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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had a very strict aunt…

This one is from some time ago. At that time, I was in second-year college. After every semester, I visited my family, and sometimes, with them, we used to visit my mother’s village home. I hated to visit my parent’s village house, mostly because of my aunt. She was strict. She always had tons of rules for us kids, and if we didn’t follow them, she’d punish us by spanking, and it’s nothing sexy like porn and stories we read.

Her spanking is so painful we can’t even sit properly for at least two days. She never even cared how old we were. Even my older sister still gets spanked. So anyway, in my second year, it was really hard for me to get a good score. Especially after so my activities and you know parties. So my aunt was already angry. And I knew I would get a painful spanking any day, so I was already prepared for it by wearing 2-3 underwear above those jeans.

So whenever her anger explodes, I will be ready. So one day, my sister and I were told to fill the water tank in next morning as the motor pump was not working. The next day, we forgot about it. As usual, she woke earlier than me so I could get punished instead of her. So when my aunt realized what was happening, she started shouting from our roof. I woke up just by hearing her voice but got so scared that I kept pretending to sleep.

After some time, she arrived in my room, then stopped shouting. I thought maybe she didn’t want to disturb me. And man, I was wrong. She picked up the water bucket and threw the whole water on me. Cold water got me out of bed, screaming and shivering in the cold morning. “Good, you woke up. Now go and fill the tank,” she said. I got up and started checking my clothes. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Taking out clothes to wear, I can’t wear wet clothes. I will get cold,” I said.

“Yeah, you don’t need to wear anything. Open your clothes. Remove your clothes NOW.”

Her scream was so loud I didn’t care. I removed everything till my underwear.

“Remove everything NOW,” she shouted.

I removed my underwear. My aunt can see my shrunken penis.

“Hm. No wonder you act like a kid,” she said smugly. “Now fill the tank like this only and fast.”


“NOW!” my aunt screamed.

I started running before she started shouting again. ( little about my situation. I had less body hair then, which I liked, and I wished to have less pubic hair. So I used to use my sister’s bikini hair removal cream every two weeks, because of which I was clean and smooth down there).

Once I reached the ground floor, I saw mother talking to her village lady friends. When I reached the well to get the water, they started staring at my penis and giggling. I started to feel embarrassed and looked to my mother for help, but she started looking away. After all, her idea was to ask my aunt to punish me. While I take water from the well, I hear them making fun of my penis.

“Are you sure he’s in college?” one woman asked.

“Yeah, he is,” my mother said.

“But he’s really small down there. 😂 Is it because of his father?”

“Nah, he’s big. A lot bigger. My daughter told me he was small, but I didn’t know it was this small. Now I am starting to get worried for him.”

“Don’t worry. Your father was also small. I still enjoyed it,” my grandmother said.

“Hey, shut up, mom,” my mom said to my grandmother. “I don’t want to hear that.” Then she said, “And you (meaning me) go and help your aunt with water. We can’t even cook food because of your laziness.”

After some time, when I filled the tank, everyone was gone. But I knew the real punishment was going to start now. “Go and stand there till I complete with chores, and yeah, no crying, and don’t say a single word,” my aunt ordered, and after that, she tied my hands behind my back so everyone coming to the house could see me naked.

The timing could not have been more wrong. A girl entered the house and, to make it worse. She was also from my college, which I didn’t know then. “Hello, aunty,” she said, and then seeing me, said, “Oh shit, what the hell?”

“Leave him alone,” my aunt said. “I am punishing him. Do you know him?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen him at college, but I don’t ‘know’ him.”

She was also second year like me but was part of the college news club. Who writes articles for the school’s official blog and is a member of the student gossip club. And. To make things worst, she had already written many things about me. Saying I disturb other students in class and always pull pranks on others.

“Yeah, he’s from my college,” she told my aunt as if I wasn’t in the room. “He’s a really bad student. I can’t believe he is your nephew.”

“Oh? Can you explain to me what makes him so bad?” my aunt asked.

