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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has learned to compensate…

So my girlfriend has a friend Hanna, and the three of us are close. Now her friend, as we both know, loves big dick, she’s openly said it to us many times, and my girlfriend has mentioned before to her that I’m on the smaller side. The other week we were hanging out and smoking and drinking, I was in my shorts (no boxers) and a vest, and both girls were in pj’s, so no underwear or bra.

Well, our friend had her nipples pierced, and I kept looking. Sitting on the sofa with them, I got hard, and she noticed. “Excited, are you?” Hanna asked.

Both of them laughed. My girlfriend added, “He can’t control it. It always pokes up so easily.”

I got embarrassed and tried to laugh it off, but I was solid now.

“Not much pops up. You didn’t say Tim was that small,” Hannah added.

She and my girlfriend laughed hard as I tried to defend myself. Hannah said, “Oh, never mind. It’s not your fault you have a small dick. Rita’s the one that suffers,” pointing to my girlfriend.

Before I could say anything, my girlfriend said, “He finishes too quick for me to suffer that much. To be honest, I don’t even feel it inside me. But he’s got good at using his mouth.”


Another reader has lost his manhood…

I’m a divorced, average 43-year-old lonely man. So over the last few years, the amount of porn I watched has increased so much that I think to become an addict. So much so that I started to have problems getting hard and getting off. This led to me watching more perverted types, but eventually, I would have the same problems. I found myself in the gay section and the big black cocks. This was the only thing that made me hard and able to cum, and once I had, I was so ashamed of myself. This continued to the point that I was thinking of black cock all the time, even dreaming about it. I was not ashamed anymore. I started to feel like I was bisexual. I would watch hypnosis videos even though, deep down, I knew that they were not real.

But maybe I was wrong because I certainly had a different mindset, so be careful, people. Then one night, my desire to suck black cock got too much, so I found a local escort and paid to suck my first black cock. The humiliation of asking to suck on his cock and to make me a real black cock sucking faggot was unbelievable. The fact that I was also paying for it showed how desperate and pathetic I was. My little dicklet was harder than I can ever remember. I love it so much. So thinking to myself, there must be some black men out there that just wanted their cock sucked as I didn’t really wanna pay and keep paying for it.

So I joined grinder and got chatting with a few mostly time wasters. Then I started talking to this guy, and we exchanged numbers and set up a meeting. All day we were texting each other about what we wanted from each other. Again, my penis was like a stone at the thought of the evening ahead. I texted him saying I was leaving, and he told me that one of his friends was also on his way and I would get to suck two black cocks. This made me frightened as I could never please two men. And it was too much too soon. So I stayed home very horny and frustrated and pissed off. So thinking maybe I should give up on this. I called a female escort. Before I realized it, I was being told to strip.

That’s when it dawned on me that I was smooth below my neck apart from the tiny little square above my dick which made me look even more like a faggot. Here goes, so I undressed and stood with my tiny little dick. I’m sure that I saw a smirk on her face as she tried not to laugh. She started to put a condom on me with her mouth. I was so humiliated because it took her a while to get me a bit hard to get it on.

Once she did, she paid back and said, “Fuck me and hurry up.”

Well, this was a disaster. I couldn’t feel anything, and she laid back, looking bored and unable to look at me, and I could see that she was struggling not to laugh. I hoped she would let go and laugh her head off at me. That would have blown my mind. She suddenly pushed me off and said, “Times up, get dressed.”

There was plenty of time left. She just had enough. She was bored. I was so embarrassed.

On my way home, and still hadn’t emptied my balls, I suddenly realized that I must be a full-blown faggot now, and all my masculinity was gone. I was rock hard talking to black men and a couple of strokes from cumming, yet I was just with a woman who was sucking and trying to fuck, and I was still limp. This is a 100% true story.


Meanwhile, this reader is a sleepwalker…

So I tend to sleepwalk, at least to go to the bathroom and sometimes the kitchen. I just live with my girlfriend, so it’s never been a big deal because we just sleep naked. But one weekend, we had two of her friends staying with us. One took the guest room near one of our bathrooms and the other in the living room. I guess I got up to go to the bathroom at some point and then went to the kitchen for water.

I started coming out of sleep, and all I heard was giggling, and I was really confused. I heard one say, “Oh my God, I think he’s sleepwalking. We can’t wake him up.”

The other went, “I know, but that’s embarrassing for him. His dick looks so tiny! He must be a grower because Julie keeps bragging about him.”

So I finally fully woke up and turned around and saw them and looked down and realized just how small I looked. It was super cold because we got hardwood floors, and I hadn’t shaved recently, so it honestly looked like one and a half inches at best. I covered up quickly, hid behind a wall, and said, “I’m so sorry.”

“No problems,” One said.

The other added, “I hope it gets bigger, though.”

They laughed.


While this reader gives his cousin a view of the goods…

I’m an Indian, and my uncut penis is two inches soft, and I’m a bronze member hard. When I was twenty, I visited my relatives and my parents for a week. On the second day, I was wearing a pair of sweatpants that were too tight around the waist. My cousin asked me to play volleyball with her in the back garden. My pants ripped from below while playing, but neither my sister nor I noticed it. After we were tired of playing, we returned to the living room. I sat on a sofa opposite her.

