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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers the truth about his girlfriend…

When I was a Junior in High School, I went to a graduation party for one of the seniors with whom I was friends. His name is Marcel. He was around 6’3″, had dark skin, and had what most would consider a dominant personality. I hate using these terms, but if he was considered ‘alpha,’ I was beta (or at least an introvert who wasn’t dominant).

He displayed extreme confidence and charisma, making him one of the most popular kids in his Senior class and the entire High School.

Although he might’ve not been every girl’s ‘flavor,’ most girls in the school seemed to flock toward him.

For reference, I am the exact opposite of this, a white boy standing 5’9″ with confidence issues, but I still managed to become friends with him. This is a testament to how charismatic this guy was. He befriended everyone, including me, who would normally feel shy around more popular kids.

At the graduation party, I met this really beautiful blonde girl. Her name was Nicki. She was also a Junior but actually from a different High School. I didn’t know how they knew each other, but I assumed popular kids had friends in many different places. She stood around 5’4″ and had an adorable little button nose. She was very fair-skinned and had a great figure.

I got her number later that night (I’m good-looking), and we began texting daily.

Now I must bring up a conversation we had EARLY on in our texting. As a curious young lad, I wanted to know what penis size she preferred. I didn’t just ask it abruptly. I finessed it into the conversation the best I could. After a bit of apprehension, she finally told me, “I would never do anything under seven inches.”

I had only asked what she ‘preferred,’ but how she made it clear that she ‘NEVER’ would do anything under seven inches hard caught me by surprise. I instantly felt defeated. She asked what my size was, and I couldn’t overly lie about it, although I considered it. I told her I was six inches hard (although I’m a bronze member of the small dick club). She told me it didn’t matter and that she was saying what she preferred. I felt that she was backtracking not to hurt my feelings.

I’ll cut through most of the story now that you have the backstory. After texting for about a month and hanging out a few times, we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We connected on a lot of deep levels. She was my first-ever girlfriend. I had struck gold because she was one of the hottest and most popular girls I knew. I remember showing a picture of her to a few of my friends, and they were like, “Damn, what!” As if to say, ‘Way to go, bro.’

After six months with Nicki, I felt I loved her. She felt the same way about me. Mind you. We had not had ANY sexual experiences together yet. I was still a virgin, and I thought she was too.

Over those six months, we would go to movies, have dinner, and hang out with friends. We always would make out when we had the chance, but she refused to let me touch her in any intimate area. It became frustrating for me, as I was SO attracted to her and didn’t quite understand why she didn’t want to ‘fool around.’ It’s not like we had just met. We were very comfortable with each other at this point. She always told me she wanted to ‘save it’ for a special moment, which sounded good enough.

One night, she had a party at her place. Everyone was outside playing some yard games while we found ourselves inside, sitting on her bed. We began making out, and it got really hot. She told me she was ‘wet,’ and it turned me on. I followed suit and told her I was ‘hard,’ and she looked down at my sweatpants. I instantly got a little self-conscious. I didn’t know if she was trying to see the ‘bulge’ or not. I looked down and couldn’t see any visible indication of my hard-on through the sweatpants. This is where things start to get good.

She looked back at me for a quick second, then back down. “I can’t tell,” she said slightly mockingly. “Are you sure?” she asked me.

I somewhat chuckled, and she smirked. I was pretty uncomfortable, but something came over me. I needed to be confident, to show that I wasn’t insecure, and to prove that she would like my size.

I looked at her and said, “Why don’t you see for yourself?”

She chuckled and looked back down again. She reached forward and began pulling my pants and boxers down. I lifted my butt off the bed a little so she could pull them off more. She finally got them down to around mid-thigh, and my penis was fully exposed.

Her next words stung. “Wait, that’s hard?”

I lied and said, “Not all the way.”

She reached out and grabbed it. I was turned on now because I had never had a girl touch my penis before. But at the same time, I was uncomfortable. It was a weird mix of emotions. I wasn’t into SPH. At least not that I knew.

“Babe, you’re rock hard,” she said as she laughed.

I laughed as well but again felt uneasy. Did Nicki not care? Or was she judging the hell out of me?

“Let’s go back outside,” she said, or something to that effect.

She let go of my penis and tried to hike my sweats back up for me.

I asked, “Do you not want to continue?” and she told me that she didn’t want to be away from the party for too long, which I understood.

Again I’m going to jump forward a little to avoid boring everyone. It was about another three months or so now. We were both getting closer to graduating.