She told her everything, every complaint and also her article on me. I could see now even my mother could not save me. After this bitch told my aunt everything, my aunt just left her chores and went and got a big ruler.

“Aunty, you are punishing the big prankster at our college? Could I take a picture?” the bitch asked with a smug look.

I yelled, “What? NO—”

“SHUT UP, BOY,” my aunt shouted at me. Then to the bitch, she said, “Yes, dear, take it.”

She took pictures of every spank my aunt gave me. Not only that, and also my small bald penis and crying face. I can’t remember the count, but she gave me over a hundred spanks.

After it was over, my aunty said, “I think that’s enough for today. If you do anything like this again, you will hear from me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, aunty,” I said meekly.

After my aunt was gone, I tried giving the bitch an angry look, but I couldn’t, as I lacked confidence.

“So, how’s our ‘little’ prankster doing?” the bitch asked me smugly.

“Divi, please don’t publish those pictures. I will do anything,” I begged.

“Oh no, you have been given a warning. So from now on, you will see my pranks.” She shows me the photos and says, “Look how your small baby penis moves with every blow. 😂 It’s so cute. And to make it worse, you shaved it. See, I also made a GIF of your baby penis. It would be nice meme material. Oh, I remember you used to say how big your penis is. 😂 In the next gossip blog, every article will be on you and these false claims. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it’s already late. I also have to write a tiny article about tiny things. 😂”

Just after that, she just took off. After some time, my aunt also untied my hands and told me to go to my room. After some time, I heard my sister scream, too, but she only got ten spanks.

And, yeah, the whole college saw my tiny soft penis and spanked butt in her article, which I suffered from all my remaining college years. They even gave me a new nickname Tiny (sounds like teeny, but also makes it girly), which is embarrassing whenever I get introduced to other people in college. As you can see, there can only be one reason ‘Tiny’ can be the tall guy’s name.

So, in the end, my mother and her friends, aunt, grandmother, and almost all of the college knew about my small penis.


Another reader makes an impression on a holiday…

Before the Covid pandemic, a few years ago, some friends of mine decided to take a holiday that I couldn’t join in on due to work commitments. Through good fortune, work commitments eased up, and I could go at the eleventh hour. The problem was that the hotel they had booked was small and alternative accommodation wasn’t close to it.

After some discussion, it was decided I’d stay in the room of one of the couples going, as they had space for three in their room, with their being a sofa bed and a double bed. Both of these were my friends and had been for some time. For reference, the guy was my age, 5’9”, and an average-looking dude. He was a pale, skinny build white guy, but I knew from previous holidays, gym showers, and drunken shenanigans that he had an absolute unit in his pants.

The sort of member sent me bright red when I saw it due to embarrassment over my own. It was and still is the largest penis I’ve ever seen, including any porno. Imagine a large deodorant can as your flaccid penis; you’ve got his member. It looked three times the size of mine flaccid. Our bodies were identical until you took a peek in the pants.

His girlfriend was, by any measure, stunning. 5’5”, long brunette hair, and quite skinny, except for an oversized pair of breasts that she often joked was a ‘curse’ on her tiny frame. I’d guess F-cup. Equally large nipples to match, if my memory serves me right. I’d seen her topless on a previous holiday and caught glimpses of her in panties once or twice. Dumping my case down in their hotel room, I was part nervous and excited to share with them.

I’d shared rooms with him before when it was just us two, and I knew his attitude to nudity; VERY liberal. After we arrived, he went to shower and stood in a towel, drying his hair with a separate towel as we all unpacked. I recall him standing in a towel and all three of us looking at one another, waiting to see who’d make any statement about our attitudes towards changing. The bathroom was small and cramped, and none of us wanted to change in there.

Ultimately, we just decided we’d be grown-ups about it, accept some functional nudity might happen, and live with it. This was all too apparent when my friend dropped his towel and walked around to get changed with his enormous member slapping loudly against his thighs as his girl unpacked her things, none the wiser.

