Our Readers SPH Experiences 212

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader went to a doctor about it…

I wondered how I should talk to my doctor about my small penis since I’m self-conscious about my size. My brother (16) and I (18) had our appointments at the same time, so while he was going first with the doctor, I was in the waiting room thinking about how I will go about this. When it was my turn, I asked the doctor about my penis size and if she could measure it since I was so self-conscious about it. I was already fully hard after thinking about this moment in the waiting room, so she measured it, and it turned out I was a bronze member of the small dick club. She said I was below average but not abnormally small and I shouldn’t worry about it. I had gotten my blood drawn a few weeks prior, so she already had my testosterone levels and said they were completely normal.

She said that it has a small chance to continue to grow in the hope that I had not fully completed puberty, but she said not to count on it. Since my brother had just gone, I asked her if he had a similar issue. She said she couldn’t tell me because that’s his privacy, but she did say that I probably got unlucky when it came to genetics, leading me to believe that my younger brother has a bigger dick than me. Overall, I was happy that she didn’t tell me “it was fine” and that she gave some analysis and reasoning. Still, I was disappointed and embarrassed that my little brother is bigger (although this is not technically confirmed), but I brought that upon myself.


Another reader has a threesome gone wrong…

This has happened to me. I tried to have a threesome with my ex-wife and a guy from a party. It was supposed to be us doing double penetration on her. I wanted to be in control. But as soon as he undid his jeans and pulled his cock out, I went soft in shame and intimidation. His cock was easily three times my length and ridiculously fat. My wife immediately dropped to her knees in awe, giggling and gasping before devouring his cock like it was her last meal. I stood awkwardly, staring at her clear lust for his superior cock.

My little dick looked so pathetic and tiny, I tried to rub myself hard again, but his huge cock in my wife’s mouth made me realize how pathetic I was, and the shame was intense. It got so much worse when he noticed my little dicklette finally and laughed at me. My wife laughed too. The guy told me to join my wife and help her suck a real cock. I don’t know why I didn’t just leave and re-evaluate my life right then. But instead, like the little dicklette beta I am, I half knelt, half fell in front of him, and he grabbed my head roughly and pushed his huge warm salty cockhead onto my lips and nose, wiping his pre-cum over my nostrils.

I was shaking in intimidation and completely humiliated. My wife was reveling in the situation. She snapped at me to do as I was told. And I just opened my mouth and began sucking his massive cock. He called me a good boy. And my tiny limp dicklette began uncontrollable spurts of my weak, watery semen. He cracked up laughing so hard when he realized and called me a faggot all while now face fucking me roughly and slapping me. My wife sucked his balls between ridiculing me and calling me a faggot for cumming just from sucking his cock. He eventually pushed me off his cock and proceeded to fuck the hell out of my wife’s desperately unsatisfied pussy for hours while I was made to lick his asshole and balls as they fucked.


Meanwhile, this reader failed the condom test…

My friend and I were messing around one day, and he had bought large condoms. I’m a virgin, so I’ve never bought or worn one. When he said they were large, I asked, “You can fit that?”

And he replied, “Of course.”

I didn’t believe him, but he had proof. He didn’t show me pics but had old texts with his ex-girlfriend.

Next, he hands me a condom and says, “I bet you can’t fit in one.”

I genuinely don’t like this friend because he always hits on the girl I’m talking to, so it was a pride thing when I tried it on. I went to the bathroom and put on the condom; sure enough, it was way too big. I then heard laughing, and it was because my friend had his phone under the stall, taking a picture. My tiny dick was exposed, and there was so much extra room that the condom was flopping down.


While this reader is caught in the raw…

My girlfriend went out for breakfast with her friend staying the night with us. She and her friend were supposed to be out for a couple of hours, so I did my usual morning routine. I showered and didn’t put clothes on after. I usually walk around the house naked in the morning. Anyway, I was in the kitchen making my coffee and heard the front door close, so I figured my girlfriend was home early. I then heard a little gasp and shocked sound and turned around to see her best friend standing there looking down at my naked little pinky dick. She had left something of hers in the kitchen and went to grab it without breaking eye contact with my tiny soft penis. She laughed and said, “This will be our ‘little’ secret.”


This reader definitely doesn’t wear the pants in this relationship…

So my girlfriend finally decided to cheat. She asked to get railed by her friend Justin who she was sexting. She also wants to blow him. I thought it was hot, but I told her no to see her reaction. She replied calmly, “Then I’ll just cheat. We both know you won’t leave me over it.”

Later that night, her friend Justin texted me two videos, one of her getting railed and moaning and screaming as I’ve never seen before and one of her deep-throating him. I jacked off to both of those videos. The next time I saw her, I asked if she would at least make him wear a condom, and she said, “Nope,” with a smile.

A funny little side note. I was complaining about my female boss being mean to me. She replied, “Come on, quit being a pussy.” Then, when I told her more about it, she said, “Your boss can probably sense your small dick energy, dude. That’s why she bullies you.”

Anyway, it was last night that she fucked her friend. She told me next time, she wanted me to eat out his cream pie. And if I can do that for her, she’ll still have sex with me. I told her she didn’t have my permission to fuck him, and she just replied, “Shut up pussy. You’re wearing my panties right now.”

Anyway, I bought her flowers and a Starbucks gift card today. We spent the day together. Good times.


Another reader enjoys some time with his wife…

My wife is a nurse. The other day I tried seducing her while she was getting ready. I was standing naked and about to put on my panties and prepare for the day. She went to pee in the middle of our conversation and looked at me fully hard (I’m a silver member hard on a good day). I asked if we could have a quick make-out session whenever she was done. She laughed and said, “I know where you want that to go, and I don’t want to do no.”

“Come on,” I pleaded and looked at her puppy dog-eyed.

“No love. Sorry.” As she stared at my dick. “That thing is so small.”

“Well, he does the job,” I responded. “At least it isn’t ugly looking, and my balls aren’t weird.”

“Hun. Your balls don’t sag at all; they’re just always up. Most men’s balls sag. And you’re right. I’m glad your penis doesn’t look funny.”

“Thanks, love. So do you want all of me right now, then?”

“I wouldn’t feel that tiny thing.” She giggled as she stood up.

“Babe, I said it’ll get the job done.”
“You delude yourself. It gets the job done for you, but for me, it never makes me cum,” my wife responded.

“Well, I’m not the smallest you’ve seen.”

“And not the biggest either. The smallest guy was fat, so his pubic mound engulfed a lot of his dick. Turned it into a micropenis,” she said.

“And the biggest can’t have been that big,” I probed.

She laughed and grabbed my penis. “He was twice as long as you and much thicker,” she paused and kissed me. “AND he was soft. That cock was so heavy it was unreal. I couldn’t imagine how big it was hard.”

“Wow. I couldn’t imagine. That must be uncomfortable for him,” I said.

“Well, his wife seemed happy, so I guess that’s something,” she said.

Then changed the subject.


Meanwhile, this reader shares a couple of his camping experiences…

One weekend I went camping with my girlfriend, her best friend, and her best friend’s sister. My girlfriend and I shared a tent, and the two shared one too. One night my girlfriend and I were sleeping, and I was sleeping naked. I had to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to put clothes on to walk to the campground’s bathroom. It was about a 10-minute walk. So I peeked outside, saw no one was there, and slipped out naked to go into the trees behind our tent.

I finished up and was about to go back into my tent when I heard her friend’s tent open, and the two of them came out, so I hid behind our tent. They were both just in their underwear, and then they saw me. They could see my face and were shocked to see me up this late, and I said I was heading to the bathroom. So were they, so they said for me to come along because they could use a ‘big strong man’ for protection.

They came over to me and then saw me in my naked glory and laughed, and one of them said, “So much for big,” and laughed even more.

Then they said they’d still feel better if I walked with them and said, “But you may wanna cover that up just so no one else sees your little, err acorn.”

So I grabbed my underwear, and we walked together with them, knowing about my shame


My girlfriend and I went camping by ourselves another weekend to get away and have fun. The bathroom that had the showers was about a 10-minute walk from our tent. So one night, we were done doing a bunch of stuff outside and wanted to wash up before hanging out for the rest of the night, so we got our stuff and went to the showers. They were coed, and no one else was in there, so we both stripped down, put our clothes in the same locker, hung our towels up on the racks, and then went into the room with the showers.

When we finished, we peeked outside the showers, and no one was there, and we went to our locker but found that it was empty, and our towels were gone. Then we saw a sign saying that the campground was clearing lockers at that time because people tend to leave stuff there, but they took all our stuff too. So she and I were left naked and were a 10-minute walk from our nearest clothes.

We planned on running to our tent because it was nighttime, so we figured there’d be less chance for anyone to see us. But right as we stepped outside, we were met with four campground employees with flashlights, and they aimed right at our naked bodies. They were four women, and they shined the light on my naked little penis and my girlfriend’s naked body and held in their laughter as they asked what was wrong, so we told them everything. They guided us back to our tent (both still naked) and later brought our clothes back to us, thankfully


While this reader has a cool girlfriend…

A couple of nights ago, my girlfriend and I were lying in bed. She carefully touched my penis and said, “I love how you open the possibilities for me to try new stuff.” I asked her what she meant by that. She listed a few things she had never tried before we got together, and lastly, she said, “You’re also the first guy who made it possible for me to try small penis humiliation.”

It turned me on so much, imagining I’m only on the smaller side or the smallest she’s been with sexually.


This reader gets pwned by his maid…

This is a recent incident that happened to me. As usual, I have a habit of masturbating before sleep, but this time I was really tired. So out of habit, I masturbated but forgot to put my shorts back on after I came. The next morning, when the maid came, I opened the door for her, not realizing I was wearing only a t-shirt. Usually, whenever I wake up late, I open the door for her and again go back to sleep, and she cleans my room, cooks some food, and then leaves.

This time I did see some odd looks on her face, but I was sleepy. So I got back to bed, and she continued with her work. After some time, I got a little thirsty and entered the kitchen. She started staring at me and then passed with a smile. I thought she was making fun of me for waking late, even on weekdays. I drank the water in front of her, and she kept giggling. I have a really small dick, and it was winter, so not just my dick but also my balls got a little tight. Because of this, it looks like someone glued three small balls on my groin. Anyways after drinking water and when I got in the bathroom and started to pee, I realized I was naked from the waist down for the first time.

I got so scared I just came out of the bathroom and shouted, “Oh, I’m sorry, aunty.”

I didn’t realize some pee drops were still leaking from my penis. By watching me like that, aunty started laughing loudly.

“Don’t worry, bhaiya. It’s OK. My four-year-old nephew also runs around naked making a mess. And you are about the same size as him, too,” she said while staring at my dick.

I went back to the kitchen. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t move for at least a minute. After that day, she couldn’t talk to me without giggling. Even when she comes to my room to clean when I am sleeping, I can hear her trying to hold back her laughter.


Another reader gets wax on, then whacks off…

I am going through a divorce. I haven’t had sex for over a year and had a waxing appointment. I have been getting manzilian waxes for a few years now, so I didn’t expect anything new.

As usual, the lady starts waxing me and grabs my small softy with her thumb and forefinger. After a few pulls, I feel her start using more fingers, and it takes me a second to realize that I am getting hard. I had to look down to confirm that my little soft acorn was now a full-blown bronze member glory.

I apologized and said that it had never happened to me before. The woman said it was OK and fairly common. About this time, I feel her hand getting slippery, and I realize I am now dripping loads of pre-cum! This part was a little more embarrassing, but neither she nor I mentioned it.

Once she was finished and left the room for me to get dressed, I stood up and realized just how much pre-cum had come out. I left a small puddle on the floor!

And being a sick SPH freak, you know I jerked off as soon as I got out of there. It’s always exciting to have an esthetician see my acorn-looking softy, but I hope she thinks it’s a grower. It was hot to have her realize that it does grow, but not by much, and to see my small dick in all its pathetic glory.


Meanwhile, this reader is scarred by a threesome too…

It was almost 30 years ago. He was a friend, and she was a girl we both knew. In his basement, things got going between the three of us. She said yes, and we started. It was when he was naked that I realized how small I was. He had a cucumber. I had a baby gherkin.

We took turns in her mouth and from behind. When he was doing her, she was breathing heavily and moaning. When it was my turn, she wasn’t doing much of anything. I was pumping in and out of her with all I had, but she wasn’t making a sound. I remember one time we switched, he entered her from behind, and she said, “Oh God, YES! That’s what I needed! That’s a good dick.”

We were going to finish on her face. We stood over her, and she stroked both of us. His was right next to mine. His head was twice the size of mine. His length was twice the size too. He blew a gallon of jizz all over her face, but only a few squirts came out of my silver member dick.

It was something I’d never gotten over.


While this reader disappoints a coworker…

I have been at my job for over a year, and since day one, Megan and I hit it off instantly. We bonded over gaming, and within a week, we moved to private messaging, and within a month, texting nonstop on snap chat.

Megan made the first move. One day she snapped me a picture of her at the beach with her college friends. The picture showed her in a tiny ass bikini with a bud light between her huge tits. Megan is a little thicker and has huge tits. She’s not fat, but she’s very curvy. The caption of the photo said, ‘Wish you were beer.’

After that, the flirting escalated pretty quickly. It didn’t take long before we were dropping hard hits that we wanted to fuck. I might add Megan is single and constantly tells me about her hookups. She knows I am married and does not care one bit. Honestly, I think it turned her on more.

Finally, after months of edging each other, we decided enough was enough, and we planned a hookup at work of all places. We both had a deadline due and decided to stay late working on the client’s demands. After some light flirting at work and ‘bumping’ into each other for quick grabs, we said fuck it and bolted to a restroom on an empty floor in our building.

No words were said. We slammed into the room, locked the door, and started making out like crazy. Megan bragged for months about how good she was at giving head and how she would rock my world. She was on her knees within seconds, working at my belt and undoing my zipper.

In a flash, Megan had my pants to my ankles, and the second she laid eyes on my rock-hard dick, she let out a disappointed, “Oh!”

It was so deadpan and serious sounding. But Megan didn’t flinch for long, and soon she had my entire dick and most of my balls in her mouth. Honestly, it didn’t even phase her. She was still dirty talking with my entire dick in her mouth without a slight sense of a gag or struggle. Megan only needed two fingers to jerk me the whole time.

I told her I wanted to fuck, and she looked up and said, “Really?” still with my dick in her mouth, and then shrugged as she stood up.

She was wearing the hottest pencil skirt I unzipped and let fall to the floor. I love this woman. She knew we were going to fuck and wore the HOTTEST black flowery thong I have ever seen, and her big curvy ass swallowed it whole. I had her bent over the sink and peeled her thong off.

She swayed her hips in anticipation as I lined up my dick to her pussy. I shoved in with the tried and true method of spreading her cheeks as wide as I could. You know what I mean if you are a tiny dick like me. Move anything out of the way to make it seem bigger.

We fucked for a good five or so minutes in this position. All the while, I could see Megan’s reflection in the mirror, not give an ounce of pleasure. She didn’t moan. She didn’t close her eyes in pleasure, nothing. She just gave little smiles, and lip sucks as if she were saying hi to me at the water cooler. Little did she know this shit was sending me.

A few seconds later, I told her I would come, and she let out a deadpan, “OK,” before I blew my load inside her.

I pulled out and saw it mostly had already dripped out since it wasn’t shot that deep. Megan then pulled up her panties and skirt, zipping it up before turning to me and saying, “That was fun and interesting.”

I asked her what she meant.

Megan just said, “Nothing. Just fun.”

She didn’t make eye contact the whole time she said that. As I got dressed, she pulled out her phone and began texting. I caught a glance in the mirror, and I swear I saw something like: ‘It was meh.’

That was a few weeks ago; since then, the flirting went from a hundred to zero. I’ve brought up fucking again, and Megan just says, ‘Maybe.”

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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