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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a date he’ll never forget…

I’m now a freshman in college, and this happened just a couple of months ago, during my first week at school. I had just met this beautiful girl a couple of days earlier and asked her out, so we went to watch the sunset from the park together. We were sitting together on top of a pavilion, talking and laughing. We were waiting on the sun to go down, and things couldn’t have been going better. It was a hot summer day, so I sat shirtless with just a pair of cargo shorts and sandals. At some point, I felt the urge to pee but didn’t want to leave the moment.

Eventually, it got to a point where I just had to go, so I told her and went to slide off the roof. As I got to the edge, I went to push myself off but hardly moved. I felt a sharp pain in my groin and ass. My underwear caught on the roof’s edge, and I was stuck in a massive hanging wedgie. I cried in pain, and the girl came over to see what had happened. She was laughing but offered to help me out. She successfully slid off the roof, but as she did, she slid past my shorts, causing them to slide right off my waist and entirely off my ankles to the ground.

When she looked up at me, she started roaring with laughter, loud enough that people in the park could hear. I was utterly nude other than a pair of tighty whities hanging my ass from a roof. I kept asking her to quiet down and help me, but as I focused on her, with so much pressure on my crotch from the wedgie, my bladder gave up. Suddenly I began uncontrollably peeing until I was dripping below, and my undies were practically see-through.

The girl went even more wild with this. “Holy shit, you have a straight-up micro penis, and you pissed yourself!”

She kept yelling in laughter things about my baby dick, needing a diaper, and being the smallest dick she’d ever seen. Eventually, people from around the park came to check out what was happening, and a crowd formed. People kept yelling out insults like ‘baby carrot,’ ‘wet whities,’ and ‘inchworm.’ Everyone took photos and videos, and more and more people came. Finally, at some point, after probably almost a half hour, my underwear ripped, and I fell to the ground.

When I stood up, I didn’t even care to cover myself, which turned out to be a big mistake. Somehow my dick had turned into an innie, and everyone saw. Someone had taken my shorts, and I had to figure out how to get home while being seen by the least number of people possible. As I started to run away, the girl from before stopped me and said she had my shorts and didn’t want me to get arrested. I felt relief quickly fading when I saw her holding up her panties.

I knew it was better than going around naked, so I went to grab them, but she said that I had to be matching and pulled them back. She then reached under her shirt to take off her bra and tossed them to me. I ran to the woods to put them on and to my dorm. Since it was now later, most people would be out of the hallways, and I could sneak in. I opened the door and almost sank as in the common room was a group of a few dozen girls for a birthday party.

They all laughed and got pictures of me naked in a bra and panties with no bulge sticking out as I ran down the hall to my room. I am now referred to as Baby Boy at college and constantly see pictures of that horrible day.


Another reader has a ‘surprise’ moment…

So one night, my girlfriend’s aunt and cousin (girl) visited us. We had dinner together, and then they took off for the night. I was in the mood and figured I’d surprise my girlfriend naked and take it to the bedroom. So I went to the bathroom, got completely naked, and went back to the living room to wait for her (she went to the bedroom to get something).

Suddenly, our front door opened, and her Aunt and cousin came back in and saw me sitting on the couch with my tiny penis pointing right at them. I cover up with my hand and grab a pillow. Her Aunt is covering her mouth to hide a laugh, and her cousin is blatantly laughing. They said they forgot their purses, grabbed them, and said they’d give us a little privacy (emphasizing little), and they left cracking up.


Meanwhile, it’s a Merry Christmas for this reader…

I went to a Christmas party my girl best friend was hosting, and it was her, five other women, and one other guy. So we were all exchanging gifts, and they got the guy and me a ‘special’ gift, a set of pajamas. They told us to put them on to be in the Christmas spirit, so I went to the room to change, and I didn’t put underwear on because it wasn’t comfortable with the pajamas. I also noticed the pajamas were just weird in general like the seems didn’t feel right, and they also had those butt flaps on the front and back that you button up.