Over the next few days, I got progressively more confident getting changed. I didn’t want to drop my towel due to my small two-inch flaccid dick being so much smaller than his seven-inch soft member. But I couldn’t cover up too much as that would look suspicious. My friend and his girl seemed fairly confident being naked, often walking around naked with a morning coffee after their shower or changing and just standing there chatting to me with no obvious care.

After the first day, I dropped the ‘shuffle my boxers down under my towel’ act and started to strip off in full view. After the second day, I always insisted on a towel covering me. I might hold some boxers casually in front of me or stand behind the sofa. After the third day, I’d stand naked and chat if possible. I even did it after a cold shower when I must have been one inch at best.

I could see his eyes focus on it, then on his own, and then chuckle as he thought I wasn’t looking as I stood in full view and dried my hair.

Then on the final few days, I too would walk about the entire room, confident in my body, not letting the fact we were both naked and he was much larger put me off. I started to enjoy the liberal nature of strolling around naked. I even strutted onto the balcony, totally naked, to hand them both a beer one evening as they were dressed and ready to go out. I caught his girlfriend looking at us both, subtly making comparisons, when we were both nude and stood close to one another.

I remember standing there in front of her nude, asking her a question as she did her makeup. I could see when she looked up she was trying so hard not to stare at my penis as her boyfriend walked around flaunting a much larger member. A particularly choice moment came when he and I stood in front of a mirror, doing our hair naked.

I made a point to stand next to him and do my hair, too, as I was curious to see the size difference. It was insane. His soft penis hung low and swung with every subtle movement of his body, and I caught the gaze of his girl in the mirror on more than one occasion.

A few times, I saw her just casually on her phone as it was just us two getting changed, and I wondered if she was messaging her girlfriends about what she was witnessing. Oh, how I wish! I won’t bore you with every interaction on that holiday. Suffice it to say I could sense his girl’s amazement at the size difference.

They sadly broke up a year later, and I messaged her to check how she was. We exchanged pleasantries and had a phone call or two to reminisce on old times. The conversation turned to that holiday, and she laughed. She told me how shocked she was at my confidence before stating, “I could tell you secretly loved the attention and the comparisons.”

I blushed over the phone and denied it, simply stating I was fine with my body. She rattled off an example or two that could have proved her point and said, “I’ll keep this our little secret.” She secretly enjoyed it too.

Our contact remained infrequent for a while after. She sometimes sent me photos of her on holidays/nights out and often sent me memes relating to small dicks and their comparisons to big dicks with captions like: ‘This made me think of you.’

One of her last messages to me said: ‘I’m on holiday with my new boyfriend and I miss something funny to stare at cos it’s just us two in the room. I need a small dick guy like you to make me laugh at your tiny dicklette compared to my big boyfriend again.’


Meanwhile, this reader gets steamy at the spa…

So tonight, I hit up a local men’s spa. They have many straight patrons, but from what I can gather, some M2M stuff occasionally happens discreetly. I’m six foot but have a small cut cock. Soft, it’s about an inch. I’m a silver member of the small dick club hard, but it’s pretty thick.

For better or worse, it gets attention. Tonight I was showering beside a much shorter gentleman, maybe five foot seven. He’s giving me the once over, and I’m returning the favor. His flaccid cock wasn’t much bigger than mine. We start a conversation and head into the steam room, where we’re the only two guys.

Once we got in, he sat adjacent to me and started working his little meat like an accordion, and the fucking thing started growing and growing. By the time he reaches full mast, it’s about seven inches with a nice mushroom head. In response, I’m furiously working my meat, but even at full erection, I’m roughly half his size.

He stands up, walks over to me with his erection bobbing and swaying, and sits beside me. He turns to me, and with a serious look, he tells me to suck it. His exact words were, “You want to suck on a real man’s cock, don’t you?” Or something like that.

TBH, I may not have heard him because I was transfixed on his erection. I shake my head, no, and he repeats himself, this time more telling me, not asking. The next thing I know, his hand is behind my head, guiding me to this throbbing cock. I don’t resist much and start going down on this short guy’s hard cock. After a few slurps, I stop and ask him to watch the door. He dismissively nods yes, pushes my head back into his hairy crotch, and I resume sucking.