We hung out often and STILL had no proper sexual experiences together. It’s crazy looking back now, realizing how cucked I was, and didn’t even know it. I had not even gotten nudes from Nicki, although I had asked for them many times. Not once. She only occasionally sexted with me, but I felt like I had to carry the conversation.

This is the best part, and something I can tell is a big subconscious factor in my life when I am around girls. I am super into cuckold and SPH now, when I never was growing up. And this experience is to blame. Remember that guy Marcel? He and Nicki were more than ‘just friends.’ I had not even known they still talked, especially since it seemed like he had essentially graduated and moved on from the High School environment.

Nicki had another house party, but this was one more in the afternoon. She was outside in the pool with a bunch of other friends. No, Marcel, just random people from our High School. I went to the bathroom and noticed that she had left her phone on her bed in her room. For some reason, I got this urge to look at it. Please don’t judge. I know it was a breach of personal space, but I had to do it. I don’t know if passwords were a big thing back then, but I don’t think she had one because I remember getting right into it.

I went to her messages and instantly was hit with reality. Marcel was at the top of the list, and I clicked on his message thread to read it.

It was a normal thread, just them talking, until I kept scrolling up. Eventually, I found INTENSE sexting and pictures sent between them. Nicki’s messages were extremely submissive, and Marcel’s were extremely dominant.

I remember the images clear as day. One was an image of his huge black cock standing straight up and her message underneath it saying, ‘Fuck, let me suck it.’ The other images were all of her, and she was completely nude in all of them. The first time I had seen her naked. Her body was incredible. And her pussy was perfect. I was turned on seeing her nudes but simultaneously completely heartbroken that she was cheating on me.

And the worst part was, as I kept scrolling, I found messages of them making plans to link up and fuck. All my trust had gone out the window fast, and I had no idea how to handle it. Did they end up fucking? I could have probably found out if I had read every message, but I was nervous someone would catch me, so I was scrolling through rather fast.

I kept scrolling and eventually saw one picture of her taking a selfie with her pussy spread right close to the camera. Her face was also in view, and she was biting her lip. That picture was the hottest picture I had ever seen. And her message was the one that sealed the deal for me as far as turning my brain on to cuckold/SPH stuff. It said (something to this effect): ‘I’m soaked for you. Please fuck me, Marcel. I want your cock.’

Seeing the girl, I loved begging for another man’s cock, and knowing she had turned me down, so many times was deeply humiliating. But seeing her nude and so wet was like an explosion of hotness. I have been waiting for this for almost 8-9 months. It was a mix of emotions I had never felt.

I scrolled to the top of the text thread about 12 months prior. I guessed around when Marcel’s graduation party was. It started as them just talking, but then it turned into light flirting and then him eventually revealing that he was over nine inches hard. I forget what she said, but I don’t think she believed him. Most kids lie. But he wasn’t.

This is the part that shames me. Next to Nicki’s phone was a pair of short shorts with her panties inside. I was so turned on that I picked them up and put them to my face. They smelt incredible. I thought about what a dirty slut my innocent girlfriend was and how my face was touching the fabric that her slutty pussy had been in all day. It turned me on so much. Especially since I had waited such a long time to be intimate with her, and this was as close as I might ever be to her pussy.

I calmed down and went back outside, making sure to act normal. I was not only devastated but aroused beyond belief. It was confusing. I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t. I loved Nicki and wanted to understand rather than get mad.

I never told her that I had seen the messages. I kept it hidden for another two months before we broke up around Graduation. During that time, I was paranoid beyond belief whenever she wouldn’t be texting back or when she said she was out with friends. Looking back, I wish I had just once caught her in real life. I would have loved to see that innocent, pale slut on her knees for Marcel.

Since then, over the years (especially the last 3-4), I have grown to love SPH and Cuckold content more and more. I also only watch interracial porn now. I used to always look for girls like Nicki, although I rarely do that anymore.

Being with a girl like Nicki, who looked completely innocent, but was a depraved slut who loved big black cock, has changed my outlook on girls entirely. Although I have had many down and depressed days from feeling inadequate from this ‘trauma,’ I can not deny that it has served as my erotic fantasy for the better part of a decade now.

Perhaps, one day, I’ll gain confidence and stop thinking about this. But, until then, it will continue to serve as my fantasy and desire to be a part of a cuckold relationship in real life, where a girl will treat me sort of how Nicki did, but more blatant and knowingly.