So we go back out there and show everyone how they look, and two girls walk up to us and rip the front flaps off completely, right where our dicks expect to see our underwear. Except I wasn’t wearing underwear, so I stood there with my little cashew sticking out of the pajamas to a resounding gasp from the women, followed by their belly laughing at my one-inch soft shrimp. Then, they showed me why the seams were weird on the pajamas. They were made to be ripped off easily, essentially. So you guessed it, they came up and ripped the whole thing off me, so I was left standing there butt naked with all these women staring and laughing at my tiny little shrimp dick.


While this reader learns pictures can be deceptive…

Many moons ago, I met this woman on tinder, and we hit it off. One night before we had met, we were talking on the phone, and I made a penis joke to which she asked, “Do you have a small dick?” I tried to talk my way out of it, and we agreed I’d send her a picture, and she said, “Eh, not bad.”

I went to her place a week later, and we hooked up. After the deed, I asked if it was all OK. “Your dick looked bigger in the picture,” then she grabbed my dick with her hand and rubbed it. “You’re the smallest I’ve had.”

I grew hard straight away, which made her laugh.


The reader has an interesting relationship with his girl…

When we were separated during lockdown, my girlfriend started playing on Omegle. She would show off for the countless guys on there stroking their cocks and often send me pictures and videos of her fully spread and touching herself while guys jerked off to her.

Once lockdown was over, she took this to the next level and began including me. She would come over with her laptop and webcam, have us both strip and then make fun of me while she had fun with real cocks. I often get humiliated and ordered around by both sides, being made to complete tasks and degrade myself for their enjoyment. I’m not even allowed to touch myself though she will eventually start stroking me, which normally results in me cumming very quickly.

I asked if she’d ever let me fuck her on cam, and she said maybe if we ever find someone smaller than me. That still hasn’t happened and I’ve now watched hundreds of men cum to my girlfriend.


Another reader has a close encounter in the public showers…

I had been on a sailing trip for a week. And although the occasional possibility of showering came up, they are not always there. Coming back into the harbor where we had rented the boat, I decided to take advantage of the facilities there.

The toilets/showers were in a room, not particularly big, but big enough to house two showers, two toilets, and two sinks. Showers and toilets were in stalls, with the showers closest to the entrance. The stalls were narrow but quite deep as they had a small bench you could put your clothes on while showering. The first stall was occupied, so I went into the second one. The stall lock didn’t work, but I assumed people would hear that it was busy and a men’s toilet/shower anyway.

They were doing some work on the women’s showers, so unknowingly to me, they were now shared. As I’m standing there with the water running over my body, I hear a female voice coming into the room. The guy in the stall next to me guides her to the toilets.

I feel excited as I hear her starting to pee in the stall next to me. As she leaves, I turn off the running water to lather myself and hear two new female voices coming into the room. The guy had now left, and the first woman opened the first stall but saw that it was a shower. Simultaneously the other one had gone to my stall and opened the door as I stood applying soap to my body. It all happened so quickly, so I never got to cover myself or say that the stall was taken. So she barged in on me with my little fellow, maybe an inch soft and full of soap.

The girl was in her early twenties, chubby with big tits and a few tattoos. She was wearing a green tank top and very short denim shorts. Her eyes lingered longer than you would expect before she said sorry and closed the door. I could hear her giggle, but I continued with my business. The two women left, but I could hear them talking outside as I dressed.

“It was so tiny!” was the sentence I heard while exiting the facility.

The other woman she was standing with was a lot older. Presumably, her mother. As I came out, both became quiet for a bit, a bit giggling as I went past. I felt quite embarrassed as I knew what they’d been talking about.


Meanwhile, this reader is caught by his mother-in-law…

Yes, this happened, and my mother-in-law has seen me naked before and knows my problems. So, the mother-in-law stayed with us the week before Christmas. Not much happened during the late week. She made a few little jokes about me being tiny but nothing crazy. It was just normal banter back and forth between us like it always is. Then one morning, I was lying in bed with my wife still asleep. I had talked to the mother-in-law earlier that morning, so she knew I was awake.

I told her I would go lay in bed, watch videos, and relax. I was horny, so I started to scroll on here and masturbate. Now, the wife has had me do that, and I am not allowed to jerk off. Instead, she has me push my penis back and rub it like a clit. So here I am rubbing my tiny dick like a clit, and her mother walks and sees me playing. She had originally walked in to ask me if I wanted breakfast since she was going to make some.

She laughed and said, “Really? Is it so small you can’t jerk it now?”