At some point, I start jerking myself in rhythm to the sucking, but he slaps my hand away and says, “Focus on my cock.”

My erection goes back to soft shrimp dick status. I can feel his cock throbbing and thrusting fast and hard enough to know that he’s getting close to ejaculating because he’s forcing his cock deeper into my throat, so much so that I’m involuntarily tearing up. I stop my slurping and ask him to let me know when he’s cumming so I can pull him out of my mouth, and again I get the same dismissive nod. Annoyed, he forces and holds my head down into his groin, which, again, I don’t resist. I’ve accepted my role in pleasing his superior cock.

As he starts to blow, repeatedly pumping his thick seed into my mouth, the door opens, and I’m in the most compromising position. I still take the whole load in my mouth like a champ as two guys entering shoot each other a look and laugh. He holds my head still and pistons his cock in and out a few more times and smiles and winks as a show of dominance for the two new visitors. Then before I know it, his spent cock is pulled from my hungry mouth, and short buddy is out of there, leaving me with the two new guys and my limp dick and embarrassed cum filled mouth.


While this reader tests the limits of bad sex…

She was four foot eleven and very petite. Nineteen and wore glasses. Latina. So I was visiting early morning like usual because her parents, except her mom, never knew we were hanging out. We never saw each other much, so whenever I came over, we would fuck in an alley around the corner. This was maybe the 30th time we had sex, and every time since the beginning, I would cum within 1 min and twenty seconds or less.

I tried to hold it back every time, and it got to the point she expected to be disappointed.

“All done,” she would say and roll her eyes.

One day we fucked, and I lasted maybe fifty seconds. I was trying hard to last as usual, and she closed her eyes and giggled, and I knew she was thinking about how pathetic my small dick was.

After I came in less than a minute, we played music and talked naked in the backseat while I played with my one-inch soft dick. She laughed at my dick often. She was talking just about everything, and then it turned into her talking about how the sex was with her ex. How his cock was bigger, and he lasted so much longer than I. How he would pound her pussy and how much she would get stretched.

I asked how many times they fucked, and she said many. I asked how often she was satisfied, and she told me most of the time. I could see in her eyes how much she wanted to get fucked correctly. She talked about it like she missed it so much as her pussy sat in its wetness, undone.

Then she said, “Why am I talking about this?”

I already knew why, lol. I eventually bought a large thick dildo for her, and she loved it.


This reader finds spooning frustrating…

The penis size question came out casually a few months after the beginning of our relationship. I woke up with a strong erection, and my new girlfriend was amused by seeing my erect dick.

“How about it?” I asked.

She put her hand five inches above the tip of my dick and told me, “My ex-husband’s cock was this big.”

In other words, don’t flatter yourself. Of course, I was curious and annoyed and asked her the size. She said, “I don’t remember.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

Ahh, um, nine inches, I think. Visually, it was wow, but I couldn’t take it all. When it hit my cervix, I wouldn’t say I liked it. Don’t worry, you’re size is good, and now I can have sex without the pain of a massive cock smashing my insides and stretching me to the point I walk bow-legged for a week.”

“Penis size doesn’t matter then,” I said.

With time, however, I realized that the truth was different. During a terrible argument, we started to insult each other, and one that went on for a while as long as she told me, “Shut up, short dick.”

The truth came out while having sex in the spooning position. “Is It in yet? I don’t feel anything,” she said.

I tried to push it as deep as possible, but my dick began to slip out after a few strokes.

She said, “Don’t worry. Let’s start again.”

I tried to push again but without success.

“OK, stop. With you, this position doesn’t work.”

“I’m sorry, but I want to know why,” I said.

“I don’t want to tell you, but I think you know why.”

“Yeah, my dick is too small.”

She said, “Honey, in spooning sex, penis length matters. I’m sorry to tell you. It isn’t your fault that you have a short dick, but having sex this way is frustrating for both of us.”

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