Another reader shares his experience while in hospital…

I injured myself badly enough to work out that I needed surgery on my right arm. Having to stay at the hospital generally sucks, so I wanted to make the best of it. While I wouldn’t say that I necessarily knew about certain situations that would turn out to present themselves to me, I’d rather say that I anticipated them and didn’t resist when they finally did happen.

Alright, the day of the surgery arrived, and since it was an emergency, they squeezed me in between schedules. They couldn’t exactly tell me when it would be my turn that day, so I was ready for anyone to enter my room to tell me that I needed to prepare at once.

When the nurse came in, everything needed to happen quickly. She gave me my gown and told me to change it immediately so that she could make sure I didn’t have any jewelry, piercings, or anything on me that I needed to take off before surgery. Naturally, I had been nervous the entire day, so my dick was reduced to a single inch consisting of my foreskin wrapping around a tiny head with no shaft to be seen. She looked me up and down, smiling, and told me I was good to go.

The surgery went fine, but I had a bad case of urinary retention, so I needed a catheter to excrete urine. I was still sedated, so I didn’t have much say. When the nurse (a different one than before) came back with all the necessary supplies, she went on to prepare my body. She took the bed sheet off of me and helped me take the gown back off, only to stop in her tracks suddenly totally.

She frowned and told me she had to get a different one, as she hadn’t taken the right catheter. That’s when I looked to my left and realized what she meant. The one she brought was much too big to fit into my penis. I asked her why she had to get a different one, and she flat-out told me that the one she had brought was too big and would hurt if she tried to push it into my urethra.

The next morning, the same nurse came by twice to ensure the catheter didn’t hurt me, and she was cautious when she removed it again. She was such a nice lady and did her job well. Soon after, my entire right arm (from mid-hand almost up to my shoulder) needed to be cast, making taking care of myself much more difficult than before. Also, I had a slight mishap regarding the surgery’s after-effects that caused me severe pain. They had me on rather strong pain meds, which made me pretty exhausted and weak.

I’m sure every one of you knows what that means. It meant that for the next two days, every time I needed to change, wanted to keep up with personal hygiene, and every other reason imaginable, a nurse had to help me with everything. So much so that one of them recommended that I stay naked in bed so they wouldn’t have to take my gown off and help me put it back on again and again, and I happily obliged.

I remember a moment of pure bliss, feeling sedated while getting my penis washed by a nurse holding it with two fingers. All while two other nurses were in the room tending to another patient. Almost all of them were amazing and nice in general.

That was it in a nutshell. I made the best out of something that otherwise would have been a pretty uncomfortable situation. I’m back home now, and still having to wear the cast sucks, but I’m getting better, and that’s what counts.


Meanwhile, this reader breaks in a virgin…

Some context. I dated this woman called Jane 7-8 years ago, and she was a few years older than me, living in the city, and we got along rather well before dating. She was a virgin when we met. Not often, I believe that, but given her reluctance to sleep with me, I could tell it was true because she’d always stop short of sex. Part of the problem was that she was a BBW and was a bit self-conscious.

And then, one night, we did have sex. Jane didn’t mind my size because she hadn’t had it before, so she had nothing to compare. She didn’t climax often, but she was learning to crave the activity. Eventually, we broke up. We’d chat regularly, but she started to see other guys and go through a slut phase.

We hooked up once during this time, and she did not moan. Once. She just looked at me while spreading eagle.

Afterward, she said, “Thank God you were first because I would not have felt you if you were second.”

I was upset, somewhat. But every once in a while, Jane would joke over text about how big girls need big meat or how I was not even half a man (I’m a silver member of the small dick club). She’s married now. The comments are hot now, and I don’t tell her that.


While this reader confesses his love for his tiny dick…

I love that my dick fits completely in my hand when I’m jerking off, so the whole thing gets stimulated.

I love that if I have a boner when I hug someone, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to tell.

I love that when I fuck someone, there’s no chance that I’m going to hurt them accidentally.

I love knowing that I’m courteous to her future lovers by not stretching her out.

I love knowing I can fuck a virgin girl without deflowering her. If her ass is fat enough and I hit it from behind, I might not even reach inside!

Since my dick is more compact, I love how all the nerve endings are close together, so everything feels more intense for me than it would for someone with a big cock. Sure, that means I cum faster, but I’m not pounding away forever, making my partner bored or sore.

I love that if I get a boner in public, there’s a good chance that the tent I pitch will be small enough that nobody will notice

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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