She made a quick jerking motion when she said it. She laughed some more and walked away. About the time she walked away, I came like I had not cum in a year. I came so hard and so much. It was amazing. I got cleaned up and went and joined her in the kitchen.

When I walked in, she looked at me and laughed some more. She said, “Oh honey, I’m sorry. At least there was nothing to see this time,” and laughed. She then said, “That was interesting. I’ve never seen it done like that before.”

I told her it was something different I liked. She made a few other jokes while she made us breakfast. It was a good time.


While this reader gets a nice Xmas present…

My wife and I were lying on the couch after a long Christmas Day, and I asked if I could have one more present. She sighed a little, got up, and said, “When I get back, he better be hard, and you will not go longer than 30 seconds.”

I quickly got undressed and sat up, making myself look smaller. She came back, and of course, I was hard, and she paused and looked at him for a second.

“He’s super big and hard for you,” I told her.

“Yup. He is hard. And so so big. Now don’t make me start counting,” she said.

“I won’t,” I said as she started stroking.

About 10 seconds in, she shifted around and looked like she was going to put both hands on my dick. So I asked, “Are you going to use two hands?”

She laughed. “OK, here ya go,” as she had two fingers and then put her hand at the end of my dick like she was holding an imaginary penis. “You don’t need two hands, babe.”

I told her I liked it when she did that, so she said, “Oh ya? You like it when I run your HUGE penis?”

“Yes, hun. Isn’t it so big?” “

Massive. Like a pornstar,” she giggled.

“It’s like the biggest you’ve ever seen, right?” I asked, obviously knowing it wasn’t since she’s a nurse

“By far the biggest I’ve ever seen,” she laughed, rolling her eyes.

I started to cum, and I came hard, but I looked down, and I just dribbled cum out and didn’t shoot any up by the body. “You didn’t even shoot any out. It just kinda leaked out,” she said curiously.

“Well, sometimes that happens when you pinch him so hard,” I said.

By that point, she had moved back to just using two fingers, and she kind of milked the rest of me. I cleaned up and said, “Thank you.”

And she just said, “Merry Christmas.”


This reader heard an interesting tale…

This happened to a guy in college a couple of years ago when he was going to hook up with this girl from tinder, but when he got naked, and she saw him, she stifled her laughs, and he was so drunk he didn’t notice or care when she got kinky and tied him to the bed. After she had done that, she left and came back with all the girls from her dorm while he was tied up naked, and they all got a good laugh and a lot of pics of his small dick.


Another reader also spends Christmas with a naughty Aunt…

I met my Aunt today. A woman who I haven’t seen in a year due to divorce from my uncle. But I still consider her my Aunt. She’s a 45-year-old MILF. Today we were at a Christmas party tighter in her hometown. She was wearing leather pants and constantly rubbing her leg up mine. I chatted with her new boyfriend, who admitted buying her a kinky calendar for Christmas. And somehow, I’m not sure how, but anyway, we started talking about the ‘toilet paper roll test.’

My Aunt asked me jokingly, “Do you know what that is?”

I said no, even though I did know. I was playing dumb.

She continued, “Well, you take your…” and she looked down at my crotch, “and see if it fits.”

I looked at her as my stupid ass went, “Oh, that. Yeah. It didn’t go as I hoped.”

Her eyes got big, and she started uncontrollably laughing. “I can’t believe you just admitted you failed the toilet paper roll test.”

She kept teasing me the entire night by pointing to smaller objects at the table, such as lighters, shot glasses, and other rather small objects, and then pointing at my crotch. She also kept her hand quite high on my thigh.


Meanwhile, this reader’s sister shakes his worldview…

So I have a twin sister, and we’ve always been very lucky that we grew up in separate rooms within the house. I was a bit of an early bloomer. I was tall, started to grow body hair, and started getting muscles just one thing. My dick. It didn’t seem to grow at all, which didn’t bother me. I thought it was normal. So one day, my sister came into the room unannounced and caught me in the middle of getting changed. My tiny one-inch flaccid nub was sitting atop my tiny balls.

“Oh my God,” she yells, giggling and covering her mouth.

I covered my tiny dick with one hand, asking her to leave, but she didn’t. This was when my life changed.

“Your dick is sooo tiny,” she shouts and does the small dick sign with her fingers.

My heart sank. I didn’t know why. I didn’t even know dicks came in different sizes (I’d never watched porn, so I didn’t know.)

“You poor thing. It’s so funny,” she said and kept laughing, but I didn’t get it.

I felt sick. Why was she laughing so much at me? What was wrong with me?

She said, “I hope it grows. Otherwise, life is going to be hard for you,” and then she left.

I felt awful but kind of turned on. I started to play with my dick in my hands, wondering if it was small. It fit in my first easily. It was getting hard growing, and I thought, ‘Oh, it’s OK, it gets bigger,’ but it still fits in my fist easily. I wanked so hard to her comments and her laughing. After that, I still didn’t understand why it was bad to have a small dick.


This reader has the experience of a lifetime…

Senior year of high school (I was already 18), I had this one English teacher who was pretty young and very beautiful. She had an amazing ass, tits, just everything. She was also helping out with theater which I did in my senior year. She and I were always very friendly with each other and maybe a little too friendly. Anyways, I was with her after school one day before theater in her classroom, just her and I.

I noticed the time and said I had to get changed for theater, and she said, “Well, why don’t you do it in here?”

I was stunned because she was my teacher, but I started loving the idea and said, “OK.”

So I started undressing, and she left her eyes on me the whole time. I got down to my underwear, we both made eye contact, and I felt bold, so I dropped them, hoping I was reading her right. So I stood there, butt naked, in front of my English teacher, with my roughly one to two-inch soft dick on full display for her. She didn’t laugh at it or anything.

But she did come up and say, “A lot smaller than I expected,” and put her fingers on it and asked if I liked her teasing it.

I said, “Yeah, I do a lot.”

So she knelt and flicked it with her tongue and said, “It’s so cute in my fingers.”

This made me very hard, and I’m a Bronze Member, which shocked her. She looked at me and said, “It’s still not very big, is it?”

She started giving me an amazing blowjob. I came in her mouth. She looked up at me and swallowed it all. She said, “This will be our ‘LITTLE’ secret,” and walked to her desk, leaving me still naked and now limp and small again.

She gave me a smirk and did the small dick sign with her finger and thumb. My mind, as well as my dick, was blown that day.


Another reader adds ‘prejac’ to his resume…

My wife and I have recently started exploring more of our kinks. Mine’s become SPH, and she seems to be enjoying it too. My dick is only two inches when soft, and I’m a Bronze Member when hard and not very thick.

The other night we were having sex doggy style, one of our favorites. I told her that her booty must be thicker because I could barely reach her pussy. She looked over her shoulder and said my small dick is probably getting smaller.

It was humiliating and hot! My dick was only halfway in her, but I lost it and started squirting, and my dick slipped out and squirted on the floor. She made me clean up my mess and eat her pussy to orgasm.


Meanwhile, this reader has accepted his lot in life and now celebrates it…

I was asked why I post pics of my small dick online. They asked what do I get out of it?

I told them that, as far as I can recall, having a small penis is shameful. I remember in Grade 8, someone pants’d me, and one person looking saw my dick and started making fun of how small it was. I remember someone laughed, as we peed outside, that it looked like it was ‘going back in my body’ (an innie). He told everyone in my class about it, who didn’t let it go!

Watching any porn at all reinforced how small I am. Even now, phrases like ‘small dick energy’ further the idea that a small penis is pathetic.

In high school, I was always afraid that girls would laugh at it. I hated changing around guys for the same reason. At urinals, I would turn away so people wouldn’t see. So, that’s my entire adolescence, worrying about something I can’t control.

Luckily, I met a girl at 18 who I would be with until age 38 (recently separated). She would sometimes joke at my micro peen, but luckily my erection was big enough to satisfy. And even if it weren’t, she was not superficial. She knew there were bigger priorities.

So, I told them I post because I finally accept what I have, and so have others. I no longer hide my small dick in public changerooms or the gym. I visit a naturist camp in the summer, and you’d never guess what. Most guys have a small soft penis. I don’t even get aroused looking at other small dicks. It’s just celebrating having a small penis!

So be proud of what you got! Show it off, forget what the media tells us, and let go of any memories of being taunted for having a small penis.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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