A few minutes later, I saw her smiling and moving her eyes around. I looked down and saw a big hole in my pants. The worst part was that my penis was sitting out of my pants in her full view. I yelled, “Oh shit!” in panic and covered my genitals.

My cousin burst out laughing. I immediately left, but I could hear her laughing still. She kept laughing for five minutes straight. And she teased me the whole time after for having a tiny dick.


This reader gets some feedback from a professional…

Many months ago, I decided to go to a brothel after a night out drinking. Fast forward to the action, and we both got naked, and she smirked, looking at my small soft dick. The alcohol was in my system, and I struggled to get even a semi. After a few minutes of wanking me (with two fingers), she laughed.

“I’m sorry you are just so tiny, and it’s so limp,” she said, rolling her eyes.

I moaned as she carried on giggling. She put a condom on me and started sucking, to which I started to get hard, and once I was hard, she and she still used two fingers on me.

“You’re finally hard,” she said with a smirk. “But you still have a tiny dick.”

I moaned, gripping the bed as I came inside the condom.

She laughed. “God, you’re a prejac too. You really are a loser.”


Another reader enjoys putting on a show…

We shared a big holiday home with mates, and we were messing around in the pool as usual. One girl pantsed her guy in front of everybody and revealed he was packing a donkey’s dick! We all gasped, and he playfully swung it about before putting his shorts in front of him and shuffling off to change.

My girl repeated this same thing a day later after I’d just been in the cold pool a few minutes, and needless to say, I wasn’t at my best. In doing so, she had also ripped the shorts, which rested around my feet.

There were some giggles from the girls. An ‘oh wow’ and an ‘awww’ were the reactions I got. I was probably two inches soft, but my balls were hanging quite low. Seeing as they were all looking at my dick, I laughed, gave mine a playful shake, and then walked off naked to get new shorts and revel that they had all seen my small dick. No idea why, but it was so damn hot.


Meanwhile, this reader does some shopping…

I walked around a sex shop. It’s a rather small and modern one. I see a cute young woman behind the counter, and as I walk in, she puts on a mask. I checked the goods for a bit, went to the dildo section, and soon she asked if she could help me. I went to the counter, acting a bit nervous so she could see I was embarrassed.

“Do you have something you can put on a small penis to make it a bit bigger?” I asked with a red face.

She was very open and professional. She didn’t give me a smirk or anything. She took me to penis pumps. I said, “I meant something like a strap-on or a cock sleeve, so she shows me those.”

Over the next few minutes, she showed me various ones and talked to me about the difference between a sleeve versus a hollow strap-on. I act like I am not sure.

I say, “I’m very small down there and need to make sure it’s not too big.”

So she opens one for me. I show her with my fingers that my penis wouldn’t fit even a quarter of it. It aroused me to talk openly about my small penis with the girl. She was very nice, smiling all the time, telling me, “You don’t need to be ashamed. It’s my job.”

I also asked her about chastity belts; they didn’t have any, so she showed me their website. I told her I would check it online and come back.


While this reader gets cucked by a hot date…

So as someone who’s been into the SPH thing for a while now, I never actually believed I’d wind up in a situation like this. But I haven’t been able to take my mind off it. It’s been my jerk-off material for months, and I figured I had to share it with the world. Apologies, as it’s a bit of a long one, but it’s the only way to convey how

So in August of 2022, I visited a college friend in his hometown, a fairly big city in the US. He invited some of his friends to a night out on the town, getting food, bowling, drinking, etc., culminating in a trip to the club.

Now, I’ve never been super confident with nightclubs, and I’ve never been able to approach women. I’m not a virgin, thanks to how slutty many college girls are, but casual sex terrifies me as I have no idea how someone might respond to my smaller size. For reference, I’m a silver member of the small dick club erect, and although it could be worse, I’ve always viewed myself as a small dick guy.

But anyway, throughout the night, I started to get along with my college friend’s friend from his poetry reading group thing (?), as we shared a sense of humor, had some dirty stories to swap, etc. She was a girl I usually wouldn’t have talked to had there not been a friend introducing me first, as she was attractive in a very obvious way. Sure she’d put some effort into her makeup, outfit, and hair, but she was still much hotter than the girls I’d been with previously. She had a great face, a nice firm ass, and a pair of tits that could have been small or big for all I knew but looked incredible in her dress. I’ll refer to her as ‘Juno.’

At the club, we reach what I imagine was peak drunkenness, and I start talking to Juno in the smoking area along with some of the people we’ve met as a group in the club. Juno starts asking me questions like, “Do you think I’m pretty, be honest,” and other various things related to basically if she was fuckable

Then, a few minutes later, she asked if I wanted to kiss her. I figured she was probably into me and was testing the waters. So back in the club, I start dancing with and eventually grinding on Juno, who can’t seem to get enough of it. This must have gone on for about two hours. All the while, I was freaking out inside as I had never done anything like this before. I don’t think I danced with a girl before that night.

We go to the bar to get some water, as by that point shouting flirty things over the loud dance music has killed our throats. And a guy from earlier in the smoking area pops up again and starts getting pretty close to Juno, saying stuff into her ear and caressing the small of her back. I’ll refer to him as ‘Jack.’ I got kind of worried as he was a pretty good-looking dude, a fair bit taller than me, and I had no idea how the casually picking up women thing worked.

Maybe she was done with me and wanted to change up a gear. But she just laughed him off and took my hand, returning to the dance floor. The guy from the bar followed and, not taking a hint, grabbed Juno and started dancing with her.

She slipped out of his grasp as soon as possible, but eventually, his persistence seemed to win her over as she started dancing with, grinding with, and making out with the dude just a few feet from where I awkwardly stood. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t love that she’d moved onto him that easily, but it didn’t annoy me that much as I’d just gotten out of a somewhat-short relationship and just wanted a fun night out on the town.

And I could still go home and say, “Hey, I pulled a hot girl,” because that did make me feel quite smug, and I enjoyed it.

But even still, I figured the night was over for me and made my way out of the club, sobering up and feeling a bit shit physically. Juno ran up to me and said, “Hey, where are you going?”

I explained that the night was kind of fizzling out, etc. But then she said something which I didn’t expect. “So, you don’t wanna fuck?”

I told her I did, but I thought she was dancing with Jack. She then told me that she wasn’t looking for anything serious either and wanted a bit of fun, as she was young and you only live once, etc. Whispering in my ear, she said that one of her biggest kinks that she had never gotten to try was a threesome with two guys fucking her simultaneously, and Jack had whispered some stuff into her ear at the bar about wanting to ‘clap those cheeks.’ She initially resisted as she found Jack to be an asshole, but the more he persisted, the more she realized she wanted that to happen. That is just my theory, anyway.

So after pounding another shot, I agreed to the threesome as my hotel room was only a ten-minute walk from the club, and I could never turn down an offer to have sex. Call me weak or pathetic, but I didn’t know when an opportunity like that would come up again.

So fast forward to the hotel room, where Juno, Jack, and I stumble in drunkenly and all collectively sit on the one bed in the room. We take more shots from the small bottle of vodka Juno had bought earlier that night. We talked for maybe thirty minutes, disclosing secrets, talking about sex, and getting to know each other on a level we probably assumed we wouldn’t have before. Eventually, Jack made a move and started making out with Juno.

I started to pull away, not knowing where my place was in that scenario, but Juno grabbed my hand and put it on her ass – which did feel amazing. Eventually, we switched, and I made out with Juno, to which Jack took the initiative to pull down her skirt and panties and start fingering her. I could hear her moans, and it was admittedly insanely hot. She pushed me away as her breathing became quite rapid as Jack moved her closer towards an orgasm, and all I did was sit back and watch her climax quite loudly on my bed.

Not much later, Juno recovered with her breathing slowed and now fully naked, quite covered in sweat. She joked that it was unfair that both of us were still fully clothed, and we laughed, followed by Juno taking Jack’s dick out. Now, at this point, I had only seen one man’s erect penis in real life, my own. So I knew then that whatever else I saw was going to seem tiny or massive in comparison. It wasn’t tiny. It was big. Fairly fucking big.

Even now, I remember when my heart dropped, and I anticipated what would happen next. After gasping and smiling at Jack’s girthy and lengthy member, Juno pulled down my jeans and underwear, and my silver member boner plopped out.

Now to their credit, there was no laughter or audible noise of disappointment. It was, “Yeah, that’s your dick, whatever.”

Everything I had expected from that fetish wasn’t true, but everyone was very drunk and horny. I don’t know if we stopped to think about the power dynamics.

Juno didn’t anyway, as she went almost immediately to making out with Jack while occasionally playing with my dick. However, this felt a bit like she was pitying me. Jack then asked her (and I guess me, but not really) if she was ready to do this, and boy, was she ready. The two started fucking in missionary, with her head at the end of the bed where I was sitting. Juno’s plan seemed to be jerking me off while Jack fucked her.

But as soon as Jack entered her, it seemed like she lost all ability to comprehend me being there. They fucked for a long time, of course, and I just sat there paralyzed in what felt like fear, but I don’t think there’s even a word for it. Just something about Juno moaning so loudly was both arousing and terrifying. I didn’t know what to do. At one point, I tried to fondle her breasts, but it didn’t seem to add anything to the experience.

I couldn’t take much more of this, so I went into the bathroom and was amazed at how even with the door shut, her noises of pleasure were still so loud and clear. While I didn’t want to jerk off in the bedroom as I expected my time to fuck her would come next, I gave in and had a party in the bathroom, too turned on not to. I just sat on the floor for a while, waiting for them to finish.

When they did, there was a knock on the bathroom door as both needed to pee and whatnot, so I went back to sitting on the chair, naked. Juno asked me where I went as she thought that I was going to join in, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I knew I couldn’t fuck her as well as Jack.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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