn’t even see my dick as I was sitting. The doctor told me to jump up and stand so she could do the exam. She was sitting on a chair and was at eye level with my penis, which was almost nonexistent then. She explained to the other lady that normally, you would use one hand to move the penis to the side and examine a testicle and vice versa, but this wasn’t necessary because mine was right in the middle and didn’t get in the way.

She didn’t mean it in a bad way, but at the time, I was mortified. After the exam, she asked if I was sexually active. I lied and said yes, and then after a smirk, she said, “Really? And how has that worked out for you?”

Again it was a normal question but extremely humiliating. I got dressed and ran out of the office. The nurses’ desk was full of about four women and the doctor or whatever she was that training. As I passed, they all stared, and one visibly held back a laugh, so I’m confident she had broken the news to everyone. This is 100% true and one of the most humiliating things ever happened to me, but now I think of it often and wish to recreate it.


Meanwhile, this reader enjoyed showering with other guys in college…

When I was in grad school, I went to the gym regularly. I would sometimes use the showers after a workout. I enjoyed stripping off at my locker, showing my tiny soft penis. I would wrap up quickly in a towel, then walk over to the open showers. From the locker area, you had to pass through a walkway, enter a large room where you would find your place at a pole, and hang up your towel. I always got a rush out of feeling bare in front of other guys.

There was nothing to hide and nowhere to hide. I was smaller than the vast majority of guys there. Not only was I smaller, but my penis just pointed out, while nearly everyone else’s had some hang. I stood out, and it was impossible not to notice. I would go about my business, showering like it was nothing unusual. However, I was noticeably smaller than pretty much everyone there.

No one said anything, but no words needed to be said. Most other guys had a penis that would swing between their legs, while mine just poked out and wiggled around. There was a wide range of guys, from 18-year-old freshmen to guys who might be old professors. Sometimes I wondered what the other guys thought, whether they felt bad for me for having just a button between my legs.

I accept what I can’t change, and I’m amused by how different I am from most guys